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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2021 3:00am-3:31am CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin india says blaze is being described as of beyond heartbreaking hospitals are overwhelmed with sergeant corner bars infections and many needing treatment on thing turned away western nations are sending medical aid also coming up. lawyers for a black man killed by police in the u.s. state of north carolina state camera footage shows he was shot in the back of the head on his hands on the steering wheel. russian officials ordered the officers of jailed opposition leader alexei novelli to suspend their activities will take
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a look at the latest legal attempt to block the porches from russian elections and politics. and i had a mohammed welcome to the program india has reported another record high number of new corona virus infections more than 350000 in just 24 hours the u.s. the u.k. and the european union are sending medical supplies including oxygen was which hospitals need to treat to cope with 900 patients can exit now at full capacity and turning people away. but. crowds waiting for a shot of hope as the coronavirus devastates india people queue outside
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a vaccination center in mumbai even though the country is a major coronavirus vaccine maker many fear there is not enough to go around. in many parts of the country ill people are queuing outside hospitals they desperately need treatment. in delhi animesh kumar is looking after a family member they've been turned away from 2 hospitals already. all 3 an oxygen ambulance is running out his condition a serious west standing here in the middle of the road without oxygen or hope. hospitals too are running out of oxygen they are already caring for so many patients with covert 19 that wards a full. the few deliveries that do arrive are simply not enough. that the government is rushing to open new covert 19 wards like this one
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a brand new center in delhi they say even more beds will be available soon. they leave where working on increasing the number of oxygen beds on a large scale are there. within the next few days we will increase the capacity to 2 fowls and to $5000.00 beds. we are also preparing $200.00 beds at the intensive care unit will there. be no doubt as long as that's me. but new hospital wards come too late for many victims of covert 19. that class cremation sites like this one outside the capital delhi. the pandemics grizzly toll is clear. whether spraying money given a professor of history specializing in modern india at the state university of new
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york india appeared sir to be controlling this pandemic quite well initially but now it's a hospitals overwhelmed what do you think went wrong. good evening thanks for having me. well i think several things 1st and foremost i think that the government essentially declared victory too soon after the 1st wave 2nd they didn't adequately prepare for a 2nd wave and 3rd they took a go it alone approach rather than working in an all parties fashion on a war footing they you know sort of decided that they would try to try to. do policy on the fly unfortunately and it's has had disastrous consequences for the country that we know that this is basically a race against one many virus variants right now and do you think it's in the interest of western nations to help india quite quickly yes absolutely obviously because the longer it the longer india suffers the more the more the virus
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transmits in the country the more room there is for additional variance to take root to grow and then to threaten the west as well so cold it is an international and global problem and what affects one part of the world is ultimately going to affect every other part so we have to quickly control contain and douse the fire in india so that it doesn't spread everywhere else and bring the whole world down and how far are the social inequalities impacting the situation here. ok so this is a question with 2 different angles on the one hand rich and poor alike are suffering from coded so. some india's most famous movie star i mean the button most famous cricketer such and then the look or both have come down with coded and famous politicians and journalists themselves or their families have come down with code and some are suffering death as well. so in that sense it effects both
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rich and poor on the other hand. those who have the means are fleeing the country on private jets and if they are able to they purchase private canisters of oxygen to treat themselves or family members so obviously the weight of this is borne especially high by the poor and in addition to that broadly speaking the the poor have the least access to health care and they are also subjected to what we might call coded policing so when there are fines for not properly masking or following protocols or they're in the wrong place or they're setting up a food stand and they shouldn't be they they bear the penalties for all of this in the starkest possible terms so obviously as with many things. the weight is borne on evenly and heaviest by the poor head that someone about that
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speaking to us from the city university of new york thank you so much for your time passes thank you. turkey's president. has announced a nationwide full locked l this is starting on thursday and set to last until the middle of may authorities are ramping up restrictions off the curfews and weekend lockdowns fails to stop the spread of the current virus the number of daily cases soared to record levels this month but have since fallen the latest 24 hour period more than 37000 people across the country have tested positive for cope with 19. a 2nd look at other stories making headlines around the world and staying in turkey where the trial of a prominent pro kurdish politician has begun. demitasse was leader of the opposition h d p party and is a 2 time election challenger to president he's been in prison for more than 4 years
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on terrorism charges despite international calls for his release. germany will relax its vaccine priority list in june chancellor angela merkel made the announcement offer a meeting with states prime is this means that people outside the risk categories can now be vaccinated. iran has sentenced a british iranian age worker to another year in prison now as bins akari radcliffe has been found guilty of propaganda she's already served 5 years behind bars u.k. prime minister burst johnson condemned the new sentence saying he is working hard to secure her release. my relatives of andrew brown a black man who was shot last week by us police in north carolina shown video footage of the incident on monday lawyers of the family held a press conference they said what they've seen was brown being shot while he was
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sitting in his car and had his hands on the steering wheel this is posing no threat to the offices they also said that they were only allowed to view 20 seconds of video from one camera even the longer footage from multiple cameras exists. is not serious when you've got. a man with only we're trying to get away. we will have just. we will have found simon is in washington d.c. for us some day doesn't what's happened here. well to tell you this is all a hot tub mess and it's not looking too good to actually those lawyers went a little further they said that they watched an execution and execution of a black man on armed with his hands on the wheel trying to get away being shot in his beck no gun 7 officers or deputies i should say on the scene.
