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tv   Back to Chernobyl  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2021 11:15am-12:00pm CEST

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on our website s t w dot com coming up next we got a documentary for you following a group of survivors of the churn noble nuclear disaster as they visit their former home which is now a ghost city in terry marsh thanks watch. you feel worried about the planets. to. me of how some people on the green fence post cost and so many of simply remains. join me for a deep dive into the green transformation from a producer for the council. but
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i mean. i want to have. i have. a car when i want. to. get good. avoiding a present. for the accident or rather the catastrophe that took place was the
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biggest technological disaster in human history. the accident affected all of ukraine and all of the systems in russia and the u.s. says the loser goes on torture and other countries to do. so good so in my opinion with the people who contains the damage actually saved the whole world at. the deals my devoted my life to building power stations in nuclear reactors. with.
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the chernobyl reactor was the last i've built. you're. right. i knew bush i knew. for many years i tried to forget it it was
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a childhood trauma and i didn't tell anyone about it. but i'm still afraid. it still haunts me that the sound that you shot in. 'd the chernobyl disaster still affects people. people who are suffering through for dealing with only serious people who are dying of. heat but they have since i came back the doctors did their best to help me. here till. i had 2 strokes here and so the blood vessels in my head were damaged by the accident the food room almost.
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severed therefore it haunts me alive one night philonous horrible memories of chernobyl come to me and i can't fall asleep because it keeps haunting me every day as monk the whole road. to your. map left paris proud. and i fear. for her i have run a matter of burden on her but i think all right i am not going to happen i am right . have grabbed. the youngster got a son of mine come to the book and so on the day of the disaster. i woke up in the morning when it was a friday and i had school that day and a kid of the day i went to school as usual but on the go and you don't see them but on the way to school last a lot of ambulances and machines washing the streets with some chemical some kind
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of foam at the mosque or said it looked like snow all over the street. it was foam a chemical this was unusual but they usually just used water. in their classic focus at the moment. that was peculiar. and when i got there no one was around the school was closed and i didn't understand why. there was no announcement that there was no school no and you were. in libya and when i got to school the door was closed because there was no one outside there's so much going on i stood there for a few minutes and knocked on the door. then they opened the door and they let me here. i went to my classroom and saw kids they are. some were crying because their parents were on duty at the reactor that night and they didn't
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come home. to the cooler. in the hospital but. richard numbers. i only found out about the accident at the turn noble station 3 or 4 days later when they had to tell the whole world about it but from where they should have been there for a peep in the mirror because the radiation had already reached sweden your answer therefore i was appalled with the sheer. i'm really sure if we all had no idea about it neither the army nor the civilians. movies of. there was a call the roof of reactor 4 is on fire. the station was secured by a military firefighting unit and i presume that if a nuclear station is on fire that's the biggest emergency there is and was the beautifully. the 1st to arrive were to fire fighting units who were a 5 minute drive away and they went right to work to be
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a remind me and i couldn't they were the 1st ones to make it to the reactor. every single one of them divested you. can you just see to do good to rig them from within you could of course all the people working there they were so horrible. none of them survived obviously none of them survived. and you look i don't know when i slept for the 1st time might die when we ate for the 1st time. i hear i can't remember i only remember the young men the soldiers coming in with. me and we thought it was going to the helicopter. or was. 0 where is he going that's all we could think of me with on the look how you did none of us knew what to do you thought we didn't know what you want radiation was one of us had ever seen such a thing it was like we were at. war so tragic so horrific
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a ship. one of the so many people i'm so much chaos there were people on the floor but it's so many people everywhere if for how you have city are you under siege. yes nozzles are also i knew the reactor had exploded and that radiation began to spread all around into the air yet to who it was when radiation rises in the air it's like detonating an atomic bomb the shockwave collapsed the reactor roof and destroyed the reactor which as you know made the graphite fly all the way to reactor 3 and there was graphite everywhere else. which it didn't work that's got some of the night between april 25th and 26th i was operations commander
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of the brigade. we are forced to stay out pretty bored and i had a whole control room with instruments but our instruments didn't show anything because they didn't show that the radiation was increasing so we didn't know one thing work we ensure your good sense was that when we went outside we saw that around the puddles left by the rain some substance that accumulated in the door. i figured naturally that it was pollen from the surrounding trees. here. a friend gave it to pixie i actually think it was nuclear fallout that you were pregnant or addicted person not at the time we thought it was a color guard and the truth is neither original a chair nor the brigade commanders told us there had been an accident and the reactor. you said should do nothing i don't show up for those live at least for.
