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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2021 3:03pm-3:30pm CEST

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be here that they usually are religious gatherings such as c'mon man was headed as well as the political rallies in states which were going for the election all of this gave a common message that it does not matter whether you keep distance between the people or. you don't wear him out so all of that conflict and the i think has backfired and or so certainly that is a contribution off a new lady and which emerged in india and back is also spreading betty. are you saying that is more of a problem that the government didn't properly communicate the seriousness of the situations or is it that indians by and large just don't care. i wouldn't make that jump of a statement that in the end dog can but of course that is if and then see to not strictly odio to the notification but what was needed it was very teddy
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a message from everybody who backed up and that is why i said religious leader says that as political leaders if you see them on the television audience in the talk about where that mosque side line below there isn't or this sort of bounce then he'd give the same a false. assurance that oh even i can be about facts you know tisha does that then it was because the case somebody had gone down significantly over this year late last year to be disappeared that's a lot of businesses had opened up because it was needing india was in very bad financial situation and it is going back to the bin situation again but this including the fact they would be far business or so contribution to people coming together without maintaining this is and you know one of the. highly dense
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least populated got so as it is about maintaining this might be easier for german people but not in the. uk technically in general he also put a 1000000 population the numbers that practically i have hired me like i have been it but have absolutely fed even i. so. communication by the government is one thing but people are buying oxygen tanks so loved ones on the black market right now there seems to be a real issue of supply chains is that going to change or do you feel that the event but it's going to change of some stage. well i hope it changes but a patent there was a discussion last year at the beginning of the pan to him in an explorer group to increase the fed minutes for oxygen supply and possibly i suspect i'm saying possibly because i don't know what happened monday the commendations which was made
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i think that either possum or the fridge or would not take them seriously because a switch what is happening in africa is. the sad situation people are coming that i don't find. my cd of patients dying i don't want to watch them even believe that part of what the situation i spoke with internationally and. that it will be an improvement or so victims leaving kids to lose the more and more if you will it be between spreading the population and are together ben will be a big sleaze in kansas as one has seen in mumbai for the mumbai was showing very very high cases and opt out of it 22 weeks pedia now the case number new baby case number of have been steadily coming down for the last 3048 so these are the local the but the patient numbers haven't been going down it could take another 15 days
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that could you know and then that the situation in the end the back end has about institutes of in the knowledge of many thanks for the time thank you. secular some of the other developments in the pandemic the co-founder of biotech has voiced confidence that their vaccine works against the indian variant of the corona virus he says tests are ongoing the senate in brazil is open an inquiry into whether president jabil sonars government committed criminal negligence or corruption in its handling of the pandemic and south korea hopes to encourage more people to get vaccinated by exempting those who've been inoculated from quarantine measures currently anyone who's been in contact with a confirmed patient or return from overseas travel must undergo 14 days of corn tea . now it was billed as europe's biggest indoor rock
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n roll concert since the start of the pandemic a concert in spain that went ahead with $5000.00 music fans in the audience a month ago now the research results are in and the organizers say it's did not trigger a jump in corona virus infections everyone wore masks the indoor event but there was no social distancing is all that. on stage in barcelona one of spain's most popular bands indie rockers love of lesbian. on the floor crowd dancing swaying and cheering together wearing masks but with no assigned seating and no requirement to keep space free between them. excited fans gathered a month ago for the eagerly awaited event the 1st big concert without social distancing since the start of the pandemic. concert goers were given
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a coronavirus test before they were allowed in an experiment to find out whether mass events can be safely held music promoters worked with one of barcelona's main hospitals to put on the concert and doctors say fears of a jump in infections have proved unfounded. noise from it was not a super spreading event there's not been an excess of cases and in fact there is no sign that transmission took place during the event which a public health experts believe that a combination of ventilation face masks and testing can work the venue holds 17000 people but only 5000 were allowed in. because there's a move that we have to detected 6 people who tested positive after the concert for have been able to identify the exact moment when they were infected what for
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example 2 who attended were later infected by their mother in law but if there is a stent this isn't going to kill it's now hope the event will be the 1st of many. it's the sort of these are good results that can help open up the culture sector again to the point of possible and there is a lot at stake. a spanish study shows the european music industry lost 3 quarters of its income last year. let's have a look now at some of the other stories making headlines e.u. lawmakers have overwhelmingly voted to ratify opposed breaks it's trade and cooperation agreement 660 any piece voted in favor and 5 against the final step in ratification of the deal that sets out the framework for britain's new relationship with the e.u. are 5 years after a referendum on leaving the block. british prime minister boris johnson is facing a formal investigation into the cost of refurbishing his official apartment at
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downing street he has denied any wrongdoing insisting he paid for the renovations himself but britain's electoral commission says it has reasonable grounds to suspect an offense has been committed. australians are marking 25 years since a lone gunman killed 35 people in the tasmanian town of port after the massacre prompted the government to tighten national gun laws more than a 1000000 firearms were destroyed in a buyback scheme that followed the legislation. the family of the late some some chairmen lekan he will donate tens of thousands of rare up words to help fund the huge inheritance tax bill the levy family expects to pay $10800000000.00 in taxes importantly the largest ever amount in the south korea league died last year. germany's domestic intelligence agency is putting some members of the until