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that was quite a scene today all the networks here in the national networks took this press conference life of course and i have. i can't remember having seen lawyers of a family of this family and those are big names those lawyers his civil rights lawyers. is so angry they were outset they were angry about what they what the authorities made available to the family and how they were actually treated while they were watching this what they call only was a snippet of video as you mentioned there were 7 officers on the scene everybody were body camera there's plenty of material and authorities are not. showing it and what do we know about the deputies involved in this case.
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deputies all 7 on the scene but what happened to those involved in this case in total were 10 we hear 7 of those are on administratively leaf and now here it comes to resigned and one charles retirement. if you have a case as a police department involving 10 or 7 of the scene $810.00 in total with this case and then you have a county attorney who is not or very reluctant to release footage to be transparent to a very very engaged and very very angry crowd or community because of your in transparency and not being transparence then you have a big big problem so these are a lot of red flags 7 on the administrators leave to retire one retire and to resign from their jobs so what is likely to happen next when a senate there are protests and also the elizabeth city has now declared
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a state of emergency right elizabeth city has declared a state of emergency and consequently before the family was shown this snippet or 20 seconds. long video which again the lawyers call an execution this is tough language this is this reverberates in the in the in the african-american in the black communities so you know we'll see what happens in the next day or 2 here and specifically at nights but there is anger there is outrage in northern carolina in elizabeth city as well as in on the in other. places here in the united states this is going to be interesting and that is stefan simon speaking to us from washington d.c. thank you. now russian authorities have ordered the offices of jailed opposition leader lets in the valley to suspend their activities it comes after a court ruling that could outlaw the vel nice anti corruption foundation as
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extremist and threaten supporters with jail terms the injunction is the latest move in a crackdown against president putin's face as critic and his organizations. these banks contain the court transcripts defense lawyers estimate they weigh 12 kilos but that's just the papers that are not categorized as top secret nepalis team has 3 days to read it all then the hearings begin the public prosecutor wants no felonies organization to be classified as extremist claiming they pose a danger to russia stability. classification has serious consequences it's all about the definition of illegal activities when an organization is officially declared extremist than even the people who donate money can be taken to court. in the valley runs a network of regional offices they help independent candidates and raise money from the vollies anti corruption fund for more than a decade this organization has been denouncing corrupt politicians nomani says this
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problem goes all the way up to the highest government offices their best known video shows a palace that allegedly belongs to putin the kremlin denies this donations to this organization would be endangered if they were to be categorized as an extremist group the german government criticized russia. using counter-terrorism lost to suppress political criticism is not compatible with the principles of the rule of law. for thursday is the next court date recently of all these team organized protests across the country but now they are banned from doing this again. to some football news now and are being leipsic you're not in high demand german media are reporting that he plans to leave the club to take over from hunt's the flick at by in munich the 33 year old could cost the defending going to sneak a champions around $30000000.00 euros which would be a record feat for
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a german league coach he made history last season by taking them all the way to the champions league finals. well that's what you are up to date up next film. taking a look at high speed internet from office space to calcify a watch for news and analysis on a website that is dot com and also use. the cream. you feel worried about the plan. to. a meal or so feet on the grill in front of us and to me it's clear remains true. joint project dive into the green transformation from a to use for the plants in. germany
