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more city parks have been turned in the crematorium scientists are pinning the blame squarely on the country's leaders. borke our political and religious leaders have been telling our back b b m i have gone down this was a cue from december jenny what do you think you are saying that we have conquered the infection all of that. have backfired. many indians are left to fend for themselves through all they can to care for loved ones . some drive for hours in search of oxygen. i don't know man i know one thing i have come from very far to collect oxygen from my father i'm scared that although oxygen is available today well we do have it's not available tomorrow. until help arrives on a larger scale and if people in india are left gasping for air.
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straight to d.w. is delhi bureau chief amrita cheema welcome and reason let's start with a situation where you are there in the indian capital. after the situation you still remains very grim the number of cases has been rising the debt still is at a record high and hospitals are treated to capacity it's not just hospital oxygen supply some of the largest hospitals have mouths to the sit now oxygen some of the smaller hospitals are still sending out distress signals saying if you're running out of supplies and it's not just us do nothing and running our medical staff is running our medical staff is distinctly positive so they can come to what he sees a fairly grim situation. and so what are the options for people when they know the hospitals are full but their loved ones are stills nonetheless seriously ill. we're eating doctors encouraging people to stay at home and this their patients are
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really critical and this is 99 percent of the people who have poor did not critically in but now given the daily has a population of roughly 20000001 percent of 20000000 is still a threat number of people and of course when people have and up ones who in a critical condition because against hope and they rush towards hospitals some tend to just don't get in or get languishing at outside the hospital hoping they'll get some medical attention someone lacking that most are not and can even lose their lives to sweeting ahead. critics say that this crisis out was avoidable avoidable is the indian government taking responsibility for a situation that appears to be out of control the indian government says it's doing all it can prime minister not even the all these has several high powered meetings the last few days he's announced of setting up a some 500 oxen generating plants the local government in delhi has also announced
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small advance will be available in a couple of weeks which are the people who are right in the eye of the storm at that will that all of this comes too late and he said critics feel that this 2nd we've got the government completely unprepared that it did not use to line up the trust we have to bolster capacity to strengthen the infrastructure the health infrastructure and now the accord in a situation where the ask roundly for measures which are coming forward to lead this in a lot is still the work by vaccination and as of today everybody over the age of 18 can't register to get vaccinated from the 1st of may not authorities believe and cool that this may have break the chain of transmission and all of a number of cases and take the street off that has a head into structure so it's a given that life. in the future is a feeling that the best crisis is picking or authorities expect certain words to come. well i think what the medical producer is he saying they're expecting this
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drug to make this 2nd rate to peak sometime by the end of the 1st week of me or the middle of may and it only start really defeated by june and july of this yes a stint i think 5 days ahead before we see any improvement in the situation. i'm research in delhi thank you so much now here are some more developments in the pandemic a ban texaco founder has voiced confidence that the company's vaccine works against the indian variants of the virus and says tests are continuing brazil's senators open an inquiry into whether president jaya balls in our us government committed criminal negligence or corruption in its handling of the pandemic and south korea is hoping to encourage more people to get vaccinated by granting exemptions from quarantine matters to those who've been inoculated at the moment anyone who's been in contact with a confirmed patient will return from overseas was quarantined for 14 days. why from
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the pandemic the world still turns out i still has some of those stories lawmakers are voted overwhelmingly to ratify opposed to trade and cooperation agreement $660.00 in favor only 5 against it's a final step in the ratification process of a deal that sets out the framework for the u.k.'s new relationship with the e.u. 5 years after britain voted to leave the bloc. british prime minister boris johnson is facing a formal investigation into the cost of refurbishing his official apartment to downing street he has denied any wrongdoing insisting he pay for the renovations himself the country's electoral commission says it has reasonable grounds to suspect an offense has been committed. a u.s. navy ship or a fired warning shots at iranian military vessels in the persian gulf on monday 3 iranian boats came within 100 meters of 2 u.s. warships iran is currently negotiating with world powers for
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a return to the terms of the nuclear deal struck in 2050. 10200 migrants have been rescued in the mediterranean by the ocean viking rescue ship they were found on overcrowded boats off the coast of libya when the vessel picked up distress calls it was according to the aid group an s.o.s. message to ronnie. the if a pilot is due to debate his response to the increased tensions between the ukraine and russia after russia after moscow began to withdraw some of its troops from the joint border and forces have been massing along ukraine's border in recent weeks for no obvious reason western powers that condemned moscow for its military buildup of voiced their support for fear that would tensions between the 2 countries are high since 2014 it's certain that russia's june withdrawal will not signal any lasting peace between the 2 countries. tens of thousands of russian troops along
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ukraine's borders aircraft and missile systems in place unannounced exercises action unprecedented scale and all of them within striking distance of ukraine russia's military made no effort to hide what was going on as the reports piled up day after day ukraine and its western allies group palpably nervous all the while the kremlin remained silent and then suddenly as they appeared officials announced that the troops returned to their bases what was this show of strength meant to achieve and what is the vladimir putin actually wants from ukraine water water rushing is becoming part of everyday life in crimea the region russia seized from ukraine back in 2014 climate change and a growing population of made things worse but the main problem is this canal or what remains of it much of crimea is what he used to come through here from ukraine's new pro river but after russia's annexation of crimea ukraine pulled the plug moscow is now demanding kiev restore supplies. this is victim editor
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a multi-millionaire ukrainian politician media mogul and crucially a personal friend of light impotent in recent months he and his partners have faced investigation over allegations of illegal business deals with pro russian separatists reason enough for ukraine's government to take maybe chooks promo school t.v. networks off air analysts agree that saving which you can prosecution and return his networks to the airwaves is a key kremlin priority if selenski wants progress on donbass putin insists he should go and talk to these 2 leaders of the separatists in eastern ukraine financed and armed by russia it's all part of the kremlin line that russia is just a mediator an internal ukrainian conflict not an active participant selenski were to agree to direct negotiations with the separatists russia would be off the hook diplomatically and ukraine's president would himself being extremely hot water at home potential win win for putin. d.w.
