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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is the end of the news line from the lead celebration turns to tragedy. at least $45.00 a trampled to death and $150.00 injured in a stampede the 1st major event just gathering since he and the pandemic restrictions. on the program 1st off to denounce vaccines india's shortage of critical medical supplies continue as the country sets another global record because over 1000 infections and deaths. tracking souls are in the grip of its deadliest round of virus outbreak since the country enters its strict yet many fear
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for their livelihoods as well as allies bring you the latest from. the program the children vulnerable to. prove it's facts a. down syndrome we just have to be doing that best to protect his home. and feel welcome to the program the festival of joy has turned into one of israel's worst tragedies according to medics who treated the victims of a stampede at least 45 people were crushed to death after chaos broke out at an overcrowded religious event it happened at mount maryland in northwest ultra-orthodox jews while holding the country's 1st major religious festival since the end of coronavirus restrictions. and. exuberant celebration.
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ending in a terrible tragedy and. massive crowds were leaving the jewish festival of la mer they stumbled down slippery stairs into a narrow passageway penny in the chaos victims including children by the trampled all suffocated to death. already it was one of the my legs were trapped i couldn't move them over there with my face down i could lift my head a little. slow i tried not to strain too much and keep calm and strengthen my faith god will save us this was the 1st mass religious gathering since israel had restrictions and the turnout was much higher than expected as many as 90000 people showed up to the event organizers had received permission for just 10000. people that have been locked away and are just
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a baby many of grants or religious or civilian. for a year and. kurds about the want to go out and practice there are religious beliefs and ceremonies. believe the head of israel's day of rest the ship dad's friends and families began gathering to say good bye to the victims the government is promising a fair investigation into the 2nd stances surrounding the crash finding out what happened will be crucial for the country's ultra orthodox community now plans to into mourning. correspondent tanya crime in jerusalem welcome tanya as we heard in the report this is happening just as the country has reopened after a successful vaccination rollout. that's right this just a sense that the country returns to some kind of normality more than half of the
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population here is vaccinated and a lot of fistric since where lifted lately here in israel now the sense there in this village is communities where that they want to go back to some kind of normality taking part in this what is a usually a very joyous event you know marked by bonfires and dancing all night despite the fact that there were concerns by health officials said the voice before this event took place but they were mostly a pandemic related they didn't want to see so many people gathering at mount meron so what was supposed to be a very. joyful event now turned into this massive tragedy. what factors well investigators be looking at. well the have a lot of factors to look at on the one hand of course they will look at the security arrangements that were made but also the arrangements by the different
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religious sects that are involved in the festivities on the other hand there's a lot of footage and images on social media that are circulating off the event of the moments before happened and of course to eyewitnesses that have been talking about what happened to them you know the very harrowing experience they made and a lot of focus will be on that very narrow pathway where. system peed happened and what is also interesting here there is a discussion because of course this festival is happening every year except for last year when it was severely restricted because of the coronavirus pandemic. that there have been warnings for many years now that this holy site is not really made or it's not safe for thousands and thousands of people to gather there and that this was a tragedy waiting to happen and briefly. must have dealt
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a devastating blow to israel's ultra-orthodox community. well absolutely and the focus here all day was you know that people were still looking in the course of the day for their loved ones for family members that had to be brought back. also the victims and the injured of course that are still in hospital but the victims were identified over half of them some laid to rest this is right now the focus especially in the us who are the docs community but also in israel as a total community you know to come over this shock and what happened there overnight. jerusalem thank you. now to india which has posted another global record for corona virus infections more than 385000 cases in
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a single day countries are racing to send oxygen and medical supplies but now another shortage is looming several states say they're running out of vaccines. but the scramble for oxygen as demand continues to skyrocket with hospitals low on supply desperate indians flock to oxygen plants in an attempt to save their loved ones. they bring their own cylinders to have them filled and refilled but even here it's a struggle. i've been waiting for hours. hospitals are overwhelmed and shutting their doors. even ambulances have to wait. with patients gasping for breath in the streets. you know without today i learned how bad the coronavirus pandemic is i've been looking for oxygen since morning but to no avail and we can't get a bed in the hospital there makeshift health facilities are springing up in sports
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complexes and banquet halls. oxygen supplies make up some of the aid that's been delivered to india from across the world the international relief effort has become a major mission. but there's also frustration. india is densely populated. yet mass meetings including for state elections in the state of west bengal have been allowed to go ahead. people have been gathering a lot there's been a lot of gathering in terms of people going out in the markets there's been some rallies going on and people have been going to different festivals. for all health workers across india the situation has become a nightmare. the. right to play by.
