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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2021 8:00am-8:15am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from u.s. president joe biden delivers his 1st speech to a joint session of congress he declares america is rising a new as he highlights the progress made against the current pandemic and unveils details of a $1.00 trillion dollars package for families and education also coming up. as india sets another world record in new coronavirus cases pushing its health system far beyond its limits we speak to a volunteer working on the front lines of the pandemic.
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hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us joe biden has pitched his proposals for what he calls a once in a generation investment in america and his 1st speech to congress says u.s. president he outlined sweeping plans to increase wages and create more jobs he also stressed the need for the u.s. to reassert its place in the world saying it must show its adversaries that democracy still works listen to what he had to say. we all know life can knock us down but in america we never ever ever stay down americans always get up today that's what we're doing america's rising to do choosing hope over fear truth over lies and light over darkness after 100
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days of rescue and renewal america is ready for takeoff in my view we're working again dream meeting again discovering again and leading the world again we've shown each other and the world that there's no quit in america none. joe biden there addressing the joint houses of congress for the 1st time let's get some analysis of biden's speech in from but i'm joined by d.w. reporter stacey good morning. so i just spoke about what he called a blue collar blueprint to rebuild america what does that look like for him jobs he says millions of jobs and not make people feel like they're being left behind so they're going to be jobs that focus on green energy so you have more people that are engineers working but he also promised to have jobs where people who don't have a college degree or they don't have an associates degree will they would be able to
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work and it's also a transformative plan because they deviate away from the way the u.s. has been you know condition to run at least since reagan where it's the supply side economics trickle down economics where there is more of a focus on business as opposed to individual people and families biden says we need to blow that up we need to start from the bottom to the middle and then expand it out so there's more of a focus on regular people and changing the way that we've done things for so long in the united states ok a very strong democratic sort of platform we're hearing the president talked about his intention to tax the rich essentially raise the minimum wage make corporations pay their fair share as he put it but will 1st policies really get through congress well if i knew that i would not next year well yeah like i said the plan is
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transformative and the big struggle that biden has within his own party there are democrats like jeff mentioned out of virginia believe it is that is more what they call a blue dog democrat so he's more conservative and so in order to persuade him to mention to go along with this biden's going to have to show that he is going through the process that means. really negotiating with republicans and meeting with them and. letting the people know the bill voters know that he is in fact a president who is leading based off of his platform what he said he was going to do which is working across the aisle and then yes you have the republicans who you know are dragging their feet. and when you look at what happened with when it was the obama biden administration that's kind of what they did they ran out the clock there wasn't really a push to really get things done and they haven't been very cooperative so for him
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i don't know and so i think that's what you see in joe biden his instinct is to negotiate and also knows that he needs to get things done and he wants to have a strong lead of his legacy left behind foreign policy also figured in his speech biden said the u.s. is competing to win the 21st century and you know do you know what he might mean by that well i think what he said was that his domestic policy is part of the foreign policy so if we invest in infrastructure not just roads but the internet technology then we're a stronger nation and we we would be able to compete is what he's saying. and the decision he's saying that the u.s. is pivoting away from the trump administration which we've already seen so he wants to work on you know the on the climate and be a leader in that so he wants to be able to work with our allies but then also work
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with nations that have been having problems with like china and russia. and but also be able to have a strong hand when it's necessary so i say thanks so much for that was the reporter stacey. catch up on some of the stories making headlines around the world today former new york mayor rudy giuliani's home and office and have been rated. stepp shows us federal agents or ramping up the investigation into his ukrainian business dealings lawyer former president donald trump has been under scrutiny for several years. police here in germany have detained a 51 year old woman on suspicion of killing 4 people at a home for the disabled in the city of near berlin a 5th person was found with serious injuries the exact events and circumstances are still unclear. china has successfully launched a rocket into space carrying the 1st of 3 modules for
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a new space station beijing hopes to complete its new permanent station by next year when finished it will rival the only other continuously manned vessel orbiting earth the international space station. india has such another global record in coronavirus cases reporting almost 380000 new infections in the last day medical aid from abroad has started arriving in the country but hospitals are still struggling with shortages of staff and supplies including oxygen india's health care system is so overwhelmed that many patients are being turned away. a covert 19 walled in a hospital in delhi face hospital like so many full to overflowing medical staff stretched to the limit some falling ill with the disease themselves reality in india's coronavirus emergency and here is another woman receives oxygen outside
