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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2021 2:00pm-3:01pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin 23 people died as a metro bridge collapses in mexico city part of the elevated rail line gave way sending a train plunging onto the road below but at the latest from the mexican capital also coming up europe hopes to welcome service again we'll speak to greece's tourism minister who says we will reopen all borders in 10 days. plus india's agony intensifies as coronavirus cases top $20000000.00 the national guard station drive is full swing as the number of infections overwhelms the health care system. and
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germany's interior minister says politically motivated crimes are the biggest threats to national security with an aggressive coronavirus denial movement adding fuel to the fire. and in the bundesliga have to be leaning back from quarantine hoping to make up points but they could only manage a draw against mines. i'm going to have as welcome to the program a metro accident in mexico has left at least 23 people dead and dozens injured and the compromised soko city authorities say an elevated section of the rail system collapsed while the train was passing through late on monday night local residents have previously expressed concerns about cracks on the structure weakened after an earthquake almost 5 years ago. 2 train carriages hang precariously above the
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road creating a daunting rescue operation for emergency workers relatives of those trapped faced a nervous wait for any news. my daughter in law told us she was with my son and she told us the structure fell down over them. and. 12 is the newest of mexico city's metro system the train was traveling between stops when the overpass gave way sending rubble and carriages tumbling down onto a busy road rescue workers initially used ladders to gain access to the survivors before authorities halted the rescue operation due to concerns the train could fall at any moment. a crane later arrives to secure the carriages.
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that is our main task is to attend to the people who are in the hospitals to attend to the relatives of the victims who unfortunately died in this incident the public prosecutor's office will carry out all the investigations and will make all the expert reports to find out what happened in this accident on line 12 of the subway . construction was plagued by complaints and there are reports that damage was noticed on the overpass many years ago. over the latest let's go to mexico city now we're joined by journalist. happening at the crash site right now. well get hurt well right now they there are married and in the months of their military removing rubble and while they were doing these trying to hold trains that they were hanging in
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line like that and they put 2 cranes german cranes actually. to wait for is a structure and hold hold or carry did and they found 3 bodies they rescued another 3 dead bodies that were caught inside of their day carriages i will tell you that 65 people are in hospitals some and some are undergoing surgery and many have lost arms and legs and they were severely hit in the head so that's what's going on with the injured people and also their forensics are waiting for the bodies of 2340 still are right at the. installations that's what's going on in mexico so far. that we've heard about a cracks in the structure that have been there 5 years ago after an earthquake so how could this happen is the negligence involved on the side of the authorities.
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yes they did an hour jack they needed repair once they cracked that happened since 2017 and their version is that. one of the columns that seen this breach that kerry did very strange so this happens a lot of months ago at the beginning of the year there was a fire also at one of their stations so in this in mexico city manager and this is metro is a good transportation in mexico city these lines lines well carried throughout half a 1000000 passengers a day knowing now they are without these words it's easy. reporting from mexico city thank you welcome. some of the other stories making
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headlines around the world today lebanon and israel have resumed in direct talks over the disputed seaboard up on the u.s. maybe ation because asians between the long time photos stored last year due to disagreements over demarcation lines the 2 sides of fishley of war and tensions currently flare up along the borders. foreign ministers from the g 7 group of industrialized countries are holding a 2nd day of talks head of a leaders' summit in june many of the world's biggest geopolitical issues are on the agenda at the london meeting including the military coup in myanmar and the war in syria. hong kong's chief executive kerry says her government is working on new legislation to tackle quote the spread of misinformation hatred and lies or announcement comes during a crackdown on democracy and press freedom in the territory which is you rules and by china. as vaccination drives gather pace in many
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countries governments are looking at ways to safely resume tourism and lift restrictions on cultural venues g 20 minutes as old in virtual toss today a day after the european commission outlined recumbent de sions on reopening the european union's external borders to non-essential travel the proposals for sea allowing entry to travelers who've been fully inoculated with an e.u. approved vaccine or who are from countries where the pandemic is under control bill also common criteria for travel within the e.u. but infection rates still vary widely from country to country and potential travelers are still lighted to encounter different rules wherever they go. from or that i'm now joined by greece's minister for tourism hari fare harris a minister in april greece already began along in visitors from countries outside
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the e.u. considered very low risk such as israel meanwhile germany is tourist industry for example is still far from opening up is a common e.u. approach even possible. well i thank you 1st of all for having me here yes we don't think it's just possible with think it's essential it's very very important we saw it last year we showed with the pandemic that how difficult it was to coordinate and how difficult it was to coordinate the opening of tourism last year but we are armed with more knowledge of the tourism opening programs of various countries 70 of greasers are much more mature we have more knowledge and we have more tools in our arsenal the vaccination programs and the fast as the rapid test so so it's essential that we we coordinate and we welcome the if you like increased drive by various governments in europe including germany is to support
