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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2021 1:00am-1:46am CEST

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this is the news live from berlin another tragic pandemic record in india the death toll from cope at 19 has passed 200000 infection numbers are rising and the crisis is being compounded by shortages of oxygen medical supplies and hospital staff also coming up. u.s. president joe biden is set to unveil a sweeping $1.00 trillion dollars package for families and education and his 1st speech to congress it comes on the eve of his 100th day in office. and
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german chancellor angela merkel parses china on human rights and expresses concern of a beijing's treatment of muslim minorities and pro-democracy activists. after him khalid welcome to the program india's covered 1000 death toll has now surpassed 200000 the country's continues to report record high numbers of new infections medical aid from abroad has begun arriving but hospitals are still struggling with shortages of staff and supplies including oxygen and its health care system is so overwhelmed that patients are being turned away. a covert 19 ward in a hospital in delhi this hospital like so many full to overflowing medical staff stretched to the limit some falling ill with the disease themselves one reality in
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india's coronavirus emergency. and here's another woman receives oxygen outside a sikh temple. she's not alone there's no room for these people in delhi's emergency wards relatives are left to cope with severely ill patients by themselves one woman describes her mother situation. it's one of these. and now she is not even a bigger body looks infatuation was. yesterday in the night it became 60 and now it is. a long line outside supply people doing what they can to save their loved ones some get the oxygen they need. but there isn't enough to go around. saying go home and if someone is dying there then let them they have nothing to do with our pain they have no one in their house who's ill.
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the state of delhi is reporting one death from covert 19 every 4 minutes and the hospitals can't cope with the growing numbers of patients so the commission grounds are struggling to cope with the rising number of deaths. the funeral pyres a burning day night. delhi is one hot spot of india's covert 1000 emergency maharashtra state in the city of mumbai is another here vaccination centers run out of supplies on wednesday india is one of the biggest producers of vaccines but it doesn't have enough to vaccinate the next 600000000 people who will become eligible for the job. that they're telling us that injections are not available as vaccines have not arrived i registered to come here 3 days ago i came all the way across the city and now they tell me. so they've given me a helpline number and told me to try again tomorrow. well also. amid
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the frustration and suffering this 105 year old man and his 95 year old wife who survived a covert 19 infection the family says they want that story to give hope to others for many fighting the disease hope and prayers are all they have to help them. well jason kinda chuck is the fire ologists at the university of manitoba in canada we all said what role the new virus variants are playing in india it's a great question because we're learning. at each moment and what's really going on certainly being 117 which was the very the 1st merge of the u.k. we know has been circulating in india and we know obviously that there are concerns regarding enhanced transmissibility with that variant the 1617 certainly has been increasing in proportionality but we still i think are somewhat at it is you know standing what that actually be are we see that this housing has transmission like the other variants or is it just something else related to the the current situation that is driving those infectious cases up you know we have to be
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proactive be reactive with culpability let alone with the various that we're seeing is simply not enough so i think there certainly could be a lot of questions that need to be addressed after we get through this wave and into the future of how we better prepare to do difference aside these 4 or these that have abilities. well here are some more developments around the pandemic biotechs co-founder says he is confident that his company's vaccine works against the virus the various other coronavirus variants that is emerging in india the e.u. has accused beijing and moscow of state sponsored dissin summation campaigns against western developed covert 19 vaccines while promoting their own and more than 50000000 people in europe have been infected with the current a virus so far. a 2nd look at other stories making headlines around the world police in germany say a woman has been detained after 4 people were found dead at a hospital a 5th was seriously injured a place said the victims showed signs of external violence
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a quote that the hospital is the katyn parts just outside of poland. thousands of people have marched through colombia's capital bogota to protest against controversial tax reform bills unions insisted this strike would go ahead despite a court order to perspire own demonstrations colombia's health care system is battling a 3rd wave of the pandemic. the e.u. foreign policy chief says e.u. relations with russia are at a low point and that moscow is quote deepening the confrontation just of perl's comments come ahead of more western criticism of moscow in particular over the trip with the troop build up over the border with ukraine. former new york mayor rudy giuliani his home and office in manhattan has been raided by u.s. federal agents it's a major escalation of the investigation into his business dealings the lawyer of
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former president donald trump has been under scrutiny for several years over his times with ukraine. president u.s. president joe biden is said to make his 1st speech to congress on the eve of his 100th day in office biden is expected to address the progress he made in fighting the current virus pandemic and how he plans to tackle inequality he will also unveiled plans for a $1.00 trillion dollars package for families and education security is on high alert in washington d.c. ahead of the speech with many so nervous following the attack on the u.s. capitol building on january 6th. for more on the steve all of a sudden it's joins us from washington d.c. what can we expect from joe biden. so we were able to review parts of his speech and what he's going to say is going to talk about the situation the u.s. finds itself in he's going to say that he inherited
