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yes that's in addition that deep down with undercover crisis in. stocks april as 11 u.t.c. and. this is news coming to you live from berlin u.s. president joe biden delivers his 1st speech to a joint session of congress he declares america is rising a new as the highlights of the progress made against the credit pandemic and unveils details of a $1.00 trillion dollars package for families and education also coming up india sets another world record in daily new coronavirus cases pushing its health system
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poor beyond its limits. 10 to germany's top court says the government's climate change goals fall short ruling that they are insufficient which in their emissions targets and threaten the rights of future generations. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. joe biden has pitched his proposal for what he calls a once in a generation investment in america in his 1st speech to congress as u.s. president he outlined sweeping plans to increase wages and invest in infrastructure to create more jobs he also stressed the need for the u.s. to reassert its place in the world saying it must show its adversaries that democracy still works.
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joe biden spent decades in the u.s. congress as a senator and he was back with an ambitious program that could see him becoming a transformational u.s. president. would be back. he began by drawing attention to the historic fact that for the 1st time ever the 2 people behind him where women madam speaker madam vice president i. thank. you. as never said those words from this podium no president ever said those words. then a grim summary of his 1st 100 days combined with a note of optimism 100 days since i took the oath of office and left in my hand off our family bible and heard of the nation we all did it was in crisis the
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worst pandemic of the century the worst economic crisis since the great depression . the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war now after just 100 days i can report to the nation america is the move again thank you for being a wide ranging vision of jobs prosperity and a new big government with big spending plans biden said he would pay for it all with higher taxes on corporations and the super rich continue the cycle growth things worse $20000000.00 americans lost their job in the pandemic. working the middle class americans at the same time. roughly 650000000000. saw their net worth increase by more than one trillion dollars in the same exact period my fellow americans trickle down. trickle down economics has never
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worked this time to grow the economy from the bottom in the middle out. on international policy biden focused on adversaries russia and china linking america's ability to conjure them to the success of his domestic policy agenda. america's movie. moving forward but we can't stop now. we're in competition with china and other countries to win the 21st century great inflection point in history. circumstances of biden's speech we're unlike any previous presidential address members of congress were mosques and were seated apart because of condiment restrictions. i well let's get some analysis of biden's speech down for that i'm joined by d.w. reporter stacey bivins good to see you stacey biden spoke about what he calls a blue collar blueprint to rebuild america what will that look like well what he
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says it will focus more on rewarding work and not just wealth and so he mentioned in the speech that there were about $55.00 major companies in the united states that paid no federal income tax and so he wants to change and he also wants to focus on people so as he said the bottom up so. focusing on the on the poor and the middle class and letting things grow from there economically so it's definitely a pivot away from ronald reagan. view of trickle down economics so it looks like jobs for more people and people who won't be left behind he mentioned people who feel like the who are afraid about the turn of the country and that they feel like they won't have a job many of these jobs you won't need a college education for and he's saying millions of jobs will be made through this program so it's interesting well that of course is raising expectations among americans to the president talked about his intention to tax the rich to raise the
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minimum wage to $15.00 an hour to make corporations pay their fair share as it were what are your chances of getting these policies through congress it's going to be work no question about it right after this speech and one of the leading. republicans and trump supporter senator ted cruz called the speech boring but radical but it's going to be hard for republicans to paint joe biden as a radical person when if you listen to the speech and you see the way they heed his demeanor the content might be progressive but the way that he presents himself is just like every man and so he's going to be going out on the road trying to sell his his plan and reaching out to republican governors republican mayors and republican voters to try to put some pressure on congress to get his plan through and it wasn't just domestic policy by it was focusing on a speech either in terms of foreign policy he said the u.s.
