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tv   Ruckkehr nach Tschernobyl  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2021 4:00am-4:45am CEST

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in a partner every more in america 50 a month. a spasm and save some lives. thank you. may not tell anyone this but gun violence is becoming epidemic in america. a flight away house was still flying at half mast. for the 8 victims of the match shooting in georgia. when 10 more lies are taken internationally colorado. and in the week in between those 2 events. 250 other americans were shot dead in the streets of mark. 150 shot dead. i know hard is to make progress on this issue. in the ninety's we passed universal background checks a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines that hold a 100 rounds they can be fired off in seconds. we beat the n.r.a.
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. mass shootings and gun violence the crime check out the report over 10 years. but nearly 22000 the law expired. we've seen daily bloodshed since a much safer law continues we wouldn't see bloodshed. more than 2 weeks ago in the rose garden surrounded by some of the bravest people i know of the survivors and families who lost loved ones in gun violence i laid out several of the department of justice action to really take in the impact of this epidemic. one of them is banning so-called ghost guns. there's a homemade guns brought from a kit that includes directions how to finish the firearm. the parts have no serial numbers. so they show up at crime scenes and they can't be traced. the buyers of these goes going kids aren't required to pass any background check.
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anyone from a criminal or terrorist could buy this kit and within 30 minutes. have a weapon as lethal. but no war. i'll do everything in my power to protect the american people of this epidemic of gun violence but it's time for congress to act as well. i don't want to become confrontational we need more senate republicans that join the overall majority of democrat colleagues and close the loopholes required background checks purchase of guns we need a ban on assault weapons high capacity magazines. and don't tell me it can't be done we did it before and it worked. to talk to most responsible gun owners and hunters they'll tell you there's no possible justification having 100 rounds in
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a weapon. pretty think there were vests. there was. to tell you that's are too many people today are able to buy a gun but should be able to buy. these kinds of reason reforms have overwhelming support from the american people including many gun owners. the country supports reforms and congress should act this shouldn't be a red or blue issue. and no amount of the constitution is absolute. you can't yell fire in crowded theater from the very beginning there are certain gunness weapons that could not be owned by americans. certain people could not own those weapons ever. want to change in the constitution.
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or being reasonable. i think this is not a democrat or republican issues in america. here's what else we can do. immigration law has been essential to america. let's and our exhaustion more immigration for more than 30 years politicians have talked about immigration reform and we've done nothing about trying to fix it. on day one of my presidency i kept my commitments and a comprehensive immigration bill the united states congress. if you believe we need to secure the border passage to give you have a lot of money for high tech border security. if you believe in a pathway to citizenship past so 11000000 undocumented folks the vast majority of your overstay visas passes. we can actually if you actually want to solve a problem i've sent a bill to take a close look at it. we have to also have to give the root problem of why people are fleeing particularly this to our southern border rather malabon duracell salvador.
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the violence the corruption the gathering the political instability hunger hurricanes earthquakes natural disasters. when i was president. my president when i was vice president president asked me to focus on providing help needed to address the root causes of migration. and help keep people in their own countries instead of being forced to leave me. the plan was working but the last ministration decided it was not worth it. i'm restoring the program when asked by his present hires from lead our diplomatic effort to take care of us i have absolute confidence thank you don't like my plan. but at least pass but we all agree on. congress need to pass legislation this year to finally secure protection for dreamers thank you thank you
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thank you thank you to action for immigrants who are here on temporary protective status who came from thank you to say i may not thank you i want to thank you sasha thank you was a pathway to citizenship for workers to put food on our table thank them hasn't done so much for america during this pandemic. and throughout our history. the country supports immigration reform we should act. let's argue over let's debate it but act. because we truly wish to want to thank all the american leader. protect the sacred right to vote. most people thanks
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for people vote in the last presidential election than any time in american history in the middle of the worst pandemic ever. and should be celebrated. instead it's being attacked. congress should pass h.r. one and john lewis voting rights act it's a mighty good thank you want to thank you supports thank you i should add my thanks to you as we gather here tonight the embers of a violent mob assault in this capital desecrated in our democracy remain vivid in all our minds lives were put at risk many of your lives lives were lost extraordinary courage was summoned. insurrection was an ex a sense of crisis a test of whether our democracy could survive and it did but the struggle is far