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a nation in crisis he's going to tackle the pandemic the subsequent economic crisis he's going to talk about the insurrection of january 6th that you've just mentioned and we'll call this an attack of the worst attack in fact on american democracy since the end of the civil war but then there will also be words of affirmation in his speech he says he will say the nation is on the move again that america is back on track recovering from the pen demick and then of course unveiling his massive family aids plan that includes $1.00 trillion u.s. dollars in aid for families and put to cuba it will include free pre-kindergarten and free community college across the whole united states so really big changes a big policy step for him and that is funded by tax hikes on wealthy americans and includes also tax cuts for lower income families so really a sweeping redistribution from the rich to the middle class
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a stark contrast to joe biden's. predecessor donald trump in policy of course as so by and clearly addressing those who suffered the most in the pandemic and in doing so he's going to try to pull to it tonight this polarized nation but he's also eyeing the midterm elections and the how has died and jaring has fast $100.00 days . well overall he has received some quite fairly good marks in polling in the polls so a better than donald trump after 100 days so the most important point is the handling of the cold at 19 for them if you think back one year ago europeans looked at the u.s. with a certain degree of pity and now the tide is changing the u.s. is at a point where more and more people are getting vaccinated the feeling here is that the country is leaving the pandemic behind and joe biden is going to claim credit for that in all fairness though we have to point out that this is in part at least donald trump's achievement he will of course failed in containing the pen damage at
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an early stage but then he ordered hundreds of millions of doses fairly quickly and that laid the foundation for a joe biden success so biden is moving fast in his policies also if you look at the foreign policy proposals he's made he wants to withdraw american troops from afghanistan he's taking a tougher stance on russia and that is also because something that trump never did that's one of the standard in washington d.c. thank you. well german chancellor angela merkel has urged china to resume a dialogue over human rights issues as soon as possible local made the comments as she held what are likely to be the last government consultations with china as chance that she expressed concern about beijing's crackdown on the pro-democracy movement in hong kong and also raise the alarm about china's treatment of its muslim we go minority but merkel stress that there were also areas where berlin and
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beijing could work together. it's not just the popular german cars the chinese market has been a boon to the german economy on the whole throughout the pandemic but germany wants china to open its markets even farther that's a key issue for the intergovernmental talks that are being held virtually this time due to the corona restrictions german chancellor angela merkel called for more transparency regarding vaccine production and the reciprocal vaccine approval process and says medical the contentious topic of human rights should be on the agenda. we've always managed to broach this topic in the past and i'd like to see us get a human rights dialogue going again as soon as possible. but tensions remain the e.u. has accused china of persecuting the muslim minority weekers who what beijing critics are calling reeducation camps the chinese government says are simply
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vocational schools thought it is needed you especially in these intergovernmental talks we have to make clear which values we represent there can be no compromises there we have to make it clear to beijing that upholding human rights is non-negotiable and if $100.00 buys chinese premier league chang admits to differences but says seamless cooperation is possible if both sides respect the other's core interests and refrain from meddling in internal issues it's a statement that seems to highlight the 2 countries problematic relations. first prime minister boris johnson has denied any wrongdoing offer an independent watchdog launched an investigation into how he paid for renovation office downing street flat his actual commission says there are reasonable grounds to suspect that's an offense has occurred is the latest in a series of allegations against johnson and his party. this may well have been the
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most unpleasant day in boris johnson's political career so far and the reason is located in downing street itself his apartment he had it refurbished in this style for about 60000 euros and it's alleged that money came in the form of an undeclared donation to his posse the news gave the opposition another chance to attack the prime minister during question time on wednesday. so incredibly serious. from the promise to tell the house this he belief that any rules or laws have been broken talked about johnson denied the allegations and claims he paid for the renovation himself he should know that i paid for downing street refurbishment personally mr speaker. but johnson's explanation was not enough for the opposition leader on my reminded the minister coats as my quote ministers who knowingly misled parliament will be expected to offer their resignation this isn't the only issue
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damaging johnson on monday the daily mail headline claimed jumps and had set in october but he'd rather see the bodies piling up in the streets than order another lock sound and all these allegations are believed to have originated from john since former advisor dominic cummings who he fired in november. now in champions league football matches the city scored 2 goals in the 2nd half to defeat paris on jim are $21.00 in the 1st 70 final match in paris p.s.g. opened the scoring with marking us scored in the 15 minutes and after the break kevin de brian and riyadh marez it scored to give manchester city the advantage heading into the 2nd leg between the 2 on may 4th in manchester england. well that's it you're up to date next day's chris cope with all the business news to you can find much more news and analysis on a website that is deep w.
