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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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young people clearly have the solutions for you job. done in the 7 chris times. india is in the throes of the ultimate covert catastrophe recording more infections per day just short of $400000.00 at the moment officially than any other country since the pandemic began with hospitals at breaking point forced to turn patients away and oxygen running out the death rate climbs relentlessly sick people and their families search desperately for help and for answers how did it come to this is the government to blame coronavirus in india out of control.
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and. welcome to to the point it is a pleasure to welcome our guests my colleague. works in our department and says accountability must follow this disaster and court is also with us here in the studio he is professor of public health and epidemiology at billions shot at a hospital and she says the devastating situation in india should remind us that the covert 19 pandemic is far from over and that we need to make all efforts to control the spread of the disease on a global level and finally it's wonderful to have with us joining us remotely from delhi. she is due course. in india and
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she says the indian government's brain and mismanagement of the pandemic has unnecessarily endangered millions of innocent lives. let me begin by asking you. i know that you yourself lost a family member in this wave of the pandemic so can you tell us a little bit about the current situation as you're experiencing it. just. by husband father i think. he would have or else. he was to see your office of the government to get the latest from. him but to a government. which is also in issues. in the works of the government but he did not get it. and by that i mean going to face. them.
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so but that's the situation at least you got a right now couldn't situation this. distance oxygen. coming on in social media and it's in. my grandmother's house aide. that is level of oxygen fighting and that was not even yet you know. in the house or it were. that bad situation isn't any i guess is it unable to get access to. that number that i mentioned 400000 new infections a day it's always emphasized that these numbers are probably incorrect and that the in official tally is much higher can you take a guess at what it could be. according to the only suspect i think
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i think if and he is probably somebody right now i think the government needs to we're going for ethan. he is saying it's in millions. if not given that it is to me in that. order i mean over the next one to 2 months and i because the conservatives to 'd me this problem is that a lot of that. because of when they are not in. a lot of the you know ones like for example even me i went to the funeral of my other and. even went that's right all they did in one arm. and i'm sure that. this monster opinions have. just so many people who are into what i'm getting the only one even actions i've seen i'm an elitist each
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a statement if you like in the us. and i. and. another big issue is that. if you have more reports from. also getting in what is. the this is like a lot of the us do not want to. thank you michael. thank you very much. let me go to be arson asking what you're hearing from home things of things as bad as it can be and just to give you an idea of how bad they are at the start of the week you have the federal government telling people in delhi to where mosques sitting in their homes imagine that you cannot trust the air you breathe in your own home in the national capital of the biggest democracy on the planet a country that is one of the top 10 economies in the world and that really gives you just a bit of a hint of the magnitude of the disaster and the world disaster when in the. doesn't
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even cover what is happening in india it is adjectives combined and still short it is a tragedy it's a horror story it's a disaster it's an embarrassment and it's too short of describing what is happening to your heart. just to point out the undercounting of deaths in the manner in which the described that was happening last year as well i have friends who have suffered from going to give you an example a friend of mine was at a climate auto for his uncle's funeral last year and last year climate auto workers were saying we have never cremated so many bodies in one day and exactly what uncle tom mentioned if you want the death registered as a covert 1000 death which is to say it says that on the death certificate it means the state takes over and you can't even touch the body or. your loved one you cannot wave them a final goodbye which is strange because now that is what is happening automatically so a strong incentive there to not register kovac 900. dr kurt let me ask you
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about the discussion around this new very yet of the virus be 1617 there's a lot of discussion but apparently no clear answers on whether this is responsible for the surge we're seeing in india this variant apparently is not only more contagious but possibly also can dodge the immune systems of people who have already been vaccinated no one has a breakthrough infection do you think that's what's behind this 1st of all it's important to understand that in the course of a virus infection variants are developing so if many many people are infected that's exactly what we see in india right now there is a high chance that the virus mutates so there's a new variant so i think we're not talking about one variant in india there's several variants right now which makes it the situation is more complex and it's
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also difficult through. and online is the data precisely so how much more does it spread how much more dangerous is it does it give a more severe disease or is it allowing even people who are in munich and steve to be reinfected so that's very difficult if you have a disaster in a country like how can you do research while people are dying on every corner so to say so we have to be a calm but be very careful in looking at the data and also seeing whether disston also applies to auto settings because a variance spreads in a specific setting it winds so it so to say because it's spread small likely doesn't mean it's spread settings to not necessarily so we have to be watching but i think right now the situation needs a direction and hopefully that we can solve this spread to soon i want to come back to some of the facts about what we know i mean please yeah yeah i just want. a lot of people. in the east. india and yes. you know
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media changes you know not all of the human being that. i love my food a lot of. their midden and. so this is what that means. let me ask you. because. correct me if i'm wrong but until not too long ago it looked like india was actually doing pretty well downed it absorbed the 1st wave of the virus and maintained a pretty low official death rate what went wrong. what. did a lot of. the 1st one if the government was very. we have a high repeat so even if it actions. what they don't get to make was that they will
