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just. for bring. our little stars on the big stage. to start the 2nd. coming up today. after the virus outbreak. the country imposes new restrictions after rising coronavirus cases and fatalities since the weekend but will this be enough to keep the numbers in check plus. women in afghanistan fear for their future as u.s. and other foreign troops prepare to leave the country after 20 years.
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i'm british manager welcome to do. that you could join us the number of new coronavirus infections recorded in india fell slightly on tuesday but stayed above 323000 cases the drop from a high of more than 350000 cases on monday is a comfort for people as shortages of medical supplies including oxygen continue to plague the country's health care system trains cutting oxygen tank has now been dispatched to various parts of the country and on tuesday a shipment of medical supplies including ventilators and oxygen concentrator has arrived from the u.k. it has been promised by other countries including the united states did have a correspondent michelle just well has this update on the situation that the chief has described as beyond heartbreaking. if not much aid it's only just started coming in. and india has something to
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a massive so if there's little that she needs to now get infrastructure it's the the sheiks operating out of the pressure so benefits of patients us. media for all such and beds and medicines even hospital themselves. for accidents now the us has been heavily criticized over the last week. in the city in the manufacture vaccines the division of despotic seem to be appreciated more last scenes will be appreciated but of course giant now it's too soon to say what you were actually doesn't wasn't great just doing it at this point. if the massive prices the country is facing. over in thailand concerns are growing over a spiraling outbreak on tuesday the country hit a record high or 15 deaths new restrictions have come into force including the wearing of mosques and the closing of the venues such as cinema parks and gyms
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among others. bangkok on high alert hardly anyone is traveling as the city tightens its lockdown. being the epicenter of a new outbreak means shops like this have to close for 2 weeks. is the owner of this massage shop like many people in business she's unhappy with the government's pandemic response. i think the government should have done better they should not have waited until there was a new outbreak to come up with the current regulations which totally affect all kinds of businesses for lack. of a raft of other venues including gyms cinemas and even parks also have to close. this amid an alarming 3rd wave of infections that thailand is experiencing both the number of new cases and deaths have been on an unprecedented rise since mid april
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the supply of i.c.u. and hospital beds a severely strained. the search has prompted initiatives to turn hotels into hospitals to accommodate patients with my to symptoms. of the country grapples with a new outbreak some residents in bangkok say everyone needs to take responsibility . with these measures to a certain extent and i'm willing to cooperate as long as it helps decrease the number of infections even if it affects me. and restaurants to operate with times there are concerns that it could trigger more. and worsen the increasingly severe situation in thailand.
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where the u.s. troops beginning the process of pulling out from of gunnison over the coming weekend fares are growing in the country about the future of women's rights a resurgent taliban could potentially have a greater say in running the country the group has said in the past that it supports the role of women under an islamic system but given its past record. there are also questions about how much of a product the women's rights have been during the mostly maybe led these negotiations altogether it doesn't paint a hopeful picture for the future of rights that women have enjoyed in afghanistan over the past 2 decades. is very proud she's had a job for 2 years now the 40 year old works at a tailor's shop for women in afghanistan carrying out a profession is a privilege one that many are denied. i'm so incredibly happy and also grateful that i'm allowed to work here i've learned tailoring here and i've gained
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self-confidence and i can earn money that means i can help support my family. so who works here at the tailors 5 days a week. the shops owner a lot like azimi opened your business 3 years ago she employs 38 women there are no men working in her shop. i want to show everyone that women can do just as much as men that's why i opened my tailor's shop it was important for me to prove that women can work and that they're independent and that they can add something to society. she's achieved just that over the past 3 years her shop's been a success but now she's worried what will happen here after the international troops withdraw from afghanistan and the taliban possibly return to power. but that of course is a business owner i'm afraid of what could happen only women work here we all
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remember the dark days of the taliban we know that when they were in power women had no rights and weren't allowed to work in a profession like this. working here is helped many women in the region like her coworker serena her husband's income wasn't enough to support the whole family thanks to serene as wages the family can get by now but sit on the i'm grateful that i can support my family but of course i'm worried that i could become unemployed if the taliban come to power again. that's a concern shared by all the same sources here so harley's out a doesn't want to lose the rights that women have acquired over the last 20 years. for the 1st time in her life she and her family have enjoyed a sense of security. used to feel scared when i
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was out of my own i didn't know whether i'd get home alive i hope these times are never repeated and that we can live in peace and security you know the best. work peace and security are basic human needs that remain privileges for afghan women. joining me now for more is some you know how really she's a human rights activist with amnesty international and she follows the human rights situation in afghanistan quite closely she joins me on the line from colombo this movie welcome how concerned are you that women's rights in afghanistan could take many steps back if the taliban come to power. thank you so bad. i think the last 20 years have been have been. of course that years of struggle but those the years of achievements that happen if you look at women. and politics if