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lockdown queer denker protest movement under surveillance this is a last authorities to collect data on individuals and groups who are suspected of spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation about the pandemic the german interior ministry said parts of the movement extremist tendencies its fears its influence could last beyond the end of the pandemic. of war this political correspondent and ash often altered our parliamentary studios here in berlin and who exactly are the quiet anchors is a very very diverse movement isn't it. yack fair dengan roughly translates as lateral thinking of thinking against the grain and this movement was only found at last is a direct response to the corona pandemic and most specifically the german government's handling of the corona pandemic so they're a very young movement but they've already created quite a stir here in germany and at the heart of most of the big until locked down
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demonstrations that we've seen across the country in recent months and like yury said there it there it disparate bunch really then not part of of one political organization or share a political persuasion they're an eclectic mix of people with you know legitimate reason says against government lockdown measures but also outright corona denial is general conspiracy theorists and then right wing extremists and even neo nazi groups that march alongside them in the bundestag the german parliament they've got support from the biggest opposition party the right wing populist 15. so why have they been put under surveillance now it's not the whole movement that's under surveillance is it. i know there's certain groups amongst the movement that have been put under surveillance we don't know exactly which groups they are but
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some german states had already had already put some of the movement under surveillance that's bought inverting back for example humber going also bavaria and the bavarian state leader mark. called for them to be put under national surveillance as early as november last year and now that is now happened and of course you should always sort of listen up when a government national intelligence service puts a group under surveillance who are protesting against government measures and but the intelligence services stated that that the that group the fed and guy using what are legitimate demonstrations and concerns against. government measures for illegitimate ends and that is to undermine the german state in the german constitution and what they said was particularly concerning were sort of connections to right wing groups especially far right extremists like the iceberg
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for example who question the validity of the modern german state us off laws thank you very much for this update. u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorist is holding meetings in geneva with the leaders of divided cyprus to find some common ground between the 2 sides the island has been split along ethnic lines between greek and turkish cypriots for decades the hope is to use this summit as a springboard to resume formal peace talks have been stalled since 2070. time seems to have come to a standstill and for russia it's largely greek population fled during turkey's invasion of cyprus in 1974 the once popular tourist destination has been stripped of life ever since. in a nearby village. ekes out a living from the arid landscape the farmer is disappointed that peace talks
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between the turkish and greek parts of cyprus have been unsuccessful elisi years. we want the same opportunities that the e.u. and the rest of the world offer the greek cypriots the sanctions against us should be lifted and we should be recognized as an independent state. the president of turkish controlled northern cyprus arison tata are and turkey's president wretch of the one both want a 2 state solution that would formalize the depression of the island the un and the e.u. favor a federal solution with 2 states under a central government. to. take a different position. based on a 2 state solution for health a century we have been negotiating. but leftist groups recently took to the streets
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to demonstrate for a federal system they want to see cyprus united and ankara sway over the island curbed the turkish cypriots in the north are divided. the few border crossings between the north and the south are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic un peacekeepers have patrolled the ceasefire line for decades . anger over deadlocked negotiations is also evident in the greek part of the island. government. from corruption to environmental destruction to. peace talks then. people on both sides of the divide are united in their frustration with their leaders. it's and of course. disillusionment has grown over the past years and expectations are extremely low for
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a few people expect the cyprus dispute to be resolved many don't even know that talks are being held. but those talks will have to be successful for life to return to the abandon streets of the russia. and football the european super league divide caused a huge uproar among fans especially in england where 6 premier league clubs initially joined the breakaway league before withdrawing to prevent future defections the premier league is looking at some major reforms here's more from correspondent charles built in manchester. could this set the ball for english football me to see united of manchester is youth academy like that training for a club doing things differently. if the united owned and run by the fans. were just ordinary people. who actually love football and i've got
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a passion for football it's not a business all of the monies my goes back into the football club back into the community. in order that we can try and you know climb the leaks. and continue to make a statement to say there's a different way let's see united was set up in 2005 in protest against the takeover of premier league club manchester united by an american billionaire then now seeing a surge of interest in their membership by roughly 20 percent over the last week alone it's driven in large part by the actions of 2 clubs just a few miles away manchester united and manchester city are among 6 english clubs who last week signed up to a new european super league which abruptly collapsed on to outrage from fans for many it's a watershed moment. terrible idea just the money grabbing a time by billionaires who know nothing of the game don't care for the fans don't care about grassroots football in the u.k. to demise is pretty nice to be out of and is pretty terrible but falls along kind
