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searching another military scrap yard for salvageable objects this one's even larger than the 1st he says many german and polish collectors come here to buy war relics. unfortunately nicholas still hasn't come across a tank or the men because a nickel i won't give up hope keep searching maybe i'll stumble across a tunk somewhere that you had converted into a joint percussion instrument and install it outside somewhere because you need to go to. the day of the trial concert with one guitar player husband shown up. so he gets to play the reimagined kalashnikov rifle. nicholas's he wants to instruments to sound a little off key he's happy they now have a more positive purpose. slovenia
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is set to take over the council presidency in july it's a role that involves mediation between member states and sharing meetings pragmatism and a level head are required but european parliament members are sounding the alarm over slovenia's prime minister he is waging a war of words against critical journalists parliamentarian say press freedom and democracy are under attack in slovenia journalist lloyd's a passion has been at the receiving end of the prime minister's fury threats and insults have become a routine part of her job. these days journalists mort's a passion conducts most of her interviews outside. his years on the hill over the slovenian capital you piano her reporting isn't only in that by the pandemic hell of a manicure the facebook page of the public house offers the cheap services of the washed up prostitutes gania and might see. one for 30 euros the other for 35
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years ago janice young tweeted this in 2016 last year he became slovenia's prime minister i didn't know that how it began and from that march 2016 just explode everything in slovenia after after that tweet because it was like a. point. with a starting point of insulting attacking the person that attacks on journalists in slovenia. the politician was apparently annoyed by a report the passion of colleagues had released pressure going to court about the tweet and young she was sued for defamation. is currently working on a report about the slovenian press agency which has complained about the government's withdrawal of funds it was well both as a trailer. again it all began early last year before the agency was
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accused of producing fake news. much later the attacks could worsen of tobar and we were described as a national disgrace. the guy for 4 months we didn't get a cent for work. who are trained a quad i think that's the governments would do anything to get us under its political control so the argan c.e.o. . d.w. tried to get an interview with prime minister a young child to discuss these allegations with no success his spokesman was also reticent i have just one question to you about your reaction to the allegations made against your prime minister that he's undermining press freedoms that we. know now coming down i don't want. to get mark on the last living as a media studies professor and. a critic of the current government and i think that this sort of personal behavior is also a part of the problem it is a part of
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a problem when a politician does not agree with the standards of european behavior if you call journalists prostitutes if you do these sort of vulgar and aggressive things which were unimaginable in europe 10 years ago then of course we have a wider problem there is growing concern in the e.u.'s institutions about the dangers to press freedom in slovenia european commissioner johansson addressed the issue we have discussed this and of course the freedom on the floor a list of media is the corners are also some new things has happened recently when it comes to the financing of. serbian yeah that press the slovenian interior minister said there's no problem and the agency would get paid to do this but the stuff of the middle of the issue of the commissioner that there was absolute press freedom in slovenia. absolutely and journalists could report freely about anything
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. that's far more it's a pasha copes despite her negative experiences and the pressures she has faced for years. in. my experience in 1st place that you are a little bit that this is the breast. but then again i am in a fighting mood and so i think that my professional work is to explain to our public the truth about our government. which suppression is determined to keep telling the truth and do her work as best she can imagine being stuck at sea not in a boat but in a tower 6 stories high sounds like a fairy tale but it's in fact a lighthouse france is all this working on it was built some 400 years ago to help sailors navigate the strong currents of this year on estuary the unique structure
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is still manned by life housekeepers to this day getting to work dry is one problem that still remains centuries later. that way. and while until mom are full of concentration. the tide is coming in and they'll have to get out sassed of the lighthouse. first put on load everything. it's the changing of the light housekeepers. come out and then why has everything they need for a week. they'll be totally alone as soon as the door shuts. they have to get used to a new rhythm. to a new life. into a bunch we hear we hear. we're not going to go anywhere. we'll be able to
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take our time. was. when i got here i'm much calmer than when i'm a home. the corridor one lighthouse in southwestern france is a national monument. it's over 400 years old and boasts 301 steps. but then martin told are used to them. they have to check that everything is ok. the begins at a height of 70 meters and it needs regular cleaning. your if there's one thing that has to be perfectly clean it's thinks for sure. but life was still serves as a navigational aid despite the existence of satellite systems. it's always important to have a visual aid just like in a car which grid means you shouldn't come through it's dangerous just green means
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it's safe. the lights go on automatically after dark. light housekeepers no longer have to light the beacon themselves. but they like coming up anyway. there are no but i think it's great there are always certain lights effect. the light can be seen from 40 kilometers away. the 2 always eat together there are 6 light housekeepers in total and they always do one or 2 weeks shifts in pairs. the next morning they go for a walk at low tide the weather stormy but they are well equipped they love it here . to surf and could only spice for
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us if you are totally free. be advantages that we know locked in a toll despite being at sea. they go for walks as much as possible. in summer they show the tourists around and they also carry out repairs when necessary . and electrician and sculptor pays regular attention to the railings which get damaged by the weather he's been working here for 9 years already. most are like these old buildings. the old stone there's a lot of material to work with a lot of physical work to feed this is what i'm interested in was you know this is my passion as from one floor down to maz polishing the copper. after his studies he worked on cruise ships and at holiday resorts. he found this job by chance. that nobody will say to me if you polish the copper or not that's
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good but most people don't care we're in the middle of the ocean there's nobody here to see it but if i want to do it i do i think it's a very positive context to work in it's not having to do this on among but that's on a tuesday and this on a wednesday so this is how i want to live the to also have very little contact with the outside world phones don't work well all they have for company is each other far away from their families they call it that when i miss my wife and kids it's not that i want to leave here is just what i want to be with them you know but otherwise it's good to hear if my wife and daughter were here i could live here the whole year but there's nothing. they both want to stay in this increasingly rare profession for as long as possible. or work vacation quarantine required well in the summer unesco will decide whether the lighthouse will become a world heritage site thanks so much for watching focus on your of do let me know
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your thoughts about this week's show on twitter by for doubt. the be.
