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communication on the country how can the rest of the well how work can be done for the people and how can india bring the situation under control a special edition of d.w. news on the coronavirus crisis in india starts april 30th at 11 u.t.c. on d.w. . this is g.w. news and these are our top stories joe biden has delivered his 1st speech as u.s. president to the joint houses of congress biden highlighted progress made against the current virus pandemic and unveiled the details of a $1.00 trillion dollars package for families and education i've also stressed the need for the u.s. to reassert its place in the world both economically and politically. police in germany say a 51 year old woman has been detained on suspicion of killing 4 people at
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a hospital in the city of pottstown near berlin a 5th person was found with serious injuries a police spokesman said the victims showed signs of external external violence the exact events and circumstances are still unclear. in this pub in 1000 death toll has passed 200000 delhi of parties have been forced to take drastic measures during the country's 2nd wave hospitals continue to face immense pressures and supply shortages from a tory ans are building makeshift funeral pyres as the city runs out of space to bury the dead. the city w. news from berlin you can get much more news on our website w dot com. if. you are. almost 100 days ago joe biden moved into the white house since then the
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president has become known as the man with a plan 3 plans from fighting covert 19 to rebuilding infrastructure to shoring up american families all domestic and all costly with a combined price tag of $6.00 trillion dollars but this is not america 1st by any means president biden has also rejoined the paris climate agreement given iran's nuclear talks a restart and he's called the russian president a killer tonight we examine what joe biden has done in his 1st days as president has he kept his word to the world is america really back on brink often berlin this is the day. or if you god help you go congratulations mr president the i'm going to act and act fast i described by this point it's president be as well to at least.
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make study progress joe biden the radicals it is a bit strange that they are already they are already going through far he has in my judgment gone full local reach them i'm usually hard very but i get by fully feeling a very important lesson that not all politicians learned which is to. under promise and over deliver. also coming up fighting the pandemic alaska style how americans northern state is leading the way in banks and aiding communities that could not be more remote than its inhabitants is a lock to an airport for alaska's health care providers and for the people who live here it's often the only chance to get that jab that can end a year of isolation from the. to our viewers
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on p.b.s. in the united states into all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with the foreign policy of u.s. president joe biden tougher greener and even meaner than the world was expecting if anyone thought joe biden would put the restoration of america's role in the world on the back burner while he deals with domestic issues they were in for a big disappointment from the start biden has taken a hard line with america's main rivals he has refused to lift sanctions on iran as a condition for restarting nuclear talks trade tariffs on china are still in place and u.s. diplomats have visited taiwan biden impose new sanctions on russia for interference in the 2020 alexion is and when asked if he considered russian president vladimir putin to be a killer he said without hesitation i do biden said there would be consequences for saudi arabia after u.s. intelligence concluded the saudi crown prince had been responsible for the murder of a u.s. journalist and critics point out that they are still waiting to see the consequences
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candidate biden promised to bring america back has president biden kept his word he used chief international editor richard walker has this report. during the trump years the u.s. embassy here in berlin was like a fortress of america 1st led by a loyalist who lived and breathed that mantra now it's all changed and joe biden has a very different message for the world let's break it down. america is back 1st of all a slogan biden has been saying over and over america is back the transatlantic alliance is back sure enough the 1st visit by a biden official to berlin was something of a love in defense secretary lloyd austin tore up donald trump's plan to cut american troops in german bases and even announced an increase but while america is
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back is resonating here in europe in afghanistan it's the opposite biden has ordered u.s. troops to pull out this september many afghans now fear a taliban takeover biden always says that he is with the people of afghanistan they have a low to the american and nato forces control for 20 years and by withdrawing unconditionally from of congress and the people there are being abandoned that afghan move could backfire for biden but he seems to have bigger fish to fry like russia and china his next message is for them america is tough i'll ask march 18th biden's top diplomats use their 1st meeting with their chinese counterparts to call them out on a litany of issues sions wrong hong kong taiwan cyber attacks on the united states' economic coercion toward our us it was a 1st taste of the tough line that biden wants to show on china but is far from
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clear how effective it will be in changing beijing's mind on any of those issues biden also has moscow in his sights imposing sanctions over a range of complaints and even calling flatty me a putin a killer. in a t.v. interview something that seems to have hit a nerve i think that really crossed a red line and even the fiercest critics of the kremlin will usually criticize the government here but not the president and if they do then they're kind of they know that they're crossing a thing about y. and that it's a bit more dangerous to do so the lines are drawn with both russia and china but biden is still holding out hope of cooperating with them on some issues as part of his message number 3 america is green one of his 1st acts as president biden signing an order to rejoin the paris agreement on climate change biden has even claimed a leadership role in this hosting a virtual summit with russia and china present and announcing plans to cut u.s.
