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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2021 3:00am-3:30am CEST

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this is the w. news line from berlin brazil becomes the 2nd country to officially cost 400002 over 1000 deaths experts on detainee death toll could remain high for months as the country heads towards winter hospitals operating act only a capacity that some areas have loosened research also coming down. to $100.00 days in office joe biden's 1st speech to congress office his vision for the u.s. including its borders fighting pools for an end to what he says is america's exhaust
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single on immigration we have a special report on the mexico border. and germany's top court strikes down the government's climate change talks saying it doesn't go far enough to prevent a climate of. hello i'm here mohamad we begin with breaking news dozens of people have been killed and many critically injured in a stampede in northern israel local major of course say it happened when a grandstand collapsed at a religious gathering tens of thousands of cultural over the docks jews had gathered at the foot of mount merapi one of israel's highest peaks or all night prayer and danced ceremony will continue to monitor the story and update when we get more details. now brazil is the 2nd. country after the
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united states to pass 400000 coronavirus deaths the country has struggled to secure enough vaccines for its population many hospitals are operating at the brink of capacity but in the last 2 weeks the daily death toll has declined somewhat hunting some areas to loosen restrictions. the streets are once again filling up in sao paolo and other cities after 4 weeks of local restrictions that have seen the number of new infections fall slightly but the statistics are devastating. april has been the deadliest month in brazil to date many experts say insufficient lock down restrictions make the country a breeding ground for virus mutations that then spread to other countries the p one variant that 1st emerged in january in a city of menow says has triggered an explosion of infections and deaths with hospitals often running out of beds and oxygen the poor are being
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disproportionately affected around $12000000.00 brazilians live in favelas in extremely crowded conditions malnutrition is also a problem especially as government aid has been cut and unemployment has risen during the pandemic nor outdoor. all the data shows that the poorer you are the higher the rate of infection the death rate from coronavirus is much higher amongst people who are on the margins of society. president joe argues that lockdowns increased economic hardship but critics say brazil is paying a high price for his radical stance. this week the senate opened an inquiry into both scenarios handling of the pandemic so the president has resolutely ignored all scientific advice he long played down the virus and encourage the use of
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medications that doctors say are worthless with his poll ratings taking a hit balls an arrow is now making more of an effort to procure vaccines from abroad but in a country of well over $200000000.00 it would take many months to vaccinate even the most vulnerable of the current rate. in the meantime without any nationwide restrictions thousands are continuing to die in brazil every day often more and they're starting me from sao paolo is journalist sam cowie thanks for joining us sam what's the reaction to the restrictions being loosened as we see another bleak figure in brazil. but i mean it's hard to say you really quite frankly because there were never really any restrictions in the 1st place so. yeah like the local associations are happy now that they can all
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go and shops again for example. you know but and you know church use. evangelical make sure she is there that they will sadly had to close for a while woodstock but i mean this is the sea you go to the. peripheries of you know sao paolo and all of the sentences and they're on a lockdown measures in place and you know many of the don't even wear masks so i was in the you know a lower income neighborhood on the outskirts of south just last friday when one shriek where 5 people had died in the same week and on the same street many people were wearing mosque access to information it's difficult notes of people of color and victim to fake news but also is that when you have a president that says you know it's just a little flu. you know you know i used to be an athlete it wouldn't affect me for patrick was that resonates with lots of people who work in the improvement of course i mean i have to put food on the table each day so all round really is
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perfect storm. dissolves tour and you know some people. some you know there was an ex health ministry employee just this tuesday saying the worst is still yet to come because of wind so it's a very bleak picture here in the. and what impact will the parliamentary inquiry into both scenarios that response have on his leadership. it's difficult to say. it's thought that the health minister will probably you know take the brunt or most all the blame mr bowles and all roads still has significant it's when dealing but he still has significant support on the streets and the home where it's so i mean i few heads are expecting to roll . what it will probably come down to will be horse trading. with the senate since we've you know ahead of elections next year who are going to want you
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know from the federal government to need to you know finance infrastructure projects and except for a and there are constituencies before the elections next year saw oh yeah it probably will be a kind of slow bleed kind of situation for the president but it's very tough to say at this stage whether it will lead to any or any you know highly unlikely any any criminal proceedings but yet probably his popularity will take. a hit all right that is journalist sam cowley speaking to us from sao paolo thank you so much sam. thank you. let's take a look at other stories that he had lines around the world the final phase of voting is underway in india's west bengal states 8 and a half 1000000 people are able to vote in the month long process elections are going ahead despite india struggling with a surge of corn a virus infections and