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the foreman found me and told me to move out so i went. i had no idea the situation was so bad that the radiation level was so hard with them those who knew who said anything everything was top secret somewhere we were the greatest country we had to catch up with and beat america and so on and we were good. enough not to get by on the government gave us no information nothing on the radio or t.v. only room a song and iraq's more sinister there was a malfunction or look on some said there was an explosion a fire in the market of the flat earth but we had no idea what happened you know that's another given no information so we decided to go ourselves and see what was happening other than a clock on the back of a little. mockery. my father took all the kids for kids. my mom was busy at home. and we went to the stadium and prepared. it was
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a fairly open space and we could see the reactors from there was so much better with the town and i assume because it was daytime i could really see the flames as you noted but i saw the smokes. crack smoke coming out. and i saw lots of helicopters and planes on cars and military men on the way to the reactor ships of our show you but it was then that we realized punish disaster had occurred to us on . the previous should know when we got to try to be sent me straight to city hall. it city hall they told me your mission is to check vehicles and prevent any disorder
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shouting disturbances and so on near the skirts this pretty secure the area over the but what does that mean. and with means we check vehicles going in and out of the greek escort of buses carrying the evacuated people and children of the abuser and we caught looters. we're supposed old enough to be assisted me is the to me free of requests here locally want to do it of. the news a creditor that's never been put into its own lives and has its get a girl i only remember being in prepared and nothing before that and also my home life began there. you know that if i went to kindergarten and school there i grew up there until the disaster happened. all the families living in tallinn had
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something to do with the reactor some work there some worked in town in the schools but they all had some connection that it was the town's whole purpose. i knew. there were plenty of our families and most of them had many children. and because of that we have lots of kindergartens and schools. and you know to look at that i was in 3rd grade in the morning i went to elementary school and around no i went to art school record label certainly one minute. i had lots of friends there are sort of it was a wonderful life you could even call that perfect. i didn't see what was happening around here right maybe it was just because i was a child that's how i remember it. it was a special town i have heard of that there go our. march from.
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columbus to be luxury should not be a woman in labor came and squat she was giving birth so we took care of her very much before that the same woman who was married to a fireman still don't have balcony and watched the reactor explode i had been in constant contact with the radiation for 24 hours she knew. and when the baby came out. it was black. jordan of a theater. that was the 1st incident which took a pic but a few hours later another girl in labor came and she gave birth but the baby was dead serious she then will you please listen me after that all the pregnant women at every stage of pregnancy were called in for emergency examinations. and when they were all examined which was done very quickly because time was of the essence the initial time you determined to live and to die i brought the belief blog home
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sustained i knew the women were in a terrible state. the glasses but i was to repair a vine be given this what we saw inside with all the features list it was exactly like in the books. the to stop all the heart defects the eye is the limit lucky but what you see are within just a few hours all those babies were contaminated. with $36.00 women at all stages of pregnancy and it went on for a night or a bit longer. maybe a bit longer has not was a good knowledge which that's how we dealt with the problem should you wish. it was the most to reflect day of my life the book which instruction indeed i wish i could raise it will be a good deal of which despite use. by
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i have put it there more later that evening soldiers went to all the houses and told us he's allowed to prepare to leave and. we never thought we'd live in forever but they told us it will last 4 days and i am under they told us to take only casual clothes by going on a picnic or camping and i tend to get a new song and we thought we were leaving because they said there were things they had to do want to thank you cleanse the town so everyone had to leave that would be
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gone for 4 days and then come back so we took nothing with us by and move us closer to the like a house from the lord and he pretty much people didn't know where they were going through what was happening for washington new york they didn't take any closer possessions. i heard them crying screaming was that disappear imagine leaving all your possessions behind soon as you stated that through the drug everything and they take you somewhere you have no idea where but that isn't the thing is most productive of those don't know where they're taking you. through this magical devers you don't know what's going to happen when years later still boarded some money that was the 1st day attributed with the 2nd stage was.
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living. with everybody. different arnie. lerma.
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that was the worst thing that had ever happened to me. a song that a guy had a crisis. of activists from his bet my life was torn into hi i'm sitting in the corner snack. v. f our dr lloyd long this is my house the other 3
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it's a very low haven't been here in 33 years. my children grew up here sort of limited little we spent the best years of our lives here for a lot schimmel living with a. few.
