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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2021 6:15pm-6:31pm CEST

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so many in england the idea being for the fans can feel like a thing of the past to see united it's a model for the future. world news of the. chris kobach business of the day. the 1st. chad's. a lot of. extra effort into outfits glitter glitter glitter. the fighting against
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prejudice i don't call gay boy i did nothing and i'm just dancing and form greg thanks. to all the other stars on the big stage. struck me 17. coronavirus. the world a growing number of the world are facing devastating for. united states united nations warning more than 260000000 people could be starving by the end of this year. also coming up. the european parliament approves the
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e.u. supposed bragg's a trade pact with the u.k. but much remains unresolved between brussels and london and is portugal set to become europe's silicon valley we'll find out. i'm chris colfer and berlin wall come to the program the coronavirus pandemic has brought hunger to millions around the world like here in brazil where residents of the capital's favelas took to the streets earlier this month with empty pots a symbol of their growing congar on the world bank estimates more than 60000000 people could fall into extreme poverty by the end of this year. the united nations also sounding the alarm famine is on the horizon in the west and central africa the economies of many countries have collapsed in the wake of the pandemic violent conflicts are popping up all of that is spurring a dramatic rise in food prices the u.n. world food program says prices for staple foods have risen in some places by as
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much as 200 percent by the consequences are dramatic you and warning that 31000000 people may not have enough to eat in the coming months that would be a 30 percent increase in hungry people compared to last year immediate action is required and it doesn't come cheap the wall food program says it needs 6640000000 euros to continue aid in 1000 countries in the africa on the african continent now let's take a closer look at this issue with saul morris he's the director of program services at the global alliance for improved nutrition joins me from oslo welcome to the program saul thanks for being here. first of all let me ask you what do experts mean when they say this hunger crisis unlike others before is not caused by one factor or another but rather a multitude of factors all linked to the pandemic. that's absolutely right
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yes. if these are really difficult times people consuming wanting to buy food in markets and for companies that are trying to produce or distribute or so food to customers for things that really come together to make things very difficult one is closer the international border. plugging of international trade so much food of course is traded between countries around the world and so when logistics slow down between different countries all barriers of put up to international trade that inevitably has a fact on food markets the mastic lee then on top of that of course many countries have had internal restrictions they've restricted movement between different locations or they have imposed curfews so that has also meant that it's been difficult to move 3 rounds within countries to get that to the markets where they
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need it but most of all it's you need it in your introduction it's the consumers have really lost purchasing power they many people have lost their jobs or they've had to really dig into their savings and don't have as much. money available for their shopping as they used to and so they're just not able to buy as much food and particularly if they've seen price rises and of course all of this comes on top of a time when we've had other challenges around the world particularly in africa for example we've had basically local saw. relates to come plates of climate change saul where is this situation especially bad and which countries are under immediate threat. i think it's especially bad in the countries which we're already seeing is he's of conflict so if you look in parts of this hell there are communities for example that are traditionally migrated across national borders from northern
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nigeria which has had many problems over recent yaz people have often gone to take up seasonal work in 70 share and they promptly that because of borders has been closed so a lot of people struck in to maintain their livelihoods so all the un world for grow food program warns that more than $6260000000.00 people around the world could be pushed to the brink of starvation by the end of this year what can be done to prevent that i think what this is really revealed is that we operate with fuel systems that are really not quite fit for purpose to put it mildly we really need that they generate the way that they set up the fuel supplies in our markets they generate around people who are malnourished and we really need to take a deep look at the way we organize the systems in all countries and to take this
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moment to put in place some key measures that will protect them let me want to sort of i mean we need to think. yes so in the short run we really need to think about measures such as making sure that everybody who works in the food distribution or sales is able to move from location to location so that feed and sales can continue and also protection social protection for the most vulnerable so people who have lost all of their income they need help in the short term and that has to come in either cashel saumarez of the global alliance for improved nutrition thank you for talking to you doug. thank you. the european parliament has ratified the u.s. trade deal with the u.k. nearly 5 years after britain voted to leave the blog now the trade pact had actually been in place since january but only provisional since then however
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there's been some serious economic fallout. major traffic jams and borders that were once wide open customs for maladies and czechs not seen and decades cracks it has raised considerable trade barriers between the e.u. member states and britain a survey by the british chamber of commerce and germany and k p m g shows that half of all e.u. companies affected are seeing lower turnover while one in 6 companies here has decided to completely abandon trade with the u.k. . many lawmakers also regard cracks that with sadness but on wednesday the mood in both brussels and london was one of celebration after each new parliament overwhelmingly ratified the deal. european council president charles michel said he warmly welcomed the vote on twitter so did britain specs that minister david frost who treated hope we can now began a new chapter together as europeans characterized by friendly cooperation between
