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lines between greek and turkish cypriots decades the hope is to use this summit as a springboard to resume peace talks that have been stalled since 2070. time seems to have come to a standstill and for russia it's largely greek population fled during turkey's invasion of cyprus arison top tower and turkey's president wretch of air to one both want a 2 state solution that would formalize the depression of the island the un and the e.u. favor a federal solution with 2 states under a central government. this time will take a different position. and position will be based on a 2 state solution for health a century we have been negotiating. but leftist groups recently took to the streets to demonstrate for a federal system they want to see cyprus united and bankers sway over the island
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curbed the turkish cypriots in the north are divided. the few border crossings between the north and the south are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic un peacekeepers have patrolled the ceasefire line for decades . anger over deadlock to go see asians is also evident in the greek part of the island. the current government has. from corruption to environmental destruction to. peace talks then. people on both sides of the divide are united in their frustration with their leaders. this is and of course. disillusionment has grown over the past years and expectations are extremely low for a few people expect the cyprus dispute to be resolved many don't even know that talks are being held. but those talks will have to be successful for life to return
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to the abandoned streets of russia. well germany's domestic intelligence agency has announced that it is putting some members of the anti a lockdown protest movement under surveillance the move against the so-called bad lateral thinkers allows the agency to collect data on individuals and groups who are suspected of spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation about a pandemic germany's interior ministry says the movement has extremist tendencies fears its influence could last beyond the end of the pandemic interior minister hopes they hoffa said the government would not accept any militancy or extremist behavior based only it's clear that we have to protect the rule of law and our citizens. but not from peaceable people expressing their opinion. even if that opinion is diametrically opposite to our political conviction it is.
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it's their right to express those opinions and i'd never criticize that. but when extremists take the stage and try to appropriate these movements or if violence enters into it then we must revert to a policy of 0 tolerance. it's let's get more from d.w. a political correspondent on your show off a no problem interest you're welcome. so tell us more about the people involved in this on to lock down movement these fair danka. well the cleared and a movement was only founded last year as a direct response to the corona virus pandemic and most specifically to the german government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and. so they haven't been around for very long really but they've already created quite a stir here and a lot of controversy here in germany and they're really at the heart of the big lockdown protests most of those protests that we've seen across the country in
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recent months and they're very disparate bunch of stuff they all sort of subscribe to the same political opinions and it's an eclectic mix of of people with legitimate grievances against government corona measures and also outright corona denial is general conspiracy theorists and then there's another element of sort of far right extremists and even neo nazis who are connected to the movement and march alongside them and here in the buddhist they've got the support of the largest opposition party that's the right wing populist a.f.d. party and the have already come to the credit because aid today and protested against these latest measures to put them under surveillance and so where has the push come from to put them under surveillance. well some german states have already put parts of the movement under surveillance so states
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they bought a version of the varia and had already done so and now the national agency has has followed suit now of course you should always sort of listen up when a national intelligence agency puts them an. under surveillance that protesting against government policies but as hasi over the interior minister said we heard that there is not directed at those who are peacefully protesting and making their opinions heard but really against those who are using those protests to illegitimate and and that's to incite violence and to to to undermine and threaten security and that that has grown in recent in over the last few weeks and months. and one example that's been cited by authorities is a sort of so-called death list of politicians that's been circulated among squared anchors on messaging apps and containing names of of members of parliament that
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recently voted in favor of a national lockdown or. thank you for the political correspondent on your shelf and . in football the european super league debacle caused a huge uproar amongst fans especially in england where 6 premier league clubs and i'm say would be joining the breakaway league and then change their minds to try to prevent any future defections english premier league is now looking at some major reforms u.w. correspondent charlotte johnson pillbug ports for manchester. could this set the ball to english football meet f.c. united of manchester's youth academy award that training for a club doing things differently. that's the united at both owned and run by the fans. who are just ordinary people. who actually love focal i've got a passion for football it's not
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a business all of the monies made goes back into the football club back into the community. in order that we can try and you know climb the leaks. and continue to make a statement to say there's a different way that's the united was set off in 2005 in protest against the takeover of premier league club manchester united by an american billionaire then now seeing a surge of interest upping their membership by roughly 20 percent over the last week alone it's driven in large part by the actions of 2 clubs just a few miles away manchester united and manchester city are among 6 english clubs who last week signed up to a new european super league which abruptly collapsed on to outrage from fans for many it's a watershed moment. terrible idea just the money grabbing it's on by billionaires who know nothing of the game don't care for the fans don't care about grassroots football in the u.k. demise is pretty nice the ivan is pretty terrible but falls along kind. of