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you look at will with it in education higher education as well as if social and. spent has meant in businesses today which. meant that. i strongly believe that if taliban were back in power and have backlashes and heat back when states where. where women went in and in a time when taleban. and teach and why have these concerns is also because of militias with all their vision that. i have not seen. of a specific inculcate a statement by the taliban positioning ourselves on how the day will look with women and how they will ensure that women as half of the population in afghanistan deserve to be equally in. the death and that's where there's a lot of uncertainty in cuts and these as if it's back and. right so what you're
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saying is because of his lack of commitment it would appear true that the various and the goals pearson's up have taken place so far with the fall of on. between various countries in the region women's rights are not being adequately represented in these talks. with absolutely not i demand a year ago when when the united states especially if they sent it in for peace process in afghanistan that behaves that will ask the question that how do we deal on a woman and woman because you know united states kid got on the stand with the sword and that to protect and what would. how you deal with it is just was that this is that i am he she just has to be discussed it has been internally between the common gotland government and united states has to bleach so well that is why that
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was quite disappoint me about it was also an eye opener that. because i haven't had a very strong stand and did have the ad they have a history it kind of meant to we're going to get and have fun stuff there are actors who don't want to talk to a woman ringback so i think that's where we don't see any kind of get into your attic and if you should instead what men's rights birthday i guess and i think not be you know the saver be my guest now with the u.s. set to were drawn along with the u.s. other foreign troops but also set to redraw from of comments on do you think that this we're drawing is a mistake. did you know that had to happen and i think most of the afghan women that i gauge with and i took to if you didn't believe that you know we cannot delay an international force as the rest of the us that the other living in
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afghanistan but what i strongly believe is that this material is indispensable this withdrawal is without any ganti that the conflict will end and how this material is oh so without any assurances that there will again will not be any better. terms of you know human best situation human baked feet of freedom of expression women's rights and this majority is it is possible because it was very disappointing to hear united states peston joe biden as speaking about sacrifices of u.s. forces speaking about. china for them to go back but he did not he did not really you know point out a single time about 65 that afghan people every day with all the costs of something that they are not to sponsor a summer home in the arena for me of a very for the time being but thank you so much for joining us on this very
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important subject thank you. that's it for today there's of course more updates on our website get up at dot com forward slash asia and you're going to follow us on facebook and twitter as well we're back tomorrow again at the same time we'll see you then about. the fate of against the coronavirus pandemic. is the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update code 19 special. on d w. in the army of climate change. those who make decisions. not some sort of people.
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one d.s. do they have their future. d.w. dot com african megacities the multimedia. click and enter. this pandemic has shown us how vulnerable we all are whether it's india where the number of cases is currently skyrocketing with over 300000 new infections a day. in europe which has reported the highest death toll for a long time and where vaccination is still very slow. everywhere in the world resources to fight the virus are limited that is why there are priority lists for
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vaccinations 1st we must protect those most at risk but are we really doing that what about children they are way down at the bottom of any priority list besides there's not even a vaccine available for them yet that leaves children with special needs especially vulnerable. welcome to our special i want to get johns in berlin good to have you with us and you just have to admire kids and their ability to deal with new situations i see kids every day on their way to school or in supermarkets with their parents and they're wearing their little face masks with such ease as if it was the most natural thing in the world but not every child can adapt easily and for some this virus is an additional risk to an already challenging life. physical exercises are
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important especially for flavia the 14 year old has down's syndrome normally she doesn't do that with her mother but her physio therapist but since the coronavirus pandemic started the family has severely restricted their contacts because for flavia covered infection could be fatal. and infect your book by mention madonsela of people with down syndrome an infection has much greater risks and. additionally we know very little about long term effects of this illness so even if she were to survive an infection you wouldn't know what would come after that. this is after the 1st family and how. therefore the family keeps to themselves physical contact with others is restricted the children are only ok finally allowed to play with. school happens online all of this puts a strain on flavia. go by
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i cried quite a bit because school was closed so we had to do it digitally and that was stressful . and the interests of our flavia are. top $1.05 we've noticed that flavia surface enormously from this loneliness she sits in her room for hours she talks to herself more and more she makes noise she just isolates a self. want a cup of thaw. getting flavia vaccinated against covered would help the family but no vaccine has yet been approved for under 16 year olds in germany clinical trials are still ongoing in test run as it was on to an. extreme these trials different age groups are tested and the close observation of that way the researchers can gradually find out how the drug reacts with certain groups but they
