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right climate protection to secure the rights of future generations because mental activists challenge the current plan saying they don't go far enough. that's it you're up to date friend awful how in the world news of the top of the isle christofer cobra is your business update in just. going to. stay up to date don't miss our highlights. program. w dot com highlights. are you ready for some great news i'm christine when black on the i
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on the edge of my country with a brand new d.w. music africa the show that tackles the issues shaping the continent now with more time to all hot end of kill caught all of the transfer of the talk to you what's making the hittites and what's behind big well on the streets to give you in-depth reports on the inside. w. news africa every friday on g.w. . the world bank pledges $100000000.00 in aid to mozambique and says another $600000000.00 could follow the african countries reeling from increasing jobless violence which has resulted in a humanitarian crisis as hundreds of thousands flee the attack it's also coming u.s. president joe biden marks $100.00 days in all. with an ambitious new spending plan
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for families and children it's his 3rd big legislative proposal taxing business and the wealthy to expand the role of government in the united states. on for school the bulk of the program mozambique is getting 100000000 dollars in emergency aid from the world bank to help thousands of people displaced by the rising jihad violence the package was signed wednesday in the northern provincial capital pemba was a big was already one of the world's poorest countries but a 4 year long militant campaign has now morphed into a humanitarian crisis. of desperation hunger and fear are everywhere and more than most and b. 25000 people have fled their homes in the coastal town of palma since late march when the islamic state linked militant group al-shabaab attacked the town and killed dozens of civilians. that were down there killing us.
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they are burning houses and they are taking our children. who are you ok are killing us with guns what about that who are desperate about the situation and who are going to we are going up are no mother want to micro care we are. i think we are. the $100000000.00 from the world bank will help people who have lost their homes and come to the violence and the northern province. all of. our people have been victims of attacks of. kidnappings we come to capitation and violent deaths. the innocent and hardworking people of god are suffering from the destruction of their houses means of transport and their agricultural commercial and industrial properties.
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but it's just the 1st aid package planned for mozambique the world bank has promised another $600000000.00 and help much needed money that would help rebuild hospitals schools and communities devastated by years of conflict. let's get more on this from our correspondent adrian krishna. he joins me from capetown adrian of the world bank promising mozambique 700000000 dollars in aid what does this mean for the country i mean you saw the people in gaza in the north desperately needs support i was there a few weeks ago and the situation was really bad more than 700000 people displaced and when i went to the camp it was really incredible conditions people sleeping on the floor inside tents that hardly getting any support from the government and some little support from international organizations but they are already critics who say well the money should actually not go to the government because they not have
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really proven anything in terms of handling this crisis and improving the people situation of the people on the ground remember the whole insurgency started the reason was because people felt neglected by government they felt the massive corruption they had the feeling of people the government is not doing anything for them and that has not really changed since the beginning of the insurgency and a lot obviously depends on the security situation in the country how has it been since the attacks on. well nothing has really improved there were no major attacks like the one we've seen in palm about small attacks on villages same attacks that have been happening for months and months to go with the world largely ignoring it but the military has not been strengthened in the past weeks or months i do not have any evidence for that happening and the southern african development community just recently gave out a statement saying that it's a high risk that after the fasting time of ramadan there will be more heavy attacks
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again and obviously there's economic fallout as well friends french gas energy giant total said it was holding a $20000000000.00 gas project in the region due to the attack mozambique viewed this as a cold transformational project for its economy so the stop of it must be quite a stuff back. it's a disaster for the governments to to be frank with and we give a 6 poorest nation in the world and the government was hoping to pocket $96000000000.00 us dollars over the next 25 years due to this liquefied natural gas exploitation this is not going to happen for now so this is definitely a disaster for the economy and for the government as well a drink thank you. it is to the united states now where joe biden came into the presidency with lofty ambitions he pledged to bring the country out of the pandemic to 5 racial injustice and to make a quote once in
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a generation investment creating what he calls the strongest most resilient and innovative economy in the world now $100.00 days in he's poised to wreck up quite a bill 6 trillion dollars now that's the total cost of biden's spending proposal so far this year the 1st $1.00 trillion dollars has already begun flowing into the economy including $1400.00 stimulus checks for many americans is also proposed a $2.00 trillion dollar infrastructure plan it aims to update any roads and bridges also improving internet and electric vehicle networks and then that $1.00 trillion dollar bill aiming to improve child care and access to education mr biden plans to pay for this by raising taxes increasing the corporate rate to 20 percent and the top rate for america's wealthiest 2 almost 40 percent own want to oppose any