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excessive incremental. vulture capitalism i suppose focus become a business today's arness for alongside. so he's not trying to do in terms of football style of the sport but we just never know when subsaharan is where you know they they they haven't got the clubs at best it's all about the money for them the super league debacle has supercharged schools for change here with everything from the ownership structure of clubs like manchester united to regulation now being publicly debated and many are looking to germany as a model there's a growing chorus of voices calling for english football to emulate germany's 50 plus one model that would give found the majority voting right giving them the final say is now transcending football and gaining political traction. thank you so much there not everyone can unite behind at the moment we have a bi is a basic interest of this board protects clubs. i'd so i
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think that's the reason for that is for a for a slogan be it so popular the government is now running a family review into english football with the german model among the reforms being discussed but the skepticism meaningful change is possible in the meantime fun and clubs like f.c. united of forging their own path proof that an appetite for fun led to pools growing i think it's. time for change. and the events of the last week of just demonstrate it and spites me fortunately we're where more than 50 plus $100.00. i think there is an opportunity now for the supporters groups to continue to do the right like jeff perry so many in england the idea of being for the fans can feel like a thing of the past to united it's a model for the future. well in champions league football perry salinger mound face
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manchester city on wednesday semifinals like both clubs are looking to win their 1st of a champions league title on to extravagant spending from now wealthy owners hasn't guaranteed success as particular pressure on city coach pep it was failed to deliver european silverware since taking over in 2016 but city face a tough test in last year's runners up so tough that quality of the has revealed that he's had some sleepless nights. i tried to sleep well last night. you know when i wasn't thinking and that is the reality so there they are incredible top top to play with that's why i blame the team. the premier league side the chelsea job with violet jade in their 1st semifinal match in spain chelsea is struck through the christian police searched but the school was level at one all after half an hour thanks to wales karim benzema then next match is on the 5th of mad stamford bridge in england's chelsea coach tamas to go was upset as team didn't
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score a 2nd goal but says everything is still wide open. this is a live from but it has reminded off the top story of this hour in just over 19 death toll has now passed 200000 numbers are rising faster than poc they have on a new more infectious coronavirus fair. we'll have more about type in to scott covert crisis set up next to. a servant on a tree i'll be back at the top of it all more world news of course so we sat around the clock on this day w. caught up into. the for.
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the for. the good. the feel good.
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currency it's. just an experiment. i'm innocent. counseling commodity. just paid kind of. how do you use it and how secure is that actually money made in germany. in 60 minutes on d w odd down the number of odd. people have to say 1st to us. that trying. to use reporter every weekend on d w. every day counts for us and for our planet. global ideas is switching to bring you more
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conservation. how do we make cities scream. how can we protect habitats. we can make a difference to. the line to use the environmental series in the 3000 on t.w. and on line. and you hear me now yes yes we can hear you and how last year's german sounds now we bring you an angle of madoff and you've never had to have a surprise yourself with what is possible who is magical really what moves them what all some who talk to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her legacy joining us from eccles la stops. this is deducted news a show coming up today looking out for each other through
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a crisis. indian start the social media should quick information on oxygen beds and medical supplies as the number of dead. from covert 19 continues to rise. class infections are also soaring in neighboring napalm and with supplies of vaccines drying up the country is increasingly unable to protect its population. i'm british welcome to news asia glad you could join us more than 3000 people have died of covert 1000 in india in the last 24 was a new record for the country this makes india only the 4th country in the world after the united states brazil and mexico to cross 200000 deaths during the coronavirus pandemic this at a time that india added more than 1000000 cases in just the past week alone the
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reality of these deadly numbers plays out in india's hospitals and medical facilities every day stretched to the limit they are running out of supplies primarily oxygen people desperate for assistance have done to social media pleas for help are being posted and those who can are responding with information on platforms like facebook instagram and twitter. such as this by who is saying that oxygen is available for those in delhi at the sikh temple in gaza about city in northern india this user in the southern city of bangalore posting verified information about someone who can help deliver medicines to elderly patients staying alone. and this group of covert volunteers in western india with again very fight information about beds and oxygen being available in the city of not poor in western india. and joining me now the possum responsible for that last tweet you saw on it they saying from team as well as india he joins me from point