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a sikh temple. she's not alone there's no room for these people in delhi's emergency wards relatives are left to cope with severely ill patients by themselves one woman describes a mother situation. it's the one we tease. and now she is not really a big deal for the looks infatuation was. yesterday in the night it became 60 and now we get. a long line outside the supply of people doing what they can to save their loved ones some get the oxygen they need. for there isn't enough to go around. saying go home and if someone is dying there then let them they have nothing to do with our pain they have no one in their house who's ill. the state of delhi is reporting one death from covert 19 every 4 minutes and the hospitals can't cope with the growing numbers of patients so the cremation grounds
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are struggling to cope with the rising number of deaths. the funeral pyres a burning day night. delhi is one hot spot of india's covert 1000 emergency maharashtra state in the city of mumbai is another here vaccination centers run out of supplies on wednesday india is one of the biggest producers of vaccines but it doesn't have enough to vaccinate the next 600000000 people who will become eligible for the job. that they're telling us that injections are not available as vaccines have not arrived i registered to come here 3 days ago i came all the way across the city and now they tell me so they've given me a helpline number and told me to try again tomorrow. well now amid the frustration and suffering this 105 year old man and his 95 year old wife has survived a covert 1000 infection. the family says they want that story to give hope to
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others for many fighting the disease hope and prayers are all they have to help them. we're joined now by seeing carr a volunteer working in people's hand the people's health movement in the ne out thanks for being with us or tell us what your volunteer groups like yours doing to help. thank you so much gary for having me so what one until groups are going centrally is filling the intimation gap that currently exists so as we know there are shortages of if you think from bad still oxygen to you know be able to even access a large if you see our guest and it is really more useful patients don't know what is available where the government has set up an online portal disseminate such information but unfortunately this is not injured many times it is not. and so that is the gap the volunteer groups are filling by one providing to mission to people
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helping them access you know finding out bad beds not available getting. patients access ambulances to get there and providing you know sometimes even emotional support to families what are the main problems that you are seeing right now in dealing with this pandemic. i think the biggest problems have to seem right now is the shortages of medical care i mean unfortunately there's been very little foresight in preparing for the pandemic and as a result we don't have enough hospitals we don't have enough beds we don't have enough oxygen we don't have enough medicines and now it doesn't unfortunately ality they don't you know that i think who resort to black marketing to profit from even disasters and human suffering so we are seeing a lot of black marketing of oxygen and medicines which is leading are going to shortages you know off essential supplies so the biggest challenges are not being
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able to i mean and even for people like corn there are so many patients who haven't been able to even teach hospitals and their studies i mean largely on the water and are currently being able to access even telemedicine concentrations online is a big problem. this is a desperate situation of course so what kind of emotional toll is this taking on you and your fellow volunteers. i mean you know in doesn't have it elise testone psychosocial co that's really not something that we have ever focused on you know for decades and therefore there's no support for volunteers who are dealing with patients not of the volunteers are young and they have not done this kind of case work before and you know they have patients who have died on them as they've been trying to help patients have died just to hospital in waiting it hasn't all and of course you know given the large systemic shortages been given evil comes to us particularly the most difficult cases and seeing people die having
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bill emotionally support families and feeling like you you know let your couldn't do enough i think is very very distressing at the moment and it is leading to all it is leading to a sense of hopelessness and she thought about the current situation and some people watching this might be wondering what they themselves could do to help what sort of advice would you offer them. i think. you know one of the things that people can do is reach out to your indian friends who are not all in germany because i mean a lot of them would have family here are who would i don't be called or not positive or you know would be living in that field so i would see trying to provide that emotional support to them a lot of indians would also know all of that if i do sauces and organizations and groups to which one can donate and i think particularly we need to be supporting organizations that are providing oxygen for free that are providing ambulances to patients and that after live in delhi concentrations to patients don't talk in
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those missions one are trying to set up beds. in the car volunteering in delhi thank you very much thank you so much. and here's just a quick roundup of some other developments in the pandemic biotechs co-founder says he's confident that his company's vaccine works against the variance of the corona virus the 1st emerged in india the e.u. has accused beijing and moscow of state sponsored disinform ation campaigns against western developed coated 19 vaccines while promoting their own and europe has now recorded more than 50000000 corona virus infections that represents about one 3rd of total global cases. and champions league football manchester city scored 2 goals in the 2nd half to defeat paris sensor mount 21 in their 1st semifinal match in paris p.s.g. open the scoring with a header by mark in us in the 15th minute but after the break kevin to broil. has
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each scored to give manchester city the advantage heading into the 2nd leg between the 2 on may 4th in manchester england. business is coming up next i'm terry martian thanks for watching.


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