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because i want to see gemini was for me the last few years have been quiet. for any time at home but when it comes to be. perhaps the biggest on the new $100.00 going to prove to be the better person there are comes when you feel the giving you realize that coach is just another way of never they are you ready to meet which i haven't invited me. this is dr news they sure are coming up today thailand on alert after new coronavirus outbreak. the country imposes new restrictions after a rise in corona virus cases and fatalities since the weekend but will this be enough to keep the numbers in check plus. women in afghanistan fear for their future as u.s. and other foreign troops prepare to leave the country after trying to yes.
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i'm british prodigy welcome to news asia tragic could join us the number of new coronavirus infections recorded in india fell slightly on tuesday but stayed above 323000 cases the drop from a high of more than 350000 cases on monday is a comfort for people as shortages of medical supplies including oxygen continue to plague the country's health care system trains got an oxygen tank has now been dispatched to various parts of the country and on tuesday a shipment of medical supplies including ventilators and oxygen concentrator has arrived from the u.k. more aid has been promised by other countries including the united states did have a corresponding member should just fall has this update on a situation that the chief has described as beyond heartbreaking. is
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not much aid it's only just started coming in e.t.i. has something to. eat says little what she needs now has got infrastructure that's the beauty shop really not the show that it is a patient i'll meet you know we're all sitting beds and medicines even whilst we didn't. eat out the world now the us has been here. criticized not for with oil leaks what you did yesterday in the past actual the division of discipline is the baby appreciated while last scenes maybe appreciated but it was joint now it's too soon to say what you were actually doesn't wasn't great just doing it at this point going to be a massive price. to democrats on nimish address while in delhi they're over in thailand concerns are growing over a spiraling coronavirus outbreak on tuesday the country hit
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a record high or 15 deaths new restrictions have come into force including the wearing of mosques and the closing of public venues such as cinemas parks and gyms among others. in bangkok on high alert hardly anyone is travelling as the city tightens its lockdown. being the epicenter of a new outbreak means shops like this have to close for 2 weeks. is the owner of this massage shop like many people in business she's unhappy with the government's pandemic response. to the mall and i'm not happy that the government should have done better they should not have waited until there was a new outbreak to come up with the current regulations which totally affect all kinds of businesses or let's hope it happens. a raft of other venues including gyms cinemas and even parks also have to close.
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this amid an alarming 3rd wave of infections that thailand is experiencing both the number of new cases and deaths have been on an unprecedented rise since mid april the supply of i.c.u. and hospital baths a severely strained. the search has prompted initiatives to turn hotels into hospitals to accommodate patients with symptoms. as the country grapples with the new outbreak some residents in bangkok say everyone needs to take responsibility. with the smashes to a certain extent and i'm willing to cooperate as long as it helps decrease the number of infections even if it affects me. and restaurants to operate with times there are concerns that it could trigger more.
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and worsen the increasingly severe situation in thailand. but u.s. troops beginning the process of pulling out from of gunnison over the coming week and fears are growing in the country about the future of women's rights a resurgent taliban could potentially have a greater say in running the country the group has said in the past that it supports the role of women under an islamic system but given its past record that may not mean much there are also questions about how much of a product the women's rights have been during the mostly maybe led these negotiations altogether it doesn't paint a hopeful picture for the future of rights that women have enjoyed in afghanistan over the past 2 decades. is very proud she's had a job for 2 years now the 40 year old works at a tailor's shop for women in afghanistan carrying out a profession is
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a privilege one that many are denied. i'm so incredibly happy and also grateful that i'm allowed to work here i've learned tailoring here and i've gained self-confidence and i can earn money that means i can help support my family. so who works here at the tailors 5 days a week. the shops owner like azimi open your business 3 years ago she employs 38 women there are no men working in her shop that. i wanted to show everyone that women can do just as much as men that's why i opened my tailor shop it was important for me to prove that women can work and that they're independent and that they can add something to society. she's achieved just that over the past 3 years her shop's been a success but now she's worried what will happen here after the international troops withdraw from afghanistan and the taliban possibly return to power.
