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tackles the issues shaping the party now with more time to. work out all the time stuff to you what's making the hittites and what's behind it we're on the streets to give you reports on the inside. w. news africa every friday on t.w. . greetings from berlin where the city's world famous club scene has been on hold for over a year now and pandemic developments don't make for a rosy outlook in the coming months well look at what this means for the german capital and also coming up. the vittra design museum in via the mayan celebrates the creations of the memphis group that ushered in a whole new era of post-modernist design. well under normal circumstances the soundtrack of berlin is
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a pulsing score of electronic bass lines and it's one that continues into the wee hours of the morning as techno lovers the world over can attest but with the capital still in lockdown due to coronavirus restrictions the city's legendary club scene is mostly quiet and doing its utmost to avoid dying a slow death. no people just. froze club scene has been quietly hibernating for over a year due to the pandemic the photo book harsh captures of the desolate atmosphere for talks mary stark not visited more than 40 clubs for the book. and. is meant for noise ecstasy and fun letting go now they are just empty silence reigns and house is the title of the book.
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before corona the crops were magnets drawing people to the city parts of buildings global reputation countless people came to dance many people made their living in this world to found says promoters bar staff for the night shift workers shutting the clubs means money troubles but also much more furious i thought many people were it's just the place where you can feel good family guests there's a family atmosphere and it's a bit like home and. many cops want to remain a home for people even if only digitally the community stays in contact through streaming platforms like here at the club correction the scene faces an unimaginable crisis says club owner pamela show best who also heads the perth in club commission social media interactions help keep hope alive.
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on a facebook posting recently said he had seen that we are fighting that we are still here making an effort doing our streams believing that we will survive and he said he also believes we will and that helps him. and that in turn helps us. but the scene has been hanging on for 13 months now and they know by now that streaming is no replacement for the real fame. sting feeding the community out there while playing i know people are watching but the main thing is missing feeling that closeness berlin's clubs will remain shocked for the moment but though working on new ways to party join the pandemic a trial event with limited numbers in mass and with social distancing took place recently all attendees also needed a negative test which may be not lost in a concert with people or even if you own. allowed to move. i'm happy to get dressed
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up and go to a cultural event again. germany has now hold to discard the test event because infection numbers are too high the clubs hopes that open event could take place in some. years and also in the cup and we really do understand the entry of the confined space is compatible with the pandemic due to the aerosols and close encounters at the moment the only possibility is to go out signed and it would be a blow if iran seems likely this is taken away from us and even though we know vents like this the problem. remains and. could be running out for. and joining me to talk about this situation is my colleague like a click on my co when and how will billings club scene be able to resume its activity there are 2 possible scenarios 1st that will be
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a very very long way back to what we had before because celebrating in the club has something to do with enjoying the loss of control not thinking of tomorrow but when the gaps do open again we will have lift on the corona conditions for at least 2 years because no club will be expected to open in berlin this year and then there will be hygiene concepts you'll need to have a negative corona test you have to be vaccinated and that doesn't sound at all like hey let's let our hair down but this 2nd scenario is maybe exactly like this you know the comeback of a rose trained attitude and will have parties like we never had before in this decade. hope this will be the case. by the way they are still parties here very secret very. for burden
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a promise never been there. but anyway lots of towns will be opening up ahead of us like london and the yog and we'll see their work in the future will happen and not without their dangers these secret parties also happening in places like paris i have read about it there but it seems to me mike about berlin's club scene was was changed irreparably one might almost say before the advent of corona and by and covert 19 what do you like what are your thoughts on that you're absolutely right because the times of a semi illegal club nights and dahlan are all there anyway although the people and tourists were still coming because of the miss of the ninety's party scene but rising rarely complains from new residents and gentrified neighborhoods have destroyed this culture we see here and berlin has no empty spaces any mail those on the gold places that creative people could use at their playground and last of but
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least the club scene has changed a bit anyway and going to class was getting more and more comfortable with how much so for us armchair small children you know there's no down with ideas to use the club more of for a community space was working spaces and the daytime in the dance for the night incredible now earlier today chancellor merkel spoke with people from the creative scene in berlin what did she have to say about the prospects for the cultural industries just just briefly. she did they brought up all their fees complaints and she listened very closely but she made it quite clear as long as the daily incidence rates are as high as they are right now we have to be patient. but she promised to keep on supporting the cultural people it's true that we were almost we were more careful in the last summer when the situation was was far less critical then and then it has become to. day so waiting for better times and more people to
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get moving like a hermit. fingers crossed that things for the club scene and for the entire berlin summer will improve soon and thanks very much for your analysis on that backstory mike a clue. and looking further afield to what was making headlines around europe today positive news coming from italy as restrictions their ease and cultural life slowly gets up and running again on monday the capital in museums in rome opened their doors to local visitors as did the famous cola c.e.o. right next door and in venice the iconic theater life in each day held its 1st concert attended only by youngsters between ages 18 and 30 tickets sold for a symbolic price of just $2.00 euros to bring that generation closer to music. and now to an exhibition that is temporarily on hold unfortunately but could almost
