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i'm just dancing. for. the stars on the beach. the but. this is e.w. news in these are our top stories officials in delhi are being forced to take drastic measures as india faces a 3rd wave of covert 19 infections come atory and are building makeshift a funeral pyres as city runs off a space to bury its dead india has registered over 300000 new cases for 6 consecutive days. u.k. prime minister barak's johnson is under pressure as he heads into regional elections off for a series of damaging leaks these included media reports that he said he'd rather
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see bodies piled up in the thousands than order a 3rd knock down he denies the reports and says his office is investigating the source of the knicks. thousands of people have been protesting in chad against a military council that took power after the death of president idriss deby at least 3 protesters were killed a transitional gentile led by devon sun has promised an inclusive national dialogue but don't but the demonstrators want our time to civilian rule. this is d w news from but then you can find much more news on our website at www dot com. the 1st shipment of coke in 1000 medical aid arrived india today from the u.k.
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more is on the way for members of the european union and the u.s. is sending millions of doses of the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine for the 6 day running india today recorded more than 300000 new infections and there are now questions of culpability who is responsible the high court today pointed to the country's election commission for holding political rallies amid a pandemic one judge saying you should all be charged with murder i bring call from berlin this is the day. and the situation in india is beyond breaking believe it would be please my funded thank you for that and then all of them that it's an accident is a viable today but what if it's not some moral. purity what we need in the getting is a solution and also in some places. we are working hard
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on finding ways to get oxygen production facilities that what a strike will be do is we provide an initial 500 known and by shifting to why does 1000000 surgical masks to present thanks america's steadfast ongoing support for the people of india the aim is to provide the support that the indians need that there are really. also coming up a ursula fund a lawyer a news european commission president and she's a woman 2 weeks ago she visited the turkish president after the men in the room had taken their seats madam president was left standing and speechless today she broke her silence. there was no need for subtitles there was no need for translations the images spoke for themselves.
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to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day counting the costs of human hubris doctors and public health officials in india say it was arrogance that allowed the 2nd wave of the coronavirus pandemic to devastate their country lifting restrictions too early and a belief that indians were somehow immune to the virus they say created the perfect conditions for what is now the world's most lethal pandemic hotspot the numbers remain astronomical more than 300000 new infections today for the 6th day in a row the number of patients has increased exponentially in just the last week hospitals are overwhelmed and paralyzed by shortages of medicine and oxygen today covered $980.00 from across the world began arriving in india the 1st shipment of supplies came from the u.k. millions of doses of coronavirus vaccines are expected from the united states but
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physicians are predicting darker days for the best models predict numbers to drop significantly in 2 weeks time at the earliest until then india will remain the globe's ground 0 for pandemic pain and suffering. i think nobody anticipated the skin of the magnitude of what you're facing right now. this fundamental is the. we have ever seen them. and these 2 weeks i want to be a have put up. with them a bit put in the. loft we've written to give in the mode who doesn't know i'm buying a cue going to put it aboard you know heard of the future come to that level in the
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morning thought and be right but i'll be nobody on me i get maybe i don't because every day somebody out the bread somebody that was going into somebody's death and for that i. wouldn't have anything the coronavirus crippling india's health care system and this more than a year into the pandemic my 1st guess tonight is manu bhagavan professor of history human rights and public policy at the city university of new york he specializes in modern day india professor it's good to have you on the day i pointed out at the beginning of this program that many doctors say she mn she burson arrogance led india to this point how do you explain what is happening in india now. good evening and thank you for having me. i well i think hubris is a is a great description for what's happened. essentially the government.