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from over the question of whether or not mark recy will long endure is both ancient and urgent. as always our republic still vital today. can our democracy deliver on its promise that all of us critical of the image of god had a chance to legalize it dignity perspective possibility can our democracy deliver the most to the most pressing needs of our people can our democracy overcome the lies anger hate and fear and the pull us apart america's adversaries the autocrats of the world are betting we can and i promise you they are betting we can. they believe are too full of anger and division and rage but look at the image of the mob the solve the cap was proof that the sun is center not american democracy but the wrong you know what i know but we have to prove them wrong group to prove democracy still works that our government still works and we can deliver for our
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people. and our 1st 100 days together we've acted restore people's faith in democracy deliver vaccination recruiting hundreds of thousands of new jobs we're delivering real results to people they can see it feel in their own lives opening doors of opportunity guaranteeing some more fairness and justice that's the essence of america that's the mocker see in action our constitution opens with the words as train as it sounds we the people it was time remember that we the people are the government you and i am. not some force in the distant capitol not some powerful force we have no control over it's our us it's we the people who know their own our democracy was tested franklin roosevelt reminded us in america we do our part we all do our part that's all i'm asking. that we do our
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part all of us if we do that. we will meet the center challenge of the aids by proving that democracy is durable and strong. autocrats will not win the future we will america. in the future belongs to america. so i stand here tonight for you in a new and vital hour of life and democracy of our nation and i can say with absolute confidence i have never been more confident or optimistic about america not because i'm president because what's happened with the american people. we stared into the abyss of insurrection autocracy paid them a complain and we the people did not flinch the very moment our adversaries were certain we'd pull apart and fail we came together reunited. with light and hope we summon the new strength new resolve to position us to win the
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competition of 21st century. on our way to a union more perfect more prosperous and more just. as one people one nation and more than mere. folks told every world leader met with over the years it's never ever ever been a good bet to bet against america and still is that we're the united states of america thank you not assuring north korea thank you nothing nothing beyond our capacity thank you we can do whatever we shall or mark do if we do it together thank you so much to hear and to get to hear ya bush you may god protect our troops thank you for your prayers thank. you just joining us here on the dole being used as u.s.
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president joe biden has just addressed the joint session of congress where he's presented his policy priorities of accomplishments for the united states are planning his vision for the country he's touched on a number of key issues but some of the key words sounding out to many of us here was a crisis an opportunity where one it's rebuild america in a united way across over 200 home monitoring developments around the speech and it will speak to all of us who is in washington d.c. for us. on what did you make of his address. issues or structure. to discuss the technical issues there are what's happening in d.c. right now but let's us this you will you what did you make of it i mean it was. joe biden laying out his his program laying out what he wants congress to pass it really broke down i saw 7 major parts he talked about jobs he talked about family
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and education those are his 2 big multi-trillion dollar bills that he wants to get passed his plans he wants to get passed to rebuild america's he would say he moved to foreign policy touch the social justice he. gun control immigration and being on voting rights and really is included in was the question he posed to the people in that room and i would say especially to republicans is can democracy work and can america work can we deliver the things that the country that citizens need at a time when democracy when western values are being questioned all around the world and we've heard this from. leaders in russia and china saying don't lecture us about how we do our business don't lecture us on human rights don't lecture us on our values and our view of the world we're actually doing quite fine over here is their view and they'll point to things like george floyd and they'll point to things like the insurrection at the capitol on january 6th and say clean up your
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own house and you can see this is why joe biden has said and he said this in february address at the state department that he really sees domestic policy and foreign policy as one thing because you can't have a foreign policy you can't be strong in the world you can't you can't lead the world or dictate the world to the world as you would like it if your if as he says your house is on fire. and that is sort of the outline that he he gave in this speech today i would push back a bit on what joe biden had to say because only from the point of that many of the things that he's criticizing that the government isn't there enough anymore that people have lost out. that wall street is too much in control of things and big bankers and the wealthy are getting away with too much and not paying their fair share joe biden's been in government a long time in the senate long time and he's brought about a lot of these things through his voting record and through things he supported.
