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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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to school for. 6 months. to make sure. why are wetlands important to the cities how can we make cities greta and do you have more sustain a wall for a few ounces on today's show hello and welcome to eco offer come with the focus is all nature and the environment i'm krista levs in lagos nigeria is going to be with you all want to take a not in-depth look at sustainable see it is but that's still all also coming up on
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the show. why i could find was need to dump to blow sustainable methods. how goods can help prevent forest fires. and how i can generate electricity. from just 3 to 6 percent of the price of a chocolate bar actually goes to those who grow the cocoa least that is the case for cocoa farmers in ivory coast to boost their harvest and our incomes they have been use of more and well chemical fertilizers and cultivated more and more lent all fast just the sustainable the soil is depleted on the road in fost more than 2000000 cocoa farmers in ivory coast office in
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a very. but what if there were to adopt more eco friendly farming practices. much of ivory coast interior looks like this cocoa plantations as far as the eye can see the western african country is one of the world's largest cocoa producers and its economy is heavily dependent on earnings from cocoa exports says a man who has been a cocoa farmer all his life like many generations of his family before here in recent years the ground has become dry and dry of the cow fruits have grown a smaller he used to use chemicals on his land now he's trying to farm without them in their own group and i don't want to part their pesticides make you sick mark apart when i use them they stayed in the soil and destroyed it people get ill you know if you go to the hospital they tell you the chemical fertilisers made me sick
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. so say a boy now makes his own organic fertilizer with soil organic waste many all and ashes he finds right here i'll save told him how to do it as social enterprise helps cocoa farmers switch to organic methods 150 follows 2 parts in the 1st trial. all gannett 1st lies are costs $3.00 euros to make it costs $30.00 to buy the chemical kind it's might take a while but it's worth it says a value save instructor who like you is exhausted icon is based on our a culture if you talk about funding you have to talk about the soil we need to use organic fertilizer and develop all the mad dogs so we cannot generate the soil for father south the damage is even more evidence the farms here were babbage by cocoa slowly and shoots virus disease droughts and rising temperatures have made.
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plantations more vulnerable to the virus which is transferred by meaty bugs of the land is considered on usable. now scientists as susan said technology and smart farming techniques to revive its biodiversity. it's part of a research project under the auspices of washed all the climate services body funded by germany that helps farmers in west africa adapt to climate change plans physiologist albans involved company inspects seedlings planted in the shade of a banana tree. where the horse system this is the regressions system. trunk august moment was fitted with water. on the water last up to 2 weeks of discernment. such decentralize reserves of water help young bands growth even when there is no rain. deploying new techniques the farmers here should be
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able to revive their damaged land in the nearby village found was attending a training walk. the stakes are high for the country's 2000000 farmers. providing farmers with innovative technologies were allowed communities to sustain their farming and to retain. as well as any bit more money which they can put toward their children's education. for 2 days nurses are practical how to install the bamboo tube and deficit organic fertilizer. farmers have to be won over materials need to be readily available and cheap and it has to work. well i don't know what we've been doing doesn't work anymore if there is an alternative i am happy to test it when i see the results i know it's working then i'll be convinced. at the back. since joined the bio
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science department of the university office studies and global climate change students in this mass this program may go on to help transform the country's agriculture sector making it more efficient sustainable and eco friendly. or do. good beyond their studies here they face major challenges. they include raising awareness about climate change and creating the legal and it ministry to framework so we can effectively implement solutions. back to central ivory coast aiming to help farmers switched to more natural methods bio safe has developed a mobile app to share information such as recipes for organic fertilizer so as many farmers as possible in the region the instructions are given in the 3 main
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languages spoken here. all the villages have to do is take and listen everything to 40 to improve but to mobile phones are everywhere maybe even in a very remote villages people have access to a phone book so why not invent something that people going to have with them at all times. and i used to good effect when they need to just. say. i want to see. the need is real the future of farming families and farming in ivory coast hangs in the balance some experts say cocoa farming will have disappeared by 2050 on let's farm a succeed in adapting to changing conditions. in our doing your bit segment we look at the exciting projects and ideas that make life threats up protective garbage or use their sources more wisely this week when it's about. who
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has come up with oh really a bright idea you could even call it electrified. there's something special about this cap it has a built in solar panels so you'll never be left in the dark. because it was invented by dinner say to come to studying to become an electrician and southern ethiopia. the most of them what inspired me to create these products was the problem of power shortages might be specially the ones that occur in rural areas not to go. to summer a panel on the cap collect some light and converted into solar power you can even use it to charge your cell phone it comes with a memory card flashlight and radio. douras a has previously designed other clothing items and accessories this women's bank can also generate power from the sun which means you can always have an eco
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friendly power source close at hand. and how about heating if you also doing your bit tell us about it this is how websites oh send us a tweet. hash tag doing neopagans. we chat you'll still raise. well it's a cool idea why food would never be outof you know projects will have to be complicated to be really useful on that story shows another example of that we all know by now how important forest for the global eco system and ask the climate. we hear of. forest in portugal. go out.