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tax increase on people making less than $400000.00 ish but it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest one percent of them just began to pay their fair share. fairly or i spoke to simone minute she's the executive vice president of the american chamber of commerce here in germany and i asked her how the idea of financing the president biden's plans by higher taxes for the rich and corporations was going down with business leaders what are you just as i write even in the u.s. people are and companies say they are not scared to bolotnaya text to speak with the same time we see huge investments in the infrastructure in the u.s. and that is good for corporations that is good for the people. i mean that also helps our members on both sides of the atlantic because that means prosperity in the u.s. where it definitely also in german companies will. some impact now
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on that. building u.s. infrastructure president biden strategy will be by american there by effectively excluding european companies from governmental contracts in the united states what do you make of that. well i'm not so afraid without you know it take b.m.w. live biggest production side of b.m.w. is in spartanburg and not in germany so i think we have as transatlantic partner in this have companies who will also in the u.s. obviously see their products and we will deliver to american companies in german companies so i am i'm not afraid about that and it's clear that 1st of all he has to say i want that our country gets up on the feet again and i think in general that is the globally positive impact and also cause the other to impact on our
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members in action germany here now you touched on the relationship with europe there earlier now many here in the you have been hoping for a renewal of transatlantic relationships under a biden presidency but the punitive tariffs by and spread to source or put in place are still there the secretary of commerce even calling the 25 percent levy on steel and aluminum effective. well of course is what we would like to see. as an american chamber of congress that we have free trade and to we don't like high duty is i think it's said on both sides of the atlantic that there has to be steps to be made but we saw a positive signal when we talk about to the subsidies regarding the airlines and there is a pause and there are negotiations so we hope that on the long run we will
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get a better relationship and situation to foster trade on both sides now there is obviously a global factor we have not been talking about china do you see china as a growing problem for the relationship between the european union and the u.s. washington sees beijing as a global rival europe mainly as a market well i think the world is not black and white to slowly we see in unequipped here we have to see that to find out is of course a big trading partner for the european companies and at the same time we also see the problems and i think this is as we have seen in the in the cold war the past we have with diplomacy work on the critical as well as the positive i guess and what i really like what biden did is stretch out the hand for partnerships with time and russia regarding the climate change which is
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a global issue we have to solve so we we have to find ways well where to work together and where we have to be careful and set clear signals some ornamented executive vice president of the american chamber of commerce in germany thank you for talking to w.w. . i was take a look at some of the other business stories making news. the u.s. economic recovery picked up speed in the 1st quarter growing at annual rate of 6.4 percent the rebound was largely driven by consumers who had their stimulus checks to spend the rest of vaccination a lot also many businesses to open again. china says it is planning to cut down on plastic pollution china's supermarkets will start charging for plastic bags for both food beijing also says it will improve plastic recycling and tougher measures against illegal production and sales of plastic. is boosting its manufacturing
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capacity for its covert $1000.00 vaccine and expects to make $3000000000.00 doses next year that's more than twice twice its previous forecast but actual lines will be added in switzerland spain and the united states where one works with a wide range of contractors. german flag carrier live tonnes us cost cutting drive has narrowed losses but they still came in at $1000000000.00 euro for the last quarter and also lowered its capacity outlook for this year as hopes of an early summer travel rebound received. an early museums and art galleries have been closed for more than a year because of lockdown restrictions it's a real problem for the art sector but also for people who appreciate cultural nourishment so some gallery owners and naples decided to bring arts to one of the few places where people can still go supermarkets sculptures and installations are
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popping up on my shelves and grocery counters the message feeding souls is as important as feeding bodies especially during and. that's our show thanks for watching. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus up to 19 special. on t w. to the point. clear physicians
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international perspective. it's the ultimate covert catastrophe soaring infections hospitals at breaking point a death rate that kicks shattering records are missteps by the government to blame coronavirus in india out of control that's our topic up to the point to the point. that 16 years on. maybe it's a pill. or a spray. a liquid medicine. an easy and safe treatment to target sars cover to. it would be given immediately after diagnosis ideally it's available over the counter in a pharmacy at cheaper antiviral tablet with bearable side effects we have back
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scenes we even have drugs that help with the most serious symptoms of coke at 19 in the hunt for drugs scientists are explode.


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