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tv   Wunderschon  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2021 11:15pm-12:00am CEST

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world wide many ended up here in germany they're considered some of africa's greatest cultural treasures the returned to nigeria is scheduled for next year you're watching news up next is business news with chris corbett stay with us he will be right back. to go beyond. as we take on the.
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world all about. that matter. what every month. may be on fire make former. u.s. president joe biden marks $100.00 days in office with an ambitious new spending plan for families and children it's is the 3rd big legislative proposal taxing businesses and the wealthy to expand the role of government in the united states also coming up tons of posts another big quarterly loss and the german flag carrier now says it's less optimistic about the summer a hit and in colombia tens of thousands of protesting government plans to start taxing smaller incomes to offset the pandemics.
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program joe biden started his time as u.s. president. with lofty ambitions he pledged to bring the country out of the pandemic to fight racial justice injustice and to make a quote once in a generation investment creating what he calls the strongest most resilient and innovative economy in the world $100.00 days then he's poised to wreck up quite a bill 6 trillion dollars that's the whole the cost of biden's spending proposal so far this year the 1st $1.00 trillion dollars has already begun flowing into the economy including $1400.00 stimulus checks for many americans he's also proposed a $2.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill that aims to updating roads and bridges while also improving internet and electric vehicle networks and then that $1.00 trillion dollars bill aiming to improve child care and access to education mr biden
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plans to pay for this by raising taxes increasing the corporate rate to 28 percent and the top rate for america's wealthiest 2 almost 40 percent own lot of pose any tax increase on people making less than $400000.00 ish but it's time for corporate america in the run up with the donald trump joe biden was corporate america's preferred presidential candidate is he still popular with them now that they'll have to cough up the money for his plans. well i mean overall the approval rating for joe biden is still historically high especially after the 1st i'm 100 days but let me put it this way you can't have it both ways right or you can't have it all clearly corporate america did well come those huge tax cuts that we saw with donald trump of the on the other side all the money that gets spent now by the washington is definitely helping consumer spending we just saw that in thursday's
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a numbers for a g.d.p. growth of 6.4 percent if you look at consumer spending that was up in the 1st quarter of almost 11 percent the 2nd highest growth rate when it comes to consumer spending since the sixty's and that is clearly good for the overall economy at least for now so 6 trillion dollars in a 100 days that's what the proposal is and it is a gigantic shift in the economy of the united states it definitely is and i'm not sure if we have seen anything comparable since franklin d. roosevelt and specially it's not just the infrastructure spending that you mentioned and yes you did mention also that the family plan and i think that what really makes it exceptional so that joe biden tries to also fight all the inequality that we have seeing we saw it during the penn demick that women for example really suffered in
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a very fast the fashion when the crisis hit them also some minority groups in the united states are still not really participating from the overall growth and that's what to joe biden tries to change was this tremendous package and trillions of dollars so one of the chances of all these plans becoming a reality. you know well i mean that at this point it's really the 4 trillion dollar question i mean we already had players for the roughly $1.00 trillion dollars in aid getting sent out in march so now the question is what happens to the 2300000000 trillion infrastructure plan what happens to the family plan what i'm hearing and my guess is that there is even some opposition when it comes to the size of the package as even was than the democratic party the same is true by the way for the text increases text increases for corporation tax increases for the wealthy americans checks increases on the chip capital gains tax and so what i'm
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hearing is that it's more likely that joe biden might have to scale back the amount of taxes that he might get and that gets scaled back then maybe also the overall package is will have to be reduced so it's not going to be an easy task to get those plans put into reality as joe biden proposed at his latest beach. thank you. germany's because there are 9 times i was posting a 1000000000 euro loss for the most recent quarter continuing its difficult path through the bent pandemic but better times could be ahead losses in the 1st quarter or less than before and an easing of travel restrictions is being like. a stalled airline most of lufthansa's fleet has been grounded for months but the planes still cost money parked aircraft need to be maintained and don't earn anything.