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haven't finished that yet so using the pixie now is a bit like walking into a dark forest so to speak and don't invite good villains of it. the family hopes that this dark forest will clear soon they don't know when the vaccination will be a proof of children until then they will do everything they can to protect their daughter. of a more i'm joined by dr good's she's assistant professor of epidemiology and environmental health of the ronan school of public health at emory university in atlanta good to have you with us. please tell us 1st of all how much do we actually know about coded 19 in patients with d.s. and monica thanks a lot for having me and yes i actually know we. mentioned she was a society conducted last scan a study on and he just was done some poor man. and what we found when investigating
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more than 1000 if you don't have doesn't and probably 90 is that it is with thousands. much more likely to die after having killed 19 than the general population so for example individuals with down's syndrome and korean and she and so there were television rates out when they are 40 at comparable to those from the general population who are 70 so and their mentality we're just as much higher than the general population why why is that what puts them at such high risk. so there's still different reasons sell and one thing is that he does with down syndrome in general often south of harm pretty much like aging so for example many of us with down syndrome are cowards or very likely to develop dementia at a very young age so in their forty's many of them already have to mention and the
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reason is that they also often suffer from immune dysfunction so as an example individuals with down syndrome aren't so they are known to be most vulnerable to all the other kinds of especially disease and not knowing when you have quite a sample so it's unfortunately it's not surprising that they are some honorable it'll cost me 90 right so when when the mother in this report that we just saw says she's she's terribly worried about her daughter you just basically agree that she has every right to be that worried how can she better protect her. yeah so 1st of all i really want to highlight that the high mortality rates that. among and it was danceable are particularly present for the u.s. was down syndrome about the age of 40 so we only found very few.
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deaths among children with down syndrome so was really really rare but just similar as in the general population so that's at least one good thing i don't because nevertheless that doesn't mean that parents of us with down's syndrome don't have to worry because as i already mentioned death is not the only yet come of this disease and we still know so little about the long term effects of kobe 19 and also . other. complications might be more prevalent in my circumstance and them than in my shoulder was out on some cost and as a part to protect them but the other problem is that it's arsenal. yes that's a hot thing to do and i had to signal because especially kids let's dance and grown they as we are going so saw in the video we they really need a special care not only for their physical health but also apply carpenter and mental health so it's always an act of balancing and benefits and.
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at the moment our highest chance to really protect them as suspects a nation that's a nation i know that in the united states teenagers at least from the age of 16 on words can now be vaccinated does this include teenagers with down syndrome. yes absolutely so in december the students included to answer our top sounds i was a high risk medical complications 19 so and then and january right and the rollout started at most states including leader was with down syndrome and there for 1st 2nd priority so and since march early april the whole country the whole country and it was done for can be vaccinated against over 19 and that includes. yeah lots of teenagers are so starting at the
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age of 16 and i know that most european countries now are not now it's a backseat aging interviews with down syndrome as it does now well known that they are at a higher risk for us to be a community so so many european countries are so vaccinating is down syndrome starting at the age of 16 all right so now we have to look forward to that and of course to vaccines for children that are even younger than that but for now thank you so much dr phil's from the road school of public health it more university in atlanta thank you so much for your time thank you for having me. and of course we all hope that vaccination will bring back the freedoms we've enjoyed before the pandemic some sooner than others perhaps time to us darrick. germany or the e.u. be implementing a covert vaccine passport. yes though it won't be called that as it will
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also document people who've had the disease or have recorded recent negative tests and the e.u. is moving forward with what's being called a digital green certificated to facilitate movement within the block though it's still not yet clear exactly what rights it will confer there's opposition of course but but but proponents say governments currently really have few other options after all long before the pandemic hit tourism had become a key pillar for nearly every economy on earth and the last 15 months have just cut the industry off at the ankles europe relies on tourism heavily and desperate attempts to to restart it somehow someway have been going on since the very 1st days of lock down over
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a year ago so so what are the issues well there are many ethical questions but a lot of critics think the most serious is that a certificate could lead to discrimination against people who for whatever reason haven't been vaccinated or or at least not yet especially if the documents are used to limit their activities and their own countries by their own governments there are also big practical and technological barriers to overcome in play mentoring certification systems especially when it comes to to data privacy and secure. the potential fraud is another big issue despite the many hurdles the plan is to have the program up and running by june in order to make travel between e.u. member states easier for people who are vaccinated or who have recovered and and
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not just for europeans talks have also begun with the us about the best ways to allow fully vaccinated or or recovered american tourists to begin returning to europe. that's all for today thanks for watching.
