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higher. so this is a problem who will bomb them. with oxygen and hospital beds running out the government is scrambling to get equipment to the areas that are hardest hit. we have compressed oxygen that's moving across the country using the country strain bases to get it to the places that need it the most emergency supplies from the u.k. have begun arriving and more help is promised from abroad. but in the meantime many indians are left to fend for themselves. doing all they can to care for loved ones some drive for hours in search of oxygen. but i'm not i have come from very far to collect oxygen from my father. that i'm scared that although the oxygen is available today what will we do for it's not available tomorrow. but until help arrives on a larger scale many people in india are left gasping for air. for
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more the situation let's go to delhi bird chief chiva. the health care system across india is people even trying to get a hospital. absolutely people who are critically ill being driven to hospitals fight their loved ones and often they're disappointed because they can't get into hospitals the hospitals have no capacity to take more people in fact as i was waiting to speak to an ambulance go by here and mass heart sank thinking of what must await the busses inside hospitals and not just running out of oxygen and now running out of beds are to medical stuff and critical life saving equipment you have people now lying hospitals on foot squats waiting for medical attention and some people just don't make it the latest is a child just over a year old her mother was begging for has the legal just to make it and in fact the
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doctors themselves are feeling the emotional strain and they also breakdancing just so helpless to deal with the situation. increasingly balls of oxygen and other essential medical supplies supplies being sold on the black market hugely inflated prices what's being done about that. you know cause there's so much you need to critical supplies like oxygen and drugs eventually he says that there has to be a black market just because people assume desperate for these things the government has cracked down they've got one of the few for displaced people oxygen cylinder but then people are not prepared to pay the rate of good for an oxygen should us be heard in a report on whiskey that kind of beer and still climb get these supplies the international forces offer to help with the supplies and that is the best interior is given a real psychological boost to india as a concrete but these supplies still had no impact on that got it it takes some time
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with these medical supplies to reach the people who need it most i mean the affection numbers infection numbers are very high but the rumors that we keep hearing that the true numbers might be a lot higher what nobody is think about that. you get had not just infection numbers but even the decks doing both are very high and record levels at the moment not been national and local media are reporting that the real numbers would be more than 5 to 10 times what we're seeing officially and that's fine because you know when people are dying not one of them artistically over it in the barn or trees here the dissing of barclays on just so much pressure and so much and they see all the evidence that not everyone has an opportunity to get tested to the people who die and get nothing especially tested as movie perfect didn't go into any statistics and this number is said to be going to high i'm going to brief if you can this there a feeling that the pandemic may be peaking soon not anytime soon the medical
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fraternity believes it could be me reach made before it peaks and then by june or july the good stuff the going done and going the way he. did on his delhi bureau chief thank you amita. let's take a look now at some other developments in the pandemic the co-founder of the biotech finds a vaccine has voiced confidence that it works against the indian variant of the corona virus he says tests ongoing in brazil the senate has opened an inquiry into whether president havel sonars government commits a criminal negligence or corruption in its handling of the pandemic south korea hopes to encourage more people to govern as it by exempting those who have been inoculated form a quarantine measures kanzi anyone who's been in contact with a confrontational return from overseas travel must undergo 14 days off quarantine.
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meanwhile india's struggle with its covert 19 outbreak leading it to restrict exports of its jobs is having repercussions on the nation effort nowhere is that more evident than on the african continent most countries have already received vaccines via the kovacs program which is working to provide free vaccines to poorer countries but the deliveries have been small relative to population size and only about 2 percent of the world's vaccine so far have been administered on the african continent. this classroom in the capital of madagascar has been turned into a covert 19 ward in recent weeks the island nations been his by 2nd wave of infections new come from to cases have averaged around double the number during the 1st peak last year. the country's health minister attributed the surge to
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a more aggressive variant 1st detected in south africa and he announced a health policy u. turn. we had discussions with our scientists and decided to go for vaccinations as another way to protect the population. we are now working on this with the kovacs initiative. the decision represents a change of mind by madagascar's president who initially refused to participation the kovacs program he instead promoted a scientifically unproven ravin to be marketed as covert organics. i think i am convinced i am persuaded that history will prove us rice there are already 2 cases that have been cured with covert organics but we will see what happens next week the world health organization warned against its use before us had undergone
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proper scientific trials. and one year on no clinical down has been made publicly available to support the president's claims that the plan face treatment preventing cure that 19 is now sold in drinking capsule form and has been widely distributed in madagascar and also exported abroad. when the vaccines arrive madagascar plans to offer the 1st doses to health workers. it will be one of the last countries in africa to launch a coronavirus inoculation campaign. it was billed as europe's biggest indoor rock n roll concert since the start of the pandemic a concert in spain that went ahead with $5000.00 music fans in the audience a month ago now the research results are in and the organizers say it did not
