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tv   Nuhr im Ersten  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2021 2:00pm-2:45pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin u.s. president joe biden delivers his 1st speech to a joint session of congress by said south america's return to a politics of international cooperation saying that no nation can succeed alone. also coming up a gong to alexander vanny appears in public for the 1st time since that russian opposition leader ended in the early months long hunger strike. india says another world record in delhi new coronavirus cases pushing its health system far beyond its lips. and germany's top court says the government's climate change goals fall
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short during that is insufficient emissions targets threaten the rights of future generations plus an icon of modernist architecture designed by a giant of the period the 5 year innovation off balanced noir not so nagai is finally complete we take a look at the history of this remarkable building. i'm going to as welcome to the program u.s. president joe biden has pitched his proposals for what he calls a once in a generation investment in america in his 1st speech to congress u.s. president he outlined a sweeping plans to increase wages and invest in infrastructure to create more jobs he also stressed the need for the u.s. to reassess. at its place in the world saying it must show as
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a facade is that democracy still works. joe biden spent decades in the us congress as a senator. he was back with an ambitious program that could see him becoming a transformational u.s. president. would be back. he began by drawing attention to the historic fact that for the 1st time ever the 2 people behind him where women madam speaker madam weighs president i. thank you president. has never said those words from this podium no president ever said those words. then a grim summary of his 1st 100 days combined with a note of optimism 100 days since i took the oath of office left in my hand off our
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family bible and heard a nation we all did it was in crisis the worst pandemic of the century the worst economic crisis since the great depression the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war now after just 100 days i can report to the nation america is on the move again. offering a wide ranging vision of jobs prosperity and a new era of big government with big spending plans biden said he would pay for it all with higher taxes on corporations and the super rich continue the cycle growth things worse 20000000 americans lost their job in a pandemic. working middle class americans at the same time. roughly $650000000000.00 or so other net worth increased by more than one trillion dollars
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in the same exact period my fellow americans trickle down trickle down economics is never were there is time to grow the economy from the bottom in the middle out. on international policy biden focus on adversaries russia and china linking america's ability to conjure them to the success of his domestic policy agenda. america's movie moving forward but we can't stop now. we're in competition with china and other countries to win the 21st century we're doing great inflection point in history. the circumstances of biden's speech were on like any previous presidential address members of congress were mosques and were seated apart because of pandemic restrictions. but i'm now joined by. the german government's coordinator of transatlantic cooperation and
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a member of the german bundestag mr buyer that have been the high hopes for a reset of germany u.s. relations on the biden he said this time it's time to build the so-called new west what do you mean by that. yeah. i think these window of opportunity to build and new west to reassure the transatlantic alliance is already there in the middle of it all in the 1st part of that what do i mean concretely i think it's now the chance and also the responsibility more than ever before that we over here in europe together with the american friends on the other side of the atlantic have to define politics where can we do joint you things together for example when it comes to a joint transatlantic china policy joint transatlantic politics. with towards russia that is something that we should address rather sooner than later
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you mentioned russia has north stream to the gas pipeline as being constructed right now between russia and germany the u.s. is opposed to it germany is still pushing forward with it is there any compromise inside. you know i think we should also those including myself who wish to hope for a more middle or a fake style with hugo are to north stream to under the new by demonstration you know what we were like dissolution so i think we can't respond with a with the same arguments of the same stat and men are from this side of the land and now and with a new administration i want to be an enabler think we need to in this new start off the transatlantic relations what do i mean by that it has proved that congress congress especially is is still very much tough on russia and he clearly does not
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seem to pipeline project i think we should. have a at least temporary stop to finishing this pipeline it's the 2nd strain of a pipeline that has already existing although it's all almost finished but it is a dropsical still it is major obstacle it has not gone away so i wanted a window of up and tear it to start mineral talks negotiations with the guardian not to 20 americans and the europeans the neighbor even to really a great whole package with regard to a joint russian politics including the wall street to its about germany's coordinator of trans atlantic corp thank you very much russian opposition leader. has appeared in public for the 1st time since and in the month loan hunger strike in jail the kremlin critic appeared via video link for legal hearing on the case
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with voters inside the courtroom say in a volley appears to have lost a significant amount of weight. correspondent. walt has his appearance in court but a lot. wiser is saying he appeared via video link in a court today and it was the 1st time we actually got a good look at the man's and he began and his hunger strike earlier in the week now based on his own admission is lost well more than 10 kilograms during his 3 week hunger strike and says because of the effects of that hunger strike he's only able to eat of shoes for each each day now he is answering a red actually this is part of a slander conviction he received earlier this year and you know he's used the appearance to basically. again soapbox a little and talk a little bit about you know is proposing a situation in the country but at the moment he did. appear to be a very i was an incredible amount of weight over the last 3 weeks or so the russian authorities meanwhile tightening their grip on the volleys organization what