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1st of all the green digital past the suggestion back in the 12th of january letter of prime minister q echoes which was like a story from the lame for the institution of such a bust and we need to take it one step further and coordinate the different measures to allow trust to be built again so you say if you want to open greece on may 14th attend that's 10 days from now in europe unity is incredibly hard to achieve between all of the members will you go it alone if there is no agreement . well we were hoping that more and more countries will come to an agreement we have published exactly how we're going to be implementing the opening it's it's professional and it's mature as i already said it has various levels of safety nets in order to ensure the safety both of our
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citizens and of the people coming to greece german tourists for example so we feel that this is a system that can work for the whole of europe of course those discussions will be ongoing and as we reach concessions we'll see what kind of adjustments we have to we have to make you think you can you can find agreement in 10 days. no no all i'm saying is that even if we don't find agreement in 10 days we certainly we will keep our promises very very important for the market for the rest of europe to not just say things but also implement them and this is what we've been doing all throughout the pandemic we will do it with the opening of tourism but we shouldn't continue the drive to come to a consensus and of course make adjustments as this consensus is reached it's pretty listen to what the e.u. commission vice president said yesterday we propose a new emergency brake mechanism to be coordinated at each level and which would
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limit the risk of such variance entering that you this will allow member states to act quickly and temporarily limits to a strict minimum all travel from affected countries for the time needed to put in place appropriate sanction measures. now if the e.u. commission proposals are approved and there indeed is a need for an emergency break well greece follow the recommendation. well of course we need to see the exact details of our proposal so i cannot speak on behalf of the final decision if you like based on the proposals but certainly as we have sown all throughout last year we certainly kept a common stance we are certainly pro the coordinated european approach and we did not veer away steer away from those common decisions so this is if you like what we would like to do in this case as well do you think there needs to be a one size fits all agreement or could there be different rules and regulations for
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different countries inside the. ideally we want to keep a common approach this is the only way to remove the barriers fall from the industry and from the people that want to travel i think more or less europe has a stake in vaccination according native approach with the small or bigger differences among the different countries but we managed to discuss it and we managed to coordinate to some extent we need to keep the same approach going into the summer we firmly believe that as weeks go by this situation is going to be much much better i'm sure that our viewers know that the situation in germany is very very different than 234 weeks ago the same applies to greece because the vaccinations arrive is moving briskly over 30 percent in greece and that has
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a real effect both in the numbers both in the reality of the pandemic and in the mood of the people so i think we should take advantage if you like of that while keeping the necessary precautions to ensure that there is a safety as a 1st priority everything harris tourism minister for greece thank you very much for joining us today and it. and after some other developments in the global pandemic the european met since agency has started a fast track review of the covert 19 vaccine produced by the chinese manufacturers in a vat it's the 1st step towards possible approval for use in the european union nepal says it urgently needs at least 1600000 doses of astra zeneca covert 1000 vaccine to administer 2nd shots it comes as the country sees a record surge in new cases and denmark has announced plans to reopen schools and a lower range of indoor activities this week entrance to many of these will require
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either a recent negative test proof of vaccination or recovery from the virus. now the number of koran a virus cases in india has officially top 20000000 as the crisis tightens its grip on the country many experts believe the real figures for deaths and infections are much higher than the official tally in the same time supply shortages are hampering the national vaccination drive and the health system is buckling under the weight of new cases. there is no room for these patients at this hospital instead they are made to wait outside and not hoping that the oxygen supply will hold out. as ambulances queue at hospitals other means of transport also taking on a crucial role trains are india's lifeblood its tracks hauling freight and people across the country's vast land mass today they also offer
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a lifeline this locomotive pulls a precious cargo oxygen headed to the worst hit areas. india's railroads have been drafted into the country's emergency response in other ways to. 11 train coaches admitted converted into a solution wards there's a separate coach for the doctors that's 12 isolation coaches available here for 2 oxygen cylinders in each coach and we've set up 9 air coolers as well sprinklers on the ceiling control the temperature 16 patients can be accommodated in each coach and sanitation waste disposal arrangements have also been made. ingenuity and improvise ation doing their bit to stem the rising tide of coronavirus deaths but it's not enough to shield the modi government from anger over its failure to prevent this deadly 2nd wave of the pandemic it was