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glued. to. the be. a. currency is more than just an experiment. i mean it's a. very bizarre counseling commodity. just bit cloning. how do you use it and how secure is that show mining made in germany. in 30 minutes on t w. to the point of showing them
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a clear position to come to national perspective sum up the ultimate cause of it catastrophe soaring infections false hopes that breaking point a death rate that keeps shattering records are missteps by the government to blame coronavirus in india out of control that's our topic up to the point of going to. the point. is in the moment on t.w. . the finding against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus update the coded special monday to friday on d w. ready to get all.
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place. blame. this is the news live from dozens are dead and many more critically injured in a stampede at a jewish religious gathering in israel. unclear the 1st big gathering to be healthy kelly since israel lift its coronavirus restrictions also coming up. to come the 2nd country sufficiently past $400.00 of target 19 deaths experts warn that any death toll could remain high
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among the country heads towards winter. at some areas have loosened restrictions. and germany's top court strikes down the government's climate change saying it doesn't go far enough to prevent a climate crisis. after him homage thanks for joining us israeli media reporting at least 40 people have been killed in a stampede at a religious gathering attended by tens of thousands it happened at mt meron in the northern part of the country where ultra-orthodox jews have come together for all my prayer and celebration and. this footage from social media shows the scene shortly before tragedy struck a densely packed crowd dancing ecstatically at the annual lock but omar celebration
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. commission report said chaos are up to the after a section of the venue's bleachers collapsed. rescue workers say the fatalities and injuries occurred in the stampede that followed. for the worst. the fear was there of the. thing celebrated there are sure of. her. own more religious festival is particularly popular with israel's ultra orthodox community of which tens of thousands turned out. it was the 1st large scale religious gathering to be held legally since israel lifted most coronavirus restrictions. but despite israel's successful handling of the
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pandemic health authorities had warned against holding a gathering of this size. have brazil a 2nd country after the united states to pass 400000 kroner virus deaths the country has struggled to secure enough vaccines for its population many hospitals are operating at the brink of capacity but in the last 2 weeks the daily death toll has declined prompting some areas to loosen restrictions. the streets so once again filling up in sao paolo and other cities after 4 weeks of local restrictions that have seen the number of new infections full slightly but the statistics are devastating april has been the deadliest month in brazil to date many experts say insufficient lockdown restrictions make the country a breeding ground for virus mutations that then spread to other countries the p one
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variant that 1st emerged in january in the city of menow has triggered an explosion of infections and deaths with hospitals often running out of beds and oxygen. the poor are being disproportionately affected around 12000000 brazilians live in favelas in extremely crowded conditions malnutrition is also a problem especially as government aid has been cut and unemployment has risen during the pandemic noel dole. all the data shows that the poorer you are the higher the rate of infection and the death rate from coronavirus is much higher amongst people who are on the margins of society one. presidential year or so narrow argues that not downs increase economic hardship but critics say brazil is paying a high price for his radical stance this week the senate opened an inquiry into
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paulson arias handling of the pandemic so the president has resolutely ignored all scientific advice he long played down the virus and encourage the use of medications that doctors say are worthless with his poll ratings taking a hit balls an arrow is now making more of an effort to procure vaccines from abroad but in a country of well over $200000000.00 it would take many months to vaccinate even the most vulnerable of the current rate. in the meantime without any nationwide restrictions thousands are continuing to die in brazil every day well for more and they're starting from sao paolo is journalist sam cowie answer joining us sam what's the reaction to the restrictions being loosened as we see another bleak figure in brazil. but i mean it's hard to say
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you really quite frankly because there were never really any restrictions in the 1st place. yeah like the local associations are happy now that they can organise shops again for example. you know but and you know. evangelical make sure she is there that they will sadly had to close for a while and stop but i mean this is the thing you go to the. periphery of you know sao paolo and all of the senses and there are no locked down measures in place and you know many of the all don't even wear masks so i was in the you know a lower income neighborhood on the outskirts of south problem just last friday when one shriek where 5 people had died in the same week and on the same street many people were wearing mosques access to information it's difficult notes of people of poland victim to fake news and also is that when you have a president that says you know it's just
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a little flu. you know you know i used to be an athlete it wouldn't affect me but it was that resonates with lots of people who work in the a pool of the court i mean i have to put food on the table each day so all round really is the perfect storm. of dissolves terror and you know some people. you know there was an ex health ministry employee just this tuesday saying the worst is still yet to come because of winter it's a very bleak picture here in the. and what impact will the parliamentary inquiry into boston are as response have on his leadership. it's difficult to say. it's thought that the next health minister will probably you know take the brunt or most all the blame mr paulson r.-o. still has significant it's when dealing but he still has significant support on the streets and home where it's so i mean i few heads are expecting to roll.
