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u.s. president to the joint houses of congress used the opportunity to highlight the progress made against a covert pandemic i done failed to tells all of a sweeping $1.00 trillion dollars package for families and education. but that's it you are up to date up next is our code 19 special and more wild headlines at the top of the hour calcified much more news on our web site that is d w dot com army of homage thanks watching a season like. the fight against the coronavirus 10 damage. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context around a virus update code 19. on t.w. . ready to give.
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places in europe or smashing records stooping to ensure. just don't lose track of. it's the treasure. globetrotters discover some of the sites. also in book form. the theme of seen fit the profile of the patient that we have at the moment is a young patient between 30 and 50 years old with a period to stay in i.c.u. have been longer to see him as he only gets the incident either this disease knows no age it is very sad unfortunately from one day to another it can take you away it is so. that we could. we are more scared to time and there are many young victims
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so to me this way looks more dangerous than the last one. indeed our feeling is that the patients are younger than they were during the 2 previous waves a year ago and in october and november to normal. welcome to a covert night in special i want to jones in berlin and all of a sudden i'm also in that age group that's address remember when we were told to protect the elderly because the virus is especially dangerous for them and that was right of course but it lulled many younger people into a false sense of security the result even though all the people are mostly vaccinated by now hospitals continue to work at the limit like here in berlin. where at the intensive care unit in berlin skeletons hospital half of the patients here suffer from cope at 19 dr thomas kuhn and this team have their hands full and
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the birds are filling out. the. poses to slowly you can see that there is an increase at the moment we're not yet in a situation that brings us to the edge of what we can do. but we know that if the numbers continue to rise we could certainly have problems. in recent weeks the number of covered patients in germany's icy use has been rising sharply by now the peak of the 2nd wave of the pandemic has almost been reached intensive care beds are becoming scarse and the workload of staff continues to grow . intensive care nurse tim cook has also noticed that. among men of now in this 3rd wave it is particularly noticeable that the patients are getting more seriously ill and they are ill for longer and also they need
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a lot of care that means the situation is very challenging and very stressful for us you really need time to relax when you're off work. but it is not just the sheer increase uncovered patients that worries the teeth that patients health is deteriorating fast and this 3rd wave of the pandemic they are also an effort to get them before probably also because most people over 80 years old have already been vaccinated. the average age is now much younger compared to the 1st or 2nd waves and we see that very clearly we don't really have any patients who are over 80 years old anymore they are almost non-existent if. to what extent german hospital capacities average varies greatly from region to region some are already completely full others are still coping one thing would help more vaccinations one of them for goodness knows we won't get out of this without vaccines they are very
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important but it is also important to stick to hygiene measures to keep that distance and observe current coverage for stretches of each and everyone must take this been demick seriously and can do their part to make get out of this is quickly as possible the truth will come if the number of patients continues to rise other important treatments would have to be postponed in some areas in germany that is already the case the situation many doctors agree is serious. the patients are getting more seriously ill their health deteriorating faster and they younger on average than in the 1st 2 waves let's talk about that now with rev indra gupta he's professor of clinical microbiology at cambridge university good to have you with us so let's let's start 1st of all with the average age in this report we heard that it's mainly down to the fact that the older generations are vaccinated by now is that all there is to it. yes i certainly think that there will be an element of the fact that the the ugly are protected with vaccines of course
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in the 1st wave the elderly who also very vulnerable so said proportion of the most vulnerable may have been affected diet so that leaves a small fraction of susceptible elderly individuals and and therefore. that is probably part of the explanation but we can't speak the whole truth because we know that this is a phenomenon that we see in many parts of the world even in parts where the vaccination rate is much higher so there has to be something else to it. yes but of course prior immunity is of call is based potentially and it's been a factor because. in previous waves there may have been a disproportionate impact on certain age groups in terms of who is infected. and and also what we call a survivor or some people who are infected with a diet and some would have survived. you know the etymology is very difficult to