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a contribution factor to an unexpected loss for the prime minister's b.-j. bay party losing an important state election in west bank go. much like the surgeon infections this is not what modi had in mind when he declared the end of the pandemic at political rallies all over india after business calculation his political fortunes may be linked to the coronavirus more closely than ever. spawn and. india now has an official count of more than 20000000 infections how authorities trying to reverse this surge. as how many people. got firefighting was. being kicked into action they are trying to increase the vaccination different state governments are imposing localized lockdowns and they are trying to get i met
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knesset to let off steam and other lifesaving drugs but the fact of the matter is that we are no piece into the 2nd wave and if i talk about deadly specificity then the often certainly they have cancer is still all of them and all especially on it's got bad and now there is a treason mounting pressure on them all the governments are in force unleashed in white not like this. because many including the experts now believe that that is the only way to get a handle on the situation. and there are going to be that india which is one of the world's biggest makers and supplies of vaccines is running out of them. well absolutely but there's just no government underestimated the domestic demand and that's the mission since the 2nd we got these are a huge increase in the demand what will that think of the density of their lives and we saw those people queuing up to get back in washington and splitting the government did not foresee this happening despite everything when he's been given
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might be for scientific or any advisors but i'm also going to have been facing criticism when i explored in the last number of that single this do other countries despite having with us populations here of our or any of that in that bachelors' forward and said that they do not have they did not have enough resources on the quiet to ramp up many after that to the east and then now to see all of the serious student if you have other now elements of the law just last the main factor has given an interview that she has said that india will be exactly sure when the only thing months and one reason that is given is that this is did you do not get enough orders so this seems to be a problem at the policy level. so there are more and more foreign aid is arriving in india but given the scale of the problem is it going to make any real difference on the ground well definitely foreign leaders going it will help a lot of in fact it will care provided that has reached its destination on time
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because because our leasing across the country are facing a shortage of medical assistance or do you know there are also coming in that life saving medical equipment and jobs have been done at last don't leave the area just ticklish and. that any high court has to step in and ask the customs to clear up certain concentrated that's why a. lot people who are suffering because we've 90 so why barney that is coming in and way more why this seems to be an excuse an issue here. chartering a deli thank you very much. and to do to the worsening coronavirus situation in the country india's cricket premier league the i.p.l. has been suspended the i.p.l. is the world's richest cricket tournament bringing together some of the sport's best players the decision to suspend the tournament comes after players from 3 teams tested positive for the virus organizers have been criticized for not
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stopping matches earlier in a statement they said the decision had been taken with the safety of participants in mind. the situation in ethiopia is to grow region continues to get worse after 6 months months of conflict millions of people have been displaced and even more dependent on aid to survive as usual children among the most affected many have lost their loved ones to violence and almost 5000 have been separated from their parents while running for their lives alone frightened and uncertain of the future thousands of children have become separated from their parents during the warranty grey. today they are cared for by aid workers but what will tomorrow bring. this fighting is the hardest thing i've been 3. many people have been killed many homes have been
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destroyed. we left home early in the morning after we had explosions it was right after we'd gone to visit our uncle for a few days when. we had to run for our lives. some of the children were separated from their parents while fleeing the fighting others have been orphaned all require medical care food and shelter aide workers don't have the necessary equipment to help them at the moment the the needs on the ground a huge and what we're seeing is not enough funding to support the services that are required to reach trojan and their families so a lot of the health care facilities and to grow and not functioning at the moment they've been damaged due to the conflict and have a lot of stores and equipment looted aid organizations warns that without immediate
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intervention the situation could spiral completely out of control. while the children and she cry cry out. the international response has been mostly silent. but here in germany the number of crimes carried out by right wing extremists has jumps to its highest number in 20 years that's according to a government report released today interior minister who described right wing violence as the biggest threat to national security the report says most of those attacks are motivated by racism is posed by increasingly aggressive coronavirus deny movement it's been linked to anti semitism and to democratic speech and right wing violence. for more on this story our chief political editor. according to horses over the come to the jury
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a minister how bad is the problem of right wing violence in germany right now it's very bad and over arching the problem of politically motivated crime has risen to its highest level in those 20 years since the records he had become separately for separately for such politically motivated crimes it's alarm bells going on all around the interior minister sees this as a threat to society but also to the to the very structure of the state and one thing that illustrates this is well is that more than half of those crimes and more than 80 percent of hate crime of rightwing motivated so distinctive levels rising that in the right wing scene at the same time the number of attacks on officials and politicians of threats in particular has doubled within that period also coming from the right wing camp but also from others including those who spread conspiracy theories or believe in some kind of deep state conspiracy behind