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be seen as an antidote to the corona induced culture blues the memphis group emerged in italy in 1980 around architects it totally sucks us when a group of young designers sought to break away from the dog was a functionalism that governed modernist design and so for world design day at least we can show you how germany's vittra design museum is currently celebrating its creations. it's an ode to color a tribute to artistic revotes and to life memphis lives. this is the movie to the it's always been especially in more depressing times like right now a bit of a wake up call a bit of joy. that chris sarra st what we desperately need kick out the corona blues bring in that spring new feeling let's get back to
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living life again to the full and in technicolor but wait a minute honestly doesn't this just look like a garish kindergarten. that was really a shocker back then when this group 1st appears. these colors some stanton's were really something extraordinary. that was 980 a group of junk designers and architects founded in memphis it sounded a little bit like the american wild west but really it came from a land. the italians wanted one thing above all to free design from sober functionality this was a kind of anti powerhouse in the eighty's sorry guys demanded pop culture and memphis delivered crazy patton's and colors. suddenly be said ok let's see if we design something without thinking that there is a marketing people. that. sounds like
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a great idea but a plastic laminated shelf in a snake and would look. and is this desk really practical for real life. so house and i don't want to miss this you need or space these things needs right sabrina from. somewhere brave enough called dog felt furnished his monte carlo apartment in memphis style. and memphis design still inspires imitators to this day this patch of land has got it and much of what's new on the other thing would be unthinkable without memphis to be a scraper goes prove a group for example. check through model isn't this memphis. what we have done here is
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a county designed. for investment because you are planning precisely that which does not pay off. miscalls called. a statement where the of a tory. comey while all eyes also prove that memphis is alive she paints house for starts in london and this is her idea of a bridge in the financial district many underpasses could do with a bit of this kind of memphis. grew up in the eighty's or just on the facts i don't know if it isn't even for a rules or they create their own rules in the zine i love and it's really yes very vibrant i find them any joy for him and his bit of sense of humor i think in this time and self irony is undoubtedly a part of memphis because who designs a church with years kitsch and elegance is the name of this memphis exhibition right now designers with a. sense of humor fear like the breath of fresh air we need.
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well humor and fresh air are both great and new in boosters to be sure so on that note do get outside every chance you can possibly get and join us again tomorrow all the best until then and do stay safe just. after. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the book. rico is in germany to learn german why not with him it's simple online on your mobile and free stuff d w z e learning course nikos fake german made easy. 986. it's their story their very own personal
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drama. the people who survived the catastrophe remember. and they share private footage with us it's never been seen before. in chernobyl starts people 20 minutes on t w. the countryside of the north eastern congo is beautiful and the soil is rich and fertile and yet the people here live in poverty and constant fear of attack by armed militias over 120 such groups have been operating for more than 2 decades on the territory of the democratic republic of the congo along its northern borders to south sudan uganda and rwanda neither the government nor tens of thousands of un peacekeepers have been able to stop them and the people suffering inevitably leads
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to more suffering as victims join one rebel group or the other scene of they killed my father. they killed everyone in my family that's the only reason i became a fighter. a woman grieves for her murdered child an all too common side in the north eastern congo the militias killed around 2000 people here in 2020 alone the worst of them called themselves the allied democratic forces or a.d.f. their islam ist rebels who have been terrorizing the local population for some 30 years. about this.
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they kill people with bullets. they kill people with machetes. they killed my brother with machetes. the islamists attack every few days often under cover of darkness they leave devastation behind burned down houses and beheaded corpses the local people feel like the congolese army and the un peacekeepers have abandoned them. we joined up with a un patrol in beni one of the trouble spots. attacks by the a.d.f. on the civilian population here have been on the increase in recent months. before. the un patrol checks up on a clinic in maine it's been a frequent target of a.t.f. attacks in why is the clinic's director wife of the militia
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comes here and massacres people if you saw the sheer hatred that drives the killing they chop heads off and you find the brains all around and chopped off feet that leaves you terrified and traumatized what. once the islamists tried to abduct 4 of his nurses. they took them hostage in the waiting area when the people there realized it was the a.t.f. they were scared but then the militia said nobody would die it wasn't a day for killing. many in the area live in fear un soldier was he said was x knows the clinic and the people who work there are very well. you can see other nothing cannot prevent war then a few people question and they are told and identified they are the ones that are targeted to be cured because cancer when they come to work they have to dress like everybody. the constant threat level keeps the clinic closed all but a few hours
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a day many patients are left without treatment. they struggle with who they cannot go in particular going from they have to stay at home they cannot move to really cannot go to school. so far the u.n. force has failed to establish and maintain security often enough the more than 18000 troops from nearly 50 nations can hardly even get themselves coordinated many of them are in and of quickly trained or at least not trained with the relevant skills the local villagers aggravate the problems with often unjust accusations that the un troops are a pack of thieves only concerned with their own safety and many of the congolese no longer put any hopes in the un troops at all. and the local people too often find themselves caught between france when their daughters and sons actually join the a.d.f. so the parents end up cooperating with the rebels supplying them food for example