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and he will say a standing at plane is the world's most expensive billboard that means an aircraft on the ground not only doesn't pay for itself it also incurs costs if it's least for example they're also leasing costs. germany's biggest airline reacted quickly to the collapse in passenger numbers as the pandemic hit pilots flight attendants ground and backroom staff were put on part time. airplanes for parks and fuel guzzlers like the giant at bus a $380.00 but completely jettisoned on top of that instead of relying on business travelers who buy business class tickets left chances now targeting tourists. as the situation is not bad because it's out of the markets. this week at the moment so so they are not so many. operators on the other side ok we have to see if there's still a high complexity high costs. on
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a look trans aside so they're not really able to manage across space which is really competitive and below perspective. with more people gradually getting vaccinated left hand 2nd look forward to the end of the pandemic. passenger traffic should soon be increasing especially from the u.s. as the e.u. starts planning to ease chance that mantic travel restrictions. now let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines airbus has reported a profit of 362000000 euros and. that came after a year on year losses airlines cut or delayed orders independent you can play makers as cost cutting measures and military sales put it back in profit amazon's pandemic boom isn't showing any signs of slowing down the company says its 1st quarter profit more than tripled from a year ago to $8100000000.00 fueled by the surge in online shopping revenue came in at over 100000000000 dollars the 2nd quarter in
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a row that the company has passed the monster. columbia is currently battling its deadliest phase of the corona virus outbreak almost 20000 new cases were restored on wednesday along with almost 500 deaths over the past 24 hours to offset the huge economic hit the country has taken during the pandemic the government now wants to start taxing smaller incomes the plan has kicked off massive protests. for days colombians have been protesting plans to boost tax revenues which they say would hit the poorest hardest. the coronavirus pandemic has left the south american country and its worst recession in half a century the government says it needs to take drastic steps to avoid a runaway budget deficit and says the proposed tax reforms are crucial for colombia to keep its investment grade debt rating but they would lower the threshold at which people become liable for income tax the protesters say that could spell
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poverty for millions just as a new spike in coronavirus cases once again pushes the country into lockdown. this march is the biggest display of outrage against this government against the tax reform. and against the labor and pension reform. the government has gone against the country and the country is responding in more than $500.00 communities. many quality in colombia is among the highest in latin america about half the working population depends on informal work the world bank warns that 4000000 people more than one in 10 is threatened with poverty in the next few years undoing the successes of the last decade and that was before the proposed tax reform anger has long been growing against the government of president even deuchar which saw the 1st protests get underway last year but now is due
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because administration fails to get the pandemic under control that anger has boiled over. in turkey. also on the rise approaching 40000. president. by putting the country on full lockdown until. times have been tough for turks for a while the economy in tatters prices up and stores empty on top of it all the news this week as of thursday everyone stuck at home except to buy food other stores are closed and store owners obviously concerned. because it will be difficult for all of us because we have texas rent payments to pay we have children and they have to study we have to bring food home and we live in a period where everything is very expensive we're going to go through a trial that in difficult period may god help us. about the current pandemic
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situation in turkey demands strict measures if the country can't get its current numbers down the economic pain will only get worse as summer comes and with it tourist season. i'm a good little dismayed the lock down is necessary to bring the cases down because tourism is our everything for the tourism season to open the cases need to come down to a certain number i think this is necessary and when you get it. for almost 3 weeks now turks will be staying at home hoping to do their part to save the summer and manage an economic recovery. and in italy museums and art galleries have been closed for more than a year now because of lockdown restrictions it's a real problem for the arts sector but also for people who appreciate cultural nurse so some gallery owners in naples decided to bring art to one of the few places where people can still go it's a message being feeding souls is as important as feeding bodies especially during
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pandemic. feel that social thanks for watching over self a successful. the number of odd. people to see. her straw us. trying to sit still each reporter every weekend on g.w. . are you ready for some great news i'm pristine winblad on the i m f you my country with a brand new d. the good news africa the show that tackles the issues shaping the continent now with more time to off on in-depth look up to all of the tram stop talk to you what's making the hittites and what's behind it well on the streets to give you the
