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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2021 7:30pm-8:16pm CEST

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coming up today another deadly record. more than 3600 people have died from. in the last 20. 3. from the. press freedom in hong kong.
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questions about. the news you could join us the news from india continues to be bleak on thursday the country reported nearly 380000 cases and more than 3600 deaths from covert 19 the deadliest single day for any country battling the pandemic shortages of medical supplies continue including oxygen even though some hospitals in the capital delhi said they had enough stalks for at least one whole day on wednesday the government opened up a straight 1000 vaccinations for anyone above the age of 18 some 11600000 people signed up for the new phase of vaccinations that gets underway over the weekend but the country is short and vaccines and only about 9 percent of india's population have so far received. well with more on the situation in delhi.
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as you can for. number is the worst hit 50. 4 to do with 20000 new cases. now. behind me are to capacity. and many are now turning to twitter and instagram in search of food in bed and medicine but the death toll is rising that along even outside. now vaccinations are expected to be a crucial element in the fight against. aids but already that often don't be affordability and availability of vaccines as wasted all of them out to everybody. yesterday even register since open for this many people. not to get the job
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because. they have enough to do right now in addition the indian government has allowed manufacturers to sell. and at the higher price this is even vending. not everybody will be able to afford. to deborah correspondent i'm sure just rolled out of order from delhi but questions remain as to why the country is facing such a deluge of cases. or is appalled monologist and just working with cold patients in a hospital he explains why he thinks india's current outbreak could have been much less severe. i think we underestimated the magnitude of what we're seeing right now i think people are very short by the fact that their numbers decreased significantly in the month of december january i think it was a false sense of reassurance that if we had gone through all the festivals that we did at the end of the go without experiencing so just the worst was behind us and
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therefore we good lord our god could be could be a little more liberal in the precautions that we take over the last year i think that was a mistake in royal more humanitarian aid is arriving in india to help the country cope with the current outbreak 2 planes from russia. getting the needed oxygen concentrator ventilators and medicines. are also on their way from the u.s. and other countries getting patients the oxygen they need to breathe remains a critical problem with reports of a fast growing black market for the vital commodity and with thousands of people dying from the virus every day. are facing a shortage of space. that is forcing them to conduct mosque or missions sometimes even in pods and parking lots. and you can keep trucking updates and more information on the evolving situation in
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india on our website e w dot com and on facebook and twitter. free press advocates in hong kong are outraged after a court last week convicted a journalist for investigating an attack on pro-democracy protesters in 2019 bouche oil was found guilty of falsely obtaining information on license plates of alleged attackers involved in a violent incident in july 29000 unknown men dressed in white attacked pro-democracy protesters at the un long subway station police were accused of standing by and not intervening bows documentary on public broadcaster r t educate also used license plate numbers of some of the attackers to establish their connection to politically influential probe aging rule committees. journalism should not be a crime these people say. verdict
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last week sent shock waves through hong kong that day she became the 1st journalist in a city to be convicted for an act of reporting. to the use of very top thank you all journalists and all called luck but to me personally. today it's not just the work on me or ruling on the personally ruling on journalism in local. power was investigating an incident during the city's pro-democracy protests in 2919. on july 21st a large gang of men in white shirts stormed into a metro station and assorted people they believed to be protesters. the police were accused of deliberately failing to intervene during the mob attack they faced allegations of collusion with the thoughts which were denied they also
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denied alleged links between the assailants and hong kong representatives. but both presents evidence of those links in her documentary hong kong connection on the evening of 721 a number of vehicles carrying white clad men appeared on from your street. connection made car license plate checks and found on several of the vehicles were registered under the names of village representatives this fly since plate numbers are publicly assessable in hong kong and checking them was common practice among journalists until bar was charged full falsifying her request for the data and find the equivalent of $640.00 euros. many fear that last week's verdict amongst to a death sentence for investigative reporting in hong kong. for the 7 people for freedom of speech the press face of.
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the conviction also another blow to the city's dwindling press freedom which fell to 80th place in the latest global index a dramatic fall from 18th in 2002. in recent weeks authorities have vowed to probe what they call fake news that undermine national security. of these journalists and their supporters say they do not back down and continue their work for as long as they can. on the line from hong kong. did you make false statements to obtain information from a vehicle for your documentary. absolutely a lot because like searching information on the coast has been a long time practice in hong kong and i believe every journalist and hong kong has
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practiced the same thing in the past 20 in the past 2 decades over the. 20 years are journalists in hong kong free to do studio database off to the coast for reporting and journalistic purpose and we have to fill up a form wish declare our purpose on making those as us do data which in crew legal proceedings. and sells or courier an art vehicle purpose and in in the parts we always chose our dovi coast transportation paths and we have been we did not we never have an understanding that. journalists as a single judo's data is a novel in hong kong so i give them fig that i am making false statements to those in the mission does that mean that you were targeted for reporting on an incident where police were accused of standing by and not intervening. well.