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sovereign equals but friendly cooperation could prove difficult even members have already accused britain of not abiding by the pact citing lax border controls and fishing rights abuses it could be some time before the dust finally settles on blacks that. now to some of the other business stories making news around the world south african president several roma posters says is governor and a.n.c. party quote could and should have done more to prevent corruption on those trees as a jacob zuma mr opposer was appearing at the state capture inquiry into allegations that zuma allowed the gupta business family to influence policy and when lucrative government contracts and the group does deny the allegations playmaker boeing has paused 7 $37.00 max deliveries over an electrical issue that has partly reground the fleet just as it returns to service following 2 fatal crashes also says of the
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last $537000000.00 in the 1st quarter but it expects this year to be a quote inflection point as vaccines will lot see mass air travel resume their studies samsung fortune phase one of the largest inheritance bills in history totaling more than 9000000000 euros that's 4 times the south korean government's total state tax revenue this year the current he who turned samsung into a global technology powerhouse died last october aged $78.00. 10 years ago during the global economic crisis thousands of young portuguese had to go abroad to find work if there were no jobs for them at home but now the country of 10000000 at the extreme southwestern tip of the continent has become a top location for european companies for to go might just be turning into the european silicon valley. portugal 2nd biggest city porto is the country's
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industrial center critical tech works employs hundreds of specialists at his office next to city hall the company has been making software for a german carmaker b.m.w. for 3 years. infotainment we do a lot of platform work in infotainment systems but we're also developing completely functional modules for entertainment and navigation and we've got your own for ya think your spam who developed the b.m.w. joint venture all roads lead to portugal portugal had filing your few years ago portugal made a very good strategic investment by saying we're going to invest heavily in the scientific sector and the computer science faculties at the universities. and we visited some 160 companies have settled in portugal in recent years drawn purely by these well educated college graduates in the process more than 60000 new jobs have been created most of the employees are portuguese like carla oliveira who works for
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critical tech works and knows how much the job market has improved to be in a course. the university 10 years ago i know how hard it was to find a job back then and that's why i can now say that real opportunities are opening up in portugal both for us portuguese but also for foreigners who like the country as much that might put up source for a total cost on. engineer nelson pinto says porto is an attractive location he can be on the riverside in less than 10 minutes but he's especially proud of his work. little sort of it's great to see how our german colleagues faith in us has grown over 2 years. on they can now see what we're capable of here. but i will go balls more and more mid science firms are starting to appreciate those talents swiss company barracks is now developing audio streaming devices and other you know south of port au was my fault in my experience regardless of whether it's dharma technical university e.t.h.
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zurich or i read or the only difference is the language in which you can learn barks has been manufacturing in portugal for some time its founder recently decided to start software development there to be i mean this is why it's ingenuity we can no longer afford to pay engineers in switzerland as they went off to banks and to google they go everywhere where there's even more money. portugal is good value overall at the same time the country has seen massive development according to the director of the founder of the institute in porto. we've made considerable progress founding companies more startups more spinoffs more innovation especially innovation that's market ready it's all developed over the past 10 years and it is still. this traditional and yet modern portugal seems to have found the right mix. and finally online streaming platform show max is investing in producing its own african continent for local audiences as it competes for their attention
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against netflix on the continent show makes says it wants to develop movies and shows set in its biggest markets of nigeria kenya and south africa the company also said it's going to co-produce films with h.b.o. and cinemax to reach global audience is available in $46.00 african countries. and that's a show thanks for watching for more check out our website at www dot com slash business or follow us on social media i'm chris cuomo thanks for watching ever self a successful. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information context.
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coronavirus and the cold it seems special monday to friday on t.w. . and that's a show thanks for watching for more check out our website at www dot com slash business or follow us on social media i'm chris cuomo thanks for watching ever self a successful. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information context. the coronavirus of the coalition special monday to friday on t.w. .
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this is it of the news asia coming up today looking out for each other through a crisis. indian start to social media to share a quick information on oxygen beds and medical supplies as the number of dead from covert 19 continues to rise 5. plus infections are also soaring in neighboring natal and with supplies of vaccines drying up the country is increasingly on able to protect its population.


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