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in return they're left in peace but if they refuse they may be killed and he'll sometimes are content sometimes we're afraid. the militias can show up any time they've become part of our daily lives. most of the local people are afraid to appear before the camera one man who didn't want to say his name gives vent to his frustration. the government should help or the international community should help our government with the situation there are so many people have suffered the a.t.f. got to be finished. in the meantime the a.t.f. keeps on murdering as soon as the cameras off many people here say the soldiers come too late only once the attacks over and people are already dead we meet jonny boom only one of you a local representative who's been studying the a.d.f. for years in his view the u.n. mission has not achieved its goal very much in. the communities here really ought
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to be secured according to my research as many as 4500 people have been killed right under the un forces knows it and what's their job again to protect the civilian population but more are getting killed every day. the a.d.f. was founded as an islamist group in uganda in the early 1990 s. experts have estimated their current strength at a few 100 fighters they're seen as accepting only cruel and intent on establishing islamic sharia law in the territory they control. they want to create a space a grey area where the state has no authority. they intend to control this area and exploit it. that's what they call. the islamic state of central africa the caliphate of central africa they've already set it up. to them the state is already up and running. in march 2021 the
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united states designated the a.d.f. a terrorist organization with ties to the islamic state but some observers doubt the 2 groups maintain any direct contact besides the a.d.f. over 120 other militias are active in the eastern congo after the 1994 genocide in neighboring rwanda some hutu militias fled to the congo and kept on killing that prompted the formation of armed groups originally for purposes of self-defense they do not make it easy to contact them to do so we had to leave the area under central government control halfway their militia fighters meet up to lead us to one of their bases among them is mummify she joined the militia about 20 years ago after an armed group massacred her family she was forced to watch as the men killed her parents with machetes then 6 of the men raped her she was only 15 years old at the
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time. i felt defeated my life had defeated me i saw what they had done to me and how they had murdered my family. i couldn't keep living my life the way i had. so i decided to become a fighter and drive them out. when a former teacher came to her village to recruit young people for a new militia she joined him and many of its members have experienced similar horrors it is in essence a militia of traumatized and emotionally scarred people. they killed my father. they killed everyone in my family that's the only reason i became a fighter. her own community cast her because she'd been raped too great was the stigma the militia offered her a chance to take revenge and to survive they control around 20 villages in the region protecting the inhabitants who in return keep them supplied with food it's
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a simple trade security for food but we got the impression it wasn't always a voluntary arrangement. didn't speak openly until we moved some distance from the others then you must have heard that others are fleeing the group but how could i run away i have nobody to help me i don't own any land i don't have anyone who could help me build a new life. now she places all her hopes on her children her hope that one day they'll have a choice. with the blessings of god i might at least arrange for them to get an education. if they are blessed at least that. i myself will never be able to do any other job. i can't help them by myself. hardly any other region has suffered atrocities by the militias as badly as the
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congo's eatery province we go on the road with a norwegian aid organization over a distance of just 60 kilometers we pass through about 20 checkpoints of various rebel groups as well as the congolese military. by the side of the road a few are carrying guns though concealing them often they ask for money as they are doing here but a few words convince them to wait for another day. to draw draw is a camp for internally displaced people it's one of many in the congo about 5 and a half 1000000 of the country's $105000000.00 people are displaced more than anywhere else in africa logo joe row barely escaped her village when
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a militia attacked it she was on the run with her children when she realized her daughter was missing. oh i decided to go back to find and save her but i was convinced she was still alive but unfortunately she was already dead. i was so sad just devastated when i walked past them they shot at me i had no idea if i'd survive i gradually lost all my strength i heaved and was breathing harder and harder than i slipped into some bush i didn't really have any hope anymore i was sure i was going to die. she survived but her 4 year old daughter was murdered. as soon as the hospital released her she gathered her other 5 children and fled to this camp. even if food water and medical care are in short supply
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at least they are safe here. many people here have stories like to tell they live in desperation and resignation the trauma runs deep. and like. although they don't have the money to send them to school they still put their hope in their children and so another generation is growing up without education as easy potential recruits for the malicious.
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temple service was once our respective profession in india. today the so-called devil docs are being forced into sexual slavery. their greatest hope is that their daughters will have better opportunities in the future thanks to education going. to minutes on d w. i was here when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard. i even got white hair is. learning the german language and not a lot this gives me and they don't bunch maybe 2 in truck loads of say you want to
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know their story the migrants are avoiding and reliable information for migrants. and you hear me know yes yes we don't need you in her last years german sounds now when you bring your uncle out man call and you've never tired to have a full surprise yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moves are important also who talks to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles law stops. training kids. they love she will extract a good outfit and glitter glitter glitter. they're fighting against prejudice and often called gay people like i did nothing and just
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getting up and form wrecking. yard little stars on the big stage. struck me 17. w. this is e w news in these are our top stories officials in delhi of being forced to take drastic measures as india faces a 3rd wave of covert 19 infections from a tory building makeshift a funeral pyres as city runs off a space to bury its dead india has registered over 300000 new cases for 6 consecutive days. u.k. prime minister barak's johnson is under pressure as he heads into regional elections office.


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