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is competing to win the 21st century and he do you know what he's talking about but he speaking in a phonecall of it america and us americans at least like talking about competition and so he's saying that the domestic policy that he set up will greatly influence the pull of the foreign policy so that americans will be able to compete more in a technology and technology and all these other fields where we're starting we're the u.s. is starting to fall behind in other nations are picking up so he's really trying to push the whole let's be great let's do the let's be competitive in order to get more support for his plan and finally the storming of the u.s. capitol on january 6th the mall there we saw there that shocked the world this how heavily does that weigh on this administration well i think it goes to show just how divided some of the country the country is and how there are certain elements that this administration is going to be hard for them to reach out to as we did
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mention it in his speech yeah and so it it's going to be hope it's going to be hard for him to reach out for those to those groups but unlike a lot of the other analysts who are telling the president you know you need to you know ignore these people she's working to try to bring them into the fold so she reported thank you so much. second look at some other stories making headlines around the world today russian opposition leader alexina body has appeared in public for the 1st time since ending in nearly a month long hunger strike the jailed kremlin critic appeared via video link for a legal hearing reporters inside the courtroom saying about me appears to have lost a significant amount of weight. police here in germany have detained a 51 year old woman on suspicion of killing 4 people at a home for the disabled in the city of potts near berlin a 5th person was found with serious injuries the exact details and circumstances
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are still unclear. and china has successfully launched a rocket into space carrying the 1st of 3 modules for its 1st ever permanent space station beijing hopes to have it completed by next year when finished it will rival the only other continuously manned vessel orbiting earth the international space station. india has set another global record in corona virus cases the rate of exponential growth there is vastly surpassing the spread of the virus anywhere else in the world as of the 6 the bay for all india reported more than 115000 new cases 10 days later earth daily cases surged to over 230000 now in the past 24 hours there have been nearly 380000 new infections. many say the true number could be much higher as india's health care system has become overwhelmed with seriously ill patients.
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19 walled in a hospital in delhi face hospital like so many full to overflowing medical staff stretched to the limit some falling ill with the disease themselves. in india's coronavirus emergency and here is another woman receives oxygen outside a sikh temple. she's not alone there's no room for these people in delhi's emergency wards relatives are left to cope with severely ill patients by themselves one woman describes a mother situation it's the one we sees having once been and now she is not really a bigger body for the looks infatuation was ill yesterday in the night it became 6 pm now it is. a long line outside the supply of people doing what they can to save their loved ones some get the oxygen they need. for there isn't enough
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to go around. saying go home and if someone is dying there then let them they have nothing to do with our pain they have no one in their house who's ill. the state of delhi is reporting one death from covert 19 every 4 minutes and the hospitals can't cope with the growing numbers of patients so the commission grounds are struggling to cope with the rising number of deaths. the funeral pyres a burning day and night. delhi is one hotspot of india's covert 1000 emergency maharashtra state in the city of mumbai is another here vaccination centers run out of supplies on wednesday india is one of the biggest producers of vaccines but it doesn't have enough to vaccinate the next 600000000 people who will become eligible for the job. that they're telling us that injections are not available as vaccines have not arrived i registered to come here 3 days ago i came all the way across the city and now they tell me so they've given
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me a helpline number and told me to try again tomorrow. also but. amid the 1st ration and suffering this 105 year old man his 95 year old wife has survived a covert 19 infection. the family says they want the story to give hope to others for many fighting the disease hope and prayer is a role they have to help them. germany's climate lall is insufficient that's the conclusion reached by the country's highest court it has ruled that the government must set goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2030 several environmental activists have argued that the current law threatens their futures because it doesn't go far enough judges have given the government until the end of next year to redefine its emissions targets.
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for more on this i'm joined now by our political correspondent and your call to tell us more about what the constitutional court said well the court's at that germany's current climate protection law it's not extensive enough when it comes to the time after trying to teach the law as it is right now or blix has suggested government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent by 2030 compared to the level it's off 990 the cause however assess that it does not define in enough detail what can be done to reduce to further reduce those emissions as of that time saying that it puts too much of the burden on the younger generations and as we just heard that complaint was filed mainly by young people who fear that they are futurists of steak because of for example rising sea levels so what the court did today is it ruled that the german german government has to come up with
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a plan on how to reduce emissions after 2030 and it has to do so by the end of next year. so germany has cut itself as a pioneer in fighting climate change on you but the the government's plans apparently don't go far enough to the. well it is a blow for the grand coalition here and valiant you could say one way to look back at the climate protection law was passed in 2019 of the months and months of negotiations between on the markets conservative c.d.u. and the s.p.d. and of course this court ruling is casting a shadow over i'm going to marco it's legacy as chancellor let's not forget it's her last the term in office germany's heading to the polls later this year and recent polls show that. c.v. you on the greens are running neck to neck so this court ruling might have implications on the election campaign here in germany. thank you very much should
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be a political correspondent and you call. we'll have more news for you at the top of the hour meanwhile you can follow it all that is news information on our website that's d.w. dot com coming up next we got a documentary for you following a group of survivors of the church noble nuclear disaster as they visit their former home which is now a ghost city. mark thanks for watching. that group. you feel worried about the planet. today. on the other coast of the on the grief from sports and so many it's clear remains. join me for a deep dive into the green transformation from a tribute to the council.


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