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end of reports on the insides w. news africa every friday on g.w. . can you hear me no no yes yes we can hear you and how last year's german tourists now we bring you i'm going to a man called as you've never heard of her before you surprise yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moves want. to talk to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles last stop of. india's coronavirus crisis d.w. news special we'll look at the dramatic situation in town and the impact of the triple mutation on the country how can the rest of the world how well can be done for the people and how can india bring the situation under control
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a special edition of d.w. news on the coronavirus crisis in india starts april 30th at 11 u.g.c. and d.-w. . hello and greetings from the german capital where the say. he's already superlative museum landscape regains yet another masterpiece. after 5 years of renovation work on the new business funded or designed knowing it not tonight a gallery in berlin is complete the building will open this summer and i'll be speaking to the architect david chipperfield who oversaw the project. and to get your blood flowing in order all of international dance day we met up with instagram sensations. in. well the importance of berlin's noir can hardly be understated it's
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a veritable icon of modernist architecture designed and built by a giant of that period german american architect livest nice funda who are as such it's a cultural landmark not only for the city but in the history of architecture itself and the story of its return to splendor the feat of engineering that it entails is certainly one with telling. after more than 5 years the renovation of. calgary is finally complete and for now the famous and iconic museum designed by big meets found can be admired in its simplest form as a temper of lights on the surface not much seems to have changed. or not often hired in terms of openness this whole it's a unique structure no other museum in the world is like it that was one reason to preserve it of course we stuffed lots of technical equipment into the ceiling where
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it can't be seen the guiding principle for the renovation was as much as possible. was found the german born american joint of modern architecture he was commissioned to design the new museum in the early 1960 s. . $1200.00 metric tons of steel were welded together on sites into one piece to form the roof hydraulic jack lifted it into place right pillars a masterpiece of engineering that still causes jaws to drop. the last meets found a building to be completed the crowning glory of his career. the noir that's now camry opened in 1900. and became a cultural landmark 1st of west berlin and then reunified. it
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hosted one spectacular exhibition after another and maintained its own mcnicholas in collection of 20th century. but not the 50 years on it was clear the buildings technology was hopelessly obsolete comprehensive whenever they should it was in. british architect david chipperfield was a fan before he took on the renovation job. uncompromising piece of architecture was quite short very. impressive. very identifiable comprehensible you're everybody can understand how this works the contract for the noir next no calories renovation was an immense undertaking 14000 granite plates had to be removed restored and installed the entire structure was completely stripped down it was meticulously inventoried and light to reassemble like a fast puzzle. grid of unnecessary intrusions
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found a stark concept is now restored to its former minimalistic glory. and david chipperfield is certainly well known here in berlin for his refurbishment of the noir newseum or new museum and recent completion of the james simon gallery on the city's museum i lent his refresh of the night and that's when i got levy is a triumph for the capital marked by a symbolic handover of the keys on thursday and earlier today i spoke to mr chipperfield and i asked him to explain in his own words just why this building is such an icon. what its reputation is is both. as a major. cultural building in berlin. and especially as it was you know. 96 that it was part of rebuilding
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but in especially west berlin and trying to is aware reinvented city which had lost all of its cultural. monuments to the east side so it took on a huge responsibility within the city and but in the history of architecture it's also identified as one of me says. great work so the building carries cease you know. this importance both in terms of its situation in berlin and also in that situation in his good architecture and. now you've spoken about the structure as as being radical and uncompromising what was it like for you as an architect to actually take on such a building and walk in the footsteps of a giant like an advantage. well luckily we didn't really have to walk in his footsteps we just had to sort of. cover up something or you know deal with looking
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after this incredible thing which he had made and you know our responsibility in task was pretty straightforward in it in general terms was to repair it and. bring it back to what the architect intended it to be and and that it had been at some point. and of course. that is that on the face of it it's simple to us but michael simple tosses it was actually it's quite complicated. and that complication is to do with issues of repair which you know is things that broken sometimes there's a reason for the birth some say but the soul of the initial reason as well as putting things back so there's a lot of diagnosis and there's a lot of collaboration required i mean that's why these projects are interesting because this is not the those architects we are not the genius that genius was was