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emissions who commitments is perhaps the biggest reversal of all from the denial of the trump era but is it really enough of us with the historical climate that the earth the rest of the world to clear those countries are just. that it would have to have far greater emissions cuts than what's currently being put on the table so after $100.00 days what can we say america is greener but not as green as it could be america's projecting toughness but we don't know whether it's going to lead america maybe back for some but not so much for others but however all of this shakes out it's certainly a change from america 1st. there was w.'s chief international editor richard walker reporting there aren't let's take the story now to washington d.c. my 1st guest tonight is tory tell 6 she's research director for the project on europe and the transatlantic relationship at harvard university's kennedy school of government tory it's good to have you on the program again when joe biden was
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campaigning he said one of the most important things for him as president would be to restore america's leadership role in the world has he done there. so this is something that will take time but i think president by his meet a number of early that's in restoring america's leadership around the world and let's just look at some of the actions of the administration has already taken he has rejoined the pair's climate of course he has rejoined the united states and the world hunger disease and he has made strengthening alliances and partnerships a central feature of u.s. foreign policy and this is ministration is also taking a number of stances to strengthen america's moral leadership in the world speaking out strongly against beijing that actions against leader muslims and she john putin's jailing opposition leader lexan are calling it these are again important early steps but there is no doubt that this will take time we heard many times that former u.s. president donald trump guarded the u.s.
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state department in terms of expert personnel. can biden can he restored and repair that kind of damage in just one presidential term well he certainly set out to do just that and secretary of state tony blinken has made elevating and promoting career foreign service officers a key element of his leadership the state department after they get important action we can point to is the announcement of a new cheap diversity and inclusion at the center at the state department which is going to try to address them pretty systemic issues of the lack of diversity conclusion inclusion at the state department that go back from beyond prior to president terms time what about the relationship with europe i mean has that relationship just snapped back after being strained by donald trump and is there muscle memory that biden is relying on here. yes it's
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a great question i don't think there are any illusions on either side that this relationship can go back to a previous era for 8 years ago and that's because the challenges we face today are different so i think the administration has an appreciation for these new challenges and acknowledgement that we need to work together on evolving new challenges whether they be from china russia new technologies democratic backsliding climate change again the challenges we face are different in this relationship needs to adapt to meet them and we know that president biden has not budged at all in his opposition to the nord stream to natural gas pipeline connecting russia and germany germany remains committed to this pipeline do we have a problem there this is certainly a different difficult issue for the administration for european partners to deal with president biden has me clear that he opposes the plate line and secretary of
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state lincoln has said that this is a bad deal and the administration also and this is significant pressure from congress to impose further sanctions i'm here peon entities to stop the construction of the pipeline which is almost done i think moving forward this is going to be an issue for the u.s. and europe also because the united states used this as a geo political challenge the pipeline would circumvent pretty pretty created a difficult position and enhance russia's leverage over europe so this is a sticky problem and it's what time is only getting tighter the the greens here in germany they they could have a major election victory coming up in september we know that they are against nord stream to they are much tougher would be much tougher they say on china and russia then chancellor merkel has ever been would president biden would he be happy to see a green german government. yeah i think there are a lot of positive aspects of the greens foreign policy platforms exactly on this
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issue as you mentioned that i did united states and if i do ministration is going to look to work with germany provided to see what the coalition government looks like come september elections germany is a key partner for the united states and europe is the most powerful country in europe and regardless of who is that how of the government after chancellor merkel the united states is going to look to partner it's all right it's tory thompson research director for the project on europe and the transatlantic relationship at harvard university tory it's good to have you back on the show we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you. well when joe biden took office in january the pandemic was ravaging many parts of the united states on the day of biden's inauguration 4380 people in the u.s. lost their lives to cope with 19 now almost 100 days and almost 220000000 vaccines shots later the picture is
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a very different one just yesterday the centers for disease control said for vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks outside but the end of the pandemic in the u.s. is still a long way off and vaccine hesitancy is a problem nearly half of republicans say they do not plan to get back sinning. it is a challenge to reach the minds of all people it is also a challenge to reach the most remote remote parts of america to offer the back seat . of her salad just returned from alaska the final frontier of america's vaccinates sion dr good evening to you all of you good evening brant. well certainly alaska is one of the most remote places in the united states if a lot in the world and so there are many indigenous villages right in the center of alaska near the arctic circle you have to imagine there is no road access leading