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looked at the day they sort of manfully get through the 1st wave ok and then there was this epidemiological mistry from october 2021 kids is kind of magically dropped it remains inexplicable today and they essentially declared victory too soon in january they dropped a mask mandate which had led to some success and basically opened everything back up authorized mass gatherings religious festivals and significantly electioneering credit lection campaign underway and all of that combined essentially created multiple super spreader events and the catastrophe that we're seeing now yeah as you say you didn't election season in india there have been these massive political rallies recently with no social distancing today the moderates high court said that members of the country's awakes in commission should face murder charges because of the super spread of revenge and the deaths resulting from these events do you
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expect anything like this to happen no i mean i think it's a significant statement i don't i i mean i would be extremely surprised for actual charges of that nature to follow but i think the point is is that public officials are responsible for. the mess that we're in right now and there may be a price that they will have to pay but it would be $1.00 most likely to be felt at the polls yeah i mean what about this notion of responsibility and accountability in this pandemic could be do you see the government the prime minister his political party taking responsibility for this human tragedy. well the prime minister is someone who has built a reputation on projecting strength and much like many strong men peers around the
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world as has often been reluctant to. take responsibility for errors or mistakes. but on the other hand the right thing to do here and time i think the only way to proceed is to assume it's a civility for what's gone wrong so far to work together with the opposition and to create an all parties war front to attack this thing which is attacking us all i want to stay with prime minister modi for just a moment he is known around the world for his populistic nationalistic view of india but also of the world i mean his party at the moment appears virtually unchallenged his power one could argue is almost unchecked and yet this disaster has happened on his watch is there any way he'll be able to spin this and not have to pay for it. i think they're trying.
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i mean. on the one hand you know the original drop in numbers remains unexplained and so i think they might use that to an extent because the government was not the rule party who had sort of felt like relief from the virus and that there was some success so i mean i think those are the angles that they will take but the fact of the matter is that they were not prepared they should have prepared for a 2nd wave and there was evidence to indicate that a 2nd wave was coming but evidently it was from everywhere else around the world. and the remains quite popular but right now the anger against the government and for the situation that everyone finds themselves in is palpable whether that translates to anything. affecting elections is is yet to be seen china hosted a health conference today with other asian countries and said that india was
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welcome to attend and this was an unexpected friendly gesture coming from beijing's suddenly we have that happening we have india being reliant on foreign medical aid are we comprehend ing the entirety of this tragedy for india could india emerge a weaker nation geopolitically. i'd say that's probably unlikely at the end of the day mark the world's live on india or pharmaceuticals and for and will ultimately rely on them for the vaccines . and so i think that you know there have been mistakes that have been made unquestionably and there's tremendous suffering as a result of that domestically. and it was it's going to be a painful several weeks enormously painful several weeks to get through all this
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but on on the others other side of that i think indian manufacturing production on these essential treatments will increase and ultimately india will play a very big role in helping the world to overcome the coronavirus and will probably write itself geo strategically as as it does that professor manu bhagavan from the city university of new york professor we appreciate your time in your valuable insights tonight thank you thank you thank you for having me why has the cove in 1000 crisis worsens in india the united states a global hotspot until just a few months ago and started to ease its pandemic guidelines today u.s. president joe biden held what he called stunning progress since taking office and that claim is hard to deny in less than $100.00 days in office we've seen 215000000 vaccine shots and senior citizens the group at greatest risk well they're
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now more than 67 percent fully vaccinated americans are taking major strides on the road back to normality and president biden well he had more good news today starting today. if you're fully vaccinated and you're outdoors you need and not a big crowd you no longer need to wear a mask so for those who haven't got their vaccination yet especially if you're younger or think you don't need it this is another great reason to go get vaccinated now well if the freedom of being masculists outdoors is not incentive enough the state of west virginia has come up with another plan to get more young people vaccinated pay them and west virginia anyone between the age of 16 and 35 who gets the jab will now receive a 100 dollars savings bond and it's retroactive here's the state governor take
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a listen i'm speaking to the kids and i don't really and truly i did say it but if you're under 35 years of age to maybe you're still a kid in many ways think about the downside of the vaccination it's next to nothing and we got ahead of you and i want to place in your hand a certificate a certificate that is a savings bond that is your part of stepping up a certificate that basically is telling you how much you mean to west virginia how much you mean to your gram payers and your parents and all those that you're intermingling with and transmitting something that you may not even know you got so please step up right now step a step up that's the west virginia governor there i'm joined now by harold smith he's an assistant professor of medical ethics and health policy at the university