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tease apart here because a lot of this is about transmission patterns circulation of virus within certain age groups behaviors of course because. all the older individuals and certainly people of a certain ages and those with conditions. in shielding themselves and so minimizing the social contacts whereas younger people have been continuing a social context to greater extent so there are many different factors that could translates could get that they could feed into this observation and what would explain that those patients that we're talking about are not only younger but they're also getting more seriously ill does this have anything to do with the new baryons. there's nothing conclusive at the moment in terms of the sort of analysis of this but these are very difficult studies to. ducked properly and robustly so i'm not confident that we will get
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a good answer to this the you know there are there all changes happening in viruses the variants do have mutations in them it is possible that they increase our subjectivity and therefore generate more mall or spot schools that may. cause great it does ease and people who previously would have been less impacted it may induce different types of antibody or so responses which may contribute to damaging inflammation as a result of the infection there are many possibilities as to why. younger individuals on now observed to become to be getting sick and and potentially more sick than they used to and of course i mean you hinted at it and it also has to do with behavior and the 1st symptoms of an infection very often they can easily be mistaken for a common cold and people younger people and i'm talking about people who opt to 40 and 50 who go to where. they're at in such an age you don't expect to get that ill
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do you think that they simply wait too long before they get help. where it's possible. certain individuals who are younger feel that they are not going to get worse and they've been in the problem part of the part of the sort of rhetoric or the sort of narrative around 19 was that young people don't get ill they don't die that that's fairly broad and we knew that in the 1st wave. last year even that young people do get ill they do toys young children can get sick and have severe disease so there's no absolutes and the other problem is of course you need to know what the denominator is how many people are infected in that age group and that's really quite difficult to understand because many people don't have testing so to actually accurately understand what the percentage of infection is in that age group is extremely difficult. and finally man what are the implications. both the health sector because younger people tend to be physically stronger which means
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they stay longer in intensive care in order to hopefully get well again and what does it mean for society because we're talking about people who are largely making up the workforce. yes again i think that we need to remember the percentage of people who get severe disease in across age groups is still very small so most people who get infected will be fine you are seeing of course increasing cases of severe disease in young people but that's probably a reflection of the fact that there is a lot of transmission going on in that age group and the fact that they're not box and it's so i do believe but extending vaccination to younger age groups is a priority. i think that's clear because of course the number of productive years life lost potentially from a young people dying is very significant and these things need to be taken into consideration and i have professor dr from cambridge university thank you so much.
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time for your questions now and it's over to our science correspondent. why should people who've already had covert 19 also be vaccinated aren't they protected as your body fights off a pathogen that forms what's known as an immunological memory of the disease various vaccines on the other hand deceive the immune system into forming this memory by faking an infection using a range of different tricks to do it in fact some back seems tricked the body so effectively they cause an even more powerful and lasting immunity to a pathogen then a naturally acquired infection does but several studies including one from january that's been cited quite a lot they indicate that naturally acquired immunity in most people who caught
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covert 19 appears pretty strong even months after recoveries so isn't that enough well there's a big if involved we still don't really know how long immune memory to sars tovey to will on average last and that goes for both vaccine induced and disease induced immunity both currently look good for at least 6 months and counting but but based on what we know about other coronaviruses there's a good chance immune memory will lapse over time which is why health care authorities recommend getting vaccinated even if you've recovered from covered 19 because it's a safe way to refresh your immune memory and will hopefully that will lengthen the window of time you'll remain immune in fact
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a few. studies have shown that in people who recovered from cope with 19 even a single dose of vaccine often boosts antibody response beyond what the 2 doe's vaccine regime causes in people who have never had it so it should make you even less prone to get the disease again at least in the short to medium term. and that's it for today thanks for watching stay safe. to. enter the conflict zone with sarah kelly last year germany was seen as a role model in fighting the coronavirus pandemic now a 3rd wave is hitting the country hard and miracles party is slipping ahead of september elections as germany prepares to move on from merkel feeling of what's safe as she leaves her party and her country my guest this week is your good heart
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spokesperson for the conservatives parliamentary for conflict. scotland is out across rights and main parts of britain only. be joining the e.u. no serious question is dividing the country and entire families in the runup to the elections the debate is heating up. condoms quest for independence. some goose on your. in 60 minutes column d. w. . i subscribe to do you know where your books are simply more in the world than what we made our capture front of. me books are known to. india.
