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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 13, 2021 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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between israeli forces and palestinian militants in gaza shows no sign of letting up as the 2 sides exchange. in the mall violence between jewish and arab neighbors inside israel also coming up. inside and. detention camp in greece we look at allegations of police abuse.
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communities. in the race to the u.s. population. and. back seen hesitancy in the united states means some shots are going on you our correspondent finds out what's behind people's fears. with one of. the german. market good to have you with us. the conflict between israelis and palestinians is intensifying hamas militants have been launching hundreds of rockets into israel and israeli forces have been responding with devastating air strikes on gaza the
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escalating tensions are also spilling over into street bidens in several israeli cities home to both arabs and jews to be able. to focus. on this arab man was pulled from his car and beaten by right wing israeli nationalists. it's the 1st act of nationalist violence to receive direct condemnation from the prime minister to pursue i think you. could nothing justifies the lynching of arabs by jews by the lynching of jews by arabs it's unacceptable we will not tolerate this this violence is not us. the conflict can be seen at across the skyline. hamas unleashed a stream of rockets fired towards israel in retaliation for the destruction of a building in gaza by israel. these are the most intense hostilities that the
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country has seen in 7 years. it is particularly bad in mixed jewish arab towns with relevant lists rocket fire and dry it saying. the palestinians message to israel and the jewish settlers is loud and clear. but what droog i address my words specifically to america and to israel enough is enough to leave us. we will remain thorns in your eyes we will not leave our homeland we will not leave our country for more and. the u.s. maintains its support for israel and its call for peace on wednesday my expectation hope is that. this will be. closing down sooner than later but israel has
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a right to defend itself and you have thousands of rockets flying into your territory. israelis defense was to target the hamas militants. they say many senior commanders have been killed. but the attacks have also claimed the lives of palestinian civilians. neither side is showing any sign of backing down prompting the united nations toward a full scale civil war. speaking to lynn hastings she's deputy special coordinator for the middle east peace process and united nations resident coordinator for the occupied palestinian territory she joins us from jerusalem thanks for being with us ms hastings 1st of all give us your assessment of the situation there right. thanks terry generally speaking i think most of the videos have spoken for that very question but the situation is very alarming and i
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use that word purposefully because it is something that the world needs to be paying attention to finally that the situation here is going in the wrong direction this latest escalation shows the depth of the problems between the palestinians and the israelis your office the u.s. has warned that this conflict could turn into all out war what would that look like well that's a good question. obviously the situation right now some could call it to be war what we are concerned about in addition to the situation in gaza is the spillover as your reporter has described into israel that we're seeing clashes all over israel and we are concerned about the regional impact as well. you what are you and your other colleagues at the u.n.
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doing to stop this fighting because many people do look to the u.n. to broker a peace. of course just 1st and foremost in terms of what the u.n. is doing we are of course continuing to provide humanitarian assistance on the ground. and while some people don't see this as connected to the political situation it is very much needed to ensure that people's needs are met in these times so for example fuel is no longer going into gas which means hospitals water and sanitation plants and access to water itself will be severely limited when the fuel runs out on sunday so that's one thing that we're doing we're responding to try and save lives as this conflict goes on the 2nd thing of course is that the united nations has a mandate to try and broker peace the special coordinator himself it has been working relentlessly with the various interlocutors here on the ground the parties
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others regionally and of course other member states of the security council and the quartet for the middle east peace process this may not sound like a lot to a lot of your viewers but this is what will bring the escalation down and we need to focus on these types of efforts the humanitarian assistance and working with all the parties involved to ensure that the deescalation in place your office at the u.n. is responsible for coordinating what you continue to call the middle east peace process where does that process. currently it is not. proceeding which i think is very obvious by what your viewers have seen and what we're describing here with rocket rockets flying everywhere and that's again why we need this escalation to stop so we can get people back to the table we're raising the security council member states who obviously have
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a lot of influence on where this is going so as it stands now that's what we're doing we're working with all those who can influence the situation and bring this violence to a stop. what message do you have to the parties in this conflagration. well again obviously stop the fighting it's civilians who are suffering. as i said no access to water sanitation electricity health care is already suffering because of the. pandemic so that's the 1st thing there obviously needs to be a deescalation the 2nd thing is we need humanitarian access into and out of gaza that our staff needs to be able to get in that and we need to be able to bring goods in. and of course stop that unilateral actions that are taking place many of those have already been described by a number of the member states before the security council and in other media.