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is a leading industrial nation that still has many areas that desperately lagged behind on the telecoms front and that applies to base landlines and internet access though broadband speed rankings constantly fluctuates germany ranks in the mid thirty's compared to other countries. and while other countries pick up the pace germany is struggling to keep up. my one solution be an extraterrestrial one providing high speed internet for everyone. the earth's orbit will soon be home to new constellations of satellites in the thousands could they make the vision of fast connectivity everywhere on earth
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a reality. which regions in germany have the worst internet connection and how is performance measured. the engineering consultancy group p 3 specializes in gauging the signal strength of networks for mobile phone and internet providers. its fleet of several dozen cars ferries it specialists all across europe to detect any gaps in coverage. the technicians measured the surfing speed to various websites including the up and down load of data and video streaming aborted transfers and sluggish intermittent connectivity indicate deficits in network quality of the
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telephone isn't and i'm computer for the phones or being connected to a computer where a sound file is being played which i'm not just a tennis player for the 1st phone calls the 2nd one vendors are called and once that calls over there's a brief pause and then the 2nd phone calls the 1st one just get them and that's repeated all day long so as to objectively determine our voice quality pictures and letters we have cut. the team also use speed test websites to check d.s.l. and landline connections on millions of computers worldwide. that enables or left to must pay fee and their fellow engineers in $100.00 to give providers an overview of global networks the information reveals how well or poorly competitive is up of filming losses he is in and this is data gathered from losers around the world not about a piece of software that is integrated in around 900 apps it is
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a software is into gear and these apps are installed on around 200000000 devices well why on and commitments tell you when they're not going to users agree to be involved and now. well quality assessment this out won't register the actual user experience. wherever the user is using their device to download material or view videos we can see in the background how good their network coverage was. whether it was 3 g. or 4 g. which country which provider and a lot of other information we get our information not via the users but via the networks. that's. the biggest bottlenecks in coverage within germany or in the east of the country but some of the worst internet connection is down in the south west in the area around the town of bad 2nd and.
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you're going to his teamed up with other local residents calling for free internet and the local authorities are also helping to set up wife i hope spots across the area the only alternative is to use mobile phone providers across the border in switzerland albeit at a price so yes it is tried some it's a shocking coverage from switzerland is great here is that i have a weak signal for germany that worked once and strong signals for 2 swiss want to be exposed in kind of being unable to access data was on the road is a major problem for companies from and services lies the company. i can't do after sales or carry out charges or orders i can't give my clients any information soon to get to students. and the emergency services can't get the data and information they need to help people who've had an accident. some areas here are so remote that network providers are reluctant to invest in installing broadband cables and that includes places along some of germany's highways and other non
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urban roads democratic side in france like. so you can't use the time on the road for a couple of phone conversations because the call will cut out every 2 or 3 minutes . so you have to reconnect it it's not worth it for the best kind to live for the. loaded one for the harm kind of people who have an accident out here might get lucky and pick up a couple of radios otherwise they have to walk to the next inhabited building and ask for assistance because basically like a mere 900 points in one of those beautiful landscapes can also cause major headaches when it comes to expanding network coverage is probably most of the problem is that demography and the not 2nd is the final value surrounded by the black forest hills features that are unfavorable for network planners. and it's practically impossible to provide that density of coverage with conventional technology fast i can. commence an imitation and here too there are companies that are completely dependent on fast broadband connections to the rest of the world.