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the government but the battle to keep this country breathing must go on. well deep to go to sanny is an epidemiologist of the london school of medicine and dentistry a welcome to the w the world health organization says india's been hit by a perfect storm of mass gatherings contagious a variance and low vaccination rates of what could the indian government have done to prevent this becoming a crisis. well i would certainly add in computer government to that but fixed this crisis has actually been unfolding for the last 6 weeks i'm all for relief every we've been seeing exponential rises in many states in india and no action has been taken by government what's really puzzling is that even now when the exponential rise a continuing racing doubling of cases every 5 to 6 days there's no action being taken for restrictions and up downs most days and we've reached here in what west
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they already have been election rallies until very recently it's still not in lockdown the elections are going ahead most states still only have weekend curfews or 9 time curfews and none of that is sufficient to curb the spread of the pandemic and what's even worse is that the impact this in terms of debts which is devastating right now is only a reflection of cases from about 3 weeks ago we know that cases that deaths always lag infections and what's really concerning is that this is continuing to get worse that it's going to get worse over the next month unless we do something to actually contain infection at this point in time because the debts will continue to rise very sadly for the next month that's big 10 but what happens after that is entirely dependent on what we do now ok so that's that's quite a condemnation you put so much of this down to government incompetence so where does that start does that start at the state level or is out there a lack of leadership from the national government. i would say it's definitely both
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i mean state governments have power in. much of india to essentially control local restrictions control local lockdowns but they've been drilled out by state ministers it's very clear that the central government and the prime minister has an absolutely nothing to go expect even now there's no long term plan as to how to deal with this there's a level of firefighting going on to deal with the hospitals being all of the deaths now but nothing being done to contain transmission which is going to impact the deaths of the next 3 weeks but anyone with a television anyone with a radio or anyone with access to the outside world can see that you need lock down as you need vaccines you need lots of things so what is stopping state authorities from doing this. i honestly confident life of me understand i mean i know that there's a prioritization of politics of for example the election and by spangle but what happened what's happening in many other states is something i do understand i mean there's this sort of thinking that knockdowns hugely impact the poor which is
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absolutely true but so does school fit and you know letting a pandemic grow i mean to get is not going to have 100 and poor people the right thing to do here is to put a lot down in peace and support people who need support with financial and practical assistance where we thank you for your for your. views that dr thank you so much for joining us to go to saudi from the london school of medicine and dentistry. to turkey which is and it's strictest national lockdown since the start of the pond dam because it bottles soaring covered $1000.00 cases a death the w. correspondent yulia holland reports from istanbul where people have been ordered to stay at home for nearly 3 weeks and only allowed outside to buy groceries and other essential journeys. saying goodbye a moment of calm. but only briefly. there is not much
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time for farewells here in the angel equal you at one of the largest cemeteries in istanbul while the families mourn outside the next coffins are already arriving the funeral home workers try to ensure that everything is as dignified as possible but it has been turkey's deadliest month since the pandemic began and that has also become very apparent here. is that before the pandemic we had around $200.00 funerals per day. there are now more than twice as many. urgently needed to hold the new lock down because the law should have made this decision earlier and probably fewer people would have died. shortly before the new lockdown came into effect the streets and shops were full again about full alcohol was in great demand because from now on there is
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a ban on sales. residents are only allowed to leave their homes for essential needs until mid may it is not the 1st coronavirus curfew in turkey but the strictest one so far most of public life is supposed to come to a standstill the 2 are not all for weeks but many people are wondering how they will get through this time as they can hope for any financial aid. especially in the poorer neighborhoods of istanbul many are worried only a few have permanent jobs here in tahrir. most of the make a living his daily boris or trash collectors. john all lucky enough to get in god only god knows how we manage. but there's nothing we can do we will try to survive somehow. we are i don't have a husband my daughter has just had a baby. 6 people living in
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a small room and we already don't have enough money to live on. here critics of president dredge uptight about one say he has it tainted too long which make the situation worse although turkey has the highest number of daily new infections in europe arid one held several party congresses with thousands of members of his ruling a.t.p. in march a few days ago he pulled the emergency brake. so we must rapidly reduce the number of new infections to fewer than $5000.00 a day otherwise we will inevitably pay a heavy price in every field from tourism to trade and education. a small sacrifice says the president for a greater goal in about 2 weeks at the end of ramadan turkey will emerge from its lockdown hoping that its latest crisis is under control.
