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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm CEST

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on the country how can the rest of the well how well can be done for the people and how can india bring the situation under control a special edition of deep down under cover oh no if i risk crisis in the stock. at 11. u.s. president joe biden marks 100 days in office with an ambitious new spending plan for families and children it's his 3rd biggest this is 3rd big legislative proposal rather taxing businesses and the wealthy to expand the role of government in the u.s. . through tons of posts another big quarterly loss the german flag carrier now saying it's not as optimistic about the summer ahead. also on the show will drop in on a competition to develop smartphone apps in japan organizers want to bring more women into a field dominated by men. hello welcome to the show and berlin was president
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joe biden has unveiled his latest spending plan to congress on wednesday night $1.00 trillion dollars in new spending and tax credits and families and children the package would finance preschool programs lower child care costs and expand paid leave it be funded by raising corporate taxes and personal taxes on america's wealthiest. how do we pay for my jobs if. i made it clear we can do without increasing the deficit let's start with what i will not do i want to oppose any tax increase on people making less than $400000.00. but it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest one percent of americans to just begin to pay their fair share trickle down. trickle down economics is never were there is time to grow the economy from the bottom in the middle out. and joe
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biden came into office with lofty ambitions pledging to bring the country out of the pandemic to fight racial injustice and to make a quote once in a generation investment creating what he calls the strongest most resilient and innovative economy in the world well $100.00 days and he's poised to rack up quite a bill 6 trillion dollars to be specific that's the total cost the biden spending proposals so far this year and the 1st $1.00 trillion has already begun flowing into the economy including $1400.00 stimulus checks for many americans biden has also proposed a $2.00 trillion dollars infrastructure bill it aims to update ailing roads and bridges while also improving internet and electric vehicle networks and then there's that $1.00 trillion dollar bill we just spoke of aiming to improve child care and access to education was going to pay for it biden plans to pay for it by raising taxes increasing the corporate tax rate to 20 percent and the top rate for america's wealthiest to almost 40 percent. and stormy miller is executive director
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of the aspen institute germany earlier i asked her how dramatic a shift by the spending plans represent. it's really huge and it could be transformational for the u.s. economy is that it goes to congress and i would say that that's really. the united states has a lot of deficits in infrastructure in education and also in health care and biden wants to address this and he wants to reduce poverty and income inequality and i would say from does from that perspective the polls are spot on but as we heard in the speech it's really a christian also how how these bending the going to be fine and of course the question of whether they will go through congress this would mark a major redistribution of wealth in the u.s. as biden mentions he mentions from the bottom up and sort of trickle down can you clarify what he meant by that. absolutely and search it out as an idea a concept which comes from actually the reagan administration and the idea is if
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you faster if you cannot with wealth and if you support them which of the high income groups are the society then everybody would benefit because there's going to be more spending one demand and want to dash and would jobs and i also the poor in the way and count loops were better fed and the last decades really have shown that doesn't work income inequality has been on the rise for decades quality letters have been increasing also because of the blown up crisis in his ideas to change then and supply the middle class and the low income brackets and creating demand through through these approaches through and evening and even more americans to participate in economic growth through education and health care story biden has also promised to rebuild america's traditional alliances including with europe
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$100.00 days and where does he stand on rebuilding those alliances with europe. well he's promised america it's back and back and this is it's not just rhetoric but it's really also action he reached out a hand to his and i especially the european union and i have already been achieved an exceptional for example is this cease fire in the going and. the or at least temporary knots and acting off when territory terrorists but not one needs to be done i think especially in training the u.s. to have the state. steve and then have him playing and that is a big big stumbling block for the president. or i storm a builder head of the aspen institute of germany thank you so much for your time. thanks for having me. let's go now to some of the other business stories making
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headlines. germany's top court has ruled that the government must set clear goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions after 2030 that said current legislation doesn't do enough to stop climate change and that longer term targets would help businesses develop carbon free strategies. german unemployment fell to 6 percent in april despite ongoing pandemic restrictions some $56000.00 people found work bringing the jobless total to $2770000.00 but more than $3000000.00 others are still in short time work schemes. well deron has boosting its manufacturing capacity for its covert $1000.00 vaccine and expects to make $3000000000.00 doses next year that's more than twice its previous forecast production lines will be added in switzerland spain and the us where moderna works with a wide range of contractors. their boss has reported a profit of $362000000.00 euros that comes after a year on year loss as airlines cut words of late orders in the pandemic and the european plane maker says cost cutting measures and military sales put it back in
