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my job as a journalist to the now i'm basing. my work takes you around the world might if things remain the same to tell the stories. what is the heart of the story why does it matter who live in. focus if you want. to cut through the noise to get to the truth. by the sarah kelly and i with. me. this is news and these are our top stories israeli air strikes in gaza intensified today amid hints the military is preparing for a possible ground offensive there health officials in gaza say the death toll from israeli airstrikes has risen to more than 50 including 14 children among us rockets fired into israel has killed at least 6 people washington says it's sending
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a special envoy to the region in a bid to deescalate tensions. ugandan president yoweri museveni has been sworn in for his 6th term after winning a controversial election this january during the inauguration ceremony police surrounded the home of opposition leader bobby wine it was called was of a needs victory quote a sham police described the measure as a normal security deployment. u.s. house republicans have voted to remove fellow party member list cheney from her leadership position in congress the wyoming conservative has been under pressure for criticizing former president donald trump and his refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election cheney says she intends to continue to fight for integrity within the republican party. this is deja vu news from berlin you can find out from our more from our web site.
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if you lost someone to cope with 19 chances are it was a nurse who held their hand as they passed away it's a coronavirus pandemic has changed anything for the better it has to be a more sincere appreciation a greater awareness of nurses on this international nurses day we examine the sacrifices made in the past year often overworked and underpaid the frontline workers who many times became patients themselves sometimes losing their lives trying to save ours i'm bord gulf in berlin this is the day. to day is a special and nurtured day the people are grateful and happy this film's us with pride. the nurses have clearly shown with covert 19th that they
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are the soul of the society the truth is this recognition fills all of us nurses with pride. and i think my thanks for that tireless what we are told there is a great. deal but i'm not tired we will rest when it's a good thing now the whole world realizes we can't live without this. also coming up republicans in the u.s. house of representatives today had a choice wyoming congresswoman lives cheney or former us president donald trump guess who they are we are a party that can fight for conservative principles that can fight for substance we cannot be dragged backward by the very dangerous lies of a former president they fear not. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin today with
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the women and men who dedicate themselves every day to keeping you and me alive and healthy today as international nurses day this year more than any other all of us have reasons to be grateful for the never ending work of nurses in the 1st months of the coronavirus pandemic we were witnesses to the cruel contagion of coded 19 in many cases blunted by the nurses who were often the only ones in the room to hold the hand of a dying patient nurses have been without a doubt life savers in this pandemic but their heroic efforts as frontline workers have taken a toll many nurses contract of the coronavirus themselves and many died from kogan 19 last year in spain roughly half of all coded 1000 deaths were medical staff but even those who avoided the virus could face future mental health problems the international council of nurses calls it the covert effect and warns the stress of
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the profession could result in nursing shortages all the across the globe. they have or even you saw a lot of people die in one shift. and at that time we had up to $1012.00 deaths per night it was just terrible that that legally it was terrible so we almost on every shift the bell that rang to move the bodies that the patients to the called room was ringing almost every 2 hours every hour. it was very severe psychological stress i mean. mexican nasa lena salgado lost a lot to cohabit even her father who contract the virus working as a doctor. in what we do here was so heartily for you that it was the most painful experience of a side seeing so many people die. and i saw a lot of people die and it will be. like many of the almost 28000000 nurses
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around the world a working under huge pressure at the forefront of the pandemic. there out of form a new movement about the reality. that we really. are. the international council of nasa's says mass trauma among us says as a global phenomenon. the organization once the pandemic to mark a turning point for health care. now 12 plus months into that program it we should be saying those approvals turn into action we need to see investment in protection the support the development of all nursing and our health care workforce not just for the psyche of our health systems but
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full on the national safety and security of the i.c. and says at least 3000 nurses around the world have died from covert 19 the real number is thought to be in the 10s of thousands. that was the most difficulty being heavy adequately i don't know exactly maybe all of this done but it's will not speak to a person you are talking it will be just be the final day there because it is normal. in some countries the heavy tell of the pandemic has prompted a growing number of nasa's to leave the profession. but for many it's reinforced that dedication to the job. big number 50 and it's a profession where you are there from the moment life comes into the world until the moment it leaves again to let me sleep. or for more now we want to talk to one
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of the people featured in that report howard catton is president of the international council of nurses he joins us tonight from geneva switzerland howards good to have you on the program the world owes you and your fellow nurses a huge debt of gratitude when you consider the dangers of the job especially in this pandemic is saying thank you was that enough. no it's not but firstly let me wish you and everybody a happy international nurses day but it fails so much more poignant a moment for a more somber reflection as your pieces showed the fight against this pandemic that nurses have been the forefront of has taken a really significant toll on cost on nursing work force physical exhaustion the mental health pressures nurse with infections necessarily dying nurses now leaving