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nice but our skill has to be in finding good solutions between the technical ones is that it wants and in of course staying as close as we possibly can to the original project i'm just wondering and energy efficiency of course wasn't really a topic at the time of that construction in the 1960 s. is it more sustainable since the renovation well you're absolutely right the building it was a very idealistic building and niece's work is very reduced and stripped down to very elemental components which is why it's so beautiful and quite unusual in that in architecture that period on the other hand that whole approach did create moments such. technical weaknesses so. the window
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frames work were not designed to deal with that some of the issues in any case and that was a lot of the problem of the the building it was certainly the temple and we had to resolve them we had to result up between you know on the one hand protecting the integrity of the region resigned and at the same time resolving to within within certain boundaries we booked you know the thermal issues that you talk about ok i'd just like to ask i mean obviously no other architect has really left such a mark on historic but when i did it does your relationship with this city change in any way with each of these projects. well that's a very generous thing to say not quite sure it's true i think there's quite a few other art that is without a big influence that meet that. i'm happy to be associated with but i mean that as my office is also and you know we've been there for quite
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a few years now and i have a very. wonderful team of partners in architects there who are maybe you know taken these projects of noise museum james simon national gallery you know these are. the things that we love to do believe we've been working on. this process since 1907 and it's it's wonderful to be part of this incredible story of this incredible city and i and that's and i got of a will open to visitors of course in august fittingly with an exhibition of american modernist sculptor alexander called a congratulations again david took a field on this achievement and thanks so much for speaking with me today thank you very much. and a bit of a change of pace now and dancing is so good for you that you really don't need much of an excuse a tall to do it but international dance day on april 29th is perhaps the best
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reason of all to let go and boogie around the kitchen gates started out as a street performer in paris and he's been called the next best thing in dance after michael jackson so check out some of these moves for your inspiration. sonny is on the show in paris his specialty is the move which was michael jackson's trademark move back in the 1980s son is gay has even don't fit in the loo for in paris. i still remember watching michael jackson's music video bad when i was 3 years old and for me it was more exciting than a cartoon and i was absolutely fascinated by the book. michael jackson has been copied by many but never with as much success as the 24 year old frenchman with senegalese roots from
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a paris suburb. posted this video in october 28th and it now has you see more than 10000000 clicks on instagram. now so you passed $2300000.00 followers including the american wrestling and movie star. he's also done for serbian tennis player novak djokovic. the go so now works as a model he even designs his own sneakers for a french fashion label by now he is well known in paris where people approach him regularly nowadays sally skate makes good money with his various activities he even has a manager at the days but he don't for money on the streets of paris all day long. well i once lost my phone at the dance to buy
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a new one. in one day there's a 100 euros again and bought a new phone with the money. i paid with the one i'm going to euro coins the salesman was really surprised. enjoys hanging with his friends that condones almost as well as he can but having the same success. i'm very grateful to them. spending time with them does me good in them what you see in our world makes me stronger that's what history is this is why for me to warm up all the more i became an artist. the money summit is most all one they can see on the internet but also experience up close on the street for free. and that kind of performance is certainly all the more appreciated in times like these when outside is of course the place to be to enjoy a bit of culture but if the weather's bad i can highly recommend getting down in your own kitchen so why not try that tonight after dinner that's all for today but
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i do hope to see you next time and until then all the best from us here in berlin and stay safe. we've got some tips for your bucket list. to corner. for. and some great culture more years to boot. w.h.y. we go. through. a lot of slush weeks extravagant outfits and glitter glitter glitter. meeting against prejudice i don't hold a boy. for recognition. of stores