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that he's now trying to dismantle and replace something else. while he has some live pictures now of the u.s. congress where u.s. president joe biden has just delivered his speech. to congress a joint session hearing speaking to members. of congress right now. the event was quite limited in terms of the a number of people that attended this session obviously because of the pandemic and social. restrictions that have been imposed. and i think they were the count was about 200 people normally there be about 1600 people in this in the chamber here members between the senate and the house 535 people alone 100 the senate about $435.00 from the house plus all of their guests the president brings guest the 1st lady brings guests the vice president brings guests you have the entire cabinet is there really a packed house plus the press and of of course. but today of course as we're seeing social distancing there are some guests invited but they're watching virtually
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they're watching from afar these are guests normally that represent humanize put a human face and a lot of the policy proposals that the president in this case joe biden. is trying to make make his case for and it's interesting you know joe biden is vaccinated now fully against coated most of the people in this room are likely to be vaccinated and yet of course all still wearing masks which is only a pretty new rule in congress there's only been rather recently that a man suppose he kind of laid down lay down the law and said you're not going to be entering this chamber without a mask because masks themselves in america have become a political weapon and have become politicized which is part of what. you know the united states struggled so much last year and face so many deaths because they couldn't get people to agree on exactly how to confront the penn demick. yeah it's also quite interesting to see 2 women representing all standing beside 2 california
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women no less. i guess seen as a 1st isn't it absolutely is the 1st time in u.s. history that as well as joe biden met. the 1st time that he was ok while you've been watching our special coverage of joe biden's 1st speech as president to a door joint session of congress he used the opportunity to highlight the progress made against the current virus pandemic during his 1st $100.00 days and also unveiled details of a sleepy $1.00 trillion dollars package for families and education he spoke about the hundreds of millions of coronavirus vaccinations in the u.s. as well as relief checks that allowed americans to offset the devastation wrought by the pandemic biden also discussed his plans to reduce poverty and invest in infrastructure to create many new jobs the usa to stress the need to root out systemic racism and called on congress to act on gun violence and immigration
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reform. well i think we've got all of a sudden now back here in the studio live there in washington d.c. so what did you make of the speech all of a. well clearly a speech of reassurance and all fold we also heard joe biden calling a lot of numbers and figures he was taking credit for improving the economy for getting the pandemic under control that's one of the very important reasons he was actually elected for then of course his tone was very different if you compare him to the last state of the union addresses or addresses to congress in general office prita says or president donald trump the stark contrast there back in the recent speeches of don't trump we've had this divisive character so we heard non of that here today but then again also a lot of america 1st of course joe biden called spy america now but it's the same
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kind of protectionism that we have seen in earlier years in the donald trump era and that is certainly also part of joe biden's agenda and that is strengthening the middle class because this is where his voters are. and he started off with addressing the coronavirus pandemic and you know pressed for the fact that you know his promise was to reach 100000000 shots in americans within his 1st 100 days but he has exceeded that right. yet if you think back just one year ago europeans look to america with some sort of pity really for how the pandemic was getting out of control of your under donald trump who do the poor job i think that's fair to say in containing the pandemic but now of course the tide has changed joe biden is taking credit for that very fast vaccine roll out he has exceeded the 100000000 doses as you said 2 of course some people criticize him for
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that as well they say that he set a rather reachable goal and then surpassed it so saying that is kind of his strategy and then also you can argue that the foundational. this will set by donald trump because he was the one who in fact when the vaccines were developed to then very quickly and decisively ordered hundreds of millions over the scene doses while other states were debating and discussing and trying to get some special discount so the u.s. didn't but of course joe biden can claim success for rolling out the vaccine then later that he had already these hundreds of millions of doses very quickly we are now at a point where really the feeling here in the united states is that the pen demick is about to be left behind almost half of the people that are illegitimate will have been vaccinated in the u.s. already but his main challenge though is still the vaccine has its in amongst some
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americans who are still worried about taking it and i'm sure you also remember him saying this quite strongly in his speech go get vaccinated yeah that's right of course and now we are reaching a point where those who were able to get the vaccine voluntarily have been vaccinated there are still some people who haven't got the shot but that is moving very quickly in the u.s. now really appealing to those who haven't done so especially to younger people also what we hear in polls is that a lot of republican voters are hesitant the cold vaccine so he's really appealing to those to do their part and get vaccinated because of course as we all know and that's what scientists have been stressing all over again that you need to reach this famous herd immunity to really stop the pandemic from continuing from the virus to continue to spread to shift focus now into the economy he talked about