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coronavirus crisis d.w. new special room will look at the dramatic situation. and the impact of the triple mutation on the country how can the rest of the well how what can be done for the people and how can india bring the situation under control as special edition of d w news on the coronavirus crisis in india starts april 30th at 11 u.t.c. and d.-w. . i see you chance for a molester to become much more popular and the complete truth but the bottom line is that the base did not support lashon don't believe the fake information are you concerned that germany is falling also into a trap when it comes to china we have to take a more talk we the contrast couldn't be more stark last year germany was seen as a role model in fighting the coronavirus pandemic now a 3rd wave is hitting the country hard americans party is slipping ahead of
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september elections which will decide her successor after 16 years in power my guess this week is you're going to heart to see the new member of the german bund just talk and spokesperson for the conservatives parliamentary group as germany prepares to move on from merkel in what state does she leave her party and her country. you're going hard to welcome to conflict zone 10016 years of angela merkel and these days the c.d.u. has lost ground in the polls there's been a bitter fight for her succession in the party and corona virus is hitting the country hard issue leaving behind a mass i think we had should have had a tough debate on the question who might successor might be successor from the union as you do see as a union from for chance a ship in germany. 2 weeks ago we were going from to vote that both chairman of the
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2 parties seated and sees will mark a pseudo from c. as who and i mean i said from city who both want to run as katie did for a chance at ship and it took 9 days of discussion in different formats as a party and then the decision came out that i mean i set the chair osa c.v. would present itself most of us failure would be candidate i think 9 days it's not too much to take such a important decision and looking to zip code in a situation we have heard learnt yesterday from the meeting from the prime minister's visit to answer that we make huge steps forward concerning that situation we are no above 25 percent of corporations and i want to talk about in particular that that battle for succession but 1st let me ask you about a the state of unity at the at the very top though because in the past month merkel very publicly criticized her successor and the party arm in washington you've just
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mentioned over lock down policies does merkel not want the c.d.u. to be in the chancellor a 4th s term. we don't have the feeling that the chance of a boston voice in that fight between the 2 party chairmen i think she was standing in neutral in that position as somebody i mean what i just heard about it meant you know what i'm talking about forgiving mr hart is is that she publicly on a highly viewed television program singled out that start failing to activate an emergency brake in the face of rising cases he also criticized her lockdown measures as treating citizens like under age children so what's rhetoric like that flying back and forth between the top politicians tell us this public display of disagreement when the cd is future claim for the chancellorship is shaky does she not want the c.d.u. to retain power and i don't i don't see that and that way every. i have to
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situation germany that we have so 16 state governments and the federal witness stand it was different kind of combinations of governments nearly all are led by coalitions and i mean it's heading a coalition including the liberal party which is opposite to is a federal government at the federal level and it's a huge challenge to bend the different and minds and roots into different parties in the coalitions and the states and the chance to knows about the difficulty especially i mean that's a test with the liberals which are much more in favor of the opening of business and restaurants for example instead of stating a lot to lock down and this debate was ended by me last night and i think a proper way and took it to that party reached a. state having a one person majority of the parliament and running a successful government for a over 4 years now this is a impressive result but could there not be not more unity that is the question you
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mentioned earlier that the cracks that have been openly displayed in your conservative party young in the process to pick the candidate for chance of described as chaotic public very messy 5 months before you go through a national election don't conservatives need to be more united to win him i think we are in the night if no behind i mean that i expect that also that also is a christians also union in bavaria and its leader marcus it has stayed close behind the candidate on the left that we have had this debate in germany also and of the seventy's as you remember 3 years later the chairman o.c.d. with him of course tensed up by getting 48.8 percent of the elections and $3083.00 therefore what now is. estimating of the people concerning the result of selection and what will be the real result in 5 months there will be huge huge gap between and i hope there. union city and sees who
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increase they are. there they have a pulse and also the result at the end and this also to to the fact that. most of the people expect that city who could do it better than those have your pens the right hope though on the right candidate because 72 percent of your conservatives disagreeing that you didn't pick the right candidate they say that the c.s.u. candidate marcus said are not the c. to use on lash it was better suited to become chancellor so why didn't you take the most favored candidate i can tell you my experience it was in the spring 17 of my 2 choices from the social democrats far off was far ahead of i'm going to mark it as a chance that candidate of the city would seize with the time put to a 2017 elections and nobody believed that it was easy you can do it