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i always talked to those who asked this question that i don't want to make a guess on the intentional or offer to you for making this and bossman and also this. in this new york fashion but we cannot the line that. attack on a 21st in 21000 has been a very controversial chapter in hong kong and i'm the 1st journalists who has been arrested and charged by the police on making false statements for a particular s.s. to vehicle information so a lot of people concern in hong kong concerned about the intention of the police on making their arrests and also just a department to decide to charge me on this incident. but we also have to look at that incident on the wider perspective that right after the n.t. extradition bill movement. government has tried to tighten up all as opposed to or
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public information particularly on dos contained sensitive information on the excuse of. the excuse of boarding tossing to citizens and that the purpose of citizens so i guess is a very general rule. taken a country or off a generalist assess to public information how hard is a bar to work as a journalist in hong kong right now. i guess those situations has worsened in the past 2 years 2 years ago over there and he extradition bill movement a lot of journalists has been facing has faced in. a lot of. violence from the authority like at the use of gas the use of bones or even the what the most on journalists and then right after the movement. there 3rd the
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offered he has tried to find a definition of media representatives which limits. presence of a freelance or independent journalist to cover protests at sports and when we are sort of saw a lot of media organizations they are facing some crackdown and even. from the tycoons or from the government and then we also as saw at the rate of. that she may lie has been a long time. so also my case and we i would describe that they has been a like a speeding up control over depravity them in hong kong will leave a very of the time being but thank you so much for joining us from hong kong journalist bar tour thank you. that's it for today there's more on our website did upper dot com forward slash we need material with images of the launch of an
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unmanned space modern by china it is set to become part of a prominent space station the company plans to complete by the end of 2022 about tomorrow. of our. by dusty boots muddy tires and drums we deliver urgent lifesaving boxes we give our everything to reach those who need us the most every box feeding their futures. boxes for the hard help of lifesaving food in the sun much more
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down roads with no names we feel asleep to live on a relentless you know promise to make every delivery special. not just next day but every day. thousands of children are still waiting for their delivery sponsor a box today so together we can deliver inches. from . hello and greetings from the german capital where the city's already superlative museum landscape regains yet another masterpiece. after 5 years of renovations work on the new vision needs funding or designs no yet not sanaa a gallery in berlin is complete the build. we'll open this summer and i'll be speaking to the architect david chipperfield who oversaw the project. and to get
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your blood flowing in order all of international dance day we met up with instagram sensation 78 in our. on the importance of berlin's noir they can hardly be understated it's a veritable icon of modernist architecture designed and built by a giant of that period german american architect livest nice funday who are as such it's a cultural landmark not only for the city but in the history of architecture itself and the story of its return to splendor the feat of engineering that it entails is certainly one with telling. after more than 5 years the renovation of. cavalry is finally complete and for now the famous and iconic museum designed by big meets founder can be admired in its simplest form has
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a temper of lights on the surface and not much seems to have changed the hull is not often hired in terms of openness this hall is a unique structure no other museum in the world is like it that was one reason to preserve it of course we stuffed lots of technical equipment into the ceiling where it can't be seen the guiding principle for the renovation was as much as possible. was a big meet the german born american joint of modern architecture he was commissioned to design the new museum in the early 1960 s. . $1200.00 metric tons of steel were welded together on site into one piece to form the roof hydraulic jacks lifted it into place 8 pillars a masterpiece of engineering that still causes jaws to drop. the last minutes found
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a building to be completed the crowning glory of his career. the noir nazi narcan reopened in 1900. and became a cultural landmark 1st of west berlin and then reunified berlin. it hosted one spectacular exhibition after another and maintained its own mcnicholas and collection of 20th century. but 950 years on it was clear that the building's technology was hopelessly obsolete comprehensive whenever they should it was a. british architect david chipperfield was a fan before he took on the renovation job. rather uncompromising piece of architecture was quite shocking. impressive. very identifiable comprehensible you're everybody can understand how this works the contract for the noir next no calories renovation was an immense undertaking 14000
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granite plates had to be removed restored and installed the entire structure was completely stripped down it was meticulously inventoried and later reassembled like a vast puzzle. cleared of unnecessary intrusions found a stark concept is now restored to its former minimalistic glory. david tipper field is certainly well known here in berlin for his refurbishment of the noir newseum or new museum and recent completion of the james simon gallery on the city's museum i lent his refresh of the night and that's a nice gallery is a triumph for the capital markets find a symbolic handover of the keys on thursday and earlier today i spoke to mr chipperfield and i asked him to explain in his own words just why this building is