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happened today. well and that really does seem to be you know the major news of the day i mean he and his organization is anti corruption foundation are facing an incredible amount of legal pressure from the russian government now and they are in the process of being labeled an extremist organization and that could in effect banned their work throughout the country and one of his key allies. of actually admitted that they're going to have to close their organizational offices throughout the country saying that their work has become almost impossible now at the same time prosecutors have opened up a new case against alexina bali and they choose from a founding am an organization which harms the rights of russian citizens and that is in connection to his anti-corruption foundation and that could bring fresh jail time for him when he's already serving several years in prison so really at the moment it seems like there's an increasing amount of pressure against him and his organization coming from the russian government. in moscow thank you for this
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update. thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today police in germany have detained a 51 year old woman on suspicion of killing 4 people at a home for the disabled in the city of pottstown near berlin a 5th person was found with serious injuries the exact circumstances are still unclear. china has successfully launched a rocket into space carrying the 1st of 3 modules for its 1st ever permanent space station beijing hopes to have a completed by next year when finished it will rival the only other continuously manned vessel with earth the international space station i assess. india has set another record in corona virus cases the rate of exponential growth there is vastly surpassing the spread of the virus anywhere else in the world as of the 6th of april india reported more than 115000 cases new cases 10 days
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later daily cases surged to over 230000 now in the past 24 hours there have been nearly 380000 new infections some say the true number could be even higher as india's health care system has become overwhelmed with the seriously ill patients. a covert 19 ward in a hospital in delhi this hospital like so many full to overflowing medical staff stretched to the limit some falling ill with the disease themselves one reality in india's coronavirus emergency and here's another woman receives oxygen outside a sikh temple. she's not alone there's no room for these people in delhi's emergency wards relatives are left to cope with severely ill patients by themselves one woman describes her mother situation. it's the one we teased having once been and now she is not even
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a bigger body for the oxygen saturation was in yesterday in the united became 60 and now it is. a long line outside the supply of people doing what they can to save their loved ones some get the oxygen they need. but there isn't enough to go around. saying go home and if someone is dying there then let them they have nothing to do with our pain they have no one in their house who's ill. the state of delhi is reporting one death from covert 19 every 4 minutes and the hospitals can't cope with the growing numbers of patients so the commission grounds are struggling to cope with the rising number of deaths. the funeral pyres a burning day night. delhi is one hotspot of india's covert 1000 emergency maharashtra state in the city of mumbai is another here
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vaccination centers run out of supplies on wednesday india is one of the biggest producers of vaccines but it doesn't have enough to vaccinate the next 600000000 people who will become eligible for the job. that they're telling us that injections are not available as vaccines have not arrived i registered to come here 3 days ago i came all the way across the city and now they tell me so they've given me a helpline number and told me to try again tomorrow. well. amid the frustration and suffering this 105 year old man and his 95 year old wife has survived a covert 19 infection the family says they want that story to give hope to others for many fighting the disease hope and prayers are all they have to help them. from mumbai i'm now joined by dr lancelot pinto his partner knowledge of stand up an email or just from the p.d. in due to hospital we are in the middle of
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a very very destructive pandemic could this situation have been prevented by the indian government i think we underestimated the magnitude of what we're seeing right now i think people are very short by the fact that their numbers decreased significantly in the month of december january i think it was a false sense of reassurance that if we had gone through all the festivals that we did at the end you know without experiencing surges the worst was behind those and therefore we good lord our god. we could be a little more liberal in the precautions that. over the last year i think that was a mistake so you think the the so-called super spreader events are behind this and the government could have done nothing to prevent that. and i think all of us collectively let our guard down and you know even the super spreader events and people could have chosen not to go through that but that just didn't happen because i think across the board it was the sense of far that the
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worst was behind us that we have moved forward we have conquered or not a certain level and i think that definitely contributed. so how important in the recent spike is the new variant that india is seeing. so i think attorneys foreign minister heikal masses visiting the afghan capital kabul 2 days before need to officially begins to withdraw its troops from that it marks the end of a nearly 20 year long military mission mosse pledge that germany remains committed to securing stability and opportunities for the people of afghanistan but with talks between the taliban and the afghan government faltering especially women in afghanistan fear their hopes and dreams for a better future are now in jeopardy. make up and hairstyling arsal tanaka remains passion the 24 year old discovered it here in the south lawn
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in kabul. the women working here are too young to have experienced the tyranny of taliban rule but they worry that if the hard line islamists regain any power afghanistan's women will lose their hard won freedoms. before then if we can be assured that we'll have peace in our people will be safe we do except where in the job but only on condition that women won't face restrictions that we will be able to work and study we don't want the old afghanistan i've never seen the taliban but i fear them. the salans owner was born as a refugee in iran but she returned to her homeland to start a career. out of sympathy from i didn't achieve what i have now easily i worked very hard for it if the taliban really come to power and don't allow us to work i'll have no choice but to return to iran again and live as a migrant farm. 20 years after the u.s.