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here in the portuguese mountains nico remember these goats are playing a vital part in preventing forest fires. the 80 animals feed on greenery to create natural fire breaks by eating away the brush which catches fire easily. i'm proud of their job and the job are there to the live them and the think that they can be part of the solution for the the forest fires. he remembers the last big blaze in 2017 the flames destroyed vast areas of local forest and half a 1000000 hectares across the country more than ever before. back then luis was working as a building contractor after losing his warehouse and machines to the flames he reinvented his life. today the 40 year old is
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a goat herder just like his grandfather before him. because most local landowners have moved away there's nobody to clear away grass and shrubbery which act as a firing seller and in the summer until now fire breaks had been maintained using expensive machines. with a go through can actually do the same job and they're. bring some some value and some occupation back to to the interior of country to be in the desert the then the van then for a few of their kids. avellino ray go to has switched careers to help prevent forest fires he quit. his job as an i.t. specialist and moved back to his parents in the mountains today the 35 year old works as a cattle farmer. more what are. all
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my time i used to criticize what we don't we don't do for nature conservation and when i realize that i didn't do anything as well. i decided no i need to to try to do some the things i am calm playings that others aren't doing. he aims to show that merrill needs a traditional domestic breed of mountain cattle can also prevent fires because they too eat grass and shrubs. montas a nature conservation association which avellino rego belongs to has even purchased land itself pruning should help these young oak trees to grow big and strong. less grass will grow under the shade they'll provide meaning less flammable material they know that they will not take any money from the from the land but
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they are ready to adopt another management model so we are trying to demonstrate that with small money we can have fire that's true but with not less damage. portugal is the european country most affected by forest fires in cooperation with fire departments scientists at the university of koa are researching the causes of such fires. they say the country's climate monoculture tree plantations and rural depopulation all play a major role. if we don't manager for a spell we're likely to suffer even bigger fires in extreme weather conditions. which particularly. portugal is searching for strategies to prevent wildfires from spreading in some cases that means returning to age old methods luis frontin year and his goats one just the beginning. there is
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a lot going in the tunisian capital today but controlled growth was disposal of the struggle. for people living nearby it's become a nightmare of flooding and mosquitoes the authorities have a plan to remedy the situation what environmentalists are not entirely convinced. a place of natural beauty and a damn sight this it to me looking into this is both buildings have gone up around much of it including 2 entire new commercial districts on adjacent marshes. the wetlands risk being swallowed up by the city. see jimmy is also being devastated by sewage and the vast amount of waste dumped in the water. nadi i agree dare heads a government project to restore and develop the lake and people deposit stuff in the lagoon all the time so it's shrinking construction rubble while dumping if we
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do nothing it will disappear on the site. that would be a disaster because that again is needed to help prevent flooding because more than 100000 migrate tree birds spend the winter there environmentalists say the government plan is flawed in detail if not in general. is our association friends of birds is not against the development project in principle but we are against the particular plan that has been accepted by the authorities it doesn't take into account the specific ecological features of the site. the plan involves deepening the lagoon. conservationists say that is problematic because it would put some resident animals at a disadvantage. she give up. this will allow certain ducks to feed the ones that can dive. but the ones that remain on the surface will no longer be able to find
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food. so they won't stay here in the wetland nor will waiters such as pink flamingos. dare points out that only one 3rd of the lagoon will be deep and that. we are working on a long term project. so we take environmental impact studies into consideration as well as the hydrological aquatic environmental and ecological aspects. the lagoon is important for a range of reasons it is one of the few bodies of water here that doesn't dry out in summer so it's a refuge for wildlife. to reduce the risk of flooding it needs to be cleared of trash if not expanded. wakens can lessen the impact of climatic events such as floods droughts and storms. that one says is best left by preserving wetlands we will minimize the severity of these phenomena in the future. and in that way we
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will not only protect the wetlands but also the people living around them. to me is considered one of the most important wetlands in north africa action must be taken soon if it is not to be lost to the people and wildlife of the area. cities are called cold lands we need more lakes parks and sees the boost all quality of life and they can benefit the environment already urban planners realize we have to read. more sustainable. city technology tends to get attention or looked at construction would not rule the materials 10 also have also wrote play less bits of the basic architect who is championing just that. i'm having and i want to change the world with architecture for this on
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a reliance on tatchell building materials like clay which creates a pleasant indoor climate all year round. in germany clay is more expensive than conventional building materials and it has a bad reputation but clay offers many advantages it stores heat absorbs harmful substances and is environmentally friendly. with the name. is also loosely in addition clay is water soluble and that's a very important quality because that makes it easy to be cycled and clean simple to repair if an edge breaks off you just let it not and press it back on where it fell off it looks just the same. mankind's oldest building material has another advantage it can be worked by. hand without any expensive machinery on a having a discovered her passion for clay and other local resources at the age of 19 during a year abroad in bangladesh she returned a few years later to carry out her 1st construction project there. she won her 1st