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of pennsylvania he joins me tonight from new york city it's good to have you on the program giving young people money to persuade them to get vaccinated and is that going to work. so 1st of all i understand the intention i think it's coming from a good place and from the right place and we see this across the country there are a number of other states and private universities that are thinking about those kind of initiatives too but incentives are really a blunt tool when vaccine access is the issue of example incentives also a blunt tool when trust is the issue or when concerns about i do you a prime an example on the issue some of the key is that vaccines need to be people where they are physically and psychologically and incentives are not necessarily the right place for this but it's really about access and trust you know you see incent to some people would say that this is almost a broad to get young people to do what obviously is the right thing to do do you
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agree well there's another issue that's at stake here which is this an efficient way of doing it if you want to get people to get back native because you think they might not be getting vaccinated otherwise you actually throwing a lot of money off the people who are doing the right thing anyway so there's a big tradeoff between efficiency here and fairness because the alternative is you just offer to some people who you think are less like to get vaccinated but then incentives can become stigmatizing so it really is a very complicated tool to use in this setting and the focus really has to be on access and being able to be vaccinated and trusted and coming in settings so i'm wondering if this dangerous procedure or what this tells our children i mean could people come to expect money for doing in the thing that's build official to society that requires them to you know to put forth a little bit of effort. i mean there are those kinds of concerns and you see that
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commonly on incentives that they crowd out intrinsic motivation grown people to do the right thing for the right reasons that may be the case here but i think the key thing has to be to have on the price which is to get the most vulnerable people in society vaccinated and the question is i incentives the right tool for that and that is not clear to me at all i think for example of undocumented immigrant populations right now is 11000000 people excuse me vulnerable and if you require an i.d. at the vaccination site that is not an incentive to get vaccinated you know going to get over that by offering somebody 100 dollars what you need to do is not have id requirements and have been able vaccines without questions us that's that's a good way of preventing equifax now location as it is to think of working hours that people have enabling people to be vaccinated at odd hours right we have to meet people where they are and incentives are one way but not the only way in which you can do that let's 1st explore the other options it's a question in the united states of equitable banks seem to access because as
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president biden said today you know they've made a stunning progress when it comes to getting senior citizens vaccinated so should the united states also be able to make stunning progress with getting younger people. absolutely and it's not just about each was right so one remarkable thing is that since we had vaccines fall for the past week we actually see a discrepancy between better off groups and west are being vaccinated so better off to get vaccinated at twice the rate than west so it has to be about equity it has to be about all of us that's the point of vaccines for all of us right and still we see better off groups pulling ahead of more disadvantaged people yet the need for vaccines is much greater in the west of us so as much as i think we can be pleased with the progress that we have done with the story isn't over and the focus really still has to be on getting vaccinations to the most vulnerable relations what picture of ethics or we painting when we have this situation professor we've got
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the european union saying that this summer fully vaccinated americans will be able to come back over as tourists were reopening society at the same time you have india which is reporting unprecedented numbers of infections and deaths. is it are we doing the right thing by just by talking about tourism when people somewhere else or suffocating to death. yeah absolutely i mean the key challenge all along right was to allocate vaccines in ways that reduces inequities rather than maintaining or exacerbates them and yet that is the trend that we're seeing and that's the challenge that we have on here so going ahead we really still have opportunist of course correct and the situation we find ourselves in is a result of 2 comp right one is vaccine nationalism that countries just thought of themselves well we need solidarity and the other is that we have a market failure vaccine should be a public good yet there are not so now is still time to make sure that today's
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announcement was a good one that better off countries share their supplies so that we don't exacerbate that is that already have seen and we have to understand we're all in this together literally in a global way and that means that solidarity needs to guide us rather than self-centered us you know it's a very good point to make especially during this pandemic professor harold smith this is a professor of medical ethics and health policy at the university of pennsylvania professor reprieve for your time in your insights tonight thank you thanks for having me. a clash of cultures over and of tubes towards women is emerging in the austrian capital vienna it's home to a close knit community of chechen migrants women from that community who say they're being harassed by their male compatriots who see themselves as moral guardians w.'s fun even char whipped to meet one woman who dared to speak out against what some
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chechen men perceive as ruse or roles of tradition. we are meeting on a living in a rougher neighborhood of fianna she says growing up here as a chechen woman means being observed. that's monthlies and afghan we were stopped and asked to shore i.d.'s and to speak in chechen so that they are certain that my brother is from chechnya too this is common man but although i. feel like park on the underling recalls being questioned in a subway in vienna by chechen men it is immoral if she had spent time with a man who was not from chechnya and ali is not her real name and we cannot show her face at a funeral for precautions still the 23 year old wants to raise her voice against intimidation the people aniline refers to are so-called moral guardians last month