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economy jobs stanley's you know relating to the america plan and that the family plan as well. again very very bold proposals. that's right but joe biden knows very well that he needs to cater to the middle class the middle class and the working class are those who suffered the most from this pandemic they are is where you will find all those swing voters that earlier voted for trump and then now joe biden empowered to particularly and the pundit make and he's really catering to them now with these aid packages. that certainly resonates very well look at for instance the proposal part of the family plan of $1.00 trillion dollars that is paid with higher taxes for the wealthy to offer free pre-kindergarten and free community college all across the united states and we certainly have not seen anything like that before that will be certainly very well
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. for members of the middle class of course and joe biden knows that he has to act quickly we're already nearing the midterms as part of the democratic system here you have elections every 2 years and he is certainly also trying to learn from mistakes that president obama obama did at the time when he did not act quickly enough or we have that's not at all what joe biden had said about tech class doesn't. seem to take too much you could change the next 10 years and we saw in the last 50 or so rapidly artificial intelligence so much more than who fully behind competition with the rest of the world. decades ago we used to this 2 percent gross domestic product in america 2 percent of our gross domestic product research and development today. to secure
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that's less than one percent china and other countries are closing in fast. well when ingrid croft you might be able to answer this one of with a little bit more detail for us by the name suppose the economy quite possibly as you just had that but there are still some sectors that he hasn't reached right i mean there's a long way to go over covering obviously the ice age and all around around the world he took a lot of credit for huge job growth in his 1st 100 days huge economic growth in his 1st $100.00 days we heard from oliver about the low balling the amount of shots to get people's arms so then to take credit for having more shots when maybe we would have seen he knew already at the beginning that maybe more was possible you know the united states let's not forget a year ago the entire global economy fell off a cliff almost overnight so to bow its back from that can happen quite quickly once you remove the thing that is keeping things down which is this pandemic but there's
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still a long long way to go member of the united states there are only just starting to open up and states are at different paces there in terms of getting back to public life getting back to some something of a normal so there's still a long way to go but you can see in the speech and in that room tonight the optimism the hope the light at the end of the tunnel. and that's where biden is going to be pushing for and he wants to it's very clear wants to make the most of this moment we heard in the in the obama administration which was came into power in the financial crisis which before this crisis was the worst economic crisis since the great depression the slogan was don't let a good i don't let a crisis go to waste every crisis is an opportunity and unfortunately obama administration for a variety of reasons let some of it go to waste and wasn't able to be as bold as ambitious as maybe some people especially on the democratic side wanted and biden seems to be very aware of that and trying not to make those same mistakes and going
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big he said he wants to go big it's the only way to go and we see that with proposed there's already spend or proposed 6 trillion dollars worth of spending it will be the most amount of public spending in u.s. history and president biden talked about competition let's hear about this. america's movie moving forward but we can't stop now. we're in competition with china and other countries to win the 21st century were the great inflection point in history we have to do more than just build back better build back of the build back better we have to compete more strenuously than we have. and all of us though clearly we're seeing some tough talk about foreign policy from the u.s. president. was frightened what he painted as the picture really about the question of the future of democracy in
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a larger sense when you look at china and russia so which political system will prevail here he also explained that he used taken a tougher stance on russia you talked about his troop withdrawal in afghanistan certainly also another controversial issue but then the bottom line is that america as he says is back leading the world again but as you see there are many challenges ahead in the certainly not an easy path for president joe biden right that is out of the sun it's life for us in washington d.c. and when you hear the insecure thank you both so much for your time and analysis we're watching d.w. news life from here's a reminder of our top story joe biden has delivered his 1st speech as u.s. president to the joint houses of congress he used the opportunity to highlight the progress made against the current virus pandemic and i'm veiled details of a sweeping $1.00 trillion dollars package for families and education biden also
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stressed the need to brutality systemic racism and call on congress to act on gun violence and immigration reform. class if you are up to date coming up next is chris kroger with all the business news you can also find much more news analysis and video on a web site that is d w dot com i mean i'm a bit thanks for watching see you soon. cryptocurrency is. just an experiment. i mean it is a. bizarre counseling commodity. just spit. how do you use it and how secure is that actual money. in germany. next on d. w. . entered the conflict zone with syria challenge last year germany was seen as