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a record number of deaths. turkey has imposed its 1st national lockdown to so slow down the 3rd wave of covert 19 non-essential businesses will close travel is restricted between cities and schooling will move online. critic alexina valmy has appeared in public for the 1st time since ending a 3 week hunger strike the jailed opposition the dole was seen on video for a court hearing at the same time the vollies political network announced it was disbanding. at least 4 people have been killed in fighting on the frontier between the central asian nations of don and kyrgyzstan dozens more were injured poorly torn boarders dating back to the soviet union have caused tension between the 2 neighbors. now the southern border of the united states is one of the most contentious issues facing a u.s. president as he 100 days in office and his 1st speech to congress on wednesday
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called for an end to america's war on immigration but to solve the border problem he'll have to succeed where his predecessors have failed. to carry the sent us this report from texas. the u.s. border next to mexico and texas lately they have seen more and more immigrants arriving on the u.s. side many of them across their front and even knock on their door. water food any way that they could get help. it's scary because of the fact that. we don't know who they are. once a week they get to the other side of the wall to the river fishing. the natural border between texas and mexico has been
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a tradition in their family for generations there. and a peaceful activity at a river that for many on the other side looks dangerous and life changing. with trump we saw less people crossing the border since they are more. my parents say they are from mexico so i do understand them and but we just can't help it we can't do anything for the county it's still not that much for. helping undocumented immigrants is against the law in the us helpers can even get arrested many of the people who cross the river are from central america they skate from life threatening situations at home or criminal activities are part of everyday life for many paying a car you already to get to the u.s. is their only option close on the ground to where they crossed the river and wristbands mark their path from here it's only
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a 5 to 10 minutes right to cross of the rio grande there ever gets really narrow here this is why around 700 amy grant's across the river from mexico to the united states seeking asylum every day specially during the night according to the u.s. customs and border protection this number is going to increase during the next months a huge challenge for president biden who has promised a more humane immigration policy. instead the streets in rome are packed with national guard state troopers and police officers thousands of immigrants have been arriving every month in a city of roughly 12000 residents the mayor is concerned he knows the number is most likely going to increase we're on their side as far as we understand why but at the same time we wish that there was a better way of a better way for them to come across a more legal way and i think that's going to entitle immigration reform for
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a better policy because right now. open border type situation is not the safest for anybody and every day concern for people like the bad made our family who know there is not an easy solution they just want freedom and to live without fear just like the ones who cross the border. or germany is highest coal. has ruled that climate protection laws in the country don't go far enough to protect future generations the ruling is a victory for environmentalists who argue that greenhouse gas reduction targets must go well beyond current legislation focused on the year 2030. so feedbacks and lives on the island of pet vom in the north sea her family runs a farm they experience the effects of climate change firsthand. it's very striking that we go from a very wet fall and winter to an extremely dry and warm spring and summer. we
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go from one extreme to the next. backs in once politicians to do more to protect the environment so she decided to challenge germany's climate protection law this sets a long term goal that germany should be climate neutral by 2050 to reach the goal by 2030 it should significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions but the law doesn't lay out a plan for the years after 2030 the constitutional court has ruled that this places serious burdens on future generations violating their fundamental right to freedom the court says the government to now has until the end of next year to reform the law economy minister says work on the changes will begin soon. so we must ensure that the path to climate neutrality is made irreversible. that with the green party reading strongly in the polls and elections nearing in
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september it could be more directly involved in rewriting the law. in the next legislative period we will do everything in our power to ensure that we follow the paris accord that we strengthen the climate protection law and that we launch a program that will have an immediate impact in the next few years. environmental groups including greenpeace and fridays for future back the legal challenge for them and 1st of feedbacks in this ruling is a 1st important step in the right direction. now germany will start returning sculpture looted from africa during colonial times the objects known as been in bronzes were originally taken by british soldiers in the 19th century they were later sold on to museums worldwide and many are held in germany they're considered some of africa's greatest cultural treasures are returned they will return to nigeria next year. but that's it you are up to
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date up next is our documentary i talk film titled the invisibles a look at the workers behind the clicks at amazon cooper and air b.n. b. small world headlines at the top of the hour as well and you can find much more now of sites d.w. dot com. imagine how many polish the old love shall certain out in the world climb a tree different off the stores this is my plan for where i'm from just one week. before it can really get. we still have time to work i'm doing. this.
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from the meaty level as from peel resistible enough the group. should develop not us from keil because that doesn't include the reception but you're depressed. because you know you have the most you know. not a classroom. experience can and i think. that the big things of. news if you select completed is the equivalent to. those in the most crystal detail you could say. you noticed. this week you tell us who appears in this drama najman party fell in they don't you know and they got in the cell phone getting good music just. because some people working to get. those who can see here is not.