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the pandemic so it's a very disconcerting picture that the interior minister gave that so right wing violence the main threat but authorities are also keeping a watchful eye on other politically motivated crimes are. absolutely and there although we have heard from groups that represent victims of right wing crime they say that those figures are still not high enough because the state is not doing enough in counting the motivations behind violent crime at the same time we see the numbers going up also in the left wing spectrum but also different interest groups including those doubting the pandemic in the left wing spectrum we heard from interior minister the who for saying that there had been a tendency away from large demonstrations to small individual targeted threats and that is something he sees as particularly worrying because it's against the structure of the state and thereby democracy itself that something where ministers
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evil far wants to pay particular attention he sees this as an early warning system for society so some very worn signals they're coming both from the official side but from representatives of victims today. thank you. bellina have been back in action in the bonus league after a 2 week coronavirus quarantine off a sitting out of 3 games they are now keen to pull themselves out of the relegation zone but. could only manage a one all draw. being 2nd to last in the standings this late in the season means your im big trouble could is here to berlin come back strong from their quarantine and rack up some points against spend sun's minds. got them on the way after 36 minutes. change that set. a perfectly
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designed and executed free kick headed in by the frenchman to open the scoring for a haircut. but it took mines only 5 minutes serious but i feel that when netting his 1st one just the get go. and what an unstoppable beauty it was. and that's how it ended. and is here to pick up only one point though it could prove crucial in their battle to beat the drop. you're watching the news here's a reminder of all top story at least $23.00 people have been killed in a metro accident in mexico city an elevated railway collapsed sending a train plunging to the ground and strapping cars on the wreckage officials say a support gave way local residents say the bridge might have been weakened by an
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earthquake several years. that's it from the other news teaming up today don't go away up next close up goes to scotland outcome of this week's election eventually lead to the breakup of the united kingdom staged for god oversimple in. the few.
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weeks ago. what does it actually mean to these going to cops might. be trammelled to the northern beaches embrace and just days before scotland's general. let's say. things about the mainland and how they feel about being the cause of the united. states he's guilty crazy different.
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ready to get a little more extreme. claims places in europe are smashing all the records stick him to move the bench or. just don't lose true grit and it's interesting now for mom globetrotters discomfort some of europe's record breaking signs. also in book form. closely. listen carefully. to suit your needs to be a good. match. and
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discover the world. subscribe to the documentary on youtube. scotland is wild expansive and beautiful place a land of breathtaking countryside. muscling city says the. whole of life and of course full of scots many of whom are wondering these days what it actually means to be scottish and. there's always that sense if community in the cheek and that's what you get from scottish people and i praise myself i'm not people just telling you how they feel they don't go about setting enough lot of mind off the
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word silver stapled if you like to try to do england i think is wrong and i'm going to get away from the plane many scots feel they are fundamentally different from their english neighbors and want to be governed differently as well particularly since bracks. once grounded mainly in the realm of folklore the idea of the scottish character may now have serious political ramifications for the united kingdom. played. in the. 24 year old sophie golf doesn't need
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a home office her workplace is already isolated and very well ventilated. but it's in the middle of scotland in the heart of the highlands at the foot of ben alder. sophie spends the whole day outdoors among the mountainous logs and more land. i do you you know the basics. and not but i truly know it's working with everything from the tiniest blade of grass right up to the clouds in the sky. beating the horses is also one of her tasks and even unskilled workers can help her . fingers and the others are already waiting. in the summer the working ponies carry the deer carcasses down the mountain. in winter they need more
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to eat than the barren highlands can offer. the young scots woman says for becoming a deer hunter was the best decision she's ever made. in school and. there's something i'm really proud of being with nature and with wildlife on the scottish wildlife is it can see the stars in the distance. even more there's always that sense of community in the chicken that's. going little scotch humor. so if he works on a private estate near dog winnie in the highlands it non pandemic times it's a popular destination for hunters and holiday makers. but sophie sees herself as a paid environmentalist. that's thinking whether she's reforesting or restoring pete moore's she sees her job as serving nature and the land
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'd. hunting as part of the. ready ready ready ready ready ready winter impact. older animals in particular ready today so if he spots a herd that needs. there's definitely a few although. i would have preferred to take a lot more over the winter. so. for they get to that stage before their stuff and. it may seem cool to shoot the animals let's call them has the highest density of red deer in europe and they breed like rabbits. left unchecked so if you explained the population would grow so fast that the animals would over graze the lamp store or succumb to diseases.