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trigger a jump in corona virus infections everyone wore masks at the indoor event but there was no social distancing and here's how it works best. on stage in barcelona one of spain's most popular bands indie rockers the love of lesbian. on the floor crowd dancing swaying and cheering together wearing masks but with no assigned seating and no requirement to keep space free between them. excited fans gathered a month ago for the eagerly awaited event the 1st big concert without social distancing since the start of the pandemic. concert goers were given a coronavirus test before they were allowed in an experiment to find out whether master vents can be safely held music promoters worked with one of person owners' main hospitals to put on the concert and doctors say fears of
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a jump in infections have proved unfounded. the noise from it was not a super spreading event there's not been an excess of cases and in fact there is no sign that transmission took place during the event years with it which a public health experts believe that a combination of ventilation face masks and testing can work the venue holds 17000 people but only 5000 were allowed in. because it was a move that we have detected 6 people who tested positive after the concert for have been able to identify the exact moment when they were infected what for example 2 who attended were later infected by their mother in law. this is that this isn't going to kill it's now hope the event will be the 1st of many is the sort of these are good results that can help open up the culture center again to
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the point of possible there is a lot at stake a spanish study shows the european music industry lost 3 quarters of its income last year. a 2nd look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world e.u. lawmakers have overwhelmingly voted to ratify a post breaks its trade and cooperation agreement 660 m.e.p. voted in favor and only 5 against it's the final step and ratification of the deal that sets off a framework for britain's new relationship with the e.u. 5 years after a referendum on leaving the bloc. around 200 migrants have been rescued in the mediterranean by the ocean viking rescue ship they were found on overcrowded both off the coast of libya when the vessel picked up distress calls according to the aid group s.o.s. . a u.s.
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navy ship fired warning shots at iranian military vessels in the persian gulf on monday 3 iranian boats came under came within 100 meter of a pair of u.s. warships world powers are currently seeking to bring iran back into a nuclear accord struck in 2015. australians are marking 25 years since a lone gunman killed 35 people in the tasmanian town of port arthur massacre from to governments to tighten national gun laws more than a 1000000 firearms were destroyed in a buyback scheme that followed the legislation. un secretary general antonio good terrorists is holding meetings in geneva with the leaders of divided cyprus to find some common ground between the 2 sides the island has been split on ethnic lines between greek and turkish cypriots for decades the hope is to use this summit as a springboard to resume formal peace talks have been stalled since 2070. time
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seems to have come to a standstill and for russia it's largely greek population of fled during turkey's invasion of cyprus in 1974 the once popular tourist destination has been stripped of life ever since in a nearby village. east out a living from the arid landscape the farmer is disappointed that peace talks between the turkish and greek parts of cyprus have been unsuccessful all these years. we want the same opportunities that the e.u. and the rest of the world offer the greek cypriots the sanctions against us should be lifted and we should be recognized as an independent state. the president of turkish controlled northern cyprus arison ta tower and turkey's president wretch of the one post $1.00 to $2.00 state solution that would formalize the depression of the island the un and the e.u.
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favor a federal solution with 2 states under a central government. to. take a different position. and position based on the 2 state solution for health a century we have been negotiating. but leftist groups recently took to the streets to demonstrate for a federal system they want to see cyprus united and ankara sway over the island curbed the turkish cypriots in the north are divided. the few border crossings between the north and the south are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic un peacekeepers have patrolled the ceasefire line for decades . anger over deadlock negotiations is also evident in the greek part of the island. the current government has.
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from corruption to environmental destruction to. peace talks then. people on both sides of the divide are united in their frustration with their leaders. and of course. disillusionment has grown over the past years and expectations are extremely low for a few people expect the cyprus dispute to be resolved many don't even know that talks are being held. but those talks will have to be successful for life to return to be a band in the streets of the russia. he was one of germany's most distinguished nazi hunters footballer the chief prosecutor of germany's auschwitz trials in $963.00 he's best known for his contribution to bringing holocaust architects out of ice month to justice in israel new exhibition berlin now on his life and work
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attorney general fritz powell was determined to hold the national socialists legally accountable for their crimes when most in post-war germany just wanted to forget the past imprisoned in the 1930 s. as a young jewish lawyer and committed left wing power fled to denmark and sweden years later he returned from exile to track down nazi criminals. after the war it seemed logical to bring about what we had dreamt of. though we were idealistic and probably over to mystic. power secured convictions against s.s. members for atrocities committed at auschwitz but only against considerable opposition that's probably involved the problem was that people holding senior positions in the judicial system had themselves be nazis and that meant he was facing institutional resistance and the geek national power had little trust in
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officialdom when he found out that out of a human one of the architects of the holocaust was hiding in argentina he told the israeli secret service rather than the german authorities he was driven by a desire for justice and accountability. that was a great humanitarian he fought for justice and democracy. power died suddenly in 1968 his unrelenting battle for a better germany took its toll on his own health. the european super league debacle course a huge uproar among fans especially in england where 6 premier league clubs initially joined the breakaway league before withdrawing later to prevent future defections the premier league is looking at some major reforms here's more from t.w. correspondents all the chelsea and pill in manchester. could this set the ball to