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of course as a business owner i'm afraid of what could happen only women work here we all remember the dark days of the taliban we know that when they were in power women had no rights and weren't allowed to work in a profession like this. working here is helped many women in the region like her coworker serena her husband's income wasn't enough to support the whole family thanks to serena as wages the family can get by now but i don't know i'm grateful that i can support my family but of course i'm worried that i could become unemployed if the taliban come to power again. that's a concern shared by all the same sources here so harley's out a doesn't want to lose the rights that women have acquired over the last 20 years.
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for the 1st time in her life she and her family have enjoyed a sense of security. i used to feel scared when i was out of my own i didn't know whether i'd get home alive and i hope these times are never repeated and that we can live in peace and security you know the best household i'm home going on the. work peace and security basic human needs that remain privileges for afghan women. joining me now for more is some you know how many she's a human rights activist with amnesty international and she follows the human rights situation in afghanistan quite closely she joins me on the line from colombo this movie welcome how concerned are you that women's rights in afghanistan could take many steps back if the taliban come to power. thank you so actually. i think the last 20 years have been have been. of course that years of struggle but
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also the years of achievements that happen if you look at woman. and politics if you look at will within it education and higher education as well as if social and . spent has meant in businesses today. who mans that. i strongly believe that if taiwan were back in iowa and have backlashes and back when states where. where women went in and in a time when taliban. and teach and why have these concerns is also because of militias to meet on their beach and that. i have not seen. a very specific low create a statement by the taliban positioning ourselves on how do you that they will look with women and how they will ensure that women as half of the population in
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afghanistan deserve to be equally in. the death and that's where there's a lot of uncertainty on sound these as if it's back and. right so what you're saying is because of his lack of commitment it would appear true that the various and the goals pearson's of have taken place so far with the fall of on. with the or between various countries in the region women's rights are not being adequately represented in these talks. with absolutely not i demand a year ago when when the united states especially if they sent it in for peace process in afghanistan that behaves that will ask the question that how do we deal on a woman and woman's right because you know united states kids are on the stand with the sword and that to protect our women. how you would deal with it if just was that this is admonish you this has to be discussed it has been internally between
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the complement gotland government and united states has to bleach so well that is well that was quite disappoint me about it was also an eye opener that's because i haven't had a very strong stand and be had they have they have a history it can't cheat men to woman and get enough fun stuff there are actors who don't want to talk to their women so i think that's where we don't see any kind of get into your attic and if you should instead what men's rights birthday i guess i think not be you know the saver be mightst now with the u.s. set to were drawn along with the us other foreign troops but also to a draw from of comments on do you think that this we're drawing is a mistake. this would really have to happen and i think most of the afghan women that i gauge with and i took to if you didn't believe that you know we
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cannot delay an international force as the rest of the us at the other living in afghanistan but what i strongly believe is that this that joe is indispensable this withdrawal is without any ganti that the conflict will end and this material is oh so without any esurance that they would there will not be any better. terms of you know human best situation human baked feet of freedom of expression women's rights and this mature and easy it is once a vote because it was very disappointing to hear united states peston joe biden as speaking about sacrifices of u.s. forces speaking about. time for them to go back but he did not he did not really you know point out a single time about 65 that afghan people every day with all the costs
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of something that they are not a sponsor of some 100 they're going to for me have a very for the time being but thank you so much for joining us on this very important subject thank you. that's it for today there's of course more updates on our web site get up at dot com forward slash and you're going to follow us on facebook and twitter as well we're back tomorrow again at the same time we'd see you times over. these places in europe or smashing records. stepping into a french or it's the treasure map for modern globe trotters to discover some of the record breaking sites. back to you know also in book form.