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briefings those include things like infections in east jerusalem increasing settlement expansion and settler violence demolitions of palestinian property in both east jerusalem and in the west bank and the inability of palestinians to be able to build on their own land in east jerusalem and in parts of the west bank as well those actions did not serve a peace process at all and they need to stop as do of course rockets from gaza and other violence throughout the palestinian territory and now as i said before we're seeing in israel ok because hastings thank you very much for your time today that was lynn hastings deputy special coordinator for the middle east peace process at the u.n. thank you jim. now let's touch up on some other stories making headlines around the world today thousands of colombians have demonstrated in the capital bogota for the
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15th consecutive day of unrest the protests were sparked by anger over tax reforms but quickly spread fury over police brutality and the country's human rights on bud's man says at least 42 people have died and more than 160 have gone missing since the protests began. republicans in the u.s. house of representatives have voted to remove fellow party member liz cheney from a top position the wyoming republican has been under pressure for her repeated criticism of former president donald trump before the vote cheney was the 3rd highest ranking house republican. in greece have told you they fear police detention despite being legally registered in the country g.w. has obtained footage from inside the power and s.t.d. detention center which is closed to journalists he wus funny reports on the accusations against greek authorities. reza and his friends spend their days too
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looking for somewhere to sleep in to saloniki is from afghanistan and it's registered in greece as an asylum seeker. join other about the believing though we have to be a person we have to hide when the police catch us they beat us and forces out then we have nowhere to go we have to live on this street america and the development going to be able to make. the social worker hope parker shows us the squats were asylum seekers can find shelter in testimony the city used to be safe for refugees but more and more are hiding from the authorities if the police pick them up that looking at either likely detention or a violent pushback so most people don't want to be seen by the police after all we need shut up from a jury are also had documents he was speak to up on the street and spent months in any tension center i haven't. thought hunger striking. we didn't know 1st why are we here and for how long going to last one incident was
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especially traumatic might they have brought this group of police. everyone. was really bugged like so many people. complain or support arbitrary detentions in holding facilities so prisons and human rights violations the authorities tell a different story the governments that push back are nothing but turkish propaganda that so-called secret detention sites don't exist. the way to pronounce that which is a tree removal detention center yet still inaccessible to the public eye. surrounded by the road open even this official detention center is hard to find. an aerial view shows a facility that can hold up to 500 detainees surrounded by barbed wire fencing
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inside there reports of police violence real pain this exclusive footage from border monitoring violence network an independent watchdog which documents police brutality and illegal pushbacks the video was taken inside her nasty last year to monitor say violence is systematic the greek government has not responded to our interview requests we show the images to the united nations official responsible for refugees certainly. shouldn't happen and it's important that the conditions of detention are. worked on collectively but at the same time the asylum service has been you know in the but if you look at the past 3 years the systemic change rather. than a strengthening for the refugees there is little prospect of any immediate improvement in daily life this facility in your testimony is supposedly an open
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camp a concrete wall is being built around it to keep people in ironically construction is being commissioned by the united nations migration agency. w.'s funny reporting there now is the united states which has made great strides in its campaign to vaccinate people against kobe had 19 more than 35 percent of the population is now fully immunized but to really beat the pandemic it needs to reach herd immunity and that experts say well that goal could be out of reach in the u.s. in part due to persistent vaccine hesitancy the w.'s carlene a shim or traveled to the southern state of mississippi currently in last place for vaccinations to find out more about what's stopping people from getting their shots . there are over 30 vaccination sites in jackson mississippi a city of 160000 residents one of the locations is at the state university site
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empty chairs and in a waiting staff shake the city they have 250 doses of the vaccine available today sometimes we have to waste and there's the shame because we know that there are many more people that need to be vaccinated the mississippi is last in the united states and cope with 19 vaccinations only 26 percent of the state's population is fully vaccinated some have changed their mind but vaccine hesitancy still poses a major problem i was very is that to. about everything kind of prayed about it and . i feel like this was the most responsible thing to do be safe with my family and people around me and i were going on a lot of patients every day so. attacks on his health center dr chapman and her team offer daily vaccines for free with no apartment required but also at this site