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such an icon. what its reputation is is both. as a major. cultural building in berlin. and especially as it was you know. 1600 was part of rebuilding but in especially west berlin and trying to is aware reinvented city which had lost all of its cultural. monuments to the east side so it it took on a huge responsibility within the city and but in the history of architecture it's also identified as one of me says great work so the building carried seize the moment. this importance both in terms of its situation in berlin and also in that situation in the history of architecture and. i have
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spoken about the structure as as being radical and i'm compromising what was it like for you as an architect to actually take on such a building and walk in the footsteps of a giant like. me found out or. were lucky we didn't really have to walk in his footsteps we just had to sort of. cover up something or you know deal with looking after this incredible thing which he had made. and you know our responsibility in task was pretty straightforward in the in general terms was to repair it and. bring it back. to what the architects intended it to be and and that it had been at some point. and of course. that is that on the face of it it's simple to us but michael simple tosses it was actually it's quite complicated. and that complication is to do with issues of repair
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which you know if things have broken sometimes this at least for the birth some say but to solve the initial reason as well as putting things back so there's a lot of diagnosis and there's a lot of collaboration required i mean that's why these projects are interesting because this is not. as architects we are not the genius the genius was was nice but are still has to be in finding good solutions between the technical ones is that it wants and you know of course staying as close as we possibly can to the original project i'm just wondering if an energy efficiency of course wasn't really a topic at the time of that construction in the 1960 s. i think more sustainable since the renovation well you're absolutely right the building it was a very idealistic building and nice its work is very reduced in stripped down to very elemental components which is why it's so beautiful and quite unusual in
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that in architecture that period on the other hand that whole approach did create moments of. technical weaknesses so. the window frames work but not designed to deal with that some of the issues of burden. and that was a lot of the problem of the the building was certainly the temple and we had to resolve that and we had to result between you know on the one hand protecting the integrity. reason resigned and at the same time resolving to within within certain boundaries we booked you know the thermal issues that you talk about ok i'd just like to ask i mean obviously no other architect has really left such a mark on historic but when i did does your relationship with this city change in
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any way with each of these projects. well that's a very generous thing to say i'm not quite sure it's true i think there's quite a few other audit it without the big influence that meet that. i'm i'm happy to be associated with burning that as my office is also i'm going to be paid for quite a few years now and i have a very. wonderful team of partners in architects there who have maybe you know taken these projects of noise museum james simon national gallery you know these are. the things that we've got to do believe we've been working on. this process since 1907 and it's it's wonderful to be part of this incredible story of this incredible city that now and that's and i got of a will open to visitors of course in august fittingly with an exhibition of american modernist sculpture alexander called a congratulations again david took
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a field on this achievement and thanks so much for speaking with me today thank you very much. and a bit of a change of pace now and dancing is so good for you that you really don't need much of an excuse a tall to do it but international dance day on april 29th is perhaps the best reason of all to let go and boogie around the kitchen gates started out as a street performer in paris and he's been called the next best thing in dance after michael jackson so check out some of these moves for your inspiration. is on the show in paris his specialty is the move which was michael jackson's trademark move back in the 1980s sunday's game has even done stick in the loop in paris. i still remember watching michael jackson's music
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video when i was 3 years old it for me it was more exciting than a cartoon and i was absolutely fascinated by. michael jackson has been copied by many but never with as much success as the 24 year old frenchman with senegalese roots from a paris suburb. posted this video in october 28th seen and it now has received more than 10000000 clicks on instagram. now so the past 2300000 followers including the american wrestling and movie star. he's also done for serbian tennis plant novak djokovic. you go so now works as a model he even designed his own sneakers for a french fashion label by now he is well known in paris where people approach him regularly nowadays salish gave makes good money with his various activities he even
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has a manager at the days when he don't for money on the streets of paris on long. well i once lost my phone at the end dance to buy a new one. so carbon one day. 100 euros again and bought a new phone with the money. i paid was the one i'm going to euro coins the salesman was really surprised when they. enjoy hanging with his friends that can dance almost as well as he can but having the same success. i'm very grateful to them. spending time with them does me good in them what you see in our world makes me stronger that's what history is this is no life for me no one up will the more i became an artist. the money summit is most often one they can see on the internet but also experience up close on the street for free.