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again and looking to results as a social democrats with multi choice came out very poor after the last elections because momentum few on the popularity of politicians it's nothing that we can trust on concerning the outcome of elections and be less about himself he was a fall behind acting prime minister of no one best failure in may 2017 and he won the election but the bottom line is that the base did not support lash at the base of your party your grass roots in your party are said to be frustrated and fact if you're not even listening to them how should people think that you listen to the country don't don't don't believe what you can read blocks from the big spear and others and my estimation especially from the debate and croup 2 weeks ago where we discussed it was up to 70 and. questions to the candidates in
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that group meeting. there was. propaganda around that marcus pseudo cross was spinning that and i am sure that if we would have voted in that time that would be of a charity for me like shit don't believe the fake information that is sponsored by those who wants to have got it can stop it is a fight not saying there are days when it is important i suppose i started by the sword and by by by the 59 percent that said that all men lost it would would not be a good candidate according to the dutch law and trend for example i mean there's many polls that cycle in that direction but i just like so mr how many of those people can judge on that how many people know about i mean like shit michael sued us much more popular. t.v. and in germany as prime minister of the area and i see you chance for i mean left it to become much more popular and on the campaign trail and he will at the end of city even with the elections but just briefly i mean the c.d.u. has already lost key bellwether of ational elections in the past months mind you
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were the same might happen on the national level i don't i don't think so i would like not like to have it i think we have to have the heart to do hard work but you can't do that what is the results in the last elections were i mean i should reach the 6.7 percent plus in the last elections it was not 17 and i could save it as a pseudo last 10.4.5 per cent of area forces uses social union therefore i cannot i cannot see that. on a better track concerning success than it was i mean i should bottom line there is a sentiment among many in the country that they're tired they're tired of the coronavirus pandemic in fact 79 percent also they say that they are not satisfied with the way that the government has managed the pandemic doctors are warning that i.c.u. beds are filling up it's quite a contrast because last year germany was being held up as a role model for fighting the pandemic did merkel get too comfortable i think we
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have. some point spread germany is now leading growth if you look for example to the rate of people that died was corona germany or in the top group. was and significantly lower numbers and several different other states especially sweden are also u.k. also but we have a problem concerning the vaccine the challenge for european union is that we are able to develop excellent vaccine like buying tech works even from from germany but that we are not able to put to use it in high quantities not able to produce it and i point to these because we have kept in cities for a production of how much my ticket brought her it's not as not as for example and india or china or and even on us and we have to to face the challenge in europe that we have to come closer to a point where we ought to able to produce such things in our course we'll get to the vaccine that's certainly something that we're going to talk about but let's
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talk about the other 2 as a you've had your disposal because there's been a lot of confusion about the government's measures the delay of the rapid test rollout for example ahead of the easter holiday merkel she tried to institute a hard lock down and rolled it back after harsh criticism then took the extraordinary step of issuing a formal apology has merkel lost her way. i think some of us and including me we would appreciate to have something like a hard look down for the 2 easter weeks the week before and off they used to because we think that schools were closed in that time to feel holidays that also 'd business stone around the stone and their food would be good chance to refuse the fiction rate in germany by doing a heart locked on for 2 weeks but this was not possible to agree on between 16 different and had so for the goodness and germany and due to the fact that the health policy is mainly driven by the states the federal government cannot push
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through is actually a measure looking back to what we have packed in the last weeks i think of the number of people that expect to have to knock down over it you stunned would be better than that but we did and it's increasing but that's happiness not saying and now we have this regulation that about hundreds. we have to to shut down from 10 in the evening up to 5 in the morning i hope that will help to reduce the number of convictions the majority of people say though that the federal government has simply repeatedly promised more than it could deliver on the measures that it has had at its disposal and you know you're talking about these these these lockdowns and how isn't it interesting seeing countries for example i think u.k. and the us slowly opening back up on germany is still talking about harsher lockdowns highly controversial night curfews dramatic changes to the law for a so-called emergency brake. i think you're going to all those other countries and
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you mentioned you mentioned to you kate the people in those countries have to face much harder and much much harsher transcription than we have had to germany germany was relatively smooth swayed to have prescriptions to to to civil rights and that in the face of fighting corona and chance that told us looking to london with as it was a genuine february if you have an infection rate about 1800 you have not to put it measures by the state because the people are afraid to go in street they are afraid to go to work they have prayed to go for shopping because they see the long cross off offer and medical costs are standing at the hospitals and no place for 444 people that. they need to help in the hospitals and this is what we know the german even if we have a lot. to ration even the situation in the hospitals was always under control and therefore it's might be