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be a lot of. a lot of the. adults in the bills even if they need . they do need oxygen and if the government does not need. that. back in states the other issue is is this what you eat the government does not. eat it does not. eat it i just get it is. a known and it is i think the government so they have me all those things love not if they don't. know what the same back in other countries that india themselves are . and now the action the government is it's not enough yet i think the prime minister of india was. in need to give the speech but yesterday he did say that even in the state it was being questioned or said it beats the festival of
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democracy. even why would you when i want an illustration of so many who have died. thank you very much and i want to come back to that in just a moment but there is let me come to you because you're opening statement talked about the need for accountability and i'd like to talk a little bit about accountability on the part of whom and for what let's take a look at these pictures that were taken 2 weeks ago during the festival of mayla this is the largest religious pilgrimage in the world i'm hoping we can guess there we go there we have the pictures the largest religious pilgrimage in the world millions congregate in the city i find why not a lot of social distancing going on there. many say this is simply let their guard down citizens of course did let their guard down but then you must understand that the has a central place in the religious and the cultural life of india what needs to be
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pointed out here is that this particular 100 was actually showed you. it was brought forward this year on the advice of astrologers that is how important the advice of astrologers is for this government or over the advice of scientists and just to go back to the double mutation that the response to the 1st reports of this double mutation emerged in october last year. and the camilla went ahead in germany for 2 and a half months you had these visuals on a daily basis and these are people who come from all corners of india and then go back to those corners of india just to give you an idea of how important this is and how infectious and what a super spread event this is the former king and queen of nepal who visited camilla went back to nevada they were diagnosed with over just last week that is how much of a super spreader event this was and the question needs to be asked why was this allowed to go ahead why was this brought forward by a year on the advice of astrologers at
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a time when the 1st reports of a double nutrition had emerged in india in october and then the gender thing you have the prime minister saying to the world economic conference india has done a fantastic job fighting back the covert pandemic using a people centric approach looking at the visuals coming out of just barely there is nothing people centric about. to be as quiet should prime minister modi have seen this health crisis coming as we've heard from both and he was saying not too long ago that the country was in great shape now we are hearing dr here colleagues begging the prime minister for help for oxygen for medicines for support should he have not seen that the country's medical system would hit a wall well. we know scientists since months and months and months we noticed this can happen this can happen anywhere else in the world to disperse if accepting in india with that many people housing situation close activities so it's
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not a surprise that is disaster right now is happening and yes the politicians should be aware of is and should have been aware of this and should be advising the public to react differently and not allowing such super spread the events and now obviously it's much much too late and any country with the best health care system in the world would not managing that many people getting sick and death many people dying that's just not possible for any health care system and particularly in india right now it's really dramatic and we have to hopefully get international support of the situation can be stabilized talk to us a little bit about the indian health care system i was looking at some statistics and apparently india spends a little over one percent of its gross domestic product on health how does that compare to other emerging economies and also to what the recommends in terms of
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public health spending well you always can do more for sure and each country is well aware to tell there's an important factor for its population but as i said if you have that disaster that many people getting ill and sick and severely sick and dying you could spend 20 percent as would not be enough that's really a disaster and so that's why it is so important that we understand on the global level also in germany that this can happen and we have to be very aware of ways to avoid this. because you were talking about bringing forth bringing forward on the basis of. recommendations and so on even as the country's health system was wobbling and doctors were issuing those appeals that i mentioned prime minister modi himself was holding. larch political rallies at which he declined to wear a mask is he the super spreader in chief well here has been called
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a super spreader by the vice president of the indian medical association the collective of doctors in the country but to be fair it wasn't just prime minister more the individual be there for him as rallies in the 4 states and one you don't agree that that have gone to the polls it was other political parties as well and here in lies the big dilemma i remember in the u.s. elections president joe biden event candidate joe biden was holding carlie's that is something you can't do in indian elections people can drive up in the cause and even even if they could afford those guards would have weekends of gods coming into political rallies was just physically not doable what was required was creative thinking and imagination on the part of the government and the part of the election commission of india to try and say look this is an extraordinary situation we need to find some way in which we can do this that conversation was never had so the super split events yes each political rally from each party was responsible for what the spread of this virus but as the leader of the country with 74 percent
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popularity the country looks to you for leadership where was that leadership especially when you were not even wearing masks at massive rallies that balkanized in all these states and. we just heard from just the mention of the us election campaign in fact if we look at prime minister modi's denialism and magical thinking it doesn't seem all that different from some of what we heard from former president donald trump in the us or from boris johnson prime minister in britain. but things have gone so much worse in india why is that. the the the numbers in yet is that right now the government is looking for reasons to divert the minds of people at the end of each. of these. is. meant. to do the film in election. 2 into that if you have