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or as covert vaccines are rolled out children have so far been excluded from inoculations and that's a particular worry for those that increased health risk like children with down's syndrome now buying tack as applied for approval of its vaccine for young people in w. i visited a family who've been doing that bastard protect their vulnerable daughter for more than a year. physical exercises i'm poor and especially for flavia the 14 year old has down's syndrome normally she doesn't do them with her mother but her physio therapist but since the coronavirus pandemic started the family has severely restricted their contacts because for flavia covered infection could be fatal. and infect your booked by mention madonsela of people with down syndrome an infection has much greater risks and. additionally we know very little about long
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term effects of this illness so even if she were to survive and in fact you wouldn't know what would come after that. this is after the 1st family and how hard . therefore the family keeps to themselves physical contact with others is restricted the children are only ok finally allowed to play with. school happens online all of this puts a strain on flavia. go by i cried quite a bit because school was closed so we had to do it digitally and that was stressful . and massive our flat. to top $1.05 we've noticed that flavia suffers enormously from this loneliness she sits in her room for hours she talks to herself more and more she makes noise she just isolates
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a self. want a cup of thaw the parents have already been given the chance of getting flavia vaccinated is most important to the family by on take has completed clinical trials for take scenes for children between the ages of 12 and 15 and you can test run as a source on to. explain these trials different age groups are tested and the close observation of that way the researchers can gradually find out how the drug reacts with certain groups. the family are hopeful that they will soon be able to vaccinate their daughter with a vaccine until then they will do everything they can to protect her from an infection. let's hear more from g.w. political correspondent julie dally then welcome judy to tell us more about what to bontoc and pfizer are hoping to do now so they have now present of their request to
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get approval for the vaccine after results from the critical clinical trials showed a good efficacy of the vaccine they show is that it is 100 percent. efficient in fighting and the virus in immunizing people it is also very tolerable as a vaccine and the side effects are similar to the age group between 16 and 25 year old so a positive result and it should take some weeks now for the e m a to approve the vaccine for 12 to 15 year olds german health minister young. has put forward the prospect that children in this age group could already be vaccinated during the school summer holiday is that is around july and the biotech a pfizer have also started a clinical trial for a vaccine for children age 6 months to 11 years and they hope to see results from that trial in september and we saw in the report that the pandemic is having
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a huge impact on children's education and mental health what support they are being offered. now the german government has been looking at ways to support the children and their families not only in terms of the psychological consequences of social isolation and schools being closed but also on the fact that children are missing out on learning opportunities so the government has recently approved a budget of 2000000000 euros to try to push a program that will help children catch up half of that money will go to tutoring for example thanks to the help of retired teachers and the other 1000000000 euros will go towards programs to help with socializing and overcoming the psychological consequences of the lock down germany's vaccination program is speeding up after a slow start this must be good news for families and is indeed good news for families both adults and children we've seen that children aren't particularly at
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risk from severe cold symptoms but as we've seen in the report there are some children who are at more risk and also children can transmit the disease we've seen that in germany under 15 year olds have taken up an increasing share of those infected with the virus so it is good news that germany this week has reached a record in vaccination around 1000000000 vaccinations and one day the rollout is picking up speed that is good for children not only because with a larger share of the adult population vaccinated it protects the more but it also means they might be getting closer to the moment that they can get the shot to thank you political correspondent joining us on dully. take a look at some other stories making news around the world starting in russia the financial monitoring agency has opposition leader network of campaign offices to a list of terrorist and extremist groups the network disbanded on thursday in