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the traffic of patients remain slow we find in those off the a lot of conservative weiss. and then a lot of the minority young is not getting what you tried to just give them more and more education. even some health workers are hesitant like barbara patrick who eventually was convinced would you like them up there on the fire or to. move forward as a health worker she was offered the vaccine in january but didn't want to be the 1st in line for one day i think it was not that i was. you know backs of nature but my has a to it was because i wanted to see what the at home all those would be factors. with every shot off the backs. the risk of the spread to returning dramatically decreases but this is still not enough the city of jackson has decided that if
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people don't attend the vaccination centers they are going to bring the vaccines into their communities. in a mobile clinic packed with vaccines and supplies the health workers strike 4 to 5 times a week to the suburbs the goal is to make it is convenient as possible for people to get their vaccine for you. today it's a church after 2 hours only 2 members of the community come in to get their shots. at night and this may become meaningful when we come in a community in a day so i can come in and take my i think. this time there 100 vaccine doses available a much needed 2 will and wanted around the globe but demand here is quite low some are still hasn't there are some who are barriers like transportation we don't require a form so it makes it more coming. to test it and see it's not only about come
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fenians maybe they're trying to you as people of color to get the vaccine to really do some research. that's one of the things even for. facts and statistics convinced her that this is the only way to return to normal also in their church. up on some of the other major developments in the pandemic starting in the u.s. the united states will start vaccinating children aged between 12 to 15 with a biotech pfizer vaccine today after the center for disease control found the job to be safe and effective in adolescence. reported its highest daily number of new coronavirus cases on thursday more than half of the nearly 5000 new cases were found in 2 bangkok. prisons and ohio has announced a weekly lottery system to entice people to get to cope with 19 jobs
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a weekly $1000000.00 cash prize and full university scholarships are up for grabs for anyone who gets the vaccine. one of the common symptoms of covert dive teams the loss of smell and taste most people regain these senses a month or 2 after being affected but for some these symptoms linger there and they can severely impact quality of life now though there is hope in the form of all factory training basically teaching yourself how to smile again. lost her collection of perfumes or rather she used to. have this melts though i really liked it once. really smells bad bad like a baby's diaper or. something good. for belch an ounce of pleasant sense such as her favorite perf you smell for
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after she got infected with coke at 19 a few months ago at 1st she could no longer smell anything then many smells were distorted one of the most common side effects of the virus she can only see the spring on her balcony but barely smell it she says it's as if she were raring an iron mask. there is a tiny bit of something but i don't know the smell. that's frustrating and makes me a bit sad. sure michelle in my yard can understand very well how our car is feeling the frenchman lost his sense of smell due to an accident 5 years ago it's the smell of his children he misses most but mayor does not want to give up his passion for cooking. up
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a bit of color is good we eat with our eyes after all a bit like the great chefs in france are doing it but it is the nose with its millions of factory cells that defines the taste of this element after his accident my eye was angry because no one could help him even if an estimated 5 percent of the french population suffers from a distorted sense of smell but with time his anger gave way to an idea he found it a necessary action and develops off actually training incorporation we scientists with concentrated sense roads lemon coughs. the sense of smell is a sense that is as important as other senses. you many forget about it. most people only discover it once they've lost it or gone since the beginning of the pandemic thousands of affected people all over europe have been using his sense of
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smell training techniques belgian answer feel our count is also exercising her nose her doctor has seen for herself there are plenty patients are recovering thanks to the training for example because the a factory sells damaged by the virus renew themselves. this gives me a whole good motivation very soon and so does my hope because sometimes i'm just saying i keep asking myself if it will ever come back. even if things are getting better only slowly unser feel your car is hoping these smell bottles will her probe put on her per fume again without upsetting her nose. in other news western powers have accused china of massive crimes against the weaker muslim minority during a u.n. sponsored virtual meeting britain's u.n. ambassador called the situation in provence one of the worst human rights crises of