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a little bit more difficult to convince people in germany that we are not on the secure site but that we have to be and take attention on what happens and that we also have to take my chances of future and the debate is ongoing and the debate is maybe harder in germany than in other countries right because we have this federal system between the states and the federal level during the race to vaccinate the population as you've mentioned in germany ranks 15 however when it comes to e.u. countries that have administered at least one vaccine doses among adults adults according to the european centers for disease control is this really a number that a country like germany should be proud of is this the best that the government could it. we decided to take a european common european union solution because we say we have not been involved which if we went seen all germans but people in countries around germany and the cliques united and i think this might come back to us as a boomerang if we don't. food explanation of all people that are close to us was
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almost restricted to the borders which close economic and. ties and therefore decision was to follow the european union program but it's not just about following the european union a hologram it's about being you know average at best within the e.u. in the way that you have been executing that program and i'd just like to bring in you know one of your fellow lawmakers alexander graf lamb star from the f.t.p. who says germans they long believed that they lived in a well governed country one that was better run than most other states in europe both assumptions have turned out to be wrong does he have a point. i do not approve this alexandre coughing up stuff which is a political for appreciated put it from my point of view of it but of the opposite and he has to his duty is to to put its figures and questions are in critical points we have but look at 2 of the campaign running now 1st i would like
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to mention that the german government never promised to have another situation into the vaccine. as other would see the situation that it is all proposals of the government about quantities of oxidation and the fog come off what's a nation is for food we are now up to 25 percent of the population and day by day we could get more than close to one percent in addition to that though that we can be sure that to 100000000000 doses of vaccine for 80000000 inhabitants in germany might reach the situation that every german can be very good at and adult german can be vaccinated up to the end of june 1st next unaided and send most of them on to a 2nd vaccination and then in july and august ok so all the others might get in the 2nd sex and so much on a says we'll see if you can to let me just say you know this if it's not me yeah yeah ultimately though i mean even you talk about this common a you approach to vaccine to care meant they thought that that germany is very
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strongly supported however you're now in bilateral talks with russia to secure doses of the sputnik the vaccine is letterman put in really your best hope to solve this vaccine fiasco is surely you know many i would i would use. sputnik maxine in case that european medical agency emma might confirm that this is a good vaccine for the pity with sputnik is that they are not so many quantities of their product that you would not be able to sell it to other countries look into that what happened for example in the balkan states where some of the states. for example they have information that they can get some vaccine from sputnik as have learned in the last days they didn't have anywhere to see it and now and they are not able to deliver to the people because at the quantity it's not they have access the vaccine might be will but. also the protection paper says capacities in russia
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and other states it's a moment too weak to produce a quantities of it but put it want to deliver and even more controversial and i'd like to move to international relations now merkel continues to back putin's nordstrom to pipeline despite fresh calls from the european parliament the us and beyond to pull the project over security concerns why is merkel still holding on to north stream 2 when it's a stain on alliances and it puts fresh cash into putin's pockets concerning the no spin to approach it wouldn't germans to have met never had the chance to corvids partners in europe and us that this pro to protect was not timing security interests of europe 'd because one of our former chancellor scatcherd us especially involved in that project and so therefore i can understand that nobody trusts in a neutral and neutral assessment of that by the german government but i can
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tell you stopping that project no would be a favor for those who invested in that project my convention is going to conviction is that this project is economically a failure i think you would too what do you mean by the project that mr what do you mean stopping the project because i mean there's supports for example within your party reports excuse me of growing support for a moratorium in your party so 1st of all is that is that what you're talking about and if that is the case is that the best hope to kick the can down the road so essentially someone else and ally the next chancellor can take decisive leadership on whether or not this pipeline will ever operate it would be possible by german law maybe it might be really puzzle. by german law to stop that project but then you have to compensate all those who are invested in that project because you can stop that project but it's on a legal. it's built on the legal base and therefore you have to compensate those who invested in that and my my belief is that that this protest is economically
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a failure because we don't need that pipe to get enough gas for germany or europe and therefore all all those companies that invested in that project have to face the challenge that they project potentially this project 'd is economically economically a failure and in case that the german taxpayer is comping pump compensating that for those companies they would laugh about and therefore i think we should concentrate on the question what about energy security in europe german government troops present to our partners in europe and us a broken how to be talk about security of energy in europe and with that although it's a question of russian gas can be on some but but but but mr hart you know russian aggression has been on the rise for years of course so the question is how did you get to this point and is it time to admit that merkel finds herself in a bit of a trap over north stream the project as you've highlighted more than 95 percent complete pulling political backing could be costly. didn't merkel missed her window