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software specializes in the digitalisation of the global working world providing solutions chills and interactive management. birds and it's home to both the companies are indeed department and its global sales division the company would have had to close its premises in the town had it not been for some smart solutions devised by its own developers. conference is here every day online presentations from remote system configurations and online training sessions and that requires a fast internet connection our founder and director. of alston are in the us so we also need a good connection to that office we have this hunger for data and it's growing every day. down in the basement the software engineers managed to solve their internet problem by combining a range of different elements because of linked up
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a number of internet connection as a d.s.l. line or cable connection and are planning to throw a 3rd anka across this responder. basically there's an excellent l.t.e. network just a few 100 metres away from here and we're linking up all his lines to create a very fast internet connection and internet from the. technical obstacles alone mean that makeshift solutions like this and not an option for private individuals and that's a gap that you're going to add beats wants to fill he and his fellow free internet activists have installed free wife eye in most public buildings in bad checking and . you have lost or that's a critical reception. because more before you go that's a big network providers or most of them offer customers a voice over ip option was the fatah the advantage there is the people can then make phone calls via y. 5 and for hot so with the right contract you can now phone people for free wi and
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our talks on its own. bad 2nd already has dozens of free internet terminals enabling local people to surf and make phone calls we're going to set his sights even higher however on fiber in the sky a fast internet connection via satellite. harbor in the skies of america fiber in the sky is definitely an option but it avoids the need to take up routes everywhere which is what prevents network expansion as we can all move are providing the right band with your view of iraq to cables and laying 3 or 4 or 5 kilometers of cables that's extremely expensive in a hilly area with hard ground fiber in the sky comes from the sky home for everyone has their own direct receiver and high speed internet service import a. coup in french guiana is the launch pad to the air bus and arianespace satellites they orbit the earth at an altitude of 36000 kilometers and
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always above the same point they serve primarily to transfer t.v. and radio broadcasts. the geostationary communications satellites are assembled into lose from. they way up to 6 times and have an operating life of 25 years each satellite is highly complex and custom built and can cost up to $250000000.00 euros. and that's why current satellite based internet connections are so expensive demand for this option however is continually on the rise. in. the rink upon amala has been part of a revolution in satellite design in recent years from individual components to mass production. in fact today from the the design to the dead you very to the
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customer we can provide such advice and there's that 2 years 1st it's quite short. and innovation in power technology systems heralded a new era in satellite construction. for satellites or elbows developed. but vision so for us. a big gain or in terms of mass at lunch any turlough hosts. to have more equipment on board and to have an it is an interesting no cost at launch as well. geostationary satellites orbit the earth at a distance of 36000 kilometers. even at light speed a signal down below needs 500 milliseconds to reach a satellite that's half a 2nd. that delay or latency
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jaring phone calls means that the people talking constantly interrupted each other . in order to ensure a smooth online gaming experience that time has to be under $100.00 milliseconds while a delay of just 20 milliseconds will cause orchestral musicians to fall out of sync with each other. with effects of internet reception not possible with current geostationary orbit the satellites need to be broke closer to what is called low earth orbit companies planning to install satellite constellations include one web google space x. and amazons blue or gen. the closer a satellite is to earth the smaller the terrestrial surface it can reach which is why it would take hundreds if not thousands of smaller satellites to cover the entire planet and that's a problem alone in terms of sheer production capacity. the
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consortium led by one where also includes virgin galactic air bus defense and space and tech giant softbank together they've pulled close to 3 and a half $1000000000.00 to make the dream of global internet access a reality. provided it's specific expertise to enable the mass production of satellites. that was a big challenge in fact as you know we are really. experimental. let's say a. big satellite projection but for mass production it was a challenge to provide satellites in. a few days compared to here where we have an i tunes integration takes around 9 months and. 3 days which was a really crazy 4 for the market and so today would you got to let. him know what the
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way of. his capacity is currently at one satellite day one where plans to launch its global service in 2021 with 650 satellites orbiting at an altitude of 1200 kilometers is the next step involves the constellation being expanded to more than 2000 units which has in turn required the development of completely new production methods. rockdale so as a test engineer he oversees a production setup that manages with a minimum of human input the newly designed propulsion systems are also built here in scaled down versions the fuel tanks filled with zen on gas provided by an unexpected source. here is the space shuttle going to move from one point of space to 000 workers is going to put a special force
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a certain altitude but then the satellites need to reach much higher odds that you and the way we're going to do that is by use a stressed or so it's. just for firefighters it's designed by a company that you actually know how to do space and it's much cheaper than more traditional terms. once superstars don't move all the assembly again and we really want to avoid human errors so the way we're going to do that we're going to take a picture with cameras here and the pictures of them going there will be compared to reference a picture. of them to do differences will be able to save save ourselves on a good job or know. with human error essentially ruled out high volume production is possible with short turnaround times. when you're doing life of a kind.


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