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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2021 5:03pm-5:31pm CEST

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i think that essentially the worst economic crisis since the great depression the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war now after just 100 days i can report to the nation america is on the move again thank you all for being a wide ranging vision of jobs prosperity and a new era of big government with big spending plans biden said he would pay for it all with higher taxes on corporations and the super rich continue to cycle growth it was worse 20000000 americans lost their job in the pandemic working middle class americans at the same time roughly 650000000000 asian americans saw their net worth increase by more than one trillion dollars the same exact. my fellow americans trickle down trickle down economics has never worked this
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time to grow the economy from the bottom in the middle out. on international policy biden focus on adversaries russia and china linking america's ability to conjure them to the success of his domestic policy agenda. america's movie. moving forward but we can't stop now. we're in competition with china and other countries to win the 21st century really great inflection point in history. the circumstances of biden's speech where on like any previous presidential address members of congress were mosques and were seated apart because a pandemic restrictions. president biden's speech mulches 1st $100.00 days in office opposed to which it's become traditional to assess a u.s. president's achievements the w.'s washington bureau chief and his poll takes us on a tour around the capital.
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president biden is 100 days in office and the united states has already changed into a different place for one more reliability move back into the white house facts are no longer a fake and by the nose he needs his partners he can't do this alone join me on a bike ride around the capitol to places which symbolize biden's biggest political goals and his biggest challenges. the capitalist the hearts of democracy in the u.s. but biden's democrats have only a razor thin majority in both the senate and the house that makes it very difficult for biden to govern and forces him to find compromises with the republicans that is something many of his rather left wing democrats don't particularly like especially when it comes to topics like taxation or immigration laws. world war 2
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memorial a place to commemorate the fallen soldiers joe biden has fulfilled his promise to end the war in afghanistan all american troops will be out of the country by september 11th for many americans this comes as a relief off to the. years of war for the international community it is a clear sign that america is no longer willing to bear the brunt in international military conflicts they expect countries like germany or the european union to pay their fair share. one of played in speaker's goals is to fight climate change. to formally pledge that america would cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent by 2030 he also promises to use the green new deal as a job creator as a push to innovation and after all to make the united states
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a more just place. but joe biden is from north alone and many have high hopes for a vice president come along how if she is the 1st female vice president and the 1st known white wice president that raises expectations that she will improve the situation for women and minorities biden put her in charge of handling the crisis at the mexican border controlling immigration from the south of america in a humane way it's one of the biggest challenges for this administration. his speech has been remarkable but biden knows that his time is limited he might lose his political majority in less than 2 years after the midterm elections that means he'll make the most out of every single day. the german foreign minister
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mass has visited the afghan capital kabul 2 days before nato starts withdrawing troops saying that germany remains committed to securing stability but talks between the taliban and the afghan government a faltering many women and their hopes of a better future and now in jeopardy. make up and hairstyling arsal tama karim passion the 24 year old discovered it here in the cell and in kabul. the women working here are too young to have experienced the tyranny of taliban rule but they worry that if the hard line islamists regain any power afghanistan's women will lose their hard won freedoms. of the fun and if we can be assured that we'll have peace in our people will be safe we do accept wearing the job but only on condition that women won't face restrictions that we will be able to work and study we don't want the old afghanistan i've never seen
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the taliban but i fear them. the salans owner was born as a refugee in iran but she returns to her homeland to start a career. as simple to form i didn't achieve what i have now easily i worked very hard for it if the taliban really come to power and don't allow us to work i'll have no choice but to return to iran again and live as a migrant and there's about a. 20 years after the u.s. led invasion ousted the taliban girls are in school women are in parliament government and business. but now the u.s. and nato are withdrawing their troops washington is pressing for a power sharing deal between the afghan government and the taliban activists want guarantees that the insurgents won't roll back the gains women have made. we keep on yelling and screaming and saying for got sakes at least do something with the talking about take some kind of fact some kind of assurance from that that you know
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or some sort of an. mc and isn't to be put in place in all that have to see that they are not going to be you know leaving the road that they're supposed to be taking on the road to peace and the v.a. thing from that. taliban control of afghanistan is greater than at any time in the past 2 decades the militants have outlined the freedoms women would retain if they came to power including work in certain professions but there is fear that after the last foreign troops leave no one will have the leverage to ensure they make good on any promises and women will once again be relegated to the margins of society. take a look at some other stories making news around the world will start in india which is reported a new global record for the early corona virus infections with some $380000.00 new cases hospitals are facing severe shortages of oxygen out of the medical supplies
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in defiance of open vaccinations to all other notes from stock today. china has successfully launched a rocket carrying a my. for its 1st space station beijing hopes to complete the project by next year it'll rival the only other continuously manned facility orbiting earth the international space station. police in germany have detained a woman on suspicion of killing 4 people at a home for the disabled in the city of pottstown new man a 5th person suffered serious injuries 51 year old suspect is a staff member of the motive is still not known. former germany international football that christophe mets out there has been given a 10 month suspended sentence after admitting distributing images of child sex abuse that seldom made 47 years is for the journey national t.v. he's now offered to return several of the awards. meanwhile germany's highest court