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profit. germany's biggest airline of tons has posted a 1000000000 euro loss for the most recent quarter continuing its difficult path through the pandemic but there could be a lot on the horizon losses in the 1st quarter actually less than before and an easing of travel restrictions is being planned. a stalled line most of lufthansa's fleet has been grounded for months but the planes still cost money parked aircraft need to be maintained and don't earn anything. people say a standing at plane is the world's most expensive billboard that means an aircraft on the ground not only doesn't pay for itself it also incurs costs if it's least for example they're also releasing costs. gemini's biggest airline reacted quickly to the collapse in passenger numbers as the pandemic hit pilots flight attendants ground and backroom staff were put on part time. at planes but parks and fuel
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guzzlers like the giant us a $380.00 but completely jettisoned on top of that instead of relying on business travelers who buy business class tickets have trances now targeting tourists. because i believe the market. is sweet the moment so so they are not so many. operators on the other side ok we've to see if there's still high complexity. i costs. only looked on the sides so that we're not really able to manage crosspiece which is really competitive. with more people gradually getting vaccinated look 10 2nd look forward to the end of the pandemic. passenger traffic should soon be increasing it specially from the us as the e.u. starts planning to east chance that mantic travel restrictions. are let's go to
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conrad who's in frankfurt conrad hello how are investors reading these new numbers . post even well investors are not convinced that lufthansa is really making quick results here of at least the share price off of times i was down 2 percent this thursday of course this slump in sales of 60 percent last year that was a very bad number and the 1st quarter shows the photons are still operating on a very very low level slowly slowly people from the staff who had been put on part time or short time work schemes they are drawn back and they you know work on these flights that is doing more expected in the upcoming holiday season during the summer months but it remains to be seen how much this can eventually really save the earnings reports and help it. go up and. be among
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the gainers in the tax again right contribution in frankfurt thank you. over in turkey now recovered cases are on the rise pushing 40000 new infections a day present and one has responded by putting the country on full lockdown until mid may it's tough burden on turks who are already struggling as the economy suffers from high inflation and like in business. times have been tough for turks for a while the economy in tatters prices up and stores empty on top of it all the news this week come thursday everyone staying at home except to buy food other stores are closed and store owners obviously concerned. it will be difficult for all of us because we have taxes reigns payments to pay we have children and they have to study we have to bring food home and we live in
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a period where everything is very expensive we will go through a troubled and difficult period. but the current pandemic situation in turkey demands strict measures of the country can't get its current numbers down the economic pain will only get worse as summer comes and with it tourist season i'm a little bit with the lockdown is necessary to bring the cases down because tourism is our everything for the tourism season to open the cases need to come down to a certain number i think this is necessary. for at least 3 weeks now turks will be staying at home hoping to do their part to save the summer and manage an economic recovery. number women in the tech industry $3.00 to $1.00 and in the pandemic that gap has begun to widen women were twice as likely to have lost their jobs as programmers or other occupations and i t one initiative in japan is hoping to encourage women not to give up. a laboratory
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for smartphone apps but what you see here is rare the developers are all young women. 23 teams design software to solve social problems in a competition organized by the japanese nonprofit woful. women make up only a small percentage of the country's tech industry japan also has one of the lowest shares of female graduates in science and technology fields among developed nations . this competition is about balancing the scales i. currently only about 20 percent of people working in japan's i.t. sector are women by o.t. and then you want to narrow the gap we need to increase the number of female students who choose such a career path as to when that. first prize goes to an app that helps new immigrants settle into life in japan offering help on everything from visa paperwork to language skills. but it's not game over just yet the top 10 teams will advance to
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a global competition is scheduled for august yet you know what they are right that's it for me and the business team here but as always you can find out more about these and other business stories online dot com slash business facebook twitter i'm stephen beard thanks for watching. against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. the latest research. information and contacts. around a virus update 19. on t w. indeed of climate change. our city.