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1986. it's their story their very own personal trauma. the people who survived the catastrophe remember. and they share private footage with us never been seen before. chernobyl stuart's april 26th on w. greetings from berlin where the city's world famous club thing has been on hold for over a year now and pandemic developments don't make for a rosy outlook in the coming months well look at what this means for the german capital and also coming up. the vittra design museum in violent crime celebrates the creations of the memphis group that ushered in
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a whole new era of post-modernist design. well under normal circumstances the soundtrack of berlin is a pulsing score of electronic bass lines and it's one that continues into the wee hours of the morning as techno. lovers the world over can attest but with the capital still in lockdown due to a coronavirus restrictions the city's legendary club scene is mostly quiet and doing its utmost to avoid dying a slow death. no people just don't. seem has been quietly hibernating for over a year due to the pandemic the photo book harsh captures the atmosphere for talks marriage dr art visited more than 40 clubs for the book. and. is meant for noise to see fun letting go now they are just empty
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silence. and how is the title of the book. before corona the crops were magnets drawing people to the parts of global reputation countless people came to many people made their living in this world found promotes is passed off for the night shift workers shifting the club's money troubles but much more. and for many people it's just a place where you feel good family. there's a family atmosphere and it's a bit like home and. many cops want to remain a home for people even if only digitally the community stays in contact through streaming platforms like here at the club correction the scene faces an unimaginable crisis says club owner pam and i show best who also heads the person
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club commission social media interactions help keep hope alive. on a facebook posting recently said he had seen that we are fighting that we are still here making an effort. doing our streams believing that we will survive and he said he also believes we will and that had helped him. and that in turn helps us. but the scene has been hanging on for 13 months now and they know by now that streaming is no replacement for the real fame. sting by now i am feeling the community out there while playing i know people are watching but the main thing is missing feeling closeness berlin's clubs will remain shots for the moment but though working on new ways to party join the pandemic a trial event with limited numbers in masks and with social distancing took place
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recently all attendees also needed a negative test. movie night last concert with people even if you aren't allowed to move you know i'm happy to get dressed up and go to a cultural event again and germany has now hold to discount a test event because infection numbers are too high the clubs hopes that open events could take place in. writing. and also in the cups and we really do understand. the confined space is not compatible with the pandemic due to the aerosols and. at the moment the only possibility is to go outside and it would be a blow if iran seems likely this is all taken away from us and even though we know vents like this the problem. could be running out for clubs. and joining me to talk about this situation
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is my colleague mike a click on micah when and how will billings club scene be able to resume its activity there are 2 possible scenarios 1st that will be a very very long way back to what we had before because celebrating in a club that has something to do with enjoying the loss of control not thinking of tomorrow but when the gaps open again we will have live on the corona conditions for at least 2 years because no club will be expected to open in berlin this year and then there will be hygiene concepts you'll need to have a negative corona test you have to be vaccinated and that doesn't sound at all like hey let's let our hair down but this 2nd scenario is maybe exactly like this you know the comeback of a rose trained attitude that will have parties like we never had before on the stick 8. hope this will be the case. but by the way. they are still
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parties here in berlin very secret very for been a promise never been there but anyway lots of towns will be opening up ahead of us like london and the yog and would see their work in the future will happen and not without their dangers these secret parties also happening in places like paris i have read about it there but it seems to me mike about berlin's club scene was was changed irreparably one might almost say before the advent of corona and by and covert 19 which unlike what your thoughts on that you're absolutely right because the times of a semi illegal club nights and dahlan are all that anyway although the people until it was still coming because of the miss of the ninety's parties but rising rarely complains from the residents and gentrified neighborhoods have destroyed
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this culture we see here and berlin has no empty spaces any well those on the gone places that creative people could use at their playground and last but least the club scene has changed a bit anyway and going to class was getting more and more comfortable with how much so for us armchair small children you know this showdown with ideas to use the club more for for a community space was working spaces and the day time of the dance for the night incredible now earlier today chancellor merkel spoke with people from the creative scene in berlin what did she have to say about the prospects for the cultural industries just just briefly. she did they brought up all their fees complaints and she listened very closely but she made it quite clear as long as the daily incidence rates are as high as they are right now we have to be patient. but she promised to keep on supporting the cultural people it's true that we were almost we
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were more careful in the last summer when. situation was was far less critical then and then it has become today so waiting for better times and more people to get living like a hermit. fingers crossed that things for the club scene and for the entire berlin summer will improve soon and thanks very much for your analysis and that back story mike a clue. and looking further afield to what was making headlines around europe today positive news coming from italy as restrictions their ease and cultural life slowly gets up and running again on monday the capital in museums in rome opened their doors to local visitors as did the famous cola c.e.o. right next door and in venice the iconic theater laughingly che held its 1st concert attended only by youngsters between ages 18 and 30 tickets sold for a symbolic price of just 2 euros to bring that generation closer to music.