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the profession as well and it's it's good to hear the recognition the applause and the accolades but it's not enough we need those applause to turn into firm actions we need to protect to support to develop on the nursing workforce our nurses have shown how they are holding our health systems together when our health systems out together our economies thrive we're able to meet people we have economic freedoms we have personal liberties as well we can how granny i think hope this marks a change in how we think about health care as being in a sensual investment in the sorts of lives and societies that we all want to live in elite howard let me ask you belt vaccinations and nurses when the vaccination campaigns began rolling out here in europe in north america we know that nurses and
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frontline medical staff they were prioritized in some countries is that the case everywhere around the world. no it's not and you'll get rights that people around the world committee to prioritising nurses health care workers the most fun rable in recent days i've been talking to nursing colleagues in india we all know the trade for situation in that country and what nurses it going through we think only about 50 or 60 percent of the health care workforce there have been vaccinated out of all of the vaccines that have been put into people's arms around the world only about point 3 percent have gone into the arms of people in africa the inequity in vaccine ministration to people who need it around the world it is a grotesque inequity countries need to do much much more to share vaccines we know
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that countries have massively over all did the patent life that the us have announced recently is very welcome but we need to share the manufacturing know how as well nurses have often been the only one in the room with a dying 1000 patient we we've all heard these stories many of held the hand of a dying person i mean this has to take an incredible emotional toll on even the most seasoned nurses. you're absolutely right that nurses have stepped into the shoes of families and relatives they've been the last handled that been lost face that many patients have seen nurses are use to caring for people in their last moments but they are doing this on a regular basis and nurses you know who i talk to if you say to them do you get used to it they say no we mourn every single death every single
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passing if you say what you mean you must go home and talk to your family and relatives and that's where you are burden and they say no we don't because we don't want to put that off families are worried about is already so we keep it ourselves this is an enormous we call it must traumatize ties ation and nurses have had to buy life and death decisions we see in the game the pictures from india the lack of equipment oxygen beds ventilators the people who made decisions to didn't prepare our health systems then all the people who are facing the consequences is nurses is our health care workers and we know that there are warnings that there could be shortages of nurses around the world here in berlin there are reports of medical staff wanted to go on strike to protest working conditions working hours we what should be done to ensure that people stay in the profession i think we've got about a minute left here what would you say. so we need to 1st see protect the nurses
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that we've got decent work safe working conditions nurses nurses right saw human rights they have a right to be protected at work but we also might make sure that we invest in educating new nurses so that we've got enough nurses who are well need to feel respected and valued we've not got anough nurses in senior leadership positions nurses office often aren't at the table and influencing the bake policy decisions we won't get the learning from this pandemic right we won't strengthen and rebuild our health systems if we haven't got nurses at the heart of those decisions howard cancer president of the international council of nurses howard it's been good talking with you thank you to you and all of your fellow nurses around the world we appreciate everything they do thank you very much.
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for a living you have signed a deal with a company to manufacture millions of doses of the johnson and johnson coated 1000 vaccine but there is a catch the deal is dependent on patent protections being waived bolivia which is x. needed about 10 percent of its population says it desperately needs more doses and has found a canadian company to manufacture them it has now applied to the world trade organization for a temporary patent suspension johnson and johnson would be paid royalties under that proposal. well many developing countries in the united states support waiving patent protections for back scenes but european countries they are resisting some nonprofit groups say e.u. leaders are only listening to the pharmaceutical lobbyist why is that going on how is that going on the talk about that right now my colleague told or joins us so why is there so why is the european union resistant to this idea well we know that this
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is a global debate going on in the european commission's current position is awaiting patents know what necessarily speed up production the moment tiriel the know how are also needed and it was stifle innovation while the other side n.g.o.s are arguing that there is spam manufacturing capacity the materials can be ramped up knowledge can be shared and that innovation is already being rewarded for billions in public funding but who are european leaders listening to in this debate well to find out a brussels based lobbying watchdog called corporate europe observatory crunched the numbers on the meetings being held by european commission is we can have a look at what they found well 1st the commissioners who are the decision makers who are leading europe's response met with the pharmaceutical lobbyists $140.00 times in the bout of hostility months now generic drug manufacturers the ones who would actually be able to make patent free vaccines 18 meetings but n.g.o.s who arguing in favor of patent waivers they got just one high level meeting in the past