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english it will be jeff the united of manchester's he's the kind of make a lot that training for a club doing things differently. that's the united at both owned and run by the fans. who are just ordinary people. who actually love football and i've got a passion for football it's not a business all of the money's my goes back into the football club back into the community. in order that we can try and you know climb the leagues. and continue to make a statement to say there's a different way let's see united was set up in 2005 in protest against the takeover of premier league club manchester united by an american billionaire they're now seeing a surge of interest upping their membership by roughly 20 percent over the last week alone it's driven in large part by the actions of 2 clubs just a few miles away manchester united and manchester city are among 6 english clubs
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who last week signed up to a new european super league which abruptly collapsed on to outrage from fans for many it's a watershed moment. terrible idea just the money grabbing it's on by billionaires who know nothing of the game don't care for the fans don't care about grassroots football in the u.k. to demise is pretty nice the advantage is pretty terrible but falls along kind of. excessive incremental. vulture capitalism this place become a place nice to these are in us for a long time. so he's not trying to do in terms of football. but we just never know when subsaharan is where you know they haven't got the clubs at best it's all about the money for. the super league debacle has supercharged schools for change here with everything from the ownership structure of clubs like manchester united to regulation now being publicly debated and many are looking to germany as
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a model there's a growing chorus of voices calling for english football to emulate germany's 50 plus one model that would give found the majority voting right giving them the final say is now transcending football and getting political traction thank you so everyone can unite behind at the moment we have a base is a basic interest of this board protects clubs. i so i think that's the reason for the for a for a slogan be it so popular the government is now running a family review into english football with a german model among the reforms being discussed but the skepticism meaningful change is possible in the meantime fun and clubs like f.c. united of forging their own path proof that an appetite for fun that is growing i think it's. time for change. and events of the last week of just demonstrate it and spites me fortunately it was more than 50 plus $100.00.
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and i think there is an opportunity now for the supporters groups to continue to do the right light yet so many in england the idea of being for the fans can feel like a thing of the past to see united it's a model for the future. and i want us i'm now joined by mark foley from sports mad fans are demanding more rights in determining how england's premier league operates many are looking to germany was so appealing about the john model that. yeah i hear it in the good parts and football clubs in germany are going to call it into the so called 50 plus one rule which effectively stipulates that the members of the german football cool by the fans and always retain 50 percent of the voting she has in the football club plus one share and hence that said 50 plus one in this effectively guarantees the members and govern teams to know that no
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external invest external entity can enter. a majority controlling stake over a football club like we see in england and the elite leading to attempts such as what we saw last week with the attempt to take away from the they can have on the phone a simple it is one of the things it is why german clubs like munich and they will see a document involved in those attempts so what reforms do you think realistic in the way english football is wrong. well football clubs in england a lot of those in germany are that there was entirely private enterprises so any attempt to install a model such as 50 plus law and all of any similar that supports ownership also influenced model is going to require and government level legislation and whether that is possible or not i something we're going to have to wait and see however if the if the latest episodes and with the intent it's equally breakaway pretty easy
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anything then once and for all is that the owners of these football cloaks and not in it say these is the fans and not just with asia and they're not in it for the thing for the good of the clubs all of that community's. zooming out the picture looking more broadly what do you think the consequences of this failed super league attempt will be for football in europe. has been has been quick for only. this speck of a breakaway sea police has actually been hovering over your p. in football if it for decades and that's been given several attempts and suggestions by the top clubs see a threat to us the european governing body there with the breakaway following their own that they are super league tonet if they don't get what they want and you a fit with the end it would have been the collapse of the c.p. gets and for the time being that i.c. leaves you a fan in an extremely influential extremely powerful position to push forward their
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own reforms and how they see football and that as far as what also part sickens and it is also not necessarily a good thing that the new a the champions league forms for example which are going to come into effect in 2020 fall. and that this is a super league in all the names so while this initial battle may have it will this general wall who is the ownership and control of football and in the gaves fawaz is going to continue much for t w sports thank you. was there was football and in the english premier league where side chelsea drew with the trade in the 1st semifinal match in spain chelsea struck early through put in suits bought by the half mocked the score was a level of $11.00 thanks to rails karim benzema the next match is on may 5th
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stamford bridge in england's. that's it from me on the news team here and. there's a lot more news on the losses on the website. dot com coming up next our business so made into a god office in berlin thanks for watching. cryptocurrency
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is. just an experiment. i mean it is a. counseling commodity. just bit cleanin chi what. how do you use it and how secure is natural mining made in germany. next on d w. oh africa. it's extraordinary
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and not for the faint of heart a bike ride to cairo the city is dominated by cards but activists are pleading their best case. for clearer street and better. be cool for go. 60 minutes to. trick troops. they live she would exist they just drove it into outfits and glitter glitter glitter. some of. the fighting against prejudice i don't hold cable like i did nothing i've just been saying up and for
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britain. your little stars on the big stage. starts many 17. w. . i haven't invested in any yet myself i should try to currencies playing an increasingly important role in the economy companies like tesla accept a bad call as payment even some.


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