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has ruled that the government's climate change law is inadequate that judges a rule that ministers must set goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2030 environmental activists argue that the current law doesn't go far enough judges have given the government until the end of next year to redefine its emissions targets. so let's talk to your fellow except acca lawyer who brought one of the yeah cases the court ruled on today i welcome to d.w. professor that you described today's verdict as groundbreaking for germany why. well it is actually groundbreaking and this is a 1st ruling where the german federal constitutional court ruled in favor and against protection. paris climate. pre-industrial levels. not only legally binding international law but also binding
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. perspective of fundamental rights constitutional law it is unconstitutional according to the constitutional court is all. happened if you follow the established. so the one of the this is being. told. the court said that this law does not protect future generations sufficiently it sounds odd for a court now to breed to make rulings about some future generations who may or may not coming to be. well. paula policy in politics in general is about balancing different spheres of freedom and this is also true regarding climate policy it's bollocks freedom of enterprise and consumer on the one hand and. these freedoms with the conditions of
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freedom. all people which encroach and in danger due to climate change of course there is democratic lead based balance. by no means. to put a very vital basis of this democratic balancing at risk and this is going to happen if we follow established so of course there are also human rights aspects that are relevant to all future generations because whilst there bomb there clearly entitled to. these human rights and so we're not we're not allowed to destroy the by the basis of this right. and so if this binding on the german government look at this is a ok that's very interesting i will get around to it. well constitutional
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court's rulings in germany clearly binding. the german politicians have to develop a new pathway in order to be in accordance with the paris targets. tarion majority of the elections will have to find new concepts in terms of climate protection and this will probably be also relevant for other countries because the german federal constitutional court is a highly concerned 'd. also in other countries as far as i can see i'm sure that to future generations thank you for your efforts thank you for joining us professor professor. felix. latin america is home to just 8 percent of the world's population but has suffered nearly a 3rd of all covered 19 deaths brazil the worst affected me 400000 people that have died president has consistently played down the effects of the virus but he's now
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trying to get more vaccines from broad. the streets so once again filling up in sao paolo and other cities after 4 weeks of local restrictions that have seen the number of new infections fall slightly but the statistics are devastating. april has been the deadliest month in brazil to date many experts say insufficient locked down restrictions make the country a breeding ground for virus mutations that then spread to other countries the p one variant that 1st emerged in january in a city of menow says has triggered an explosion of infections and deaths with hospitals often running out of beds and oxygen the poor are being disproportionately affected around 12000000 brazilians live in 5 ella's in extremely crowded conditions malnutrition is also
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a problem especially as government aid has been cut and unemployment has risen during the pandemic no outdoor. all the data shows that the poorer you are the higher the rate of infection. the death rate from corona virus is much higher amongst people who are on the margins of society. president scenario argues that lockdowns increase economic hardship but critics say brazil is paying a high price for his radical stance this week the senate opened an inquiry into paulson arias handling of the pandemic. the president has resolutely ignored all scientific advice he long played down the virus and encourage the use of medications that doctors say are worthless with his poll ratings taking a hit balls and arrow is now making more of an effort to procure vaccines from abroad but in
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a country of well over $200000000.00 it would take many months to vaccinate even the most vulnerable of the current rate. in the meantime without any nationwide restrictions thousands are continuing to die in brazil every day when the european parliament has been debating latin america's worsening cuz its situations and i've talked to mikhail gather who's foreign affairs coordinator for the parliaments the largest group in the center right european peoples party welcome to you once a parliament has created the situation in latin america what can you actually do about it. well we have stated that both europe and latin america are 2 of the most effected regions in the world with regard to this pandemic and we have. according or savant you just reported clearly said deaths we regret that this pandemic has
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been heavily politicized including such negation it negates in this rhetoric laying off the severity of the situation by heads of state and government i mean we have not named anybody directly going to have a body knows who is. who is to be named and shamed but what can we actually do we have. called on the commission to activate author of the e.u.'s civil protection mechanism and other solidarity funding for a latin america we have contributed financially to the contacts initiative the commission has from the budget added 100000000 which is your budget $1000000000.00 plus european investment bank plus member states amounts to at all the old age 2 callbacks by the e.u. of $2200000000.00 euros and of course a considerable part of that will go to a net in america and corporation amongst the states need to be improved and we can contribute because we know how to operate over the borders ok so there's political
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and pride to call things that about the parliament can do or course to be done why don't you name the heads of state whose behavior you believe has contributed to this disaster in latin america. and the debate the names have been several times. the name. well as everybody knows it was meant and it's not the only means to boss narrow i mean the fact that the regime and men on sale are causes moderate causes no insult refugees and 1800000 are in minutes. the status of the protection states is that. colombian government has issued to the refugees in from venezuela and you also called to our countries to next in a people for free regardless of their make rich restates so refugees must not be disregarded in america when they are to be vaccinated i don't the issue