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a in western india and we also have pooja in that who is working in the city of bhopal in central india to one of those battling the current crisis welcome to both a few things i'd like to come to you 1st how are you collecting information and being able to verify what you are posting so basically the myth of $121.00 and if so they spread across. across nation and what they do with collect information they. get information social media. they call it off they don't do you can see. that and be that if i go every detail that's breaking all the way done it because it then and even if i do and then people's information on it we don't know what you are as i understand you are doing much the same thing isn't it they should in bhopal but you're also helping out with the community kitchen in your city yeah the article 551 and there
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have been some of them are to help they know we're getting ventilate those and beds for people but that a large number of endurance was the big thing outside the hospital gown or the bore him and the family members that inside and it's a long endless wait and since it's still down and that on most shops open so restock decided to stock a community kitchen for them except that outsourced and people have generously donated and b. have stuck to the kitchen baby can give them food water. all these things that you know bill becomes a debate about it. and it is the standard you set up team as source india last year as the 1st wave of covert infections was hitting india and i need to mention here that you are in in maharashtra state which is possibly the worst affected state in terms of corporate infections in india did you ever imagine that things would ever
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get this bad. in defoe's to the lake and it was like they were not here about this again they. start people are getting they need it he never thought they'd even see the thinking of it later learned this. much impact it was not we had imagined it is something that hits me hard as well because i would never have imagined like uniters potentially that things would ever. become as bad as they are in india and therefore pooja i wonder if you think it is essentially left to citizens such as yourself and need to organize help because the system is not being able to cope. it's a huge crisis and the government is doing what it can and to the best up its
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ability and i feel that everybody has to join hands and you know somehow back to the situation and sitting at home via deceiving callers and sometimes people are just bad making all it so so be it they go it's close and get back to give them some emotional support because it's not family also so many people article but positive and everybody has gone through a similar. thing so we can you know counsel them help them and the impact on she has the unite then everybody has to stand together the government is going what did you also have to nice to the occasion i. personally for you i mean as buddha was saying i think nearly every indian or somebody who's been affected by this crisis what is it like for you to be able to run this network of volunteers and to provide information to other people knowing full well that people in your circle might be affected so take the thing to leave my fiance got to make
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sure guard last month was like i've never talked like that in my family haven't seen somebody how they thinking if they caution him that things sold this is something of an icon i cannot see that this is something i don't do that he cannot imagine what that what is happening i don't have the facing new problems. do you think india could have been better prepared for a potential 2nd wave. i am actually the fausto we've had that take us because a lot of the migrant envy but you know it came as a joy we know what. the bear. says but neither nor bad situation this bad because the flaws it wasn't so severe so i didn't i don't think
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anybody expected this like i know my mother to school because of and though i am going through the same thing and that of so many of those also and it's happening in every house so the magnet you would all of this thing and nobody could have imagined you know. one last question to you do you think the work that you're doing through team india s.o.s. when only keep expanding and the web that you would have to short out on a daily basis will only become more and more as we go along into the next few weeks . i can tell you that because of the timing of what it will take or did you have a decade of war going to be thinking of going to people. and it takes the most great people in this kind of mind bloody quest so we have late at night knowing accordance in the 62770 won't be but i joining in to do so and the even of
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the have this much tend to be a not too late yes didn't see flake the whole give more time and we have left people in the us we leave it there for the time being but thank you so much for joining us if they are seeing and foods are younger thank you very much for fuel for the work that you're doing full frontal citizens thank you. with india struggling countries around the globe have been lining up to provide have oxygen and for funds and other supplies of i from you k. with more on the way from australia germany and other countries. also the worldwide indian diaspora is contributing what it can hear some london based volunteers sharing their experience the temple was very quick in setting up a fund raising campaign. and you know it was overwhelming support our online websites the telephones here at the temple ringing hard and fast i have phone calls
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coming from our pakistani friends and muslim friends they want to help us they say look look listeners please advise with charity we can do it we want to do it because it's not it's not your problem it's the united states humanity problems whatever we can do we should out it is so so yes they are coming together and we had reached over $100000.00 pounds of donations which we transferred quickly to india. got translated into medical provisions non-medical provisions therapeutics so people. were able to benefit from the donations of the british asians. donations make their way into india the virus begins its spread outside there's concern. after a rapid rise in corona virus cases attributed to the strain of the virus causing havoc in india the nepalese capital caught on is already struggling with increased