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to those villages they can only be reached by aircraft but in spite of that of course a people have to be vaccinated and that in and of itself is a challenge but if you take a closer look then you'll see that alaska has been over the last month one of the fastest states and the fastest in fact to roll out the vaccine in the united states and so we were wondering how is that even possible and we joined a team of health professionals that traveled with bush planes and snowmobiles to some of those most remote places in alaska let's take a look. final preparations for a vaccine flight near the arctic circle in alaska kimberley and on house with her 50 shots of the modernity vaccine she hopes they'll help bring an end to the pen demick which has had rural alaska hard. one person gets a hair that's you know that's 5 percent of the population almost so that one household pretty much can cause for the whole village to shut down that means
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nobody hauling water nobody hauling fuel nobody you know you're not leaving your house to go get stuff that you made ok it's going to things down to 20 minutes would be a time 25 minutes despite its remoteness the state of alaska has rolled out the coronavirus vaccines faster than any other state in the u.s. today the team of health care professionals will be visiting several indigenous villages in the arctic wilderness. the village will be to tie has no mobile phone coverage no supermarket and no permanent doctor. but many a village is only accessible by aircraft vaccinating its inhabitants is a large an air force well ask us health care providers and for the people who live here it's often the only chance to get that jap that can handle a year of isolation from the outside world. landing on a gravel runway convert with snow. all goods
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have to be flown into vienna time today's air freight is the cold 19 vaccine the village of around 200 inhabitants is only 2 cars one of them is the ambulance. snow mobiles of the most important means of transport here a quick ride takes the team to the local health center. inside. around 20 villagers are waiting for their shot with no ventilator available here the vaccine brings a sense of security and some distraction from daily routine. write. it is read the. brochure thing about whether or not ok you know you're going to get some side effects the consultation takes 30 seconds the jabs have to be administered quickly the next village is already waiting for their shots.
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we've been anticipating to get our 1st right here and we are so happy to finally get it and we've thought it's going to you know hurt but not that no pain. if there. are. like most of the villagers lawrence robards belongs to the gwich'in tribe for many years he's relied on his strong constitution but in time of the pandemic he wants to play it safe. from wherever they go he said you would have to get sick or in the open to prevent possible is asian that's good . on his squad lawrence takes us to his home at the edge of a forest. for a year he wasn't allowed to leave the village the tribal government imposed strict
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rules to protect the community from the virus lawrence says it's the modern way of life that makes people so vulnerable for cold at 19. we don't have no contact always to me just basically travelling with ballparks and that here and there and potion of moves or something and that's where we settle down for a month. you know and and try to make this what it is and. it was much healthier lifestyle you know that i knew that i experience never get sick and you know and with you know it's taken off. take off to the next village it may be one of the world's remotest places but when it comes to the vaccine program alaska is leading the way. those are stunning pictures there all of you've covered america's vaccination drive
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in all parts of the country what struck you the most about alaska. i mean brand the vastness of the states is quite astonishing and you seen the pictures that we took of flying over the arctic circle there and then in contrast the speed at which this vaccine program is rolled out there and one of the reasons for this is there was a certain fear in alaska of a repetition of the spanish flu of 1918 so the last big pandemic of course that wiped out whole villages in alaska one of the reasons being there that the way that people live there are close knit small communities people can isolate you sometimes have several generations under one roof and so alaska this time are all wanted to make sure that this is not the history won't repeat itself of course and they had an abundance of fake seems available there for the last it was not only the 1st state to offer vaccines for everyone 16 years and older but also alaska has come up
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with another idea now and they're offering tourists that want to travel to alaska the summer a free shot off a vaccine on arrival this would be good for the tourism industry oversell in washington all over thank you very much you can see all of his future report from alaska this weekend here on the news or on our you tube channel that's g.w. underscore documentary. all week we've been following the worsening coronavirus crisis in india today a grim milestone more than 200000 people have now died from code 19 health experts say the real number may be many times higher new infections are driven in part by a new more infectious variants of the virus all the medical supplies have begun arriving from abroad getting supplies to those who need it is a challenge demand for oxygen is driving
