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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2021 2:45pm-3:01pm CEST

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it's gross domestic product on health how does that compare to other emerging economies and also to what the w.h.o. recommends in terms of public health spending well you always can do more for sure and each country is well aware to tell it is an important factor for its population but as i said if you have that disaster that many people getting ill and sick and severely sick and dying you could have spent 20 percent as would not be enough that's really a disaster and so that's why it is so important that we understand on the global level also in germany that this can happen and we have to be very aware of ways to avoid this. because she we're talking about bringing forth bringing forward comella on the basis of. recommendations and so on even as the country's health system was wobbling and doctors were issuing those appeals that i mentioned prime minister modi himself was holding large political rallies at which he declined to
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wear a mask is he the super spreader in chief well here has been called a super spreader by the vice president of the indian medical association the collective of doctors in the country but to be fair it wasn't just prime minister moore the individual breather for amazing rallies in the 4 states in the one you're going to have 3 that have gone to the polls it was other political parties as well and herein lies the big dilemma i remember in the us elections president joe biden event candidate joe biden was holding carlie's that is something you can't do in indian elections people don't drive up in the cause and even even if they could afford those guards would have weekends of gods coming in a political rally so it's just physically not doable what was required was creative thinking and imagination on the part of the government and the bought of the election commission of india to try and say look this is an extraordinary situation we need to find some way in which we can do this that conversation was never happened so the supersport events yes. each political rally from each party was
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responsible for what the spread of this virus but as the leader of the country with 74 percent popularity the country looks to you for leadership where was that leadership especially when you were not even betting mosques massive rallies that balkanized in all these states and. we just heard from the mention of the u.s. election campaign in fact if we look at prime minister modi's denialism and magical thinking it doesn't seem all that different from some of what we heard from former president donald trump in the u.s. or from boris johnson prime minister in britain. but things have gone so much worse in india why is that. the thing numbered in here is that right now the government is looking for reasons to divert the mind of the people at the end of looking at these. is.
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meant. that if the film and election die off lead into that you have really just got very young and mean to you until it isn't just. if you die. i think you're not in the camilla sort of. that the government is still a nationalist government and elections or is. it about what's happening so. i'm minister of a country like india should have known he should have actually. invest it in the long run and we actually leave many there was a even if i'm given so many way to get money there was no is being what i think i know is madigan needs to be a system will change again. i think. is the question.
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is if it will come back probably to the government let me ask paris whether he thinks people are going to call for it. and also you have both made it clear that the impact of this crisis is being felt not only by the poorest as during the 1st wave of covert but by the middle class as well will there be a backlash against the government that could make itself felt politically what do you think you talked about accountability do you think they will demand accountability by at the polls i mean everybody who's dying is demanding accountability even if they're not articulating it in but far from for the polls is the only place our think in the present day and where accountability can be demand . the next major polls in the state of the provision about 8 months i believe that is going to be the litmus test for whether people remember and here's the thing about this comes from my experience as having been born there and brought up then
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having worked there as a journalist in india you have to dust yourself off get up and live the next day and in 8 months that's a lot of days and 2020 for the next general election when more the stance for reelection potentially is is a long way off. i want me internally that these calls for accountability potentially be forgotten in the months in between and you are talking about a country where the b.g.p. government the ruling party has a well oiled election wishing to be a well oiled perception machine movie on social media and apply and media and absent opposition the opportunities are rife for his government to swing the narrative in another month or so in the leading up to the 1st polls in 2022 in with the british so i really don't know if that accountability review delivered at the
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ballot box but i really think that the people of the country need to think if they will not hold the government accountable for this when the government expects patients to carry their own oxygen cylinder and come into a hospital for treatment if this doesn't turn the tide or force people to demand accountability i don't know what will. let us now talk about whether there is also accountability to be demanded from the international community and the fact is as the situation spirals out of control in india the 1st way that medical aid from the e.u. and the united states is now beginning to reach the country ventilators oxygen and the raw materials for vaccines are trickling in but his beer is just mentioned for many the help comes too late. once a parking lot this crematorium is now the final destination for hundreds of victims
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of covert 19. are n.g.o.s goes to the homes of victims of coven 1000 who died in quarantine and brings them here to be cremated the government only counts 1000 related deaths the victims who die in a hospital and all others are unaccounted for. while the pyres burn day and night help from around the world is on the way. in new delhi ventilators and other medical supplies arrive from abroad. elsewhere tanks full of oxygen rushed through the night for patients in desperate need. of german chancellor angela merkel says it's just the beginning. we will see what we can do to help india we are now working at full speed to see to what extent we can bring oxygen producing plants there. all of europe is behind this for health workers and the country's overwhelmed hospitals that help can't come soon enough.
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because he put him on. the front lines against covert 19 doctors and patients are measuring time and breaths not days or weeks. doctor courts india is actually the world's vaccine powerhouse it makes 60 percent of the world's vaccines and it's home to major manufacturers including the serum institute which is the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world yet the pace of vaccination has been quite sluggish vaccines are now being diverted for domestic use vaccines that otherwise would have gone to africa so 2 questions do we have a possible domino effect here if those vaccines aren't going where and secondly why is it that india actually hasn't gotten the wrong materials needed to make
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vaccines because they're being held back for example by the united states very good question important to understand it's a global pandemic pandemic is on the global level if we want to control it we need to vaccinate people as quickly as possible everywhere in the world including india of course it is not reasonable to hold back any material if you say ok my country 1st i need to fax in a for my people it's short sighted to because this will come back in the very end that is not being addressable by this vaccine on the market so we need to modify the vaccine and so on we need to make sure the production signs are all over the world including india and that can be used locally to vaccine as many people as possible so. it's really dramatic we all speak about global health the importance of global health but if we have a global health crisis exactly that's really what well. we saw that report help is now trickling into india if you listen to what european and u.s. leaders have been saying since the pandemic began there's been a lot of lip service paid to the idea that no one is safe till everyone safe but
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the reality on the ground is that many nations have take taken nation 1st strategy do you really think that's changing. i wouldn't. help if the union and. a lot of nations are yeah. well if the situations such as. the new period. even a lot of. the indian government did not expect anything like it were not the case for this i know i'm now. thinking that. it's a need to lead. infection has made a lot of. another issue is that. another issue that we think is that the vaccines. that. the vaccine that we were doing we were trying to warn of a bad thing to be that we were trying to show a little in you have a lot of that money in it would and now the government you just i mean in the so
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much of hard looking. at the indian government and it would be. ok matthew i'm afraid i'm going to have to stop you there thank you so much one half sentence is it too late are we seeing the spiral out of control now i think it is too late is going to get worse before it gets better thank you very much thanks to all of you for being with us thank you to and in daily thanks to both of you and thanks to our viewers see a certain. amount of. the
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this is news coming to life or limb india's inoculation drive crumbles long shoes for a back scene that doesn't call as several states brought out doses the country is battling a record breaking spike uncovered 19 infections and deaths also coming up at least $45.00 left dead and many more critically injured after a stampede at a jewish festival in israel.


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