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what ideas do they have their future. d.w. dot com african-americans are making it. clear to. him even if you think the profile of the patients that we have at the moment is a young patient between 30 and 50 years old with a period of stay in i.c.u. have been longer all this it is the only that. this disease knows no age it is very sad unfortunately from one day to another it can take you away it is so sad. we are more scared this time and there are many young victims so to me this way looks more dangerous than the last one. wrong indeed our feeling is that the
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patients are younger than they were during the 2 previous waves a year ago in october and november with no formal. welcome to a covert night in special i want to jones and berlin and all of a sudden i'm also in that age group that's at risk remember when we were told to protect the elderly because the virus is especially dangerous for them and that was right of course but it loads many younger people into a false sense of security the result even though all the people are mostly vaccinated by no hospitals continue to work at the limit like here in berlin. we're at the intensive care unit in the lynn scully test hospital half of the patients here suffer from cope at 19 dr thomas kuhn and this team have their hands full and the beds are filling up. one of the. puzzles and slowly you can see that there is an increase at the
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moment when not yet in a situation that brings us to the edge of what we can do with your life crown but we know that if the numbers continue to rise because certainly have problems. we have incurred in recent weeks the number of covered patients in germany's i.c. use has been of rising sharply again by now at the peak of the 2nd wave of the pandemic has almost been reached intensive care beds of a coming scarse and the work load of stuff continues to grow. intensive care nurse tim cook has also noticed that. among men of now in this 3rd wave it is particularly noticeable that the patients are getting more seriously ill and they are ill for longer and also they need a lot of care that means the situation is very challenging and very stressful for us you really need time to relax when you're off work. but it is not just the sheer
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increase uncovered patients that worries the teeth that patients health is deteriorating fast and this 3rd wave of the pandemic they are also an effort to get them before probably also because most people over 80 years old have already been vaccinated. and the everett age is now much younger compared to the 1st or 2nd waves and we see that very clearly we don't really have any patients who are over 80 years old anymore they are almost nonexistent if you would you know to what extent german hospital capacities average varies greatly from region to region some are already completely full others are still coping one thing would help more vaccinations one in forgiveness we won't get out of this without vaccines they are very important but it is also important to stick to hygiene measures to keep that distance and observe current coverage for stretches of each and everyone must take this been demick seriously and can do their part to make get out of this is quickly
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as possible the truth will come if the number of patients continues to rise other important treatments would have to be postponed in some areas in germany that is already the case the situation many doctors agree is serious. the patients are getting more seriously ill their health deteriorating faster and they younger on average than in the 1st 2 waves let's talk about that now with ravindra gupta he's a professor of clinical microbiology at cambridge university good to have you with us so let's let's start 1st of all with the average age in this report we heard that it's mainly down to the fact that the older generations are vaccinated by now is that all there is to it. yes i certainly think that there will be an element of the fact that the the elderly are protected with vaccines of course in the 1st wave the elderly were also very vulnerable so said proportion of the most vulnerable may
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have been infected may have died so that leaves a small fraction of susceptible elderly individuals and and therefore. that is probably part of the explanation but we can't speak the whole truth because we know that this is a phenomenon that we see in many parts of the well and even in pots where the vaccination rate is much higher so there has to be something else to it. yes but of course prior immunity is of course it is based potentially and it's been a factor because. in previous waves there may have been a disproportionate impact on certain age groups in terms of who is infected. and and also what we call a survivor there's course some people who are infected it will have diet and some will have survived. you know the epidemiology is very difficult to tease apart because a lot of this is about transmission patterns circulation of virus within certain
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age groups behaviors of course because. all the older individuals and certainly people of a certain ages and those with conditions. been shielding themselves and so minimizing the social contacts whereas younger people have been continuing social contacts to a greater extent so there are many different factors that could translates could get that could feed into this observation and what would explain that those patients that we're talking about are not only younger but they're also getting more seriously ill does this have anything to do with the new variance. there's nothing conclusive at the moment in terms of the sort of analysis of this but these are very difficult studies to can. ducked properly and robustly so i'm not confident that we will get a good answer to this the you know they're all there all changes happening in viruses the variants do have mutations in them it is possible that they increase
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1st victory at sea and therefore generate more more particles that may. cause great it's these and people who previously would have been less impacted it may induce different types of antibody or cell responses which may contribute to damaging inflammation as a result of the infection there are many possibilities as to why. younger individuals on now observed to become. sick and potentially more sick than they used to and of course i mean you hinted at it it also has to do with behavior and the 1st symptoms of an infection very often they can easily be mistaken for a common cold and people younger people and i'm talking about people who are up to 40 and 50 who go to where. they're at in such an age you don't expect to get that ill do you think that they simply wait too long before they get help.