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they're very good about 3 years old when i 1st entered the zone they put a mask on me on my face about 20 kilometers from the station. drops of 3 should go on me afterwards and i wore that mask all day. and that was on the 1st day that i do that so that the fear of the g. 8 knocked out always on the 2nd day i didn't wear a mask when i entered the zones only when i went up on the roof you almost were to come up with a mile from the curb not crazy and where is it you on the 3rd day i only wore it when i was actually on the roof of the workshop and sometimes on the roof i take it off so i could smoke there now explain why but again you can you read you meet the enemy is invisible you could you be it has no flavor of smell or form so people were afraid they're going to throw her quick. knees but we didn't realize at
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the time what it could eventually cause. when you've been in my room. where you keep working. for 3 of the mercury vigil later i saw the results when people i had worked with started dying skimmer of what they could not or what we weren't afraid after that the cord that will build that was solution. do i do you know i heard about 2 generals that matter who are in charge of the platoon i was working near the reactor. in the orange forest region restorer is you know what the orange forest is vision this one was walking toward the forest green you the other toward the reactor. and they started talking you study gaudi there was a puddle by the path that you had you know one of them stepped into the puddle and they always carried radiometers he tested the 1st of them and the radiometer showed
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200 the puddle measured 200 and they sent him straight home only stood there for 10 minutes one foot in a puddle was all it took it should. know that the radiation had struck many people choose to live with us and by then it was felt in other countries too she learned in finland in poland in italy even. is not just did a bunch of wisdom people she did more of a chav gave a speech on may 14th will end on may 15th there was a government meeting where it was decided to charge our bureau with the task of building a protective structure over the reactor that exploded and the people nicknamed the structure of the sarcophagus as well as a couple. took
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videos from the supreme for me should be the route that period before they finished the sarcophagus which was a protective structure because you love room one carries a reactor you gave off a massive amount of nuclear emissions which will cover an area where not millions. you're going to write tens of millions live you still need to show communal. but almost up must. there is no. need to have good natural functions like the wind carried not just the nuclear fallout from the explosion but also the contaminated dirt and sand that those rebels are actual it was a huge catastrophe the devil is listen they get us through. egypt they will still look up in order to reduce the nuclear fallout yeah it was decided
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to stop trying to extinguish it with water you understand why it was a blast of it sneered at the instead it was decided to cover the reactor with sand so i'm no way in the was there look there that much for this they put together a special brigade of military helicopter pilots who drop sacks of sand and lead around the reactor to reduce the nuclear fallout that the mean should loose with the seal. but it didn't need to be usable down in. the next. 3 years because that specific relief was a robot or prefer the neutralization process robots were used which were brought
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from japan and germany are very pretty rigid door for she resumed a few. here when they brought them there apparently they didn't tell the engineers about the radiation levels on the roof for 3 storage locker bertram who. when they activated the robots on the roof they started working. on the richard you live through here i deny your one robot fell off the roof because it lost control. but your movement was from for trivial to reach. at the bureau but. i mean that was just the robots rear we were living human beings who work and absorbed all that radiation read your short periods of time granted corrupter for all but they called us bio robots nothing really bureau. here all the. time to get new more work in places where the robots couldn't do the
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job the bio wrote much did it it would be people had to do it to deal it sure there was no time to find another solution. they made every effort not to endanger human lives but nothing else could be done with asleep a star yet seen moving there was no other solution and sure yes the world of the robot simply didn't work you see when you have a band we were very frightened by your interactions you. know the moon ability operation of pumping out the water and removing the nuclear waste around the station had to be done quickly at that it had to be raked out with a shovel. i meant by hand. in your community are there members for you to recruit from go or do you work
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harder than we came out on the roof they'd say there's a graphite rod it has to be removed if you are new but that was you could always redo it was impossible to measure the radiation levels or the graphite rods the richer they were far beyond what our instruments could measure be it would have used to drive central them to suitably good although we worked in short chips we had to work in typical conditions and near the reactors them some of them for. our distance from the reactor determined how much radiation we absorbed says so we used monitors in the kapiti and at the end of the day we saw that they'd absorbed an almost lethal amount of radiation yeah you'd have to call that place on. the. floor. move for my remark original since there was some sort sure we sent 800 men to the
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roof every day through it's already. pushed further well and it was due to put on lead aprons and went straight on to the roof where they used shovels to break the waste and dump it into the reactor below us. for the 2nd their time was up they were ordered off the roof for the welcome of the midwinter came through and then they'd come down and go change clothes while the next 20 men went out on purpose to get there were discovered to remember the moments for the others and this process was repeated nonstop butterfly you desperately were. on. live you felt his room come up to our doors we were instructed that the man could
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take a maximum dose of 11 can it work very soon if you're on board for a provider it was very similar to this amount of radiation determine how long the soldiers were allowed to stay on the roof or your mom has to work the fisheries board for a web producer going to remember her junior mt creature sort of mumble a promotion were present we continued working as we saw fit and did as much as we could without absorbing the neck some amount of radiation growth for. what they. knew there was a young man a firefighter. i don't remember his last name. was a young man and he was diagnosed with level 3 radiation you know some systems face was badly ventilation just his face but since he had a high dose of radiation he had other symptoms to kimi. to me as you
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face was covered in burns on those 2 dots you were in the finals he looked at me leave the door in the mean yes my d.d. please. help me somehow god. i remember what i told him. everything will be all right. let's hope for the best. you can you know and he replied. can you tell my mother that. at that his he was eyes were like in the best of the total but at the same time there was a ray of hope i'm told that was rushed i didn't tell his mother anything miami janja i knew he wouldn't survive i can use the.