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led invasion ousted the taliban girls are in school women are in parliament government and business. but now the u.s. and nato are withdrawing their troops washington is pressing for a power sharing deal between the afghan government and the taliban activists want guarantees that the insurgents won't roll back the gains women have made. we keep on yelling and screaming and saying for got sakes at least do something with it talking about take some kind of path some kind of assurance from them that you know or some sort of an out of a mechanism to be put in place in order to see that they are not going to be you know leaving the road that they are supposed to be taking on the road to peace and the v.a. thing from that. taliban control of afghanistan is greater than at any time in the past 2 decades the militants have outlined the freedoms women would retain if they
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came to power including work in certain professions but there is fear that after the last foreign troops leave no one will have the leverage to ensure they make good on any promises and women will once again be relegated to the margins of society. germany's climate law is insufficient according to the country's highest court it has ruled that the government must set goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2030 several environmental activists argue that the current law threatens their futures because it doesn't go far enough judges have given the government until the end of next year to redefine its emission targets. well that's gets more on this verdict now a former leader neither she is an activist with friday's for future one of the groups back to the legal challenge what does this ruling mean for you and your movement. we know to sit through for the german climate
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data discussion but we know it's only based on the cost for say future while the climate crisis today is already affecting millions of people and is. disregarding their their right to live so we have to keep fighting but we know with is back up that we will have a better. general understanding for the urgent policies we need how significant do you think is it that germany's top core germany's highest court is aligning climate protection with fundamental human rights well we know this is a win for the climate movement that has been tracking the past 2 years that is actually what is actually has been founded in many other parts of the world but now we know that now we have the leader.
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you have the legal knowledge that it needs for you for the future government to actually imply policies that work with the one point. 3 they made of the warming so looking at the federal elections we have in september it's really really important stuff. ok so this is being called a turning point in climate protection but where do you see things going from here. i think that that's actually a scary question because now we're looking at politicians fighting on social media about the meaning of this this isn't why they have been there once in the past. were not able to make actually decent climate policies so the question is how will they be able to reflect on their own failures and see that we really need also a turning point in urgent climate measurements and not only after 2030 years that
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we have to really discuss things like phasing out before 2038 and all of these these big big questions that have a way longer longer radio. that we are now looking at even the day from friday's for future thank you very much thank you. sports who's now in the german football business league aside our beloved have announced that jesse marsh will take over as the head coach at the end of the season marshall's currently under contract to also inside our bizarre spoke another team that belongs to the red bull stable the american is currently on course for his 2nd league title with the club marshall replace the outgoing you are nagas man who's moving to boosting our rivals by a munich. berlin's noir not so now a gallery is an icon of more than a stark a texture designed and built by
