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well you. impose the you sell the buy you don't know it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about the wife of a young do this because we can't stay on venezuela on the subway. you can see global news that matters. made for months. this is news and these are our top stories india's capital delhi has extended its lockdown as hospitals struggle with oxygen and medicine shortages the e.u. the u.s. and other nations have promised to help with sending medical supplies india is experiencing a surge in cope with 1000 infections which have hit a record peak for a 5th day. lawyers for the family of a black man killed by police in the us state of north carolina have seen video footage of his death they say it shows andrew brown had his hands on his car
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staring will when he was shot in the back of the head protesters are demanding that the body camera footage be made public. personal stars he's have ordered the offices of jailed opposition need to alexei the valley to suspend their activities the injunction came as a court considered whether to designate his anti corruption foundation as extremist it's the latest move in a crackdown against the values group which has investigated corruption by high ranking russian officials. this is e.w. news from berlin you can find much more news on our web site that's d.w. dot com. or. 1000000000 shots the number is astounding since the 1st corona virus vaccine was
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approved for use late last year 1000000000 doses have been administered globally and yet this has not slowed the spread of the virus the painful proof is india for the 5th day in a row india has reported the war just number of new cases in the world 350000 infections in just 24 hours hospitals are turning patients away no room no oxygen tonight india is a nation gasping for breath its people suffocating to death i'm burnt off and this is the day. good writing things on the table all these different. people want to be a person with a safe. 6 months but even. so why do you think the culture of
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a cultural demise or not or a lot different are going on this time. these police officers upright people leave here. and you do now if you need to get to a hospital look it on the lawn back. wanting to. take it on the floor and. also coming up the last night's oscars socially distance and relocated to a los angeles train station will have the best the worst and the biggest winner of the evening diversity this is for anyone. well i have the faith and the courage to hold on to the goodness in the south and to hold on to the goodness in each other no matter how difficult it is to do that
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and this is for you you inspire me to keep going thank you thank you. but to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states into all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with a dreadful message coming from india that the world would like to ignore but simply cannot late last night news broke that the european union will reopen its doors to american tourists this summer if they have been fully vaccinated against cope with 19 now the subtext that screams out it's there that we are finally returning to normality well that is what we would like to believe but it is not true ask the people in india tonight for the 5th day in a row india has reported the highest number of new coronavirus cases of any country in the world at any time since the pandemic began 350000 new infections in just 24 hours now that is the population of a medium sized city in most countries in india it is these statistics from today
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and the human suffering behind those numbers and precedented hospitals in india are full and are turning patients away there are reports of people suffocating to death because supplies of life saving oxygen can no longer meet the demand the number of people dying has overwhelmed india's cities bodies are lined up in front of crematoriums some waiting for days one man who i can get to and over crowded slowly moving assembly line of death we have more now in this report and the. crowds waiting for a shot to. pass the current virus devastates into. here people queue outside a vaccination center in mumbai even though the country is a major coronavirus vaccine maker many fear there is not enough to go around.
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in many parts of the country ill people are queuing outside hospitals they desperately need treatment. in delhi animesh kumar is looking after a family member they've been turned away from 2 hospitals already. operating oxygen and the ambulances running out his condition a serious west standing here in the middle of the road without oxygen or hope. hospitals too are running out of oxygen they are already caring for 70 patients with covert 19 that wards a full. the few deliveries that do you arrive are simply not enough. the government is rushing to open new covert 19 wards like this one a brand new center in delhi they say even more beds will be available soon. they'll
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even where working on increasing the number of oxygen beds on a large scale. within the next few days we will increase the capacity to see 10025000 beds. we are also preparing $200.00 beds at the intensive care unit will there. be no doubt as long as that some. but new hospital wards come too late for many victims of covert 19. that task are mation sites like this one outside the capital delhi. the pandemics christly toll is clear. well the united kingdom european union and the united states are sending medical equipment and supplies to india but that will not bring immediate relief so why is india so badly hit by this latest search