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our correspondent marina strauss in brussels welcome marina so what can the european parliament to do if it decides that russia does need to be punished for aids actions against ukraine especially given the russians already under sanctions by the e.u. and others members of european parliament are preparing a so-called resolutely to impose new sanctions on russia russia this time if russia further escalates the situation at its border with ukraine or even considers an invasion but it's actually not the parliament that this so it's countries and last time their foreign ministers met it's not a long time ago a couple of days ago they decided not to impose new sanctions on russia they only ask russia to further deescalate but there's one thing many people here brussels can't agree on and that's the fact that so rice and so with russia are are at an all time low and many fear it will further escalate. i do wonder sometimes what
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is the point of the european parliament you just said the decision is not there is it belongs to the heads of state. and if they are going to sanction is there any evidence that anything that the you has done to sanction russia has had any effect at all. the role of the european parliament is to put pressure that's one of their roles to put pressure on member states they can decide on sanctions they can say we want sanctions and then your member states have to go forward and put sanctions in place but let's look at russia for example that you and others imposed sanctions on russia after the annexation of crimea couple of years ago and yet russia did not necessarily change its behavior but it had economic repercussions and that mounted the pressure on lady mary putin inside its country his country for example
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why is this the business of the european parliament given that neither russia nor ukraine is about. well the e.u. has the power to impose sanctions on any country around the world to safeguard its values or to for its own security that's what you said this that that's not what i'm saying so it is imposed for example sanctions on myanmar after the military coup there and like security plays a huge show when we're talking about ukraine versus russia because you're crying it's not an e.u. member we know that but it's on the european continent and imagine a war broke out in ukraine again or a conflict it would pose a huge threat on the european union. very distraught set in brussels thank you so much. u.n. secretary general antonio terrace is holding meetings in geneva with the leaders of the divided island of cyprus to try and find common ground between the 2 sides has
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been split along ethnic lines between greek and turkish cypriots for decades the hope is to use the summit as a springboard to resume peace talks that have been stalled since 2017 full. time seems to have come to a standstill and for russia it's largely greek population fled during turkey's invasion of cyprus in 1974 the once popular tourist destination has been stripped of life ever since in a nearby village. ekes out a living from the arid landscape the farmer is disappointed that peace talks between the turkish and greek parts of cyprus have been unsuccessful all these years. we want the same opportunities that the e.u. and the rest of the world offer the greek cypriots the sanctions against us should be lifted and we should be recognized as an independent state. president of turkish
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controlled northern cyprus arison tar and turkey's president recha heir to one post $1.00 to $2.00 state solution that would formalize the depression of the island the un and the e.u. favor a federal solution with 2 states under a central government. this time will take a different position. and position based on a 2 state solution for health a century we have been negotiating. but leftist groups recently took to the streets to demonstrate for a federal system they want to see cyprus united and ankara sway over the island curved. the turkish cypriots in the north are divided. the few border crossings between the north and the south are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic un peacekeepers have patrolled the ceasefire line for decades
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. anger over deadlock to go see asians is also evident in the greek part of the island. the current government has. from corruption to environmental destruction to. peace talks to a dead end. people on both sides of the divide are united in their frustration with their leaders this is and of course this is disillusionment has grown over the past years and expectations are extremely low for a few people expect the cyprus dispute to be resolved many don't even know that talks are being held. but those talks will have to be successful for life to return to the abandoned streets of the russia. when its domestic intelligence agency has announced that it is putting some members of the country's anti lockdown protest
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movement under surveillance the move against so-called or lateral thinkers that means the agency will collect data on individuals and groups suspected of spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation about the pandemic interior ministry says the movement has extremist tendencies and fears its influence could last beyond the end of the pandemic interior minister jose hoffa's says the government would not accept any militancy or extremist behavior. it's clear that we have to protect the rule of law and our citizens. but not from peaceable people expressing their opinion. even if that opinion is diametrically opposite to our political conviction it is. it's their right to express those opinions and i'd never criticize that. but when extremists take the stage and try to appropriate these movements or if violence enters into it then we must revert to a policy of 0 tolerance. it's more from date of political
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correspondent shot off a no parliamentary studio welcome. so tell us more about the people involved in this on t.v. lockdown movement these a fad danka. well the credit and the movement was only founded last year as a direct response to the corona virus pandemic and most specifically to the german government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. so they haven't been around for very long really but they've already created quite a stir here and a lot of controversy here in germany and they're really at the heart of the big lockdown protests most of those protests that we've seen across the country in recent months and they're very disparate bunch of stuff also you subscribe to the same political opinions and it's an eclectic mix of of people with legitimate grievances against government corona measures and also outright corona denial is