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a leading light of the period german american architect. or it's a cultural landmark not only for the city but in the history of architecture itself extensive renovations have now returned it to its former splenda. after more than 5 years the renovation of berlin's noir natural gallery is finally complete and for now the famous and iconic museum designed by big meets founder can be admired in its simplest form as a temper of lights on the surface not much seems to have changed the hull is not in the are not often hired in terms of openness this hall is a unique structure no other museum in the world is like it that was one reason to preserve it of course we stuffed lots of technical equipment into the ceiling where it can't be seen but the guiding principle for the renovation was as much meat as possible. was big meat founder who the german born american
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joint of modern architecture he was commissioned to design the new museum in the early 1960 s. . $1200.00 metric tons of steel were welded together on site into one piece to form the roof hydraulic jacks lifted it into place of top 8 killers a masterpiece of engineering that still causes jaws drop. it was the last meet found a building to be completed the crowning glory of his career these goods produced. the new in action our gallery opened in 1968 and became a cultural landmark 1st of west berlin and then of the real. unified berlin. it hosted one spectacular exhibition after another and maintained its own make this a sin collection of 20th century arcs but nearly 50 years on it was clear the
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buildings technology was hopelessly obsolete comprehensive whenever a chinook was in. british architect david chipperfield was a fan before he took on the renovation job. rather uncompromising piece of architecture was by shopping very. impressive. elements being very identifiable comprehensible you're everybody can understand how this works the contract for the noir national calories renovation was an immense undertaking 14000 granite plates had to be removed restored and re-installed the entire structure was completely stripped down it was meticulously inventoried and later reassembled like a past puzzle. cleared of all unnecessary intrusions meese friend of hers stark concept is now restored to its former minimalistic
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glory. on place to visit when you come to berlin next time you're watching the news here's a reminder of our top story joe biden delivered his 1st speech as u.s. president to the joint houses of congress he used the opportunity to highlight the progress made against a coronavirus pandemic in the u.s. and he unveiled details of a sweeping $1.00 trillion dollar package to boost education and reduce income inequality. that's it from me and the news team here and in there will be more world headlines at the top of the hour and you can of course also find a lot more news business and sports on our web site in 30 languages song d w. dot com coming up next conflict zone polls john and lawmaker didn't haas in the whole city so i'm stuck without office misfortune.
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after. entering the complex on sarah palin last year germany was seen as a role model in fighting the coronavirus pandemic now a 3rd wave is hitting the country hard america's party is slipping ahead of september elections as germany for paris to move on from our whole frame of what's safe to she leave her party and her country my guest this week is your good heart spokesperson for the conservative parliamentary group conflicts of. 100 small thieves in my city. where i come from rob your remains an important
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town so promise me new and warmish and when i was young my country was drawing. the war people just people would cause them. to see. it was my natural to want to just say so as not everyone in the town who needs to lose against. nothing has been from inside my own copy it into a month or more so to go even it's not like. i was a tourist and for. my choice to be scot because given the way to try to speak to the troops. in the gulf my much and i want. to tell.
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you. i see you chose far less if you prefer much. but the bottom line is that the base did not support lash i don't believe the fake information are you concerns that germany is falling also into a trap when it comes to china we have to take a more tough if we contrast couldn't be more stark last year germany was seen as a role model in fighting the coronavirus pandemic now a 3rd wave is hitting the country hard and miracles party is slipping ahead of september elections which will decide her successor after 16 years in power my guess this week is your going to hart c.d.u. member of the german born just talk and spokesperson for the conservatives parliamentary group as germany prepares to move on from merkel in what state does she leave her party and her country.