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14 months one ngo that wants to meet with european commission is and conde is medicine sans frontiers or doctors without borders and they told me about their struggle to get their foot in the door in brussels let's have a listen. but when we try to meet with the commissioners themselves who are we both them it's the decision makers and the political leadership of the european union among the political leadership of the european union. are meeting with the health commissioner was the client and with the trade commissioner vice president i'm going off because it was not a response that is in the interest of the commission to hear all sides. to your many points of view to be informed about what are the options available to them to improve better access to these tools and that's not just here a number of forces particularly the voices of the pharmaceutical sector themselves who vested interest yeah joe what's so bad about the obvious from the pharmaceutical industry meeting with european union commissioners i mean after all these are the companies that have developed the vaccines that are saving people's
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lives well i put that question to the brussels law watchdog which is a corporate europe observatory and they said there's nothing wrong with the commission is meeting with big pharma but they also need to hear the other side of the story to we can have a listen to what they had to say it's not it's not that they should meet with industry i mean there are there are a number of practical reasons why they would need to meet with the companies that but when you when you get to the present where the discussion inside the commission is completely one sided that it's about the views of industry and nothing more and nobody else gets to present the case for how. next vaccines could be. produced on a larger scale internationally then then i think then i think the commission is making a serious mistake. well ask the european commission for response and they said that in the case of doctors without borders one of those requested meetings was turned down due to shuttling conflicts and that the ngo would be able to take part in
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talks later this month what's important to note is that the european position on this is not yet set in stone and there are more negotiations planned for later this month and what n.g.o.s want is the european commission as an other national leaders to open the door to hear their points of view as well oh yeah at the end of the day we just want to get everybody vaccinated the fastest way possible joe as always thank you. the nation needs a strong republican party the nation needs a party that that is based upon fundamental principles of conservatism and i am committed and dedicated to ensuring that that's how this party goes forward and i plan to lead the fight to do that a defiant wyoming congresswoman liz cheney speaking there just moments after her fellow republicans in the u.s. house of representatives voted to remove her from the party leadership today was the most significant purge the republican party has conducted since losing control of the u.s.
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senate and the white house in last november's election liz cheney one of the most conservative members of congress fell out of favor with g.o.p. leaders rather quickly because she refused to accept donald trump's election wise and strewth today former president trump praised the move cheney's takedown shows in glaring clarity the g.o.p. is total subservience to donald trump cheney said today's vote will not change her conviction. i will do everything i can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the oval office we have seen the danger that he continues to provoke with his language we have seen his lack of commitment and dedication to the constitution and i think it's very important that we make sure whomever we elect is somebody who will be faithful to the constitution and what will this change responsibility is to lead our conference in the house of representatives and so she has a particular responsibility as
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a result of that and it that frankly it doesn't serve us well if she's creating fomenting division in our ranks and look i'm all for unity i'm all for unity and truth you know truth cannot co-exist with lies truth cannot co-exist with false and you cannot unify with that. so where are the republicans heading now let's go to los angeles and bring in republican strategist chris faulkner chris it's good to have you back on the day let me ask you would you have voted to demote lives cheney today. well as you can tell i had no intent of going to public office so i'm in no danger of having to take that. i think what you saw today was a great example of. individual members of the republican party having their own opinions of expressing those and kudos from cheney she has her convictions to stand by those she certainly no need to fight the polls and sooner stand. her position
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house leadership is not only connected to the representation of people wyoming but also has a let's do it the entire caucus of the publicans represent a lot of different viewpoints as you know full well you know in countries like germany you may have 6 or 7 major parties but the united states we jam everybody into 2 so we have our fair share of disagreements well after today's vote chris who would you say that who is really running the g.o.p. . well that's the beauty of our system it's not a top down type of thing we have no one person is running g.o.p. you can only have. just as joe biden is not in charge of every aspect of democratic party you know whether it's mitch mcconnell or kevin mccarthy you are in leadership in the house and senate there is no one person in charge of the g.o.p. and i know for a lot of people who aren't involved in politics every day they can your frustrating answer but it's the reality of what it is you have a democratic system which is by no means perfect but it's better than most the rest
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that are out there but i noticed you did not mention donald trump's name as a possible leader for the party. well he's not troubles were present united states like any former president should be given a courtesy you could use the distance and here's an email personally i think you should have access to social media twitter and facebook but those are private companies that made their decision and you know you get your statements on politics and can speak to the boise is the future of the party you can't see here supports or doesn't support and it's only appropriate only by every other u.s. president don that's not. what you as a strategist do you see this devotion to donald trump as the best way to win back the senate or the house in the 2022 midterms. we disagree somewhat with the the church in everything. from yes there are a lot of. republicans who will show up to republican primaries who have more say so