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but it's possible. that certain individuals who are younger feel that they are not going to get worse and they've been when that is the problem part of the plot of the sort of rhetoric or the sort of narrative around 19 was that young people don't get ill they don't die that that's fairly broken we knew that the 1st wave. last year even that young people do get ill they do to young children can get sick and have severe disease so there's no absolutes and the other problem is of course you need to know what the denominator is how many people are infected in that age group and that's really quite difficult to understand because many people don't have testing so to actually accurately understand what the percentage of infection is in that age group is extremely difficult. and finally man what are the implications. both the health sector because younger people tend to be physically stronger which means they stay longer in intensive care in order to hopefully get well again and
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what does it mean for society because we're talking about people who are largely making up the workforce. yes again i think that we do need to remember the percentage of people who get severe disease in across age groups is still very small so most people who get infected will be fine you are seeing of course increasing cases of severe disease in young people but that's probably a reflection on the fact that there is a lot of transmission going on in that age group and the fact that they're not box and it's so i do believe but extending vaccination to younger age groups is a priority. i think that's clear because of course the number of productive years life lost potentially from young people dying is very significant and these things need to be taken into consideration and i have professor gupta from cambridge university thank you so much. time for your questions now and it's over to our science correspondent. why should people who've
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already had covert 19 also be vaccinated aren't they protected as your body fights off a pathogen that forms what's known as an immunological memory of the disease various vaccines on the other hand deceive the immune system into forming this memory by faking an infection using a range of different tricks to do it in fact some back seems tricked the body so effectively they cause an even more powerful and lasting immunity to a pathogen then a naturally acquired infection. but several studies including one from january that's been cited quite a lot they indicate that naturally acquired immunity in most people who caught covert 19 appears pretty strong even months after recoveries so isn't that
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enough well there's a big if involved we still don't really know how long immune memory to sars kovi to will on average last and that goes for both vaccine induced and disease induced immunity both currently look good for at least 6 months and counting but but based on what we know about other coronaviruses there's a good chance immune memory will lapse over time which is why health care authorities recommend getting vaccinated even if you've recovered from carbonite because it's a safe way to refresh your immune memory and will hopefully lengthen the window of time you'll remain immune in fact a few. studies have shown that in people who recovered from cope with 19 even a single dose of vaccine all thing boosts antibody response beyond what the 2
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doze taxing regime causes in people who have never had it so it should make you even less prone to get the disease again at least in the short to medium term. and that's it for today thanks for watching stay safe. the economy.
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in. scotland is at a crossroads and main parts of britain believe going to. be joining the e.u. no safe place is dividing the country and entire families in the run up to the elections the debate is heating up. on. lens quest for independence. focus on europe. in 30 minutes on t.w. . entered the conflict zone with 0 challenge last year germany was seen as
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a role model in fighting the coronavirus pandemic now a 3rd wave is hitting the country hard and therefore the party is slipping ahead of the temporal actions as germany for paris to move on from merkel in what face just to be a party and her country my guest this week is your good heart spokesperson for the conservatives parliamentary group conflicts of. human w. w our they. will have to say matters to us. that's why i listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d
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this is. from u.s. president joe biden delivers his 1st speech to a joint session of congress and sets out america's return to the politics of international corporations saying no one nation can succeed alone. also coming up. piers in public for the 1st time since the russian opposition leader. month long hunger strike. india sets another world record in delhi new coronavirus cases pushing its health system far be.


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