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you're going hard to welcome to conflict zone kanno 16 years of angela merkel and these days the c.d.u. has lost ground in the polls there's been a bitter fight for her succession in the party and corona virus is hitting the country hard issue leaving behind a mass i think we had to have had a tough debate on the question who might success that might be success are from the union as you do see as we don't even from for chance a ship in germany. do 2 weeks ago we are going from the boat that both chairman of the 2 parties sitting and says will marcus it up from see is who and i mean i said from city to both want to run as katydid for chance that ship and it took 9 days of discussion in different formats as a party and then the decision came out that i mean i said the chair of society would and prime minister of most invest failure would be candidate i think 9 days is not too much to take such a important decision and looking to the code in
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a situation we have heard learnt yesterday from the meeting from the prime minister's visit jansa that we make huge steps forward concerning vaccination we are now about 25 percent of corporations and i want to talk about in particular that that battle for succession but 1st let me ask you about a the state of unity at the at the very top sell because in the past month merkel very publicly criticized her successor and the party arm in washington you've just mentioned over lock down policies does merkel not want the c.d.u. to be in the chancellor a 4th term. we don't have the feeling that the chances are both in voice in that fight between the 2 party chairmen and i think if she was served as standing neutral in that position there is some debate between what i just heard. announcement you know what i'm talking about forgive me mr hart is is that she publicly on a highly viewed television program singled out that star failing to activate
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an emergency brake in the face of rising cases he also criticized her lockdown measures as treating citizens like under age children so with rhetoric like that flying back and forth between a top politicians tell us this public display of disagreements when the cd is future claim for the chancellorship is shaky does she not want the c.d.u. to retain power and i don't i don't see that and that way and we have to do a show in germany that we have 616 state governments and the federal witness stand it was different kind of combinations of government nearly all are led by coalitions and i mean i said it's heading a coalition including the liberal party which is opposite to the federal government it's a federal level and it's a huge challenge to pennance the different minds and routes into different parties in the questions and the states and the chance to knows about the difficulty
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especially i mean that's it has with the liberals which are much more in favor of early opening business and restaurants for example. instead of stating i like to look down and this debate was tendered by me let's sit in i think properly and look at 2 that party reached a. state having a one person majority of the parliament and running a successful government for a over 4 years now this is a impressive result but could there not be nor more unity that is the question you mentioned earlier that the cracks that have been openly displayed in your conservative party union the process to pick the candidate for a chance of described as chaotic public very messy 5 months before you go to a national election don't conservatives be need to be more united to win and i think we are. and you know night if no behind i mean that i expect that also that also is a christian xhosa union in bavaria and its leader marcus it i stayed close behind
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the candidate and i said we have had this debate in germany also and of the seventy's as you remember 3 years later the chairman of city with him accord was tense up by getting 48.8 percent of the elections and 3083 therefore what now is that to mation of the people concerning the result of selection and what will be the real resides in 5 months there will be huge huge gap between and i hope that you didn't see that and see as who will increase they are. there they have a pulse and also the result at the end and this also too to the fact that. the most of the people expect that see if you can do it better than those have your pens the right help fell on the right candidate because 72 percent of your conservatives disagreeing that you didn't pick the right candidate they say that
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the c.s.u. candidate marcus said are not the c. to use on lash it was better suited to become chancellor so why didn't you take the most favored candidate i can tell you my experience it was in the spring 17 of my 2 choices from the social democrats fof was followed at the head of i'm going to mak as chancellor candidate of the city with ease with time for 2017 elections and nobody believed that it was easy you can do it again and looking to results as a social democrats with multi choice came out very poor office after the last elections because momentum pew on the popularity of politicians it's nothing that we can trust on concerning the outcome of elections and. he lost it by himself he was a fall behind acting prime minister of most of us failure in may 2017 and he won the election but the bottom line is that the base did not support lash at the base of
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your party your grass roots in your party are said to be frustrated and fact if you're not even listening to them how should people think that you listen to the country don't don't don't believe what you can read in flux from the very spirit and others in my estimation especially from the deep agents of proof 2 weeks ago where we discussed it was up to 70 and. questions to the candidates in the group meeting and there was no use for the program to round if that marcus sort of boss was spinning that and i am sure that if we would have voted in that time that would be of a charity for me like shit don't believe the fake information that is sponsored by those who wants to have got that can stop it as a fight it's not fair and i think it is important i suppose i started on that decision by by by the 59 percent that said that it would would not be a good candidate according to the dutch law and trend for example i mean there's
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many polls that cycle in that direction but i just like so many how many of those people can judge on it how many people know about i mean that's it my considered us much more popular than might be less if it's m.t.v. and germany as prime minister of bulgaria and i see you chance for a midnight shift to become much more popular and on the campaign trail and he will at the end of city with the elections but just briefly i mean the c.d.u. has already lost key bellwether of a national elections in the past months and you're worried the same might happen on the national level i don't i don't think so i would like not like to have it i think we have to have the heart to do hard work but look into that what does the results in the last elections were i mean last it reached a 6.7 percent cost in the last elections it was not 17 and mark you say but there's a good. last 10.4.5 per cent of area forces is christian social union therefore i cannot i cannot see that. on