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what it will probably come down to will be horse trading. with the senators with the you know ahead of elections next year who are going to want you know from the federal government to needs to you know finance infrastructure projects and except there are in there are constituencies before the elections next year yeah it probably will be a kind of slow bleed kind of situation for the president but it's very tough to say at this stage whether it will lead to any or any you know highly unlikely any any criminal proceedings but yet probably his popularity will take. a hit all right that is journalist sam cali speaking to us from sao paolo thank you so much sam thank you. turning our attention to india where people in the state of west bengal are going to the polls despite
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a devastating surge in corona virus infections the country is gearing up to open its vaccine campaign to all adults starting on saturday but it will be weeks before the immunization drive has any hope of easing the situation in the nation's hospitals. a woman begs. for she pleads. as she tries to find oxygen for her desperately sick mother. father. i didn't get there my mother is very seriously ill and for the past 2 days we've been trying to get a bed in so many hospitals in delhi and. across india oxygen is still in desperately short supply. in the capital delhi volunteers from the sikh community have set up an oxygen center in a car park. good lord people are suffering as begging for
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oxygen we arranged for cylinders from anywhere we could we student queues her whole nights and sometimes got beaten up by the police. or. russia is the latest country to join an international relief effort. actually that is being. off i would say they're going to be with india or putting off. to assistance from various countries over 40 countries have actually committed to provide us with many of the items that we need most urgent to. india is the world's biggest producer of vaccines. but these 2 are lacking as people scramble to get their shot. was coming because somebody. was. there that.
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despite all this millions have been voting in the state of west bengal the infection rate there is the highest since the pandemic began. political parties have been criticized for holding crowded election rallies just when india is recording the deadliest days so far for any country during the pandemic but over the 2nd look at other stories making headlines around the world kremlin critic alexei develop a has appeared in public for the 1st time since ending a 3 week hunger strike the jailed opposition leader was seen on video for cold hearing at the same time the vul nice political network announced it was disbanding . at least 4 people have been killed in fighting on the frontier between the central asian nations of today and kurdistan dozens more were injured poorly drawn
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borders dating back to the soviet union have caused tension between the 2 neighbors authorities in los angeles have charged 5 people with attempted murder and robbery in connection with the theft of lady gaga dogs the thing is dogs were stolen in february in hollywood goggles dog walker was shot in the chest the incident has survived his injures. now germany's highest court has ruled that climate protection laws in the country don't go far enough to protect future generations the ruling is a victory for environmentalists who argue that greenhouse gas reduction targets must go well beyond current legislation focused on the year 2030. so feedbacks in lives on the island of penn vom in the north sea her family runs a farm they experience the effects of climate change firsthand. it's
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very striking that we go from a very wet fall and winter to an extremely dry and warm spring and summer. we go from one extreme to the next. boxen once politicians to do more to protect the environment so she decided to challenge germany's climate protection law this sets a long term goal that germany should be climate neutral by 2050 to reach the goal by 2030 it should significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions but the law doesn't lay out a plan for the years after 2030 the constitutional court has ruled that this places serious burdens on future generations violating their fundamental right to freedom the court says the government now has until the end of next year to reform the law economy minister peter says work on the changes will begin soon. so you must ensure that the path to the climate neutrality is made irreversible. though
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with the green party reading strongly in the polls and the elections nearing in september it could be more directly involved in rewriting the law. in the next legislative period we will do everything in our power to ensure that we follow the paris accord that we strengthen the climate protection law and that we launch a program that will have an immediate impact in the next few years. environmental groups including greenpeace and fridays for future back the legal challenge for them and 1st a few facts in this ruling is a 1st important step in the right direction. how germany will start returning sculpture is looted from africa jaring colonial times the objects known as the bin in the bronzes were originally taken by british soldiers in the 19th century they were later sold to museums worldwide and many are held in germany they're considered some of africa's greatest cultural treasures will be returned to nigeria
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next year. well that's it you're up to date up next is our covert 19th special mind that you can find much more news on a website that is dot com and there will be more world news at the top of the hour césar up by. the phone against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update. on t w. n u you may know years years we can hear you and how last year's german sausage are remembering you are going to a man called and you've never caught.


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