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several chechen men went on trial in austria for have arresting female compared to years for sure in western behavior and for running an online chat where they threaten chechen been and only shows me chat groups where pictures of chechen women have been posted and labeled as indecent. she warned us. they want you to read here to the culture across the board your bodies of austria but your mind is in chechnya it's about what you wear the french unit hole you're outside for and why you are outside and all. of that also. a line of that also mr holcombe people get around these restrictive social rules that forms part of the discussion of this culture a club for chechen people. modelers and like me and others we don't get education. we need to play were goals and clever boys rules of the
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war like most chechens who now live in austria she mentors chechen teenagers she invited a few of them to discuss the rules of chechen men and women only girls turned up disliking all of this is connected to the way boys are raised they believe they are some. special i believe they shouldn't say anything to us when they do i simply don't hear parents or talk to the boys and girls need to be more self-confident oppressive behavior within parts of the chechen community is not a chechen phenomenon says mine a quote about who's been investigating radicalization for years but what makes the situation of chechen migrants different she says is that they share the collective trauma of fleeing a war zone zinta tight and forced to see how many are uprooted suddenly cut off from their own culture they see themselves as protectors of traditions that they know nothing about that this isn't related to culture or to islam but connected to
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false images of men they have been introduced to false images of men and that's the problem forgive me if i'm only in agrees she says a lot of men see themselves as warriors she hopes that all the good chechen men in her community will help to change this distorted male narrative. for much of the news today comes attached with values and morals did human arrogance in india make the coronavirus crisis possible do young people require monetary bribes to convince them to help the greater good are we raising a generation of spoiled entitled ingredients and what about manners and our treatment of women well 3 weeks ago we were shocked when we saw how the 1st woman president of the european commission was treated on an official visit to turkey. and was with european council president charles michel both visiting turkish prison
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erda why now when president obama received his guest there were 2 not 3 chairs both men took their seats madam president she was placed on a side. it was awkward to say the least ursule of underlying has said nothing publicly until today. i am the 1st woman to be president of the european commission i am the president of the european commission and this is how i expected to be treated when visiting turkey 2 weeks ago like a commission president but i was not i cannot find any justification for what i was treated in the european treaties. so i have to come blued that it happened because i am a woman. would this have happened if i had worn a suit and
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a tie in the pictures of previous meetings i did not see any shortage of chips she's got a point now turkey has blamed the european union saying it followed protocol instructions given by the europeans really want to take a look at what happened when former european council president donald tusk and former european commission president john quote younger both men met with turkish president aired on back in may 27th team now here are the 3 men posing for the cameras they leave to conduct their talks in a room with 3 chairs for 3 presidents no one was left standing without a seat and there was loads of inside. ursula on the lie and was not expecting special treatment she simply wanted the same treatment afforded men she says this kind of double standard different treatment for women it still takes
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place everywhere what makes this case interesting is that cameras recorded it when i arrived at the meeting there were cameras in the room. thanks to them. the short video of my arrival immediately went viral and caused headlines around the world there was no need for subtitles there was no need for translations the images spoke for themselves i felt hurt and i felt alone as a woman and as a european. and as a human being we certainly understand. where the day is almost done the conversation it continues online you'll find us on twitter either due to be new she can follow me a prince golf t.v. we'll see you tomorrow.
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in. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update code 19 special. on t w. a temple servant was once a respected profession in india. today the so-called devah documents are being
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forced into sexual slavery. their greatest hope is that their daughters will have better opportunities in the future thanks to education oh i. get results. in 60 minutes on digital. budgeting. but on one. yes you know i mean in your monotonous in god knows what in. that. goes on in other words you seem to call me a mason us all with all about our. vision of getting your money but i'm wearing. this you know i mean you're not a single on your wedding party sort of moment and out is. what i'm focused on in this you know what i'm with what an organizer and of what is it them. this you know i mean in your mind are a single and you are getting what you guy i don't want to. me number and
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unanimous the show could go it's as if radio's had said. i should run. when i would have only said but i thought when i'm with the v.a. funded. by mackenzie it is as if. this kind demick has shown us how vulnerable we all are whether it's india where the number of cases is currently skyrocketing with over 300000 new infections a day. or in europe which has reported the highest death toll for a long time and about vaccination is still very slow. everywhere in the world resources to fight the virus are limited that is why there are priority list of acts in asia.


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