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militia and soon there was just a look here the accident affected all of ukraine she says there's a noise at all the systems in russia and the u.s.s.r. for good q. and other countries too so in my opinion with the people who contains the damage actually saves the whole world really so more and more the school and all the people who blocked off the burning reactor with their own body back to the authority of the sort of prefer those who built this account for guests did it at the expense of their health it was little you. can make your midriff with all their work you have to understand they treated us as living materials for those. who thought it would cost us the liquidators our lives really for the time. where material goods or we were the living material supplied
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by the induction centers and they are matters. sure nobody had a better noble there were 3 special units and representatives of every military region there were u.s.s.r. figure for you here they all had no choice but to work to contain the radiation coming from the reactor for me to judge for liquid that's. natural a lot of people would how many i want to say she said before exulting the sarcophagus alone involved over half a 1000000 people for volume 600000. milledge you know there were 12 districts with $50000.00 per district. but they couldn't make them work $24.00 seventh's or on 8 hour shifts. they worked as much as the radiation allowed. new through some went up for 3 minutes they raked dumped it and left. and that was that. is what sort of war they worked below for 2 hours when they had to prepare
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equipment of. people couldn't be kept in the area for over 2 hours. we were responsible for that is a huge loser but. the people who went through went through chernobyl you know but. they knew they had to carry out a national governmental mission that had been placed before them. the news the voice you can they believed it was their duty. if not me then who. someone had to do it it had to be done. how can anyone regret it. there was no time to think let alone her credit. we had to work to get the job done and. if you were used to it before you threw it liquidator had
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a child today they would be automatically designated a disaster victim of her child that he broke the issue with and you know for. sure we did get you the number of children in ukraine that would be designated as disaster victims is in the millions shrek 3 major one. to be a doctor to protect these are only those who were born afterwards but also those who were born there at the time of the accident right here in areas affected by the radiation out of a very very very. root . cause and you know has after that i hadn't been back to prepared since i didn't want to go back i
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was afraid to go and. it was all very traumatic for me. yamato have to.
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if the center is this the town square. is a culture hall is that it. was a girl where's the music school the i'd like to see the music school or do i study
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there get on with us. and this just isn't far we can walk it's just 100 meters from where some of them. is there's still radiation here. yes but it's low about one unit it's about one microsecond it in middle school what's the normal level green in ukraine and 0.3 but it's ok it isn't considered critical. this is all that's left of the concert hall dark this is the concert hall yes we have to come here often.
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a lot of that for him again and my sister took violin lessons here and she also performed in concerts. and i took painting courses so i sat in the audience when she performed on stage that's to play violin and you can either can order and . can talk i'm speechless. and i don't know. just a little it's funny it's a painful memory. you could win the good but no one could have been protected from all of it. in
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order to loosen mushed it's part of our lives and we can't escape it i've got the movie scene you've got the more. these people did a heroic deed. did they knew you could the recession you were they rewarded for it. nor does ashrawi high think they were simply forgotten. i knew. where you are because no one needs them now but the most i need she with you coming you mention me. when you're so sorry shrug when i delve into memories of the past few would and i recall the people who gave their lives those guys and remained anonymous. brutally nobody knows them that you would that's the truth or then you saw your dream and you can you can do it use now
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you no one's heard of them and they did a heroic deed you say they should by saving the lives of millions was this you knew of no war. menuhin the new g.
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this is the news live from berlin u.s. president joe biden delivers his 1st speech to a joint session of congress biden sets out to america's return to a politics of its national corporation saying no one nation can succeed alone. also coming off a gauntlet saying of all the appears in public for the 1st time since.


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