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the. best but it. is the english. l.g. chem i'm 42. i have 2 children teenagers is the song usual stop working for 12 years to raise my children need more money now my husband and i a separate him from. going back to work after a 12 year hiatus isn't easy superphosphate. he said could start even one day while searching on the net i came across a science called lyon great. bridge and he proposed the posed 200 they offered various translation jobs yeah you get more i also worked with google doing micro working working that's how i got started some saw 3 and
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a half years ago us if it was only me. and they were the final show. should all get if on the portal be thrown. reconnect you know the rest i connected by a g.-man address created for this job but. then i go to a specific website where jobs are posted. the jobs involve things
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like comparing a real person search on a website with a keyword. in your surname we have to join mustard and mustard of does your god. but absolutely. only one to serve waspishly and i'm asked if they mean the same thing and saw the google searches soon. so i say yes yes they do mean the same things in order to use another similar certain shoes or a cushy hang kind thing without drilling a shadow hanging paintings without drilling has been used by of course say they mean the same thing. so i'm helping the algorithm to improve that will it. send in your way. out of. proportion to the existing with a lot of these tasks so i think almost anyone can do it i'm drawn most of all. the meter thing and more. after 3 and
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a half years on and it becomes automatic and you lose that interested in a suit committee to. follow the. working and doing the same thing for a couple of hours at a time it becomes rather robust here. is the. c.m. to prove it's like you become a robot machine and forbids. me but i don't really have a contract. i can stop working at any time without notice sonnet which i would never do in the motions. and they can fire me whenever they want without notice from. consumers with some kids there's no official contractor but. in general when i never met the people i work for to see if it's all done i've been
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internet start on it i've never even spoken to anyone in 3 and a half years work was going. to have it. all over again i wish to remain anonymous because google in what is a semblance of a contract refuses to let us talk about this work. in fact i'm not allowed to talk about us or to speak out in public or even work in public places or what have a noise on attribute or no one can see what we did in a way to more than just been freed. i.
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think. some of whom in my name is no maina is all i'm certainly 2 years old i'm married and i have 3 children who are 12 almost 5 and almost 3 years old. daughter puzzle. me a tub a suppressive a new platform the work takes place on a platform. and we have a logan and a password. to pm every day i log on to the platform platform on this platform we deal with messages from disneyland paris on facebook and twitter dissonant ysu facebook to tweet to.
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india daisy. there are reservations coming thanks comments that we can delete the town to important to the department def t.v. to some impulse couple they did but i have to wait folks that don't want it does soon as there's a message i process it but. on a day more then today we have model says that you just have to personalize a little bit there so not change the 1st name or adapted to bat. according to the clients request more and to clean your concert and i work 6 days a week for this work and a monthly flat rate of $200.00 euros so it's $200.00 euros for 48 hours a week. bus to me.
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apart from that i found a job on another platform that took lots of this election procedures were very tough silex saw in the process it was difficult and very long. and old. that in platform a key difference that platform says it wants to help young women from africa and asia earn a stable income to help them achieve their goals. but they didn't pay what they promised you after a while some of us decided to boycott certain tasks and demand a rating increase they also are here we sent a group email to the people in charge asking them to apply the 2 year 0 so $0.86
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per hour they had promised when we started this call me what i did is so new and only then did they explain that the 2 year i was 80 $0.06 was just an example of what you could in theory listen it if i with all my teeth they said that by working for an hour doing multiple tasks we should be able to make 2 year oh say $0.86 that woman says it will come up with. how can you make to us $0.86 in one hour if a task is paid $0.27 and each task takes at least 15 minutes to complete all one cousin and that's simply not possible with that sick time why impulse even. then and use it so this is the also causing the work was in the faces of the indices nick. as in the photos and. with. the details on that those are learning the film move. to learn the film. by nothing.
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well i'm happy it. didn't just meet. the. machine. no one has said. we don't know who owns the platform but i had our website there are several companies listed on the s.n.c.f. which is the french national railway and french banks have all us nothing but big companies even now good cons are saying. here are making it so i don't know if these companies are aware of what's happening in a.c.c. but they benefit from the exploitation carried out that's undeniable business in the end they pay very little for high quality work. the company profits it's all
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about money benefits that if you sit and guest on dust off. their seriousness on their fish to explain it's the rich who exploited the poor to make more profit for themselves without caring about the welfare of those who do the work for them all the time i thought that's the way it is if they can pay more but they prefer to make bigger profits and get richer and richer. all quiet on coffee so the operators and moderators remain operators and with moderators till they die or they have this leadership style no more a lot of goodies these platforms open branches all over the world they get more customers they make a lot of money in more waste of although we remain moderators. every months we were
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just to keep going the next month these are too small sign their returns but if you get paid on the 15th you have to juggle the bills and really manage your money just to make it last a month when you get your next salary that's how it works it's a vicious circle saul was able to show that.
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usually tell unit after college i traveled with i stopped in barcelona. i found odd jobs before coming to work for facebook. i don't have. i'm not allowed to say anything about the company. and. nothing about how it works in our working conditions our salary our contract what we are doing is nothing new. so this is a very risky mission is cobol can i'm taking a big risk it could ruin my life. and might sound like a movie but you never know. incision i just never know. they have gotten less resources whereas i have none so it's not easy in the.
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book if i bought an idea based book partnered with an outsourcing firm in new york and. when that firm found the employees who trained them according to facebook's guidelines of his book. it was this outsourcing firm that actually handled the employee. content i was a content moderator of question it is an alliance of the content to see if it was appropriate for the platform intranet to be called day you arrive at the office go up stairs leaving all your personal items in a locker.


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