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than people who don't show up to those elections were still fans of the president i think what you would find is you have a lot of republicans who are still confused as to quite frankly why we're talking about this you know we have so many other issues that are facing our nation in the world go by are the former president's opinion chris why are you still 2 why are you still talking about this why is the party still talking about donald trump. well let's put this late it wasn't for donald trump there's no way you and i be having this conversation about liz cheney this was a procedural vote for a minor leadership position in one of our political parties that took place today and it's worldwide news why is that it's because armstrong and unfortunately since he's left office since he has left office. you know and i'm not one to ascribe myself to conspiracy theories but destruct arrangements in rome where people are just obsessed with hating him they want to bring him into every discussion about everything and it's just he's not the president he more i don't i there's
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a lot of us it's not i prepared to move on as you know and pretending like he didn't happen as president but he's not the president for years and out of the running for office we have a whole slew of other people that are and so we're looking at those and particularly the 2022 midterm elections and yes i do think talking about some of the trumps accomplishments economically and otherwise during his presidency is a pathway but the real answer is we don't even routine joe biden is doing such a bad job in the 1st 4 months of his presidency that alone is going to give us the landslide coming into the 22 election cycle which will hand control the gavel the house of representatives back to the republican party but well let me let me ask you about that more than 100 republicans are expected this week to call for the creation of a new 3rd political party if the g.o.p. does not take action and i assume that means if the party doesn't distance itself from donald trump is this is that wishful thinking. it's it's it's how you say
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a straw man it's not actually news and i wrote the actual story on this this 100 republicans none of those people are actually elected officials we have. millions upon millions of people that are registered republicans and active every day in faults and have hundreds of thousands of elected officials that 100 people who their former administration people or staff people they think that they're important because of their former jobs quite frankly i don't care and the vast majority of americans are particular very regret that you're left with those people think about forming a 3rd for. me ask you about the people in california and what they think of caitlin jenner i mean that's also been a big story around the world california is where republicans go to be reborn redesigned is that what you've got in caitlin jenner. i think i would i would just screw with that description of california so the california definitely was
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a place for growth of your political party affiliation it was a land of dreams it was the kind of place that people came to all the time to achieve their dreams whether they be entertainment or technology business agriculture all the incredible things that california has to offer unfortunately you know very short period of time incompetency at the state levels during the state really into the gutter for the 1st time in the history of california they lost a congressional district as more people are moving out of the state and movie into the state. so do you think that she has a good chance of becoming the next governor. you know the thing about a recall election is you can really it's very hard to handicap who has a good chance or who doesn't have a chance i think it's very secure and generous not i was fortunate i you know our source nigger of course referring to. recall election was a very unique individual with wide popularity across political demographic boundaries kaitlin jenner's audiences is smaller and so she doesn't have that wide
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name i.d. . but she has just as good a chance as anyone else the specifics of the california recall and again nobody wants to get into the kind of nitty gritty of this but really the most important what question of her one which is is gavin newsome going to recall in the 1st place otherwise it really doesn't matter if the most votes on well i think that on is once an egg of with agree with you he is definitely not skateland gender republican strategist chris faulkner it's always good talking with you we appreciate your time and your insights chris thank you my pleasure talking to you as well. well the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either d.w. news or you can follow me at t.v. every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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already. oh boy. the 1st. entered the conflict zone with tim sebastian america's secretary of state goes in a loop and was in ukraine last week is a game of hard news also words of comfort and support for the country the russian troops of most of the huge numbers close to its border my guest this week is ukraine's foreign minister dumitru coolly about getting out of the loop so what was
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a. conflict so for next difficult. carted off under terrible conditions german capital and into animal transport trucks for days at a time without food and water. a team of reporters follows the trucks to russia central asia or north africa they want to find out who's response of. for this animal cruelty. in 50 minutes on d. w. . the amount of plastic is increasing every year and many i'm gonna watching on election see more fairness holiday destinations and drowning in cost of my c.v.
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mind you and the constant. effort here in europe of exports of 1000000 tons of plastic waste. used to another one. that after all in fun is interest cyclable. make up your own mind. w. made for minds. such. visit our lives we will be defending it if they have crossed that border what do you think the west would have done for you i'll judicial system is in bad shape america's secretary of state sounds to me blinkered was in ukraine last week there's a referred me to offer words of comfort and support for the country after russian troops again massed in huge numbers froze to its border my guest this week from kiev means ukraine's foreign minister good to meet troop coolly about what did he
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get out of the visit and what with you asking you.


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