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the big state. treasury its stores may 17th on w. . when. the current crop of england players are desperate to end a long curse which all started falling viz a story go. up to $966.00 world cup triumph is england so major tournament victory you can't go far in england without seeing a clip of jeff 1st actually strike it's repeated constantly. i want to find out why such a proud footballing nation with the richest league in the world the inventors of
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the game have been so bad at international football since that day when really. has there been too much pressure after such a long trophy drought oh well cups and euros the too few english players play regularly for their clubs and are many of them frankly just not skilled enough. all have club rivalries in the premier league devalue the english national team. england football fans like me have been in agony for decades every 2 years it's the same could this be the moment but deep down we although it will end in failure let's have a look at how in the days when a fed had some major tournaments since 966. just. but heroics from bobby moore in 1970 and gordon banks england's title defense ended in the quarters terrible seventy's pitches led to technical shortcomings and england didn't qualify
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again for a world cup until. 9092 which saw in them with this pit and kevin keegan fair. but that was as good as it got and the less said about the euros or the era the better. gary lineker at least ended up as a top scorer in $86.00 in mexico but arguably the failings of keeper peter shilton on the big stage and the utter cheek of diego maradona plus the sheer brilliance don't include out in the last 8. bobby robson was still in charge for $990.00 in italy a world cup fondly remembered by the english because of john bond's rapping on the official world in motion songs. because they reached a semi final with west germany. but paul gascoigne tears were iconic as they cracked under the pressure of their 1st major penalty shootout which
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would become a recurring and extrusion 18 fim. in the last to france 2nd bauer's eventual winners in the play alan hopes and shared their pain. are a lottery. and sometimes oh god oh god now why is your satin german not better than we did it change your love we had a very confident squad at that time. and it was again it was it was it was touching. you named it is went through to 966 didn't go for. euro 96 was on home soil and hopes were high among fans the famous song 3 lions was born but in the end football wasn't coming home. we went out to the germans in the semi's current coach kind of southgate with another dreaded shootout miss fan
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trouble followed the exit another recurring envious trait. terry venables left out the coming so close. it would have been something else are we going to pull that off and we had the best manager in trying to going to go. and he'd take the difference between venables was the best they were you now come. to misery continued so by 2001 england had their 1st foreign manager send your own eriksson previously had success in italy and his 1st 2 tournaments showed promise but the british tabloids devoured his personal life. the 2006 world cup was meant to be england's time the golden generation with rooney and general but the wives and girlfriends all wags including to pop stars were allowed to camp if it came to much of a media circus and the pressure on the team was akin to intense. destiny
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think the inseam never looked more at the top. i said i think that's an important thing to do looking like an american terrorist a tough millionaire. look and i think why here was probably the most extreme example of where that just went just completely ridiculous. it was a painful penalty shootout defeat in the quarters to portugal and eriksson left next up with steve mclaren who earned the nickname the wally with the brawley after failing to reach euro 2008 in pitiful fashion another foreign manager was then brought in suppose a tougher tally and fabio capello i'm very proud and honorary to be the england manager. this job for a long time. his english was never quite up to scratch which hardly help with communicating with his players his football was bad as well germany fresh to
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england for one in the 2010 world cup last 16 and this time the germans didn't even need penalties. look small to mco followed until euro 96 fall guy gareth southgate took over waistcoats an old head of the 2018 world cup. the tournament in russia. helping them to finish 4th even and the death penalty shootout beating colombia in the last 16 as part of their revival. the relief of fans was palpable in the previously going out of 6 major tournaments . so can sound continue england's new dawn all the same problems dog the english national team can change jersey designs all you like but fundamental problems remain let's examine for reasons why england normally for. having gone so long
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without success the psychological burden on the england team is arguably higher than any other nation so much failure can really weigh on the minds of players but is it beginning to change. thank. you. any generation who were born in the eye sees a market a lot that baggage 5 think that's because expectations still quite hard outside the generation that sort of hopes are not what it's all been said southgate generation the one that's currently playing him i'm the one that. well i don't think i feel a lot of the expectation been received so i'm just a cloud over the years england can look to another big football nation for spain and enjoy decades of so before winning euro 2008 the 2010 world cup. and euro 2012.