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general conspiracy theorists and then there's another element of sort of far right extremists and even neo nazis who are connected to the movement and march alongside them and here in the buddhist they've got the support of the largest opposition party that's the right wing populist the party and the have already come to the credit because aid today and protested against these latest measures to put them under surveillance and so where has the push come from to put them under surveillance. well some german states have already put parts of the movement under surveillance so states they've got a version of the varia had already done so and now the national agency has has followed suit now of course you should always sort of listen up when a national intelligence agency puts an. under surveillance that
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protesting against government policies but as ha see over the interior minister said we had it there it's not directed at those who are peacefully protesting and making their opinions heard but really against those who are using those protests to illegitimate and and that's to incite violence and to to to undermine and threaten security and that that has grown in recent in over the last few weeks and months. and one example that's been cited by authorities is a sort of so-called death list of of politicians that's been circulated among squared anchors on messaging apps. containing names of of members of parliament that recently voted in favor of a national lockdown or. thank you for the political correspondent on your shelf and . so with football and the european super league debacle caused
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a huge uproar about fans especially in england where 6 premier league clubs announced they were joining the breakaway leak and then changed their minds to try and head off any future defections english premier league is now looking at some major reforms correspondent child a child some reports from jester. could this set the ball to english it will be jeff's united of manchester's he's the cademy thought that training for a club doing things differently. if the united by owned and run by the fans. were just ordinary people. who actually love football and got a passion for football it's not a business all of the monies my goes back into the football club back into the community. in order that we can try and you know climb the leaks. and continue to make a statement to say there's a different way let's see united was set up in 2005 in protest against the takeover
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of premier league club manchester united by an american billionaire then now seeing a surge of interest upping their membership by roughly 20 percent over the last week alone it's driven in large part by the actions of 2 clubs just a few miles away manchester united and manchester city are among 6 english clubs who last week signed up to a new european super league which abruptly collapsed on to outrage from fans for many it's a watershed moment. terrible idea just the money grabbing it's on by billionaires who know nothing of the game don't care for the fans don't care about grassroots football in the u.k. demise is pretty nice to be out of and is pretty terrible but falls along kind of. excessive incremental. vulture capitalism in space become a baseness today's arness for a long time. so it's not trying to do in terms of football still of the sport but
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we just never know when subsaharan is where you know they they haven't got the clubs at best it's all about the money for them the super league debacle has supercharged calls for change here with everything from the ownership structure of clubs like manchester united to regulation now being publicly debated and many are looking to germany as a model there's a growing chorus of voices calling for english football to emulate germany's 50 plus one model that would give found the majority voting right giving them the final say is now transcending football and gaining political traction it's the supporters over generations that have built these clubs the german model car recognizes and holds them in trust for generations beyond the current generations the constant need to build those clubs whereas here i think what's been brought over to us in the last week is that these great clubs could be taken from us in a heartbeat the result no power to stop it the government is now running
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a family interview into english football with the german model among the reforms being discussed but there's skepticism meaningful change is possible in the meantime fun and clubs like f.c. united of forging their own path proof that an appetite for fun that is growing i think it's. time for change. and events of the last week of just demonstrate it and spites me fortunately it was more than 50 plus $100.00. i think there is an opportunity now for the supporters groups to continue to do that but a large gap like so many in england the idea of being for the fans can feel like a thing of the past to see united it's a model for the future. and champions league football perry signs among face of my . just a city in wednesday's semi final 1st leg both clubs are looking for their 1st champions league title and extravagant spending by their wealthy owners hasn't guaranteed
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success as particular pressure on city coach pep guardiola who's failed to deliver european silverware and since he took over in 2016 but city face a tough test in last year's runners up so tough that the older men feel that he's had some sleepless nights. i tried to sleep well last night. and as well when i wasn't thinking of them that is the reality so. that's why. i've got him now organizers of the tokyo olympics will decide in june whether to allow domestic spectators to attend the games with less than 3 months to go many parts of the country are under states of emergency following a surge in corona virus infections games organizers are also strengthening safety measures which will now include covert 19 task. every 4 days. this is d.w. news live from is
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a reminder of our top story and yours cope with 19 death toll has now passed 200000 . prizing faster driven poppy bought a new more infectious coronavirus back. today to have more world news at the top of the hour up next tonight in germany takes a look at cryptocurrency is.
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i'm going to. take her and see mole i'm just an experiment. minimalism. counseling commodity. just bit. how do you use it and how secure is that shawl money made in germany.
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a good. match. discovered. the law. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. i haven't invested in any yet myself i should cryptocurrency is a playing an increasingly important role in the economy companies like tesla accept a bad call as payment even some fund managers recommend investing in digital assets
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