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our times the u.s. says it will continue speaking up until china stops its quote crimes against humanity out of the colonial fuel fuel pipeline in the u.s. has resumed operations 5 days after a cyber attack caused it to shut down several eastern states have declared a state of emergency over fuel over fears of a fuel shortage the pipelines owner says it will take several days for delivery to return to normal. and tesla c.e.o. elon musk says his electric car company will stop accepting bit coin because of environmental concerns the digital currency requires large amounts of energy much of it from fossil fuels crypto currencies have long benefited from musts earlier support tesla's latest announcement triggered a quick sell off in crypto markets. in football have continued their climb away from relegation in the bonus league after
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beating shock on wednesday evening had to do it the hard way to aftershock a took an early lead thanks to a strike in the 6th minute from. the berlin flight back started before half time derek levelled the score with close range header that for jessie and gun come. the winner which means how to are all that assured of staying in german football's top flight next. door and coach. will wait until the last minute to decide whether to play star striker elling holland in thursday's german cup final against rb leipsic the norwegian is central to dortmund's hopes of bigotry in a game where both coaches are seeking their 1st major silverware. as the al was ticked down to kick off all eyes are focused on german football's grandest day has history a white so too does the question loon will ending hollande ocular believe the games
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brought his stuff be there to take pot. yelling stunt my it's a tail and was on the pitch yesterday after almost 2 weeks out and we didn't push it but it looked good and we wanted to see how would fill. a void and we'll have another short session where he'll move around. a bit more and see if that is enough. for morgan in hope of shoot 1st major trophy as coach knows one thing for sure in jaden sanchez he's at least one feet reliable to go the englishman stricker he gave dortmund victory of a lot to go on the way can't now 5 days later to the novice men has one final shot at lifting lot of trophy before he departs to take charge of behind munich. we will try to achieve the maximum which is winning the trophy that's good but i
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don't think this has a lot of consequences on my personal career rather it's about every single player in i as the coach doing the best possible job then we want to celebrate together with the club which employees mean where i still enjoy working and with the players that's what it's all about getting to fire on them but it's. a win for lots it would be the club's 1st trophy in 12 years since the club's formation. a spike in corona virus infections in turkey has forced you a foot to change the location of this month's champions league final the world's most watched annual sports game will now take place in the city of porto and chester city and chelsea fans had been warned against travelling to istanbul but will now be able to attend as the british government has placed portugal on its green list the game. take place on may 29th. just reminder the top story we're following for you here today only the beginning of the conflict
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between israelis and palestinians is intensifying militants have been launching hundreds of rockets into israel and israeli forces have been responding with devastating airstrikes on gaza the escalating tensions are also spilling over into street violence in several israeli cities home to both arabs and jews. you're watching to w. news spitzer is next with monica just so i'm terry martin thanks for. coming. in.
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climate change was the spark that made her take action. cloudy augustine no from portugal he's suing 33 european countries for forest fires in her homeland for march in common. with a group of other young people she's heading to the europe. in court of human rights . with success. focus on the road.
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next. to the conflict zone with tim sebastian america's secretary of state going to meet bluto who was in ukraine last week visiting the power of veto over words of comfort and support for the culture of the russian troops of mass the huge numbers close to its border my guest this week is ukraine's foreign minister good to be true coolly about how did he get out of the visit so what was he asked the. conflict zone. in 60 minutes on. it's an ongoing quick story a bit of. the arab spring began in 2011.
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people stood up against corrupt members and dictatorship. they have tried more security more freedom and more dignity have their hopes been fulfilled 10 years after the arab spring. valley and starts june 7th on d w. hi everyone welcome to focus on europe i'm happy to have you with me here in europe we really are feeling the effects of the climate crisis with extreme heat waves droughts and out of control fires portugal has been hit particularly hard by forest fires over 100 people lost their lives in 2 deadly blazes in 2007.


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