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this is the w.'s lie from international medical suppliers arrived to help ease india's crisis situation emergency equipment gradients full of vaccines a full opening to relieve hospitals forced to turn away new patients as deaths and new infections continue to break. the program germany's chancellor machall says vaccinations could be offered to every adult from goodwill that means different people who have and haven't been vaccinated. you never hear from chechen women in
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reality you say they're being intimidated by the male compadres for trying to integrate. i'm told the cap is officially out of the record breaking expensive back. country yulian not girls money will join by a unique next season with a multi $1000000.00 price tag. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program but 1st a foreign emergency supplies are arriving in india as it battles a catastrophic wave of coverage 19 infections ventilators and oxygen concentrator as arrived from britain and germany says it will fly in medical equipment in the coming days on tuesday registered more than 300000 new cases for the 6th consecutive day hospitals and clinics have had to turn patients away because of shortages of everything from beds to oxygen the screens the scenes have been
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described as beyond heartbreaking. once a parking lot this crematorium is now the final destination for hundreds of victims of covert 19. 50 percent of deaths are not registered by the government as covert 19. are ngo goes to the homes of victims of coven 1000 who died in quarantine and brings them here to be cremated the government only counts kovan 1000 related deaths the victims who die in the hospital and all others are unaccounted for. while the pyres burn day and night help from around the world is on the way. in new delhi ventilators and other medical supplies arrive from abroad and elsewhere tanks full of oxygen rushed through the night for patients in desperate need. german chancellor angela merkel says it's just the beginning.
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above all else we will see what we can do to help india we are now working at full speed to see to what extent we can bring oxygen producing plants there all of europe is behind this i also spoke about this with the portuguese prime minister who no holds the european council presidency and we want to do everything we can to help india. the united states has pledged to send india some of its millions of unused vaccine doses but it could take weeks before they arrive. so just to be clear we have right now we have 0 doses available of us or seneca we're talking about what the f. the f.d.a. needs to go through a review right to ensure the safety of its meeting our own bar and our own guidelines. for health workers in the country is overwhelmed hospitals that help can't come soon enough. what do i do. what do i do it is often because he put him on whatever support we can they're trying to organize a big summit of the other. i get me wrong because every somebody out there for
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somebody that somebody. would want to have anything ever. again. on the front lines against covert 19 doctors and patients are measuring time and breaths not days or weeks. we take a look at some of the other major developments in the pandemic starting in hong kong which will reopen bars and nightclubs from the 29th of april the people who have received 1st vaccine doses you know when it comes as all forces try to boost the sluggish vaccine uptake turkey is imposing a nationwide lockdown until the middle of may as new infections sought to record levels and israel says it hopes to reopen the country to vaccinated tourists in july the tourism minister says the 1st group trips will start of the end of may with the possibility of individual visits in july telling those who are other
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stories making headlines around the world spain's foreign ministry says 2 bodies found in became a fast so appear to be those of spanish journalists who were abducted on monday alongside an irish national and a local soldier group was ambushed while on an anti poaching patrol in the palm a forest reserve and bikini east region. lawyers for the family of a black man killed by police in the united states state of north carolina say they've seen a video clip of his death which shows that andrew brown had his hands on his car steering wheel when he was shot in the back of the head protesters are demanding a police officer body camera footage be made public. the u.s. has launched a spy satellite into space from california it lifted off on monday afternoon from vandenberg air force base aboard a delta 4 heavy rocket and national coliseums office will use the classified payload for intelligence gathering. but i'm
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fine let me take you back to. a story which was about the international assistance now that is coming into india from around the world i am told that we can now speak to a doctor jubal shorey who is secretary of the delhi branch of the indian public health association and vice president of the indian association of epi demonologists. welcome dr surely are you with us. doesn't seem to be happy for ok so we won't do that for our rights. so what we'll do then is will talk about how the pandemic has devastated communities across brazil but the coastal city of. rio de
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janeiro has managed to stave off the worst effects of residents to receive a universal basic income interest free loans in the form of a local digital currency it's been funded from the billions of dollars of income from oil revenue. chancellor angela merkel dubbed it a meeting of hope the situation in germany remains serious with daily cove in 1000 cases still alarmingly high and the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care still growing but the vaccination drive is picking up speed so much so that germany may soon be able to offer vaccines to everyone not only those at high risk . on the whole we expect the people in the high priority group will be vaccinated by the end of may. that means that depending on how many vaccine doses we get we can abandon the priority list as of june at the latest.