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spain success leads us to another problem for england unlike the spanish english players have been viewed as not a skilful despite the f.a. spending millions on a new performance center. a crippling fear of making a mistake has often led players to take a safe option rather than trying that killer pass on sometimes with the plain english. but when i go up a notch to international level it's simply not good enough and the managers are. are to blame for that i've been a great believer since i was a kid my only dilute chelsea when we used to go around the world on. countries are technically better than us. the likes of jayden san show maybe changing that image club academies have made a big difference teaching young english players skills from an early age son show even left home at 12 took border to school attached to what the academy he then
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moved on to manchester city. in all the time i've been watching england they've been very few players to match the skills of sanchez but the fact he had to go to dortmund to get 1st team football sums up the next issue. the mega rich premier league has recruited more technically gifted stars from across the globe giving homegrown players less chance to shine the influx means some england players have not been regulars for their clubs in the 2920 season only 35.6 percent of players starting in the premier league well if you will for england the lowest in europe's top 5 leagues in spain it was 60 percent. the good news for england is that the 35.6 percent was over 5 percent more than the season before skilful foreigners are also rubbing off on young english talent like manchester city's creative midfielder phil foden.
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become so i think it's england's biggest problem some players and many fans would much rather their club side won a big title than the english national team. for such a small country england is very tribal when it comes to football a working class newcastle fan would often say they have little in common with a well off chelsea supporter liverpool the manchester may be very close but liverpool the manchester united stars in the 2 thousands would snap each other on england duty such was their rivalry not good for team spirit. at their own tables when you consider having lunch and dinner or whatever it. was. spoke. during training because that's hard so it's made. in the premier chelsea manchester. the current england teams clearly get on better than them were
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4th in 2019 while the women were 3rd and 4th in their last 2 world cups more technical players are play more regularly with bricks in the coronavirus boosting those stats even more plus this england team is more like a ball. he's done a pretty good show. sort of bringing the team down and i think that's going to help them in some of their relationship with the press i don't think the relationship between events even in the media. i think is good and i think generally from an image point of view and from a p.r. point they're much better now than they have been. in recent history when it comes to the 2022 world cup direct to more reasons for optimism in november starting in qatar in the middle of the english league season should help england
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without a winter break like say in germany england players are normally too knackered by the time of june children problems around one small there are 5 big european football nations it's a league one in 2006 spain 2010 germany 2014 and france 2018 don't you think it's england's time in 2022. as for the euros we've had some unexpected winners such as can knock greece and portugal i think england have it in them to finally prove the doubters wrong and lift another trophy.
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in the. after. entering the conflict zone with sarah kelly last year germany was seen as a role model in fighting the coronavirus pandemic now a 3rd wave is hitting the country hard america's party is slipping ahead of
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september elections as germany prepares to move on from merkel in what's face to shimmy for a party and her country my guest this week is your good heart spokesperson for the conservatives parliamentary group conflicts of. human. devastated the towers assault on our weekend lead monsoon colors here are. the facts of climate change i mean for the following day for a station in the rain forest containing carbon dioxide emissions have risen again. young people only to the world are committed to climate protection law so much willing out of. those changes doesn't happen on its own.
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to. make up your home mind to. w. need for minds. these places in europe or smashing the records to. step into more bold trencher it's a treasure map for modern globe trotters. discover some of the record breaking sites. now also in book form. for the. warming doesn't do. well but yes. the industry is controlling your thoughts the great books of the 20th century. present
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a hoax. perpetrated knowingly manufacturing in stores may 3rd. this is news and these are our top stories brazil's covert 900 death toll has a past 400000 this comes as the country struggles to secure enough vaccine doses brazil's president also narrow it's currently under investigation by the senate to determine whether his administration has made the.


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