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dot com more headlines at the top of the hour and i have a hard facts watching a c so. we have important news. smoking news healthy post designs are good for the being. global warming doesn't exist. you don't believe those well not yet completed you have to read my mind. industry is controlling your thoughts here tends to lean to the rail science it's not easy to spot.
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the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's behind the. manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd on d. w. . boeing back on the ground with the 737 max as it also holds deliveries of its one time high flyer yet again this time over electrical problems the plane maker also posting its 6th grade quarterly loss will get the latest from new york also was better known for the euro crisis is portugal's now set to become europe's silicon valley and. how's this for a home office one brit who boldly works or few would dare to even look.
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on chris colburn berlin book the program and as more problems with boeing's already troubles $737.00 the plane maker is pausing deliveries of the airliner which had been grounded for 20 months after 2 fatal crashes the f.a.a. cleared it for service again in a vendor last year but earlier this month boeing notified 16 airlines of an electrical power system problem with the jets leading to more than $100.00 maxes worldwide being grounded once again bolling also says it lost $537000000.00 in the 1st quarter which is 6 consecutive quarterly loss. let's get more on this from our financial correspondent yes quarter in new york let's yes let's start with the 737 max boeing has to pause deliveries for now how big of a problem are we talking here when we talk about this electrical issue. yeah
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the fix is definitely taking longer than a boeing had hoped for boeing itself is circulating that the fix itself would only take a couple of days but so far regulators actually have not approved this fix so nobody really knows how much longer that's going to take and boeing admitted that if you look at the deliveries for the month of april for example those will clearly be hurt quite a bit and much more than expected and i could imagine that all those comments contributed to that the stock of boeing was down about 3 percent year on wall street behind me down by about 3 percent so definitely not a good development for boy boeing also announcing fresh earnings singers' the company posen a 6 quarterly loss in a row but also speaking about a a an inflection point as this year seems to be for the company
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that actually there is some light at the end of the tunnel for boeing if you're just look at the month of march for example for the 1st time in about 2 years boeing actually had more orders than cancellations and talking about the 737 mex they are hoping to increase production to $31.00 planes per month by 2022 and then we shouldn't forget yes the commercial airline business is still in deep trouble but about half of the revenue from boeing comes from the defense industry and that seems to be doing much better and we also shouldn't forget the stock price of boeing almost doubled since the little in the last spring so at least some hope for boeing that things might get better in the near future and that all till the fix for the 737 will be approved anytime soon it's called the new york
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thank you. let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines around the world now apple's profits doubled quarter on quarter to over $23000000000.00 sales to china nearly doubled and results top out of those targets in every category the global semiconductor shortage that us hobbled many automakers seems to have left apple unscathed the major chip buyer is known for its supply chain expertise and staying in the tech sector high ad spending by businesses during a pandemic induced surge in online traffic provided facebook with strong business last quarter of a new grew 2048 percent to over $26000000000.00 beating market expectations earnings almost doubled year on year to $9500000000.00 u.s. federal reserve chief drone policy as the bank left policy unchanged at its latest regular meeting and also stressed its commitments to continue stimulus until
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a maximum employment is achieved and inflation firms up at 2 percent the fed says current inflation largely reflects transitory factories. have been hardest hit and turkey covert cases are on the rise approaching $40000.00 new infections per day president added one has reacted putting the country on a nationwide full lockdown beginning thursday and lasting until mid may it's a tough burden on turks already struggling financially as the economy suffers from high inflation and troubled business. times have been tough for turks for a while the economy in tatters prices up and stores empty on top of it all the news this week come thursday everyone staying at home except to buy food other stores are closed and store owners obviously concerned. to do that it will be difficult for all of us because we have taxes reigns payments to pay
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with children and they have to. study we have to bring food home and we live in a period where everything is very expensive we will go through a troubled and difficult period. but the current pandemic situation in turkey demands strict measures of the country can't get its current numbers down the economic pain will only get worse as summer comes and with it tourist season i'm a good little bit with you think any of the lockdown is necessary to bring the cases down because tourism is our everything for the tourism season to open the cases need to come down to a certain number i think this is necessary. for at least 3 weeks now turks will be staying at home hoping to do their part to save the summer and manage an economic recovery. here in germany dodger bank posted its best quarter since 2014 with a 1st quarter profit of over 900000000 euros thanks to