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a role model in fighting the coronavirus 10 demick now a 3rd wave is hitting the country hard america's party is slipping ahead of september elections as germany prepares to move on from america in what's face just to leave the party and her country my guest this week is your good heart spokesperson for the conservatives parliamentary group conflicts of. 60 minutes. we've got some hope to explore your bucket list. manticora. hot spots for the trip and some great cultural memorials to boot. w. trouble pretty good. i
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haven't invested in any yet myself i should correct a currency is a playing an increasingly important role in the economy companies like tesla accept a bad call as payment even some fund managers recommend investing in digital. assets but how do they work what are their implications for everyday life
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cryptocurrency other worth the ride our topic today and made welcome. it was one of the hottest i.p.o.'s of the year driven by the cryptocurrency bull market call in bass made a huge splash on wall street with many industry hopes pinned on the u.s. biggest digital currency trading platform and bitcoin the world's most popular crypto currency seems unstoppable it's just reclaimed the $50000.00 mark recouping some of its losses following washington's plan to raise capital gains taxes for wealthy investors now that was a tiny setback but then bitcoin bounced back again are cryptic currencies indestructible or just a fun gamble for those with money to burn mr schmidt went to find out. i believe in because they hope. the most important currency in the group nothingness more real than. ok we warrant being entirely serious there but belief
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and trust do play a role in bitcoins viability let's consider the process of cons. is revolutionary so there is no fear of inflation because there is a limit only $21000000.00 records are allowed to be mined and people have a transparent process the whole time safe and secure and that's cool afaik. well my big corn is still sort of virtual for me it doesn't have any i'm barely you basically it's all here show and if you think it's like bubble yes admittedly in the 1st years after its launch in 2000 its value increased only gradually and its image was spent think about how many bitcoins transactions were used for illegal for example drugs where all of the criminals use bitcoin
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but in the world something is changing countries like germany do for us because they use us to verify themselves before they enter the big called world so it's not that anonymous as it used to be over the next few years confidence grew as bitcoin's technology proved stable and the price even hit $100.00 euro's but the crash was just around the corner some point in price to cryptocurrency between stolen several $1000000.00 euro swarthy was last year it's also not related but think about it if someone would steal your money take a look at my own crouse beat clients who are already just fallen in the path where is the guarantee that it will happen to your beat koreans actually the big con infrastructure of has never been hacked so it's safe and we're talking about 12 years and some big guns have been stolen i agree but the reason is those people do not care to have it in
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a safe place interest must prove that boosted after a few celebrities support the venture. could read by kanye west and the think of force brothers. and it was the big question. first. bitcoin isn't good for everyday purchases let's listen to my ex-pres. then if that ever happens it's still decades away hunger rome runs a crypto currency consulting firm he has been following bitcoin for years. obviously there's the volatility of decline to consider which discourages people from spending it. and there's always the question why should i spend money today when it may be worth more tomorrow it is time to get some help and some support it's going pretty well already. live out many just fun to worth billions and he
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advises investing in bitcoin. i suspect that acceptance will grow in the next few years partly driven by greed because the prices are clearly going up and up that's when people say now i want in on this but also because it's simply becoming socially acceptable there was a months long period where the price of bitcoin soared due to investors discovering its potential as a financial investment. in terms of bitcoin i'm very much in the speculative realm i see it as more of a security than a currency. but behind i'm on 4 bit coin has also led to massive energy consumption to keep the system going just look at the server in china. one bitcoin transaction releases as much t o 2 as $100000.00 credit card payments. let's think about climate change and you said here are eco friendly but if you think
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about how much energy is consumptive to produce to keep the whole system of bitcoin alive it can be compared with the whole country oh you mean ok that's maybe your argument most of the energy that is needed for the corn world is consumed in china or about 65 percent and they are shutting down companies. that work with coal power and they would like to have more companies using hydro power and would its value continue to rise because bitcoin is limited in quantity there's a certain cap on the number of bitcoins that can ever be produced but the demand for bitcoin hasn't been met there are a lot of people who have not even invested in it yet it's likely big corn prices will continue to rise significantly over the next few years as more people become familiar with because. so now have i been able to convince my colleague of
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bitcoins merits but it's still not recognized by so many countries i think never it's more we get. more clear what is it about. and in 1st hand it's more real it's more control in terms of criminal. the problem was the climate change. then i might. be for now. i believe. we do not have to believe in the old common currency our parents did it so we have a new. super cool currency that's ok was what. i guess the last word in trip to currencies
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has yet to be spoken but in the meantime you can try your luck by investing in them bitcoin if area near all they can all be loaded on to your smartphone in exchange for local currency and you can use them to buy many things online there are thousands of such digital currency switch makes it hard to see the wood for the trees so it is a look at how they actually work. 100 . almost any.