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we asked dr shushan budget founder and director of india's cygnus hospital so i didn't read i called it does not me earlier bird i think it's even worse than me we is like an insurer knowing this will not be at least if you cling on to something and loaded basel what you used to live but it's like a need for it will burn anything that instead of having been bottled dying in their arms in order to get. a little bit. a little bag. i think the sheer size of the population and the fact that there are big metropolitan cities congested areas and dividers as new gated we have seen double moved into it as is triple. well now so. this is a hugely prevalent in the north part of the northern part of the country so a mix of all these factors i think is leading to this huge and for now that's
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engulfing everything in its spot. that was dr shushan joints the founder and director of india's cygnus hospital chain where the pandemic here in europe could become less of a medical and more of a legal story the european union today said that it is suing astra zeneca over delays in deliveries of its coronavirus vaccine astra zeneca has already reduced by 2 thirds the number of those whose it says it is obligated to provide the lawsuit is the latest escalation in a very public dispute between the european union and astra zeneca over vaccine supply now the 2 sides had agreed on the delivery of a 180000000 doses for the 2nd quarter of this year but the british swedish drug maker then announced that it could only deliver one 3rd of that siding production issues as cases across europe rise fueled by new variants and vaccine skepticism the european union is still struggling to get hold of enough vaccines and to inject
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it quickly enough here's the european commission spokesperson earlier today in terms of the counter sometimes the contract has not been respected in the company has not been a position to come up with a reliable strategy to ensure that the time to the degree of dose is what matters to us in these cases if we want to make sure that he's a speedy delivery of a sufficient number of doses that he have been citizens are entitled to and which has been promised on the basis of the contract. we want to bring in now our very own georg much as he's on the story for us in brussels tonight good evening to you georg so how confident is the e.u. that it will win this lawsuit and do we know what would victory look like. brand you can bet that the e.u. commission thought long and hard about this and in fact they tried for a long time to avoid a scene are of the like that a lawsuit because that is not exactly the way that will speed up things if you're
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looking for a partner who puts in some some extra goes the extra mile to delivers those crucial vaccines but that relationship with astra zeneca between the e.u. and the astra zeneca has reached such a low point that the commission has now see no other way than to put this lawsuit forward particularly with public confidence after the side effects the rare side effects one must say of blood clots have even. made made things even worse for for astra zeneca that many member states in the e.u. now have problems finding people who want that vaccine so it's really a low point that the relationship has been reached and that's something that signifies this. is this a case of the e.u. trying to find maybe a scapegoat for insley banks nation program i mean are they trying to find someone or something to blame. i say you know when we still talk about
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slow and fast that is always a matter of perception and yes the u.k. and the u.s. has been faster in their vaccination drive thought that is only in comparison and and that is because they were not in the situation to give away vaccines it in fact if we look at just february march that is when the e.u. provided for the u.k. at 10000000 doses of vaccines whereas vice versa astra zeneca head of a u.k. 1st clause in that contract and that is something from the e.u. perspective is where the feeling is we've been treated unfairly asters in a good issued a response today on its website and we've got a segment here we want to show our viewers that statement reads astra zeneca regards regrets the european commission's decision to take legal action over the supply of covert 19 vaccines astra zeneca has fully complied with the advance purchase agreement with the european commission and will strongly defend itself in
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court we believe any litigation is without merit and we welcome this opportunity to resolve this dispute as soon as possible and astra zeneca agreed to deliver its vaccine at cost meaning the company will make no profit from it this isn't going to win the e.u. any friends is it. well what the e.u. diplomats or in fact member states would tell you on this one is that this isn't about winning friends this is about securing e.u. interests and in fact securing e.u. lifes because what the e.u. wants to make sure that the next time around we face a pen demick they they had built them main in occupation drive on astra zeneca 180000000 doses in the 1st quarter of which they received a fraction and in fact that is one of the key reasons why the rate mishal rollout
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has been rather slow and what they want to achieve here and to answer your questions about what would be a successful outcome is a recognition by the courts to say yes they have violated their contract they have not delivered on what they had promised initially you have recognition invalidation worth a lot more than money some people would say gear months with the latest money brussels is always being or thank you. well as the european union struggles to pick up the pace of its vaccination program america's vaccination drive was in high gear in fact the u.s. vaccination drive was considered the gold standard the world looked a lot different more than a year ago at the start of the pandemic however the u.s. and slow response led to what would be the highest coated 90 death toll in the world this also meant travel across the atlantic was practically grounded for more than a year the european union has banned all non-essential travel from abroad in an effort to stop the spread of the virus now that includes the united states now with large