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a curb side market in the commodity with hospitals having to turn away patients many buildings like this former wedding hall in delhi are being turned into makeshift coated 19 clinton on wednesday more than 3000 people died from the disease parking lots had filled up with corpses waiting to be cremated the spike in deaths has even led to a shortage of wood for funeral pyre. critics say this crisis was a void of old so what is the indian government doing to contain a situation that appears to be out of control here's de w's delhi bureau chief amrita chief. prime minister not in the will these have central high powered meetings the last few days he's announced the setting up of some $500.00 oxen generating plants the local government in delhi has also announced small dance will be available in a couple of weeks we should be built what exactly this idea of the storm at that will let all of this comes too late and you see critics feel that this 2nd we've
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actually got meant completely unprepared that we did not use to line up the trust we do bones to capacity to strengthen the infrastructure the health infrastructure and now we're in a situation where the ask roundly for measures which are coming or to leave this in unknown still though by vaccination and as often day everybody over the age of 18 can't register to get vaccinated in the 1st of many authorities believe and cool that this we have break the chain of transmission and do it a number of cases and take the street off the head into structure there was operated shima there india has restricted exports of its coronavirus vaccines that is having repercussions especially in africa most countries there have already received vaccines via the kovacs program which is working to provide free vaccines to poor countries but the deliveries have been small relative the population size
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only about 2 percent of the world's vaccines so far have been administered in africa nevertheless a few african countries have refused to join kovacs and have not even started inoculations. this classroom in the capital of madagascar has been turned into a covert 19 ward in recent weeks the island nations been his by 2nd wave of infections you come from to cases have averaged around double the number during the 1st peak last year the country's health minister attributes that the surge to a more aggressive variant 1st detected in south africa and he announced a health policy u. turn. a ship. we had discussions with our scientists and decided to go for vaccinations as another way to protect the population. we are now working on this with the kovacs initiative he said.
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the decision represents a change of mind by madagascar's president who initially refused to participate in the kovacs program he instead promoted to scientifically unproven revenue marketed as covert organics. i think i am convinced i am persuaded that history will prove us rice there are already 2 cases that have been cured with covert organics but we will see what happens next that the street the world health organization warned against its use before is that undergone proper scientific trials. and one year on no clinical down to has been made publicly available to support the president's claims that the plant based treatment can prevent in cure code at 19 this is now sold in drink in capsule form and has been widely distributed in madagascar and also exported abroad. when the
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vaccines arrive madagascar plans to offer the 1st doses to health workers. it will be one of the last countries in africa to launch a coronavirus inoculation campaign. this is director of global justice now he says the program does not go far enough he's campaigning for a people's specs. that's a vaccine that available to all in the world who need it and as a public good it means that peyton's can constrain the production of this vaccine you know at the moment we've got factories all the way around the world don't want to produce more vaccines that want to rock and pop the vaccines we desperately need to defeat and contain this virus and they're not able to do so because those vaccines all the property of big pharmaceutical corporations despite the fact that most of those vaccines were created with taxpayers' money so how do you get around that then how do you actually take away that patent protection so that we can have a people's vaccine. well what governments like india and south africa have been
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arguing for many many months now the world trade organization is to suspend intellectual property rules that give those big corporations the property rights over those vaccines and control who can produce and who can produce it that's a way that another law was to share the know how to collaborate to improve the vaccines improve treatments i'm produce many many more dices that we need and if we taken that advice for a 5 months ago we might not be seeing the horrendous sights that we're seeing now the heartbreaking sights in countries like india because we would already have been substantially able to produce a substantial amount will then we're currently producing. there the day is almost on the conversation continues online we will see you tomorrow.
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scotland is at a crossroads and name possibly to. be joe you. say a place she needs to. tie up. in the run up to the elections the debate is heating out. cutler's quest for independence. so good on you're. on g.w. . story of prejudice and propaganda. they were
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called the rhineland. their mothers were germans living in the occupied room and their fathers shoulders from the french colonies. in the clear. racism. to be followed. up today don't miss our highlights. programme on line d.w. dot com highlights. india's coronavirus crisis i d w n u special will look at the tragic situation and death and the impact of the triple
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mutation on the country how can the rest of the well how well can be done for the people and how can india bring the situation under control as a special edition of g.w. news on the cover oh no virus crisis in india starts april 30th at 11 u g c n d w. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm liable it's nice to be back many of us are itching to travel again but the pandemic still poses huge challenges some travel agencies have found a nice market and are luring tourists to mosque out for vaccine getaways the all inclusive deals offer luxury with a dose of russia's own.


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