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but these hinds are in luck today they're too far away for sophie to get a clear shot. just. a little bit of a fright but they know there's no threat so they've already. started walking towards them they would know where they were well then. stalking them would take until evening. since it's not possible to shoot today it stays quiet on bed all day. but this refrigerated room's contents are testimony to sophie's hunting skills. sophie loves her work caring for the animals all she has to do is rattle the food box and they come running down the mountain.
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right at the front is sophie's favorite amish. sophie's job may seem cut off from the world at large but she's always thinking about the bigger picture. when i know in 10 years the things i'm doing in the job will affect everything from on the state to the wider scotland and that's the magic thing and that's i suppose it's about the legacy. as we see again and again on our journey it's hard not to fall in love with scotland. and the desire to express this love is not just felt by scott's.
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fishing dirt out of the water raking up leaves maintaining the concrete. keith who is english and david who is scottish have spent many a week of doing this for the last 20 years. these mysterious mounds which the men treat with such love are part of the world's largest 3 dimensional map of a country. it's in people's in the scottish borders region. when keith 1st discovered the map while on a walk in 1907 it was completely overgrown. looking down into the undergrowth i i noticed the shape and. the shape of the mole of galloway which is a very conspicuous peninsula on the southwest side of the scottish coastline. and at that point i thought well no i've just got an overactive imagination. just out of curiosity i thought but it can't be if it were then if i walked northwest i
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should find an island and to cut a long story short 10 minutes later i had walked north. discovered ben loeb and walked across around the more climbed over ben nevis and arrived at the north coast of scotland at the white house to ensure realizing that this was a. relief model for the whole of scotland. the relief model features all the mountains and locks of the scottish landscape. keith a nuclear engineer set out to find the creators of this patriotic work to no avail 2. they've lost in local memory. and. being an engineer. this offended me because a lot of creative design effort went into producing it who had made it and why and it eventually led to me discovering my
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colleague david cameron. david cameron is a retired architect from edinburgh is part of the. new that the relief was the brainchild of young tamasha a polish 2nd world war veteran who had married a scottish. tamasha became a successful local hotel and bought the barony castle hotel in people. he wanted to create a monument to express his love for his adopted country. and calling it the great polish map of scotland he had his compatriot cousin yet a tough us client to build it. david had met cousin yet to us in the early 1990 s. . the polish to talk refer was quite elderly and haven't been to scotland for a long time. he asked david to search for his relief map.