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a strong performance in its investment banking division years of structuring to lower costs and raise miserly profits the country's largest spender largest lender has spent here is fighting its way out of a dilemma of massive fines and trouble with regulators and things like manipulating interest benchmarks lax money laundering protections and selling toxic mortgage based bonds that went bad. now 10 years ago during the global economic crisis thousands of young portuguese had to go abroad to find work there were no jobs for them at home but now the country of 10000000 at the extreme southwestern tip of the continent has become a top location for european companies for to go might just be turning into the european silicon valley. portugal 2nd biggest city porto is the country's industrial center critical check works employs hundreds of specialists that is
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office next to city hall the company has been making software for a german carmaker b.m.w. for 3 years. infotainment we do a lot of platform work in infotainment systems but we're also developing completely functional modules for entertainment and navigation and we've got your own for you often who developed that b.m.w. joint venture all roads lead to portugal portugal had filing your few years ago portugal made a very good strategic investment by saying we're going to invest heavily in the scientific sector and the computer science faculties at the universities. and we visited some 160 companies have settled in portugal in recent years drawn purely by these well educated college graduates in the process more than 60000 new jobs have been created most of the employees are portuguese like carla oliveira who works for critical tech works and knows how much the job market has improved 3 new course.
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the university 10 years ago i know how hard it was to find a job back then and that's why i can now say that real opportunities are opening up in portugal both for us portuguese but also for foreigners who like the country as much that might put up source for a total cost on. engineer nelson pinto says porto is an attractive location he can be on the riverside in less than 10 minutes but he's especially proud of his work. it's great to see how our german colleagues faith in us has grown over 2 years. on its own they can now see what we're capable of here thing but as. more and more mid science firms are starting to appreciate those talents swiss company barracks is now developing audio streaming devices and other you know south of porto was a minor fall in my experience regardless of whether it's dharma technical university e.t.h. zurich or every you know the only difference is the language in which you can learn
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barks has been manufacturing in portugal for some time its founder recently decided to start software development there too i mean this is why it's ingenue we can no longer afford to pay engineers in switzerland as they went after banks and google they go everywhere where there's even more money portugal is good value overall at the same time the country has seen massive development according to the director of the founder of the institute in porto. and we've made considerable progress founding companies more startups more spinoffs more innovation especially innovation that's market ready it's all developed over the past 10 years. about this. traditional and yet modern portugal seems to have found the right mix. after the coronavirus pandemic working from a hole is likely to remain experience shows that workers can still be productive even if they're not sitting in an office but while the companies have the following
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in mind there's another question. jason griffin's is on his way to work. but there is little chance the 34 year old he's got will bump into his boss here. today we are pushing the technology to its limits but this we're going over a cliff this when i don't allege and i will be working full not lead should take in the making calls and trucking with antenna stuff. this is what his office looks like today maybe it's not for everyone but the software specialist thinks the 9 to 5 work a day is a thing of the past and he's not alone. what we're seeing is the rise of the digital globe people. do not want to be constrained in terms of where they were or where they live for that matter so the key thing for their image to have quick timothy technology and of course and
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a lot of just how many people will be working from home after the pandemic remains to be seen but the coronavirus has certainly proved that there's more to work life than a cramped office. good lord i still prefer my studio even if the view is not a stunning thanks for watching. scotland at a crossroads and main parts of britain believe. me joy to hear you. say a place should is to die david. to entire families in the runup to the elections the debate is heating up. cutler's quest for independence. some good strong euro. d.w. . entered the conflict zone with 0 charlie. last year germany was seen as
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a role model in fighting the coronavirus 10 demick now a 3rd wave is hitting the country hard america's party is slipping ahead of september elections as germany prepares to move on from america it wants to see just to be a party and her country my guest this week is your good hearted spokesperson for the conservatives parliamentary career. in. africa. what's more. for the future in the. second major city. center.