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hospital admissions and resources stretched thin. nippon bracing for another wave of corona virus infections. citizens in katmandu are lining up to get their tests hoping to be negative as cases surge in a rapid speed. the shopper rice feud by the more infectious mutant strains from neighboring india. to cities have already become hotspots and doctors fear that the capital soon follow. the situation at a border town of reflects what's happening in india and i call it many india. if the same thing replicates in a densely populated city like cut man do the situation would become much more difficult. with the. vaccine efforts in the himalayan state are complicating the situation about 7 percent of the poles population have
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so far received a shot. of a country struggling to procure more doses as it relies on supplies from india. their authority is have prioritized their own needs as the situation runs out of control. that could soon be the case in nepal if the trend continues in katmandu the health system is already stretched people are struggling to find hospital beds for their seek family members. that. were brought into the hospital in a number as he was facing briefing difficulties the doctors haven't attended to him . everyone's busy. busy and worried as the more infectious variants also hit young people and children
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harder than before. it's a crisis that's set to become worse here before any improvement. and last week former king and his queen tested positive for the coronavirus off and on in from the. the more than 2 month long hindu festival saw millions take ritual dips in the river again just floating social distancing roles and covert precautions and despite the bins to stop the last devotees took a holy day yesterday relieve you of those images and see you tomorrow before.
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the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update. on t w. is a master of the art of confrontation this is really a measure of herbal come back when you're going to see the ox like the undisputed champion of so full of the cool talk trying to frighten people you know you're so funny everybody understands it is that you enter the conflict zone and join tim sebastian as he holds the powerful to account this is a big failure whichever way you like to spin it conflict zone. d.w. . if you fit the profile of the patient that we have at the moment as
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a young patient. between 30 and 50 years old where the periods of stay in i.c.u. have been longer this is the only doing some of the this disease knows no age it is very sad unfortunately from one day to another it can take you away it is so sad. we are more scared this time and there are many young victims so to me this wave looks more dangerous than the last one. indeed our feeling is that the patients are younger than they were during the 2 previous wakes a year ago in october and november. welcome to a covert night in special or monica jones in berlin and all of a sudden i'm also in that age group that's at risk remember when we were told to protect the elderly because the virus is especially dangerous for them and that was right of course but it loads many younger people into a false sense of security the result even though all the people are mostly
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vaccinated by no hospitals continue to work at the limit like here in berlin. we're at the intensive care unit in berlin scully tests hospital half of the patients here suffer from culvert 19 dr thomas kuhn and this team have their hands full and the beds are filling up. and one of the. puzzles slowly you can see that there is an increase at the moment we're not yet in a situation that brings us to the edge of what we can do with your crown but we know that if the numbers continue to rise we could certainly have problems. we have incurred in recent weeks the number of covered patients in germany's i.c. use has been rising sharply again by now at the peak of the 2nd wave of the pandemic has almost been reached intensive care beds are becoming scarse and the
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workload of staff continues to grow. intensive care nurse tim cook has also noticed that. among men of now in this 3rd wave it is particularly noticeable that the patients are getting more seriously ill and they are ill for longer and also they need a lot of care that means the situation is very challenging and very stressful for us you really need time to relax when you're off work. but it is not just the sheer increase uncovered patients that worries the teeth that patients health is deteriorating fast and this 3rd wave of the pandemic they are also an effort to get them before probably also because most people over 80 years old have already been vaccinated and. the average age is now much younger compared to the 1st or 2nd waves and we see that very clearly we don't really have any patients who are
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over 80 years old anymore they're almost non-existent if you would you know to what extent german hospital could pass. these are breached varies greatly from region to region some are already completely full others are still coping one thing would help more vaccinations. we won't get out of this without back scenes they are very important but it is also important to stick to hygiene measures keep that distance and observe current coverage for strips of each and everyone must take this been demick seriously and can do their part to make us get out of this is quickly as possible the truth. if the number of patients continues to rise other important treatments would have to be postponed in some areas and that is already the case the situation many doctors agree is serious. the patients are getting more seriously ill their health deteriorating faster and they younger on average than in the 1st 2 waves let's talk about that now with gupta he's professor of clinical