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of vaccinations with a supply of vaccines or here in europe picking up should we be perhaps sending doses to badly hit to regions like latin america beyond just contributing to the kovacs scheme. as soon as those is are available and to capacity at the production capacity is there i would be very much in favor of that and see everybody would support that but well as you rightly said it's speaking up in europe every region is responsible for its own citizens 1st that is how things are. gerrity must be practiced. as soon and as wide as as is necessary and possible. we thank you for joining us sir thank you very much for that. from the european people's party
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a russian opposition leader alexei navarro has appeared in public for the 1st time since he ended his nearly month long hunger strike in jail the kremlin critic appeared via video link from a legal hearing on a slander case reporters inside the courtroom say he appears to have lost a significant amount of weight. straight to moscow than we do a d.w.i. correspondent tilton welcome so talk us through. these court appearance well he appeared in court today via video link which is actually something that he had requested a sensibly to take part in the trial in the appeal process today but he also used the opportunity to greet his wife who was actually in attendance and it gave us our 1st opportunity to really take a look at him after he began his hunger strike of earlier in the week it was apparent to anybody taking a look at the video link that he had lost significant amount of weight by his own admission more than 10 kilograms and he also said that he's only able to take small
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portions of solid food basically saying that the prolonged effects of a through congress right make it impossible for him to eat large amounts now of course he was in court today as part of an appeal process against this slander conviction which was handed down against him earlier in the month and is part of a kind of a broader campaign of legal pressure against him from moscow from the powers that be here in the russian capital and now prosecutors took the opportunity of today's trial to actually bring new charges against him basically they say excuse him of forming an organization which goes against the rights of the russian population of the russian people now it's a new charge and that is actually comes in connection with his anti-corruption foundation and if found guilty well that would bring a fresh jail term on top of the one he's already serving at the moment yes that russian authorities that have been tightening back grip of mr corruption foundation how has that been going today. well today the in
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a separate trial which was also going on in a court here in moscow basically the his and a corruption foundation who was continuing to answer on the charge that is an extremist organization now this is something that the authorities here in moscow pursuing for a while now and if actually found guilty of being an extremist organization that would in effect ban the work of mystery of all these anti corruption foundation throughout the entire country now the pressure is really mounting in that aspect earlier in the week we saw a work stoppage ordered by courts here in moscow and it does seem that the foundation is despite what they previously said starting to buckle to a certain extent under this new pressure wave alina volkova who is a key ally of not only who works also with the foundation as well basically said that they were going to be forced to close all branch offices throughout the country saying that the current political atmosphere and this new wave of pressure was making their work as opposition figures and as an opposition group basically impossible so while the initially said that they had all possible precautions prepared for it does seem that the organization is starting to buckle under the
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pressure to a certain extent and it might be a case that the damage is already done even if they haven't been declared extremist as of yet we here in the west to view alexina valley if something goes a. democracy how is he regarded in russia do people much care about what's happening to. well it's kind of an interesting question to answer because on the one hand around 20 percent of the population says that they support his actions they support the actions of the anti corruption foundation and his opposition work there is slightly around 50 percent of the people who say they don't actually find him very sympathetic and they don't like what he's doing you know we in the west really kind of focus on him because he is an opposition figure he's one of the most prominent opposition figures here in russia but it would be kind of a stretch to say he is the de facto opposition leader i mean that there is a large population of opposition parties here in russia some in the system some
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with out of the system election of only is the most visible proponent of the opposition that being said after his poisoning last year and because of some of the demonstrations around him and now this jail sentence he given you have noticed that his approval rating has started to crop up it's going up above 20 percent now it was below 5 percent certain parts last year but it would be a stretch to say that everyone supports him as the key leader of the opposition here in russia a very interesting thank you back out until to most. the china house lords the core module its 1st permanent space station a rocket carrying it blasted off on the 1st 11 missions needed to complete and crew the station when finished it will rival the only other continuously monticello earth that's the international space station. this is his reminder our top story at this hour joe biden has delivered his 1st speech as u.s. president to the joint houses of congress as he revealed details of
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a $1.00 trillion dollars package to boost education and reduce income inequality. that's it you're up to date on world news at the top off the hour up next here on the focus on the europe looks at me coming elections in scotland the day.
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scotland is out across rights and main parts of britain only. be joining the e.u. on us in a place she is dividing the country and entire families in the run up to be elections the debate is heating up. problems quest for independent.
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focus on her. next on g.w. . ready to go to extremes. most places in europe are smashing all the records stepped in to move good adventure. just don't lose your grip it's interesting. trotters discover some of europe's record breaking sites. also in book form. trench it's. a lot of flashy with extravagant outfits and glitter glitter glitter. out. there fighting against
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prejudice i don't hold cable like i did nothing i've just been sitting up and form britain. be our little stars on the big stage. starts mid-sentence on w. i am the i. am pleased the am pleased hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm liable it's nice to be back many of us are itching to travel again but the pandemic still poses huge challenges some travel agencies have found
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a nice market and are luring tourists to moscow for vaccine getaways the all inclusive deals offer luxury with a dose of russia's.


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