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and now to an exhibition that is temporarily on hold unfortunately but could almost be seen as an antidote to the corona induced culture blues the memphis group emerged in italy in 1980 around architects it totally sucks us when a group of young designers sought to break away from the dog was a functionalism that governed modernist design and so for world design day at least we can show you how germany's in vitro design museum is currently celebrating its creations. it's an ode to color a tribute to artistic revotes and to life memphis lives. this is the movie to the life it's always been especially in more depressing times like right now a bit of a wake up call a bit of joys of. that chris sorry state what we desperately
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need kick out the corona blues bring in that spring to freezing let's get back to living life again to the full and in technicolor but wait a minute honestly doesn't this just look like a garish kindergarten. that was really a shocker back then when this group 1st. these colors some satins were really something extraordinary. that was 980 a group of junk designers and architects founded in memphis it sounded a little bit like the american wild west but really it came from a land. the italians wanted one thing above all to free design from sober functionality this was a kind of anti powerhouse the eighty's sorry chorus demanded pop culture and memphis delivered crazy patton's and colors. suddenly be said
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ok let's see if we design something without thinking that there is a market in people. that is what the. sounds like a great idea but a plastic laminated shelf in a snake and would look. and is this desk really cracked a code for real life. so how was i don't want to host this unique or or space these things needs. but some were brave enough called log fell furnished his monte carlo apartment in memphis style. and memphis design still inspires imitators to this day this picture of lamp a scottish and much of what's new on the other thing would be unthinkable without memphis to be a spray berger's probe a group for example architectural model isn't this memphis.
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what we have done here is a county design and see more investment because you are planning precisely that which does not pay off. michelle's called. a statement where the of a tory. comey while all eyes also proof that memphis is alive she paints house for starts in london and this is her idea of a bridge in the financial district many underpasses could do with a bit of this kind of memphis. grew up in the eighty's and just on the facts i don't know if it isn't even for a rules or they create their own rules in the zine i love and it's really yes very vibrant i find that when you join for and it's bit of sense of humor i think investors and self irony is undoubtedly a part of memphis because who designed to chirp with ears kicked and elegance is
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the name of this memphis exhibition right now designers with a. sense of humor they like the breath of fresh air we need. well humor and fresh air are both great and new and boosters to be sure so on that note do get outside every chance you can possibly get and join us again tomorrow all the best until then and do stay safe just.
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in the art of climate change. or so. much i'm still. going to be is today the future of. g.w. dot com thanks for coming to serve in the making if you. could come to church. are you ready for some great news i'm pristine when glass on the i m f you mike a geo with a brand new d. the good news article the show that tackles the issues shaping the concert hall with more time to off on in-depth look up to all of the transcribed talk to you what's making the hittites and what's behind the way on the streets to give you
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enough reports on the inside. w. news africa every friday on the job. we have important numers let's get right to the. smoking is healthy. pesticides are good for the bees global warming doesn't exist. not yet if. you have read in my mind. the industry is controlling your thoughts. not easy to spot i'm saying one thing and history is saying another. great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes.
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who's behind the. news manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd. this is the w.'s watch emergency medical supplies have begin to arrive in. corona virus crisis. rushed to hospital. patients of. infection and death rates grow exponentially the program hands of those who march for the offer seems rather loose and are serving jail sentences we need some
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a fair chance to ask to see them. on.


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