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of. excessive incremental. vulture capitalism as far as. today's are in his for a long time. so he's not trying to give in terms of football. but we just never know when subsaharan is where you know they haven't got the clubs at best sort of out the money for. the super league debacle has supercharged schools for change hit with everything from the ownership structure of clubs like manchester united to regulation now being publicly debated and many are looking to germany as a model there's a growing chorus of voices calling for english football to emulate germany's 50 plus one model that would give found the majority voting right giving them the final say is now transcending football and gaining political traction thank you so much that not everyone can unite behind at the moment we have a bi is a basic interest of this board protect. i so i
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think that's the reason for the for the for a slogan be it so popular the government is now running a family review into english football with the german model among the reforms being discussed but there's skepticism meaningful change is possible in the meantime fun and clubs like f.c. united of forging their own path proof that an appetite for fun that football is growing i think it's. time for change. events of the last week of just demonstrated time spites me fortunately it was more than 50 plus $100.00. and i think there is an opportunity now for the supporters groups to continue to do the right larger play to many in england the idea of being for the fans can feel like a thing of the past to see united it's a model for the future. for more on this summer john mcguire he's
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a football finance expert at the university of liverpool in the u.k. german fans are demanding more rights in determining how england's premier league operates and we've heard a lot about the german model what's so appealing about it. i think what appeals to the fans is the fact that it would give them in their minds an opportunity to veto activities by club owners which which go against their principles so such as the creation of the super league would be one example perhaps moving a club stadium from one part of the city to another changing the club colors all of these things are a very emotional fans perspective and also has a huge amount of admiration for german fans here in england because we've seen the success of the mobilization of the organization of german fans when there have been proposals which went against the use of the bands it serves are destroying history heritage and culture of the german guy so what will forms do you think needed in
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the way english football is run right now. well the 50 plus what model does have some merits but ultimately if you've got an owner such as we have with manchester united the club's worth $2500000000.00 sterling so that's close to $3000000000.00 euro if you're going to take away 51 percent of the shares that that think that they're going to need huge amount of compensation for that so i don't think that model will work but perhaps an alternative would be the government bring in legislation it's supposed be having a review into the gave a present which would allow clubs to appoint fans as non-executive directors so therefore they would be they would be observing and the decision making process they'd be able to get the views of the fans across perhaps also they'd be given some form of veto perhaps a golden chef for those critical decisions which impact over the long term sustainability and existence of the club but given the huge amounts of money at stake here how much appetite do you think is there change so much among those who
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run football can't play. oma billionaires normally don't like giving a white power we see that in the structure of club such as manchester united where the glazer family have 10 votes for every share that they own compared to one person one vote for the other shareholders so at clearly there will be resistant so they will be law being both the for all thora ts and the government to try to prevent this because they are used to getting their own way 'd so it would be a challenge for fans and those people who want greater governance and democratize ational the guy to manage to persuade me that the government although for all of us to encourage these people to relinquish their existing control would pounce to look a bit more broadly what do you think the consequences of this failed superleague will be for football in europe. i think it does give you
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a for now an opportunity to to reset the clock what we have seen over the course of the last 10 to 15 years is that there has been a creeping creeping increase in the control of money going to other smaller and smaller number of clubs at the top because every time there is a renegotiation or a new a new champions league contract coming up from a broadcasting point of view the big club say we want more and more or we will create a super league that that hand is now being played that hand has been lost so it is an opportunity now for the game you know across the border countries in europe more more at the smaller clubs to pass get a slightly bigger slice of the pie. thank you very much. and then champions league football paris and manchester city will face each other in wednesday's semifinal 1st both clubs are on the hunts to win their 1st ever champions league titles and despite all that striving and spending from their
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wealthy owners money is not going to them success in the competition pressure is especially mounting on city coach pep guardiola who has failed to deliver european silverware since taking over in 2016 but face a tough test in last year's runners up so tough that guardiola revealed he's had some sleepless nights before the big match in. i tried to sleep well last night. and it was like well when i was not thinking on the record that is a reality show being. talked of complains that's why blame the team that got it out there you watch and you don't hear news coming up in news asia indian scare resources and help on social media the coronavirus crisis spirals out of control. and a knock on effect in neighboring that paul with which sees an increase in coal that 90 days. all those stores
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a lot more coming up in. the u.s. botching and that's a lot more news sports and business post on our website so that's. we'll have an update for you here at the top of the office for me and it seemed thanks for watching. the show.
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in many countries education is still a privilege poverty is one of the main causes some young children working mind trusts instead of going to class induced can attend classes come late have to be finished looking. at millions of children all over the world who can't go to school . we ask why. because education makes the world more just. to make up your own mind. d.w. made for minds. of. the little guys this is the 77 percent of the platform for office suits are these issues they share i've. noticed subtle we're not tough and delicate topic africa's population is growing.
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and young people clearly have the solutions. 77 percent. on d.w.m. . the 1st. day says it up good news a shock. today looking out for each other through a crisis. indian start the social media should quick information on oxygen beds and medical supplies as the number of dead from covert 19 continues to rise. plus infections are also soaring in neighboring napalm and with supplies of vaccines drying up the country is increasingly on.


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