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a separate development what it missed in the lawyer. has been detained by police. russia's 18 european officials from entering the country the foreign minister's announcement was in response to e.u. sanctions against russian officials last month criticize the european sanctions and accuse brussels of. russia steering. u.s. president joe biden has marked his 1st 100 days in office with a visit to the us state of georgia which helped cement his election victory we 1st lady jill biden here said driving babbitt to promote his plan to rebuild the u.s. economy and reduced income inequality mr biden is proposing a i 4 trillion dollars spending package to me support for families and middle income workers democratic president will need support from republicans in congress including those still loyal to donald trump despite being out of the national
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spotlight the former president is working to build a support base from his home in florida the w.c. sumi so misconduct reports. palm beach florida this is definitely not washington d.c. but it is a growing hub of political power within the republican party that is its headquarters mar-a lago the primary residence of donald trump he may not be president anymore but he is creating a fortress of money and influence to defend his legacy and possibly his future. palm beach is one of the wealthiest counties in the u.s. it has long been a center for conservatives and republican fundraising the money is still flowing but traditional party structure. have been weakened and a broad group of people are being drawn in. melissa martz is an attorney and a republican running for congress she believes president trump is shaking up the establishment and making way for
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a grassroots movement to people like her i view president trump as a strong patriotic i see him as somebody who is sincerely fighting on behalf of the american people and she be aligned with him. very important for me and what i'm doing. martz is one of a growing number of republican candidates and lawmakers making the trip to the president's command center and looking for his support former white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders held a fundraiser here she's running to be governor in arkansas south dakota governor christie no. she might want to run for president in 2024 and remember the former ambassador to germany richard grinnell he was at mar a lago amid rumors he's planning to run for governor of california but does the ex-president of the growing circle around him actually control the republican party elizabeth newman says not yet she's the co-director of the republican accountability project an organization that supports the non trump wing of the
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party she doesn't believe trump himself will run again she's calling on fellow republicans to stand up to those who would run in his image it's going to take time to kind of. effectively convince the base that that at that quest roots level that there is an alternative that is healthier and good for the country and good for the party that is not donald trump. but some might be difficult to convince nearly 45 percent of registered republicans still support trump more than the party itself the stands in palm beach still see the former president as their undisputed leader. it's hard to tell which way the tide will turn but as florida heats up the action will die down for a bit. president trouble fly to his golf course in new jersey for the summer months he might be doing some fund raising there but he will surely be back. in sport they took a olympics could be held without spectators according to the head of the organizing
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committee i decisions expected in june to 2020 present to saco hashimoto's as the games would only be a success if organizers completely protect athletes and the japanese people this week organizers explained books that require daily testing of athletes and restrict their use of public transport games due to start on the 23rd of july. german elisabet has told the new she hopes more female athletes across other sports will follow her lead and wear full body suits at the tokyo olympics last week she was one of 3 german artistic gymnasts who made history as the 1st to wear the full suit or unita in international competition other than for religious reasons previously she. said the clothing revolution could help and the sexualization. yes i would love to see much in this wearing.
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one. every. every. where that's it you're up to date more world news of the top of the hour africa is next.
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in. africa. it's not uncommon in ca dumas. and is helping small obama switch to natural farming methods. as they provide information about fragile isaac and cultivation methods. to graze i find a message best say yo be cool for the. next.
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