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payment process takes 10 minutes. international bank. accounts and fees can add 25 year 150. banks and. that's why i could.
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want. so what can you buy with that perhaps a piece of pot forget about buying a traditional painting or sculpture something that you can perhaps. at home on the wall or display in your garden come on it is so yesterday in today's online well it's investing in artists also ditch a till welcome to the world of and if t. s. that's known fungible tokens which are also stored via block chains and of course you can use crypto currencies to buy them now is this the future of the world or
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just a passing fad if you decide. the mona lisa seen in the new fresh perhaps the most famous painting in the world with around $700000000.00. and this is a mona lisa of. a 10 2nd clip sold for $6600000.00 so anyone can watch it online the cap mean you've seen before downloaded millions of times and sold for $600000.00 this image sold to 0.5 about $650.00 at the time just a short time later it was worth another $1000.00 i think that's the song well welcome to the world of n.f. cheese digital objects with the cryptocurrency. and oh well even christie's has now joined the game putting the 1st of the n.f.c. up. but hold on why would anyone pay that sum for it can't mean that they can share
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and download free it will discount morris's the future of the world and it sounds the norm fungible to want to come dribble when something is known fungible it means it's not easily interchangeable because it's unique full scale take a dollar and if you have a $1.00 note you don't mind trading it was someone else's $1.00 makes no difference . the most money so on the other hand is the make. a piece of digital off he's fungible it's not unique or scarce because it can be downloaded and copied infinitely. but when you create an f.t.p. for it a process called tonight single minting it becomes just the trace of the old sentiment and unique. how to put it simply and n.f.c. contains a specific set of data because there's information stored on the token about who created the content for how much it was sold and who the owner is that way the token represents a certificate of ownership. chain technology ensures that all that info is
4:43 am
unchangeable and for. pray for so long the digital object may still be all over the internet via the f.c.c. by the city if we could take ownership for it. so. things things. need energy market right now it's it's really nice tara think a lot of people who are buying it. really early on they have a lot of they don't want to cash about. just the way. i do think that the energy market in general has a lot more in common. are so trading cards on the market maybe small but in the digital not wild something and cities are revolutionary to allowing digital artists to authenticate their work easily and in a foolproof way for the 1st time and also anticipating is always being announced the actual work itself even the physical painting isn't necessarily where it was
4:44 am
held so you may have the most valuable out work in the world who are now being able to a friend's a case it. can potentially have a value of 0 or some collectors may value it but generally speaking you're not going to be able to get it into a tree house likes of a being is something like about the technology also allows artists to collect to percentage of their revenue every time there is something that's not the case in the traditional markets and they can sell there are more direct. any artist with a computer and photoshop and a dream can get on and start making money from their off and start benefiting from it and it really doesn't power the individual and empower the masses to get involved with the art world in a way that has never really been done before when it comes to the n.f.t. market as a whole many involved in watching it such caution and they want the potential for word on the market and the high environmental costs of benefit teams because
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they're now that creation and transactions consume a lot. amounts of energy tax some predict the sky high sums currently paid for certain items are a bubble waiting to. go as we see people who understands the concept of earning their true assets more and more i think that we just see this grow as generation of people coming generation is going to grow up and they're going to be much more interested in buying something that stage 4 than they are buying something physical. is still pretty neat schmeichel until they could become a global trend again why do i feel as an investor. and i'm moving on to perhaps more pressing issue what could a covert 900 test have to do with crypto currency or the verification.


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