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this is not mean that everyone can be vaccinated immediately but that everyone can make an appointment. after a slow start during the 1st few months of the year now around 23 percent of germany's population has received the 1st dose that's thanks to an increase in the liveries more reliable supply chains and family doctors now also administering the shot. with more and more people vaccinated the debate on whether they should enjoy more freedom from restrictions is also mounting chancellor merkel said the government is preparing legislation to ease some measures those who have been fully vaccinated or those who have recovered from colvin 1000 should be exempted from having to get tests to go to non-essential shops or from quarantining after returning from abroad they would still however have to continue. following the mask and social distancing rules. notice from the stories and i think that's unfair
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a more nuanced solution must be found. it is absolutely clear to me that people who have been vaccinated must get their basic rights back it's not a question of whether they get special rights but that they can live normally again . i think it's good but it's a pity that it's not my turn yet but her turn may not be far off chance and america's promise to offer every adult in germany a vaccine by the end of the summer seemed impossible to many only a few weeks ago now hopes are high that or pledge will be met. we take you back to our top story about the international aid reaching india as it battles crisis around the 19 infections will speak to dr drew because surely who is secretary of the delhi branch of the indian public health association and also a vice president of the indian association of epidemiologists welcome to the now we
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heard a ventilator is arriving from britain and saudi arabia are sending $5000.00 oxygen cylinders and vaccine raw materials on the way from the united states how much difference is all this international assistance likely to make. this kind of assistant is going to be beneficial because we're facing a lot of problems as far as the ventilator is concerned all going 1st be the head problem and we have to cure a large number of mentally and it was sent to different states photo of a war what is not happening in 2nd babies lies number of cases coming to hospital and we're not having the beds so on that glitters out of to play now what is required is to meet shift to a hospital in in albany you know already in stadiums fairly quiet barracks and also ventilators so such going to think leaders and the beds are going to be very good
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because we have a huge number. so that didn't understand your correctly when you said that your had venture into have ventilators but they were essentially in the wrong place no it is not laid back in the 1st we had shutters of the mentally deranged was big chord from different countries and it was a plague of different states in our country we have a large number of the state more than 25 gets it stateside there so they have been sent to different states but now in 2nd leave the number of patients. and all hospitals out of kuwait and all them believe not enough so all the making makeshift hospital in the stadium in other places they're really quaint beds and ventilators so such kind of you know the new stuff play from different countries is going to be beneficial and how did things get so bad.
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actually there in the 82nd largest country in the world as far as the publishing is concerned and even if you see you know 17600000 of people have suffered from this garbage and we have only just point 2000000 dead and then again clicking comes out then he does not even one percent of the cases i bang but this number is such a huge and big. you know 4 and he is small country it can be a nightmare so of when it comes to number then i think it is you know topping the list and very soon we are going to actually be able really has the highest court of the everyday cases of point 3000000 in the lake in your forty's we had 1000000 cases so because of this you know we have exhausted all our resources. so is it possible to bring this crisis
4:13 pm
a back under control or do you have just after white until it takes it's course. but into at predictions it is. because a large number of patients almost 70 percent or 75 percent of the. publishers paid to be suffering from and it will be you know. immunity so in some estates. of the have the highest peak in not a number of cases. so in some estate the only bear to be able to start a leak he has no deceiving no and in some estate like the u.t. and. the hurt the city some up raising but nationally well you know it is not most i think we are reaching to the higher you speak thank you for joining us doc
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dr schori from the indian association of academia interests thank you. i'm not a supporter about 5 minutes ago the situation in brazil where the pandemic was devastating to communities but the coastal city of america near rio de janeiro has managed to stave off the worst effects residents receive a universal basic income and interest free loans in the form of a digital currency has been funding from the millions of dollars of income from oil revenue. no one seems to be very concerned about the pandemic on brazil's atlantic coast in a city with a population of about 160000 hardly anyone is complaining about the economic situation not even here in this poor district. layer of the vera is raising her 2 granddaughters here the 65 year old is able to do that thanks to the
4:15 pm
local digital currency known as. her welfare benefits are paid out in it. having our benefits paid out and normal.


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