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this was. told tall weeds a pool of water on the left here. cartridge shells everywhere from. and i reported back to him and he was so sad about it so this is for all this time and do it all these trips over and so i just made this rash promise. david hadn't got very far with his promise until keith stumbled upon the map. then the 2 men founded a charity scotland and in 2000 the relief was finally fully restored. at the time britain was still a member of the e.u. with scotland in the same political union as poland of course this is no longer the case for heading for troubled waters here because i i have supported breaks it very
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strongly for a long time and still do so this is where david and i diverged i think it's romantic idea that experience has shown to be totally impractical and i think the european union is a dysfunctional mess showing no signs of getting its act together i'm not going to accuse keith of having narrowness of mind or anything like that but i think. shall we say although we're one aisle and i think somehow my impression is that the english people inshallah. and perhaps. more sober looking at least that's how i like to think of it more and more scots believe that their country would be better off if it were as independent as it looks here in this pond. david is no fan of the government of london and
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believes in the fundamental differences between the scottish and english were ignored. but he sees a total detachment from england as an impossibility if only for geological reasons . i think is are all are interesting in a way that scotland in fact is you know logically part of the north american plate. and at one stage there would have been. scotland and england when scotland. england england went underneath and then volcanoes came off the line and so were several states for the if you like to. do england i think is rather difficult to get away from the. problem that the shetland islands do not have. they don't fit on the relief map at all they're so far north of the scottish mainland closer to norway
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than to edinburgh. yet shetland is still quintessentially scotland with its beautiful landscape and sparse population. the sense of community here is important and people take a great deal of pride in their small islands but there's a lot of curiosity about the wider world too. shetlanders have been buoyed by their oil which was 1st discovered here in the 1970 s. . the revenues from the oil industry have been invested wisely in the local community to build roads and public institutions. now with an eye on the future shetlanders are slowly transitioning to wind power. yet fishing is still the major source of income and. more fish are caught here than
2:44 pm
in england northern ireland and wales put together. victor lawrence and isn't catching anything at the moment. he's been stuck in the harbor for over a month. before he can take his ship the radiant star out along the west coast the self employed fisherman means a spare part from sweden the them. the trouble with. the. let's touch thing. i don't. mean i don't know. the majority of the fishermen all over the united kingdom voted for it. because it
2:45 pm
isn't the only one who disapproves of european colleagues encroaching on british waters. with their huge ships they take more than their fair share of the cash. yeah yeah. but. the church bells in the crowd town hall of blair wake are still like big ben. but now that britain has detached itself from the e.u. and scotland wants to separate from britain the desire for independence has spread to shetland to. steven and the other local councillors think that shetland should liberate itself
2:46 pm
from both britain and scotland. the benefit to the local community like it money is flowing. to local. stations away from the west. any local political accountability. victor wants no more discussions about independence it costs him 1000 euros for every day he spends at sea in fuel alone he has 2 children and doesn't want any more uncertainty about the future. on the issue. of the time they go together all the.
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way to. the few. solidarity and sticking together by things talk about often. but ideals in reality are not always aligned. glasgow is certainly familiar with this. the old working class city is a tough place. to go was struggling to combat drugs violence and unemployment. problems biggest city it's also the center of design culture and literature. on buchanan street in the city center we meet up with jamie god like. the comedian is well known all over the country. in 2020 she won the scots speaker of the year award. the 59 year old has lived by the river clyde all her life i love the freedom
2:48 pm
. this is the this is. this is. what you give us you give give us. glasgow was a poor so and it brought in so many people from all over the world and the school. that is well you know we have problems like you have this site. in the world but the one thing about was this people just tell you how they feel they don't go. on the floor. you don't get. this is done. janie grew up poor married young and randall published her husband for 15 years. when they had to give it up she became a comedian. for many here she has become the voice of scotland funny honest and
2:49 pm
unpretentious. but some people cannot stand her. all my boyfriends. one reason is that she's anything but ladylike. means. when we swear especially a female because if you're a portion angle a female and yes waiting is sounds like you're just being cheeky but if you're a female and you're. like everyone else in showbusiness jamie's life has been hard hit by the coronavirus. this is the biggest audience outside since march. i guess anyone from outside. how you did not want to. talk. but her
2:50 pm