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parts of the u.s. population fully vaccinated europe is ready to open the gates again to tourists provided that they have been fully vaccinated it promises to be a welcome shot in the arm for the struggling airline industry. from basketball courts to pool pox a monumental effort across the united states since the start of the year means of a 200000000 vaccine doses have now gone into american arms. it's bringing a full return to international travel for u.s. citizens closer and closer and some of their favorite tourism destinations i came to welcome them back regarding the issue of travel from the u.s. to europe in particular the summit that maybe start by saying that we have been following very closely the progress of vaccination in the united states and we we seek to restore transatlantic travel as soon as it is safe to do so the return of
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americans this summer would come as a huge relief to e.u. member states like greece which rely heavily on holiday makers travelers from outside the european union are enormously important to the block and over the past year the continent's tourism hotspots have been missing them in normal times the e.u. would welcome 500000000 people from overseas bringing with them 340000000000 euros in revenue with international tourism accounting for 10 percent of the use g.d.p. . the decision to allow only vaccinated americans into the e.u. comes with its challenges once the technology has been worked out and americans start jetting off on their flights across the atlantic europe's beaches stand ready to welcome them. and on this side of the atlantic i'm joined here at the big table by my colleague chris coburn from business so let's talk about the nuts and bolts your how was this thing going to work in practice well it's not immediately clear
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yet what we do know according to you commission she was left on line is that fully vaccinated u.s. citizens will be allowed to travel to europe over the summer or not could be the case that it's also enough to just produce a negative coronavirus test or the proof that you have just recovered from a covert 19 infection with sufficient immunization now the e.u. says it's putting the final touches on a certificate system which would allow citizens to travel within the block if they've been vaccinated negative test or just recovered and certificates issued in the united states could be then integrated into that program so how much of a boost. how much of a boost this is going to be a boost for the airline industry about how much it's immensely important now we know that transatlantic travel is one of the made pillars of the aviation business as a whole and in the year before the pandemic $15000000.00 americans traveled to europe
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not of some or many of them would return to the eiffel tower in paris to send market square and then it's all the brandenburg gate obviously that would be a huge boon to the if an aviation sector and the travel industry as a whole now air travel in the united states has been picking up we've actually seen kerry is looking for pilots to rehire and southwest airlines actually turn a profit in the 1st quarter a small profit which none of the carriers have been done during the pandemic but we must not forget that this pandemic has deeply scarred the entire. sector long distance and business travel lucrative ways of going around is still way down and the biggest u.s. carriers ended last year with a debt pile of $163000000000.00 around 40 percent of that 40 percent of that added just within last year and we have to keep in mind that for the near term we're talking about this being a one way street we're not talking about europeans going to the u.s.
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at least not this summer are we all not yet and we we must not forget that britain is there in the mix as well as. britain says well compared to the e.u. we're further ahead. in our next amazing roll them and brought program and we've had strong ties with the us so it's no wonder that they had a british airways says the u.k. should be incorporated into some e.u. u.s. travel corridor should the political will be there not as for the e.u. it hopes to have 70 percent of its population vaccinated by july currently we're at around 25 percent so should that target be reached that again would lead to easing of travel restrictions and possibly lead to the fact that transatlantic travel would then not be one way street we hope so we'll see if that happens chris over business chris as always thank you. if
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alfred hitchcock had been asked to produce and direct the oscars the awards ceremony could have looked a little like what we saw last night the academy award socially distance yes but also eccentric and unpredictable imagine hitchcock's the birds and the actresses with less teased air and more face masks that i knew 3rd academy award stood in stark contrast to previous years because of the very diverse lineup of nominees and winners 2 of the top prizes went to chinese born chloe though she made history as the 1st woman of color to take home the best director trophy her a wedding road movie nomad layout struck a chord with the academy who turned her into the night's big winner. from the center of hollywood pretend demick to the main los angeles train station mid pandemic a nice room where this happened. oh that was this year's
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oscars best actress frances mcdormand who had the star role in the best picture of 2020 no man's land a tale of down and out americans living on the road. and the course to. momentum. it was directed by china born chloe's out the 1st asian woman to take home the best director award. there is for anyone. you have the faith and the courage to hold on to the goodness and then south in a delayed intimate event in a socially distant space the winners were a diverse group far more than years past and the oscar goes to. take korean judges who took home the best supporting actress award. i'd like to thank to my 2 boys who will make me pull out and work so.