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to take decisive action is she in a trap of her own making we took russian gas also in the seventy's that said times of it union gas in the seventy's spend on the cold war and we've learnt that economic relations or to soviet union at the time now to russia not not at risk for security but also a chance to make. it dependency of russia on european politics and maybe to influence for what happened in this country in the long term situation i i think that we have to discuss about independence of fuel peon union energy security. that's the proposal of us we should take more gas for ukraine instead of north korea this doesn't change the fact that it's russian gas that is that this is gus that comes that comes from states with companies and russia and the independence of
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one source like russia for gas it would not be changed if we decide to not take it the newest crossbreed to part with the ukraine there are few the arguments of the other side also very weak let's let's switch gears just briefly and talk and talk about china are you concerned that germany is falling also into a trap when it comes to china because after years of fostering business ties your main business association is now saying that the west strategy for opening up china has failed they call it a wake up call is it a call that germany is potentially answering too late we have a german in the pacific strategy and we have a 10 sheet of the european commission 2 and a half years ago or more tough strategy on china i think we should match u.s. and north america very close and the question how to be face so even creasing. because if news of china by mixing political and economic interests to gether and i know it's a german that we as germans have to to lose
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a lot because some of our industry is very much depending on the and bed profits they they do in china but look to that what china is ongoing increasing the pressure on people on human rights and also increasing pressure on taiwan we have to we have to take a more tough way including the question of our economic relations how tough do you think that strategy though appears to the chinese when you have human rights concerns overshadowing this investment deal for example with china that germany pushed through in december and it under its presidency you couldn't even get any meaningful commitments on. human rights there were just vague promises on labor rights including forced labor did it send the wrong message to paging european union did that work for example us to preserve us before i think i was strategy is and should be the common strategy of the best in both to bring shine out back to
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following international regulation and international door and heavy set of regulations fairchild has agreeing on and they have the chance potentially also the chance to judge on whether they follow or not it's better than to have such a wide west situation as a disparate tension we now but i think only a common approach between u.s. and european union is helpful on that field and therefore i expect that european union and also the acting and the new german government have test to. close their roles together with north america because our leverage is much bigger if we work together instead of doing it on the on the signal by the way between european union and china let's go back to the elections 16 years of angle americal she came to power with a new cd you after helmut kohl do you think that the end of her era will also lead
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to a government where the c.d.u. need some time in the opposition to rejuvenate i mean we've talked about divisions in the party the pandemic an assertive russia and china are you heading for the opposition i think that the government needs city will seize it will and i hope that this if it was easy it would also present the next chance because of the fact that we might come out as the biggest party out of that elections and looking to that but i'm going i'm actually reached i think the economic benefit. of hope. it's perfect we never saw such a. continuous and long. boost in the economy in the last decades and we all. to see. the field such i mean he came forward we have some maybe they have some some as i'm a collector of but we have work to do this is for me even for insecurity issues closer relations between us and for repeat for the security issue even in china going to see in russia because you're going to we have to leave it there thank you
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for joining us on conflicts on that by. alex. alex. alex. alex. alex. alex. alex. thanks. for.
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scotland is out. crossrail. main parts of britain only. he joined the e.u. . simplicities to guide him behind the entire family in the run up to the elections the debate is heating up. companies quest for
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independence. some clues from the. 30 minutes on w. story of producer and propaganda. they were called the rhineland bastards. their mothers were germans living in the occupied dry land their father's soldiers from the french colony. the club in a clinical. racism. the children of shame. in 75 minutes on d. w. . in mexico many portions of lunch us thrown out on the water right now climate change me to finish off the story. faces wife leslie away from just one week.
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how much worse can really get. we still have time to act i'm going. to subscribe for more like this. post defiance are good for the. warming. joke of the most well god yes. industry is controlling your thoughts the great books of the 20th century. present a hoax is. the great memory manufacturing ignorance church may 3rd to. india's coronavirus crisis d.w.
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news special we'll look at the dramatic situation in delhi and the impact of the triple mutation on the country how can the rest of the well how work can be done for the people and how can india bring the situation under control a special edition of d.w. news on the coronavirus crisis in india starts april 30th at 11 u.t.c. undie w. this is d w news and these are our top stories joe biden has delivered his 1st speech as u.s. president to the joint houses of congress biden highlights of progress made against the current virus pandemic and unveiled the details of a $1.00 trillion dollars package for families and education i've also stressed the need for the u.s.
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to reassert its place in the world both economically and politically. police in germany say a 51 year old with.


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