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hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm liable it's nice to be back many of us are itching to travel again but the pandemic still poses huge challenges some travel agencies have found a nice market and are luring tourists to moscow for vaccine getaways the all inclusive deals offer luxury with a dose of russia's own sputnik when the shot sightseeing at the red square isn't
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the only main attraction for their customers. well they include in this couple from germany hines gad pinker nell and his wife catch your harms she was born in russia and longs to travel again and see her family but germany is vaccine program prioritizes the elderly and at risk groups which means they'll have to wait their turn for profit companies are now solving this problem with a vaccine tourism but should money allow people to jump the queue for some it's a no brainer. liftoff on the journey to a new unity. at frankfurt airport hinds get pink and his wife are setting off for an unusual type of vacation after months of searching for ways to get vaccinated abroad they're off to moscow a round trip package complete with a split make the shot. come on the
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stuff we can't assume that will get vaccinated anytime soon in germany to be honest but the more people that are vaccinated the faster will achieve herd immunity so if there's the option of getting vaccinated in moscow then that just makes sense since the last. thing the norwegian travel operator is waiting for the guests from germany on arrival most of them have booked the cove aid package it includes a tourist visa a stay in moscow and the vaccination all for just under 2000 euros 50 germans are taking part in the 1st of these trips and there's a lot of media hype including from russian state t.v. listen for you will not i feel like we're being stalked i'm a lawyer and sometimes when i deal we work on the tracks a lot of media buzz this can happen and there's a lot it's not quite at this level but. i'm not political about this i'm not a criminal critic or crime and supporter i mean i'm fairly neutral as long as i get
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my vaccine up and that's a great result of a commercial for profit but russian authorities seem to have their own goals in mind the so-called all russia peoples front a political organization headed by president vladimir putin himself has been providing visas support for the tour operator world visitor but really here before such p.r. for russia but what's the problem. nick the has become russia's calling card around the world even its name is a clear nod to soviet victories during the space race the vaccine has been approved . in over 60 countries worldwide despite questions about early trial data for the job since the vaccine rollout kicked off in december near putin has been personally promoting sputnik v. and presenting russia as a scientific superpower. the solution you've said from the start and now it's been shown in practice is well the russian vaccine is the best in the world. but people
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in russia are still skeptical here the vaccination campaign has been slow coded restrictions have been lifted almost entirely leaving little incentive for people to get the job one survey says nearly 2 thirds plan to steer clear of sputnik he. doesn't share their doubts on the day of his vaccination politics is far from his mind i actually have a needle phobia. v. has yet to be approved in the e.u. but hinds get in there and his wife are glad that they could afford to travel for the job. it's a nice feeling to know that this worked out. and i honestly don't really care if it's been approved in europe for me it's simple i've been vaccinated now and i feel safe with the study so for a show its effective. and now we're looking forward to maybe being able to travel
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again in the future. from. now freshly vaccinated it's time for some sightseeing in russia the pandemic almost seems like a far off memory even if some experts warn a 3rd covert wave could already be underway here and her home country is enjoying freedoms she's been missing in germany. i'm proud of my country and i feel great here in russia in germany the sense of freedom of strolling komi down the street mosque. restaurants traveling it's wonderful. from a man to fight in germany it's been a constant roller coaster ride but you never know what's next. you can tell that the politicians and decision makers are just floundering helplessly and it makes you feel helpless as well if you listened. and at the same time it also forces you
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to take on personal responsibility and book a trip like this one for instance a month i'll buy you both if i buy fog or folks who got me my dr buss we're going to have to build. a controversial opinion perhaps but according to the tourist agency hundreds of germans have already booked their own vaccination trips to moscow sputnik the would almost be a luxury item if it weren't so unpopular here that. scotland is a place with a rich and unique cultural identity some believe the country should be independent from the united kingdom it's a view held by the ruling scottish nationalist party they want to return to the european union after briggs that forced them out if they can expand their majority in upcoming elections they are promising a new referendum on independence but the countries are strongly intertwined and
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some who were once for scottish independence were split control of their lives off kilter. another windy day in scotland as always we nickels be a 2nd generation kilt maker cycles to work in the traditional scottish men's garment he enjoys a 30 kilometer coastal ride near the 1st of 4th estuary just north of edinburgh i feel scottish 1st you are who you are from where you're born and society of a. sculpture society is different from english welsh and irish society we have our own culture and music language art history that's what makes a coach or. how his father taught him how to make kilts decades ago. these days how he designs and sells of traditional scottish clothing items around the world the e.u. is a key market for him. 7 and a half meters of fabric are needed to make