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microbiology at cambridge university good to have you with us so let's let's start 1st of all with the average age in this report we heard that it's mainly down to the fact that the older generations are vaccinated by now is that all there is to it. yes i certainly think that there will be an element of the fact that the the oil to be protected with vaccines of course in the 1st wave the elderly were also very vulnerable so said proportion of the most vulnerable may have been affected diet so that leaves a small fraction of susceptible elderly individuals and and therefore. that is probably part of the explanation but we can't speak the whole truth because we know that this is a phenomenon that we see in many parts of the world even in pods where the vaccination rate is much higher so there has to be something else to it. yes but of course a priority is of course it is based potentially and it's been
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a factor because. in previous waves there may have been a disproportionate impact on certain age groups in terms of who is infected. and and also what we call a survivor or some people who are infected will have diet and some will have survived. you know if it emerges very difficult to tease apart hiv because a lot of this is about transmission patterns circulation of virus within certain age groups behaviors of course because. all the older individuals and certainly people of a certain ages and those with conditions. in shielding themselves and so minimizing the social contacts whereas younger people have been continuing a social context to greater extent so there are many different factors that could translate could get that they could feed into this observation and what would explain that those patients that we're talking about are not only younger but
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they're also getting more seriously ill does this have anything to do with the new variance. there's nothing conclusive at the moment in terms of the sort of analysis of this but these are very difficult studies to cook. ducked properly and robustly so i'm not confident that we will get a good answer to this the you know there are there are changes happening in viruses the variants do have mutations in them it is possible that they increase forests infectivity and therefore generate more more parts particles that may. cause great izzy's and people who previously would have been less impacted it may induce different types of antibody or so responses which may contribute to damaging inflammation as a result of the infection there are many possibilities as to why. younger individuals on now observed to become to be getting sick and and potentially more
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sick than they used to and of course i mean you hinted at it it also has to do with behavior and the 1st symptoms of an infection very often they can easily be mistaken for a common cold in people younger people and i'm talking about people who opt to 40 and 50 who go to where. they're at in such an age you don't expect to get that ill do you think that they simply wait too long before they get help. when it's possible. that certain individuals who are younger feel that they are not going to get worse and they've been when that is the problem part of the part of the sort of rhetoric or the sort of narrative around it 19 was that young people don't get ill they don't die that that's really wrong and we knew that the 1st wave . last year even that that young people do get ill they do to young children can get sick and have severe disease so there's no absolutes and the other problem is
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of course you need to know what the denominator is how many people are infected in that age group and that's really quite difficult to understand because many people don't have testing so to actually accurately understand what the percentage of infection is in that age group is extremely difficult. and finally man what are the implications. the health sector because younger people tend to be physically stronger which means they stay longer in intensive care in order to hopefully get well again and what does it mean for society because we're talking about people who are largely making up the workforce. yes again i think that we're going to turn over the percentage of people who get severe disease in across age groups is still very small so most people who get infected will be fine you are seeing of course increasing cases of severe disease in young people but that's probably a reflection on the fact that there is a lot of transmission going on in that age group and the fact that they're not buts
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and it's so i do believe but extending vaccination to younger age groups is a priority. i think that's clear because of course the number of adults of years life lost potentially from very young people dying is very significant and these things need to be taken into consideration and i have professor gupta from cambridge university thank you so much. time for your questions now and it's over to our science correspondent. why should people who've already had covert 19 also be vaccinated aren't they protected as your body fights off a pathogen that forms what's known as an immunological memory of the disease various vaccines on the other hand deceive the immune system into forming this memory by faking an infection using a range of different tricks to do it in fact some vaccines trick the body so
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effectively they cause an even more powerful and lasting immunity to a pathogen then a naturally acquired infection does but several studies including one from january that's been cited quite a lot they indicate that naturally acquired immunity in most people who caught covert 19 appears pretty strong even months after recoveries so isn't that enough well there's a big if involved we still don't really know how long immune memory to sars kovi to will on average last and that goes for both vaccine induced and disease induced immunity both currently look good for at least 6 months and counting but but based on what we know about other coronaviruses there's a good chance immune memory will lapse over time which is why health care
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authorities recommend getting vaccinated even if you've recovered from carpet 19 because it's a safe way to refresh your immune memory and will hopefully that will lengthen the window of time you'll remain immune in fact a fuse. studies have shown that in people who recovered from cope with 19 even a single dose of vaccine often boosts antibody response beyond what the 2 dose vaccine regime causes in people who have never had it so it should make you even less prone to get the disease again at least in the short to medium term. and that's it for today thanks for watching stay safe.
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