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and that kind of performance is certainly all the more appreciated in times like these when outside is of course the place to be to enjoy a bit of culture but if the weather's bad i can highly recommend getting down in your own kitchen so why not try that tonight after dinner that's all for today but i do hope to see you next time and until then all the best from us here and stay safe a few dozen. through
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the. point of strong opinion it's a clear position i'm supposed international perspective suited. it's the ultimate covert catastrophe soaring infections hospitals at breaking point a death rate that kicks shattering records are missteps by the government to blame coronavirus in india out of control that's our topic up to the point to the point which was. going to miss out on d w. india's coronavirus prices d.w. news special we'll look at the dramatic situation in delhi and the impact of the triple mutation on the country how can the rest of the well how the world can be done for the people and how can india bring the situation under control a special edition of d
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w news on the cover oh no virus crisis in india starts april 30th at 11 u.t.c. and d.-w. . the lowly. people have to say 1st to us. that's why we listen to the stories reporter every weekend on d w. tragic trades. that you love. she would have fixed revenue don't fits the glitter glitter glitter. the fighting against prejudice i don't hold cable like i did nothing and just getting up and formed recruitment. video little stores on the big stage.
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it's storage me 17. w. . this is the news lie from germany's top court strikes down the government's climate change law saying they don't go far enough to prevent a crisis. plan to protect the next generation. program u.s. president joe biden delivers his 1st speech to a joint session of congress he sets out america's return to a politics of international cooperation saying no one nation can succeed.
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and indeed sets another world. coronavirus cases forcing its health system to its limits. i'm filled welcome to the program. germany's highest court has ruled the government must rewrite climate protection laws to secure the rights of future generations set goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions until 2030 now a plan will have to be devised for the years after that and viral challenge the current plans don't go far enough to protect their futures. so feedbacks and lives on the island of pent vom in the north sea her family runs a farm they experience the effects of climate change firsthand. it's
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very striking that we go from a very wet fall and winter to an extremely dry and warm spring and summer. we go from one extreme to the next. box and once politicians to do more to protect the environment so she decided to challenge germany's climate protection law this sets a long term goal that germany should be climate neutral by 2050 to reach the goal by 2030 it should significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions but the law doesn't lay out a plan for the years after 2030 the constitutional court has ruled that this place is serious burdens on future generations violating their fundamental right to freedom the court says the government now has until the end of next year to reform the law economy minister says work on the changes will begin soon. so you must ensure that the path to the climate neutrality is made irreversible.
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with the green party reading strongly in the polls and the elections nearing in september it could be more directly involved in rewriting the law. in the next legislative period we will do everything in our power to ensure that we follow the paris accord that we strengthen the climate protection law and that we launch a program that will have an immediate impact in the next few years. environmental groups including greenpeace and fridays for a future back to legal challenge for them and 1st a few bucks in this ruling is a 1st important step in the right direction. report was produced by g.w. political correspondent judy dally who joins us now. welcome julia so let's talk about 1st of all the significance of today's verdict yet is a very important ruling it was. one of the lawyers who brought the challenge to the
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court as groundbreaking and there are 2 important points this one is that the court has acknowledged that the paris agreement goals have to be the foundation of policy me policy making in germany in terms of environmental policy for example of the decision to keep the rising global temperatures below 1.5 degrees celsius compared to previous industrialize levels and the 2nd important point is that the ruling looks at the future and the risk for future generations not only to have to endure the toughest consequences of climate change but also to be stuck with carrying the burden of trying to fight climate change itself and to having to endure the toughest sacrifices because not enough was done before 2030 so what will not have to change. well now the government or the next legislative period because we have elections in september and the government has
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until the end of next year to change the law will have to rework the plan for after 2030 but 6 it might be the case that the government will have to also change the plan before that for example. it has been said that it might have to anticipate the phase out of coal which is currently planned for 2038 at the latest well that might also have to be pulled forward to reach the climate goals that the country has set itself and is ruling from the constitutional court is it binding or could the government say well we'll get around to it at some stage you know once the constitutional court declares a law has to be changed the government has to stick to that and the government has said they already plan to start working on changing the laws coming up with some suggestions already next week and they will definitely have some worth laid out in front of them this works in the favor of the green party for example they have been
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pushing to try to meet the parents agreement goals and they are doing well in the polls right now and this could be a topic that is discussed a lot in the election campaign that is starting to heat up now and for the next few months little correspondence julia star danny thank you. now to the united states where president biden has set out plans for what he said was a once in a generation investment in america in his 1st speech to congress as president mr biden outlined proposals for massive investments in infrastructure and said the country had to reassert its place in the world by showing adversaries that democracy still works. joe biden spent decades in the u.s. congress as a senator. he was back with an ambitious program that could see him becoming