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a single kilt was her most mature of their minds. how he voted in favor of scottish independence in the 2014 referendum he does still believe scotland should be an autonomous country but breck said and the pandemic have given him doubts he thinks independence could be risky device in society and even his family is becoming sensitive again. disharmony created within a family unit spread right across the whole of scotland and into england we head to the capital and seat of the scottish parliament in edinburgh to see what people think about independence many here tell us they'd be happy to leave. the home for us it's a great assets and i think throughout this well interestingly especially in edinburgh up in the capital there's been a real community feel. in your shit so i think that that will be to the benefit
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of our country i think scotland is a lot more liberal has a country rather than england and those choices. we can make and are making over and really and you know have to get on to westminster for approval which i don't think we get others meanwhile feel that after the bracks turmoil scotland needs to let the dust settle i think we should stay in the union i think that i didn't want bracks and that has been. you know an absolute nightmare so why would you want to break up the union as you know hundreds and hundreds of years i think it would cost a lot of money i think it would be terrible for the economy and i don't think scotland can afford to be independent we have devolved parliament we have taxation powers we have quite a lot of power so i don't see what else we want. many scots living near the anglo scottish border some 100 kilometers south of edinburgh oppose the idea of independence john elliott's cattle farm overlooks the chevy had hills that straddle
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the border. many people here work and shop over in england. we're aware that. that if there was any trade barriers are very very difficult in this area because at the moment a lot of the communities are integrated between england and scotland in this area and i think that. would be a shame with those any sort of body or between between the 2 john elliott runs the farm together with his father. they sell aberdeen angus cattle for breeding to the e.u. and elsewhere. so international trade is important but to them keeping scotland in britain is even more important. i personally voted in the e.u. referendum to remain within europe but i think of us asked the question why would i want to go through it all again and to try and achieve to get back into europe i
1:41 am
think my answer would be no i think um i think the union at the moment seems to be doing ok we've had a lot of the pain and go through it. can't make or how in nichols he has thought long and hard about the possible economic consequences of scottish independence and he thinks independents will have to wait for now i only want an independent scotland that is good for scotland and the scottish people and it feels too much but it's politicians and politics and party rivalry as opposed to thinking on a business level and strategy imply of how was actually going to work. the drive for independence will continue to impact scots like how we nickleby and his family and brags it has only served to stoke the fire. 30 years ago the yugoslav wars broke out in europe more than 100000 people were
1:42 am
killed in the decade that followed well the scars of the war are still visible ruins serve as a reminder of the conflict that tore through the balkans one artist in serbia is using the debris to heal the wounds of the past his childhood was marred with the sounds of destruction but he's working through the trauma with the help of a secret weapon. tracking military scrap for its acoustic properties. service artist nicholas discovering a junkyard for old guns i mean ition and army equipment from the yugoslav wars one day he hopes to find time in his studio in the city of novi sad that's returns old army equipment into musical instruments guitars built using helmets and kalashnikov rifles. and string instruments like this cello made from canisters and grenade
1:43 am
launchers. that part of their god i don't really have a favorite instrument but this cello means a lot to me produces a fabulous sound it's the best instrument i've made from an acoustic standpoint. nicolo once the so-called bumper phone made from a grenade launcher and helmet to sound like a saxophone just shoot us through it all it does make a few sounds but not that many and they're not very clean. more of those i'd need at least a pentatonic scale so i can improvise. that's the direction we want to take bomba phone. nickel or has found another grenade launcher that will be ideal for building a new even better bond of our own. but it's got to be a 1st i need to properly clean the cheap remove the old layer of paint and give it a new one not
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a military color i need to add finger holes to of the court will only be able to tell if it's any good for me at the mouthpiece and blow out the wrong. cellist miletus for a church tunes the grenade launcher cello. she advised on crafting the instrument. like the other musicians supports nikolaus art project i was a woman of the mind a prima sacha and i was still very young during the war i remember nato bombs coming down and serbia those are grim memories but this project shows that we can transform ugly objects and grim advance into something positive. an impressive channel like sound. considering this instrument only has 3 not 4 strings and a body made of metal rather than what. nickel are searching
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another military scrap yard for salvageable objects this one's even larger than the 1st. he says many german and polish collectors come here to buy war relics. unfortunately nicholas still hasn't come across the tank or the mint because a nickel i won't give up hope keep searching maybe i'll stumble across a tank somewhere that you converted into a joint percussion instrument and install it outside somewhere because you know it's going to be. the day of the trial concert which one guitar player husband show not. so we get to play the reimagined kalashnikov rifle. nicholas says he wants to instruments the sound a little off key he's happy they now have a more positive purpose.


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