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good out done. it this is because mommy will. also picking up a statuette the movie judas and the black messiah is supporting actor daniel kaluga who in his youthful way offered to wait for what moments including my mum that they had 6 it's amazing legislate i'm here you mean so i'm so happy to be alive so listen to read that tonight does it you are probably at a diverse array of reactions to the top honors amidst a diverse array of nominees and winners. all right entertainment journalist katie matthews she joins me tonight from los angeles can't it's good to see you you're in the right time zone you didn't have to stay up late to watch the awards last night like you lady tell me tell me about
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nomad land what about nomad land made it stand out to the academy. i think that it just resonated with so many people particularly during the pandemic there were so many different themes with the film no met man and had the theme of losing a spouse losing a job losing your home a losing your identity and i think during this pandemic particularly within the last year so many people experienced that it was just the right feeling for the right time and it was done well it was beautiful the way it was woven together and there were so many people that were real nomads that were placed in the film so that level of authenticity really spoke to the academy were there any surprise that is among this year's winners. yes as much as i love sir anthony hopkins he was a surprise when you're sure i think many people thought that the late chat with bozeman would take home the best actor trophy because people were hoping that his widow
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would be able to speak and you know commemorate him because he wasn't really praise as much when he was alive and that was not the case particularly at the end of the shell they normally give away the best picture statute not this year they saved it and presented the best actor trophy and unfortunately sir anthony hopkins was not there and now i'm learning a day later what i'm hearing now is that there were reports that he would have loved to have done the acceptance speech the assume but the producer said no to that so he doesn't want any xoom people yes they said no to that so it was interesting all of the things going on behind the scenes you know you and i have talked over the years about this criticism of the oscars for being too white not being diverse diverse enough did we see much of a change this time this year. yes i think there was a lot of change this year i think that the academy is moving in the right direction
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look over 70 women were nominated this year for the oscars alone in front of the camera and in back of the camera you had 6 performers of asian descent that were nominated and you had 2 females nominated in the best director category so what more could you want you had a lot of people were nominated of different races different genders different this city so it was wonderful to see that moving in the right direction unfortunately it happened at a time where the academy is suffering from its latest lowest ratings point so it's unfortunate that when we go towards the the area of inclusion and diversity the ratings fall yeah people just are watching and if they did once they saw a strange show i mean i said at the beginning of the segment that it's maybe something that alfred hitchcock would have produced and directed eccentric unpredictable what did you make oh. you know i would give this awards telecast
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a b. minus a b. minus a try i mean they had a lot to contend with remember there was cold but they want to make sure that everybody was safe there they wanted to make sure there were less people there and then they took away all of the musical performances you had no host and you really just didn't have the spontaneity that we've had the past do you remember the year where they order pizza and they passed it out to the celebrities you got to see them back or you had for really comes when you're seeing that hit song happy and then you saw amy adams in the audience dancing all of that live interaction i really really really miss that and going forward they're going to have to find some way to bring that back and keep things safe but that part of the the show was definitely missing we had a lot more speeches longer speeches but that entertainment and that musical selection and the interaction between the host and that celebrities and the nominees it just wasn't there just wasn't there it felt really really strange last night that's for sure to be matthews in los angeles always good talking with you
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take care thank you thank you. well the day is almost done but the conversation it continues online you'll find us on twitter either the news or you can follow me at brant golf t.v. every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then of.
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the lucky style sports minefield the. best time time to say to celebrate. the win is with majesty yet another win for dortmund on feet on keeping dreams and . d.-w. . slow internet connections are
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a growing problem. but back to the scene change with the help of a swarm of hundreds of mini satellite. orbit the earth and sun their data all over the world. the 1st satellites have already been flown talent high speed internet from outer space. only 5 minutes on d w. c . most of times are good for the. warming doesn't do. drugs the most well not yet.
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the industry is controlling your thoughts the great books of the 20th century. the present day hoax is. treated no more. than showing ignorance starts may 3rd d.w.i. . i. believe. if there was one thing you could set your watch to heading into matchday 31 it was a night strike good as legal title but by community all the.


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