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award for a school and at the top or that she designed in 2004 for her final design thesis. since then ana has been building with clay and a clear conscience 1st projects took her to asia and africa. in 2013 construction began in china on these hostels made of ram to earth stones and bamboo this was on a helping guys contribution to the long kwan international be an olive the design is reminiscent of chinese lanterns. she built this stunning daycare center in zimbabwe in 2014 on a having goes 1st building to be made of clay in europe went up in 2016 birthing room and austria's for outback state. she practices the architecture she preaches in her own home as well as
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a remodeled by 100 year old farmhouse with offices downstairs and family space up stairs she and her daughter miriam came up with the idea for this reading cave with some of the neighborhood children. is what. building it was such a great experience each day we dig into some wet clay and add a bit more to the construction that's the kind of thing you learn when you work in places like bangladesh or ghana or zimbabwe where you can get everyone to begin small to pull together. once this project and the various completed she'll move on to the next construction site in ghana. native often is the thing i think i want to use architecture to improve living conditions bolster social justice and cultural diversity and preserve this planet for future generations it's a bit unfair to call me. and with each new design on a comes
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a step closer to achieving this. it's all seem to build sustainable homes what's another the big anti is it is eco friendly it's a problem on the challenge for us here in africa to climate change is driving ever more people from the qantas side to the cities in search of better life the population of nairobi for example is soaring but fortunately this city has the side to be called green and generally a nice at least in the all kinds of interesting projects around the way. teaming up to nearly revive in me shockey memorial park. slowly but surely why blake is retiring. and share. spare sweet city dwellers who can finally enjoy nature again. created from land
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once used for illegal dumping this park in the center of nairobi fast opened in 2008 but due to neglect it was later closed for several years now after restoration walk the park recently reopened about a 90 tree species grow in the shook immoral park more than 4000 saplings have been newly planted. kenya's capital is growing rapidly nairobi's population is expected to hit 10000000 by 2040 issues like this that if occasion a compelling group of villagers to move to the up and center today 60 percent of cities inhabitants live in informal settlements when it's politics or it is recognize the architrave for more green spaces. but we're going beyond just. the green spaces that famers we're also dealing with
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green spaces within neighborhoods. and more importantly green spaces with the informal setting. kibera the largest settlement has direct access to the needle the river the government owns much of the land but has been reluctant to provide basic services such as sanitation of west management so residents are taking things into their own hands. or guiding principle is quite simple you have to deal with the programs in the communities fast because all the foley before they need to do this all the human with comes from the community nori of upolu to itself. the cleanup work is mostly being done by local young people the main focus is removing west from in and out on the t.v. or generates around 200 tons of trash hardly. a menu for you share i am happy because it's clean unlike before when one quality even stop and rest by the side of the never got back under 80 was after clearing it up these
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no but. they couldn't get near here before but now you can because it's clean and you can rest or even. after the garbage is removed a sewage system was installed so the worst water can level for. government funds were provided for public toilets maintained by a local n.g.o.s clean drinking water is also now available. for new construct that are allowed to believe that they will be not only be within very was going to construct the garbage collection on disposal center we believe up north of the base or get into into the area of us again when we repair the throughline north you worry me into their ecosystem. tatto city is an album development in the north of nairobi with housing schools offices green
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areas and manufacturing. districts it helps to ease the body on the crowded copy to . such a city is that mixed use and then mixed income development and so we'll have a residential properties available for different levels of income so we'll have a lot of affordable housing middle income as well as their high end developments but the 1st 48 affordable apartment units completed so not energy systems have just been finished by 10 to 15 it's expected that over a 1000000 people will be a tome in this modern community. that's all from a co-operative the start i hope you've enjoyed the show if you have any call bridge or want to find out boy it was environment issues check out also should be the channels as saying goes your feedback thanks for watching take care and see you next week i'm 1st 11 signing off from lagos nigeria.
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good. good good. good good.
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things. to. look. forward. to laugh. at them from people make fun about their own social economic and political problems. in mozambique we say that you have to laugh so you don't write it's how people call me a great liberal. as
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a journalist i often call call these folks in that bias a little less helpful to them i actually stop my day by checking all to all those jokes finding out what people are talking about what is moving them. my father taught me how to ask uncomfortable questions about my country and about bush that is why i keep going to say my name is maggie stuff and i work at. are you ready for some great news i'm christine windell up on the i m ready market you know with a brand new d.w. muzaffar go to show that tackles the issues shaping the heart of the car with more time to off on in-depth look at all of the time stuff caught up to you what's making the hittites and what's behind it where on the streets to give you the end of reforms on the inside. w.'s in africa. every friday on t.w.
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. you feel more at ease about the. soon. to be on the green fence post and some leaves korea remains true. joined. to the green transformation. for the plants in. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. as the rate of infection. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information context. that. monday to friday.
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this is from celebration turned to tragedy. at least. trampled to death some 150 injured. just now an inquiry will ask whether police fire news out to play also on the program. factions as the scramble for. medical aid is arriving from abroad but khan come fast enough for those suffering in the streets.


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