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a religious gathering and 2 events releases in just. a few days in the i think i'm not in the woods melissa to just say that the government is still a national government and elections or is. it about what's happening so. a minister of a country like india should have known he should have actually. invest it in the long run and be actually leaves money be there was a even if i'm given so many way to get money there was no is being what i think i know is madigan needs to be a system change again. i think it is the question. is if it will come back probably the government let me ask paris whether he thinks
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people are going to call for it. and also you have both made it clear that the impact of this crisis is being felt not only by the poorest as during the 1st wave of covert but by the middle class as well will there be a backlash against the government that could make itself felt politically do you think you talked about accountability do you think they will demand accountability by at the polls when everybody who's dying is demanding accountability even if they're not articulate to get them but far from for the polls is the only place or think in the present day and where accountability can be demand. the next major polls in the state of the provision about 8 months i believe that is going to be the litmus test for whether people remember and here's the thing about this comes from my experience as having been born there and brought up then having worked there as a journalist in india you have to dust yourself off get up and live the next day
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and in 8 months that's a lot of days and 2020 for the next general election when more the stance for reelection potentially is is a long way off. i want me internally that these calls for accountability potentially be forgotten in the months in between and you are talking about a country where the b.g.p. government the ruling party has a well oiled election machinery a well oiled perception machine early on social media and apply and media and absent opposition the opportunities are rife for his government to swing the narrative in another month or so in the leading up to the 1st polls in 2022 in the british so i really don't know if that accountability really delivered at the ballot box but i really think that the people of the country need to think if they will not hold the government accountable for this when the government expects
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patients to carry their own oxygen cylinder and come into a hospital for treatment if this doesn't turn the tide or force people to demand accountability i don't know what will. let us now talk about whether there is also accountability to be demanded from the international community and the fact is as the situation spirals out of control in india the 1st wave of medical aid from the e.u. and the united states is now beginning to reach the country ventilators oxygen and the raw materials for vaccines are trickling in but his beer is just mentioned for many the help comes too late. once a parking lot this crematorium is now the final destination for hundreds of victims of covert 19. are n.g.o.s goes to the homes of victims of coven 1000 who died in quarantine and brings them here to be cremated the government only counts cova 1000
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related deaths the victims who die in the hospital and all others are unaccounted for. while the pyres burn day and night help from around the world is on the way. in new delhi ventilators and other medical supplies arrive from abroad. elsewhere tanks full of oxygen rushed through the night for patients in test but need. german chancellor angela merkel says it's just the beginning. we will see what we can do to help india we are now working at full speed to see to what extent we can bring oxygen producing plants there. all of europe is behind this for health workers in the countries overwhelmed hospitals that help can't come soon enough. because these people came on. trying. on the
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front lines against covert 19 doctors and patients are measuring time and breaths not days or weeks. dr cortes india is actually the world's vaccine powerhouse it makes 60 percent of the world's vaccines and it's home to major manufacturers including the serum institute which is the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world yet the pace of vaccination has been quite sluggish vaccines are now being diverted for domestic use vaccines that otherwise would have gone to africa so 2 questions do we have a possible domino effect here if those vaccines aren't going where and secondly why is it that india actually hasn't gotten the raw materials needed to make vaccines because they're being held back for example by the united states very good question important to understand is it's a global pandemic pandemic is on the global level if we want to control it we need
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to vaccinate people as quickly as possible everywhere in the world including india of course it is not reasonable to hold back any material if you say ok my country 1st need to vaccinate my people it should sides because this will come back in the very end that is not being addressable by this vaccine on the market so we need to modify the vaccine and so on we need to make sure the production science all over the world including india and that can be used locally to vaccine as many people as possible so. it's really dramatic we all speak about global health the importance of global health but if we have a global health crisis exactly that does not really walk well. we saw that report help is now trickling into india if you listen to what european and u.s. leaders have been saying since the pandemic began there's been a lot of lip service paid to the idea that no one is safe till everyone safe but the reality on the ground is that many nations have take taken nation 1st strategy
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do you really think that's changing. i'm going. to help is trickling in and. a lot of the commissions are yeah. well if the situation is such a new variant even a lot of. the indian government did not expect anything like this it would not pay for this i know i'm now. thinking that it is an. infection of place in a lot of. another issue is that. another shouldn't we think is that the vaccines. that. the vaccine that people were to we were trying to relax independently that we were trying to show a little you have a lot of that money in export and now the government you just i mean in this want to look in bring the only thing you're going to. thank you.
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i'm afraid i'm going to have to stop you there thank you so much one half sentence is it too late are we seeing the spiral out of control now i think it is too late it's going to get worse before it gets better thank you very much thanks to all of you for being with us thank you to i think you saw in the daily thanks to both of you and thanks to our viewers see you soon. michael. to eat. meat.
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this is the w. new. blue color blueprint for america's the us president delivers his 1st speech before a joint session of congress and promises big spending on infrastructure and families he says america is returning to the politics of international cooperation but warns the biggest threat to the free world is china also coming up tonight germany's top court strikes the government's climate change wall saying it doesn't go far enough to prevent a climate catastrophe and india.


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