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a transformational u.s. president. would be back. he began by drawing attention to the historic fact that for the 1st time ever the 2 people behind him where women madam speaker madam weighs president. thank you very much as it. has never said those words from this podium no president ever said those words. then a grim summary of his 1st 100 days combined with a note of optimism 100 days since i took the oath of office and left in my hand off our family bible and here are the nation we all do that was in crisis the worst pandemic of the century. the worst economic crisis since the great depression the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war now after just
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100 days i can report to the nation america is the move again. offering a wide ranging vision of jobs prosperity and a new era of big government with big spending plans by and said he would pay for it all with higher taxes on corporations and the super rich continuous cycle growth things worse. 20000000 americans lost their job in the pandemic. working middle class americans at the same time. roughly 650000000000. saw their net worth increase by more than one trillion dollars in the same exact period my fellow americans trickle down trickle down economics has never worked this time to grow the economy from the bottom in the middle out. on international policy biden focus on adversaries russia and china linking america's ability to conjure them to this excess of his domestic policy agenda. america's
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movie. moving forward but we can't stop now. we're in competition with other countries to win the 21st century would agree with flexion point. thank you circumstances of by the speech we're on like any previous presidential address members of congress were masks and were seated apart because of pandemic restrictions. in foreign policy remarks during that speech president biden emphasized america's rivalry with china so i asked a transatlantic policy expert nicole redding virt whether the u.s. would be able to rely on its european allies but i think it's very interesting that if you look at the military expenditure this expenditure the united states will take it's still 4 times higher than what china can offer and here you see of course
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the united states have identified china as a competitor but also as a threat and the challenge is europe because europe has a very different relationship to china also a lot because of the dependency in the economic areas and as i think the picture is not black and white and also the view of the bible and ministration on china and europe the european relation to china is more gray so even though they demonstrate that they have to be tough in area as tough with the e.u. or are they dealing with china they are science and he can identify areas where they can cooperate and so again it's not black and white but it's a great one and he has a very clear i am as. we can all read that we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world germany is to begin returning priceless sculptures looted from nigeria british soldiers took the so-called burning bronzes in the 19th century the objects were later sold
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to museums around the world considered some of africa's greatest treasures. kremlin critic alexei valley has appeared in public for the 1st time since ending a 3 week hunger strike jailed opposition figure was seen via video link for a court hearing the same time his political network announced that it was desponding former germany international football or crystal meth that has been given a 10 month suspended sentence after admitting to stream getting images of child sexual abuse metzelder made $43.00 appearances for the national team is now offered to return several public awards. turkey has imposed its 1st national lockdown to try and slow a 3rd wave of cope with 19 infections nonessential businesses will close and in the city travel will be restricted schooling will be moved on life turkey currently has the highest infection rate in new york. the residents of the indian state of west
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bend goal have gone to the polls despite the deepening covert 19 crisis for the health care system near collapse and hospitals without enough oxygen for patients of the virus is now spreading across india faster than in any other global hotspots . a woman banks. water she pleads. as she tries to find oxygen for her desperately sick mother. or father who vanished i didn't get it my mother is very seriously ill and for the past 2 days we've been trying to get a bed in so many hospitals in delhi and. across india oxygen is still in desperately short supply. in the capital delhi volunteers from the sikh community have set up an oxygen center in a car park. did
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a lot of people are suffering as begging for oxygen we arranged for cylinders from anywhere we could we stood in queues for a whole nights and sometimes got beaten up by the police. or. russia is the latest country to join an international relief effort. actually that is being piped in all pouring off. undergirded to india or pouring off. to assistance from various countries over 40 countries have actually committed to provide us with many of the items that we need most urgent to. india is the world's biggest producer of vaccines. but these 2 are lacking as people scramble to get their shot. i think it was something. was. said that.
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despite all this millions have been voting in the state of west bengal the infection rate there is the highest since the pandemic began. political parties have been criticised. holding crowded election rallies just when india is recording the deadliest days so far for any country during the pandemic. china has launched a core module of its 1st permanent space station a rocket carrying the module blasted off on the 1st of 11 mission missions needed to complete and crew the station when finished it will rival the you know the other continuously down facilities clint earth that's the international space station. this is the w. news life from brother and his reminder of our top story germany's highest court has ruled that the government must rewrite climate protection to secure the rights
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of future generations environmental activists challenge the current plan saying they don't go far enough. that's it you're up to date friend awful half in the world news of the top of the hour christofer cobra is your business update in just a little. stay up to date don't miss our highlights. program. w dot com highlights. are you ready for some breaking news i'm christine winblad and i
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am at the market with a brand new detail the news africa their show.


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