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a better track concerning success than it was i mean i should bottom line there is a sentiment among many in the country that they're tired they're tired of the coronavirus pandemic in fact 79 percent also they say that they are not satisfied with the way that the government has managed the pandemic doctors are warning that i.c.u. beds are filling up it's quite a contrast because last year germany was being held up as a role model for fighting the pandemic did merkel get too comfortable i think we have some points but germany isn't the leading growth if you look for example to the rate of people that died with corona germany is in the top group. with. significantly lower numbers and several different other states especially sweden are also u.k. also but we have a problem concerning the vaccine the challenge for the opinion is that be able to
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develop excellent great scene like buying tech works from from germany but that we are not able to put to use it in high quantities not able to produce it and i quantities because we have kept its use for production of how much work you can throw there it's not it's not as for example in india or china or even on us and we have to to face the challenge in europe that we have to come closer to a point but we also were able to produce such things in our borders we'll get to the vaccine that's certainly something that we're going to talk about but let's talk about the other tools they you've had your disposal because there's been a lot of confusion about the government's measures the delay of the rapid test rollout for example ahead of the easter holiday merkel she tried to institute a hard lockdown then rolled it back after harsh criticism then took the extraordinary step of issuing a formal apology has merkel lost her way. i think some of us and including me we would appreciate to have something like
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a hard look down for the 2 easter weeks the week before and off they used to because we think that schools were closed in that time to see all the days that also business stone around easton and that would be a good chance to reduce the fiction rate in germany by doing a hard to knock down for 2 weeks but this was not possible to recreate on between 16 different and that's off the witness stand in germany and due to the fact that the health policy is mainly driven by the states the federal government cannot push through such a measure looking back to what we have passed in the last weeks i think the number of people that expect that such a hardship down over you start would be better than that but we did and it's increasing but that's help us not saying and now we have this regulation that about hundreds. we have to to shut down from 10 in the evening up to 5 in the morning i hope that will help to reduce the number of convictions the majority of people say
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though that the federal government has simply repeatedly promised more than they could deliver on the measures that it has had at its disposal and you know you're talking about these these these lockdowns and how isn't it in paris saying same countries for example i think u.k. and the us slowly opening back up on germany is still talking about harsher lockdowns highly controversial night curfews dramatic changes to the law for a so-called emergency brake. i think looking to all those other countries and you mentioned you mentioned to u.k. the people in those countries have to face much harder and much much harsher transcription than we have effected germany germany was under relatively smooth way to to infrastructure is to to to civil rights and that in the face of fighting corona and chance that told us looking to london with as it was a genuine february if you have in the picture rate about 1800 you have not to put
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measures by the state because people are afraid to go in street they are afraid to go to work they have prayed to go for shopping because they see the long cross off of medical carts standing at the hospitals and no place for 444 people that. they need help in the hospitals and this is what we know the german even we have a lot. gratian even the situation in the hospitals was always under control and therefore it's might be a little bit more difficult to convince people in germany that we are not on the secure site but that we have to be and take attention on what happens and that we also have to take my chances of future and that debate is ongoing and the debate is maybe harder in germany than in other countries right because we have this federal system between the states and the federal level during the race to vaccinate the population as you've mentioned in germany ranks 15 however when it comes to e.u. countries that have administered at least one vaccine doses among the vaults adult
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according to the european centers for disease control is this really a number that a country like germany should be proud of is this the best that the government can do. we decided to take the european common european union solution because we say we have not been invited if we went seen all germans but people in countries around germany and the cliques united and i think this might come back to us as a boomerang if we don't reach a full vaccination of all people that are close to us was almost restricted to the instructions on the borders and which close economic and civil ties and therefore decision was to follow the european union programme but it's not just about following the european union hologram it's about being you know adverts that the government could do we decided to take the european common european union solution because we say we have not invented if we wait seen all germans but people in
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countries around germany on the clicks united and i think this might come back to us as a boomerang if we don't reach a full vaccination of all people that are close to us it was almost restricted to restrictions on the borders and which the close economic and civil ties and therefore decision was to follow the european union program but it's not just about following the european union hologram it's about being you know average at best within the e.u. in the way that you have been executing that program and i just like to bring and you know one of your fellow lawmakers alexander graf landstar from the s.d.p. who says germans they long believed that they lived in a well governed country one that was better run than most other states in europe both assumptions have turned out to be wrong does he have a point. i do not approve his alexandr coughing up stuff which is a potential for appreciated put it from my point of view of it but of the opposite
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and he has his duty as to to put its figures and questions are in critical points.


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