online audience is larger than ever. in deep game his popularity has grown along with that of nicholas sturgeon the scottish 1st minister. the coronavirus statistics are not much better in scotland or england but sturgeon's empathetic manner and factual information are one people. journey does of course over a sturgeon's daily briefings in her own words the 1st minister started to do these daily briefings i decided the message just became. and i thought well we're going. to be. attention you know get attention for it so i started to divide us and see the things she's really wanted to say like status but i'm going to die if you go i'm going to stick my top the clock. i became her. translator basically i don't. i'm going to do what's right for the country and find
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rush things through and people die almost. see that's going to begin but bodices then. for months a consistent majority of the scots have said that prime minister boris johnson is going too far. the english politician is mixed really unpopular here. jenny also hopes that nicola sturgeon will win the election to the scottish parliament to me and that there will then be a 2nd referendum for scottish independence. that has made a fundamental difference to the situation. we are told by continue 14 wee hours and people who support and abandons as we voted the independence they will protect and keep it up. and it's basically a mom and dad same like. when you wake up you will have a pony and you're going to bed you sleep in your break up and there's just
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a cushion in the shape of a can't instead and that's. just light they lie down the ally in the light and that's what they died. for jamie scottish independence is the only way forward. more and more scots are dreaming of being able to vote directly on the issues that affect them. the coronavirus epidemic has forced a folk singer to give to stay at home and in this village. he normally tours through the country and sings. during the lockdown he and the other inhabitants of wanlockhead the highest village in scotland altitude was decided to start a revolution. for hundreds of years one market is belong to. aristocratic family. now the community wants to buy back 15 hectares of land from the current duke of
2:53 pm
the coop. well why is this has. the thought a history buff you know why is that why is all this land here has is a lot just a private one do not in the u.k. because he's a jerk a very clear keeper clues we call him and why. did he do it again it was done to keep the course it done to prevent the done nothing all he does is. to recently like to shoot bugs the sky and get tax relief from the one who owns you know say the done nothing what recently nothing for the community. link and rich fall move from england to one market scotland. to live in a civilized self-reliant country at last as he puts it. we're looking at this area have been we and somewhere along that horizon line there
2:54 pm
the land that we will be had for the boy. one 3rd of scottish land belongs to just a few large landowners. who didn't have a revolution when he did. not that kind of revolution you know these landowners going back to the norman conquest so. it's a it's a long time situation really. enough on you're not going to get me to say much about this. instead of chasing the feudal lord off with a pitchfork in the old fashioned way they want to offer him 1600000 euros for the rugged land the barren hills and a few sheep. in the 18th century when it was worth owning the village but then duke of the clue built mines and smelting plants there. thanks to its lead in gold reserves wanlockhead was dubbed god's treasure trove. the clue also ran
2:55 pm
a hunting lodge here. these days the tiny village is of little interest to the duke . but the wanlockhead locals love their village on their part which is after all the highest pub in scotland. during the pandemic people are keeping their distance . the only 2 tourists are from england they're impressed by david lincoln's bold plan he's. going to be one of the decency to dinner tonight. and just see interesting that we've had for young people. so maybe that's why one of the things we want to do is try and create some local jobs. so i think what you think is amazing absolutely amazing people will be. cool choice you. can go to the. places and people working here. you know.
2:56 pm
you're doing your job and you live here and do your job one market is not alone and it's endeavor all over scotland local councils have now bought up some 3 percent of the land. the scottish government to supporting this late land reform is best as a cane. if an application is convincing the state will finance the acquisition. as only about half of one lunkheads $200.00 inhabitants have voted to pay off the duke lincoln is worried he might not get the necessary funding. but he's firmly convinced that his project is part of an overall trend. in. this very different country. with. substantially different values much more. to go from. here.
2:57 pm
so if he thinks that independence is a question of attitude. like most of her fellow scots she wanted to stay in the european union. while a slight majority of scots feel the brics it is a good enough reason to separate from britain so few would rather wait. before. as well but. right now. to be another referendum i don't think now is the time i think that's. where we are. the term a nation mean different things to different people. geography and history. point
2:58 pm
where many can picture a future outside the united kingdom. which only recently and only through english voters became a reality was supposed to make britain more independent. but what it has shown most clearly is just how different scotland is something that could spell the end of the united kingdom in its current form.
2:59 pm
trick treats. they love food she will take strength again to outfits glitter glitter glitter. they're fighting against prejudice i don't call cable like i did nothing i've just come from nothing and form wrecking. yard little stores on the big stage. spokesman 17 on. the for. the for.
3:00 pm
this is the news live from 23 people die as a metro bridge collapses in mexico city. sending a train plunging onto the road below we'll bring you the latest from the mexican town also on the program. europe hopes to come to a 2nd we'll speak to greece's tourism minister who says will reopen all borders in 10 days. and india's agony intensifies as coronavirus cases top 20000000 but not.


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