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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2021 8:15am-8:31am CEST

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from myself and the team here in berlin it's been great having your company join us again at the top of the next hour. i. imagine home any portion of lunch thrown out in the morning right now i'll climb a tree different coffee store. basis watch less leeway for just one week. how much force can really do. with the how time to work i'm going. to subscribe to like this. what secrets lie behind.
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discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites clay w. world heritage 360 get me up now. this week on world stories. italy has seen fewer births during the pandemic singing is helping cope with 19 patients in the u.k. we begin in china in a city that stands for strong liquor bow-tie the brandy is considered the most valuable brands of alcohol and out says a lubricant when conducting business and requesting favors. you all who normally
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expose this crime and corruption cases now the investigative journalist is on his way to china's most famous to be. doing what they can already smell the alcohol here that much of the southern chinese town of multis also the name of the liquor produced here the multi distillery is china's most valuable company with more than the country's biggest back china's political elite is partial to it and yes some of the bottles cost several 100 euros you says they are the perfect gift to greece the week to do it how levy are corrupt officials prefer multimeters they only drink the most expensive brands and this alcohol is the most expensive and their love for it lets the prices rise even more jaguar just needs a one. leg a factory takes up large swaths of multi-ton and many more are trying to profit from the big name within sight of the state owned giant is the distillery
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a family business. customers and people in the industry know that there's a limit to the production capacity of matai that's where we come in the government lets us follow the lead of the mt i company in profit from them that brings in some wealth to us people here of what. his company uses the same distilling techniques grain is ferment it in earth it's the pits give it a pungent aroma minnes and of soy sauce many people outside of china find it hard to swallow. that mashes fermented in a dry state during the distillation process steam passes through the mash and releases the. woolen says the liquor mostly to individuals as well as companies that produce special editions for weddings and company and inverse reveals. the intimate relationship between china's communists and the spicy liquor began in the 1930 s.
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when communist troops hid in the area from their nationalist adverse or ease. after they came to power they turned the factory into a state owned enterprise so it could provide them with liquor. to buy faggots procreated the factory. and the owner who refused to hand over his business was executed. these close links to the ready lead have called the all whose attention he's been tipped off that model type also produces in a neighboring town a violation of the rules on geographic origin so when he goes to take a look. he finds the company is constructing vast production facilities there. near england and nobody cares what they do here and it's as if the government agencies which should control him don't exist.
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it's another piece of evidence for the book he is planning to write on china's most valuable company. italy has one of the lowest birth rates in all of europe and it has been steadily declining for more than a century now the coronavirus pandemic is causing many italians to think about putting off having children. but children's playground eerily quiet the numbers are out italians are having far fewer babies during the pendency. they too have had to put their family planning on hold more in an inch and so just bought a new home in a suburb of baghdad a big step for the young couple and everything is ready for the next. quest. meaning this will be the children's room that has yet to be set up we want to put in one or 2 beds depending on the size. we also have some space downstairs which
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could become another room for the children. but in my state. when i thought ana and had. been chainsaw moreno were planning on getting married last summer before their but they had to postpone because of the pandemic and having kids before marriage for the 2 devout catholics was not an option glad of the union and they had asked enough from me. for us marriage means union and creating a family of our own marriage home family and children moving was supposed to be after the wedding but we had to switch over to. well the individual reasons differ the situation is emblematic for hundreds of thousands of couples across the nation wanted to have children. it is too early to determine with certainty what exactly is causing italian numbers to drop even further says sociologist giuliani villainy the pandemic is likely affecting couple sex life but more importantly
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financial security seems to be the driving factor in the decision not to have kids . i think to italia a young capos are becoming much more economic rationale that than the emotional and convinced that it's important to have another child so there may be more worried about the future of children buying a house postponing marriage while working full time for the moment finch answered morena have a lot on their plate but that hasn't changed their wish to start a family of their own has soon as the time is right. in the u.s. more than half of all adults have now received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine this is why some sad news in new york are able to open their doors to audiences again. new yorkers are finally getting
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the opportunity again to pursue one of their favorite pastimes. standing in line. i'm really excited for the sea to become the city again as we always knew it was it's pretty pretty exciting that you can feel the feel the energy ok they're not actually excited about queuing up but rather that after a year of zoo meetings and elbow bumps they're about to see a live show at one of the city's most iconic entertainment venues the comedy cellar in manhattan this greenwich village. the comedy cellar is hosted nearly all the trades greats over the decades but like most venues it's been shuttered for more than a year now it's open again but at just 33 percent capacity in accordance with new york's regulations no kogut 19 test is required to enter and neither are masks when seated the club's owner is cautiously optimistic the venue will stay open now for good so i don't expect things to turn bad now they're back said he will very very
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quickly i think it's going to be ok. i hope it's ok you know if it's not i hope they'll shut us down again you know they should do what they need to do despite rising case numbers the risk of aerosols and virus variants the comedians in the audience breathe a sigh of relief and yeah there will be jokes about the pandemic. i for the comedians for me it's cathartic to talk about this stuff. to just say what i was going through and then i think for the audience it's not just them that identifying in a relating to that is one level and that's huge too but also just being with other people physically being around people around your peers and some social setting that itself is as important and gradually there are more and more places for new yorkers to do that restaurants are allowed to host patrons indoors at half capacity most of the city's museums have been open for months and now major sports venues
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are also welcoming fans again. as tourists are returning to new york a so-called vaccination passport could be an important tool to bring back major attractions like broadly most theaters here is saying they won't reopen until all seats can be filled they're hoping sometime in the fall or winter. but for now it's spring and new yorkers are enjoying their newfound freedom in the sun after a year in isolation. artists in the u.k. are also struggling to to pandemic restrictions but an example in london shows how some are making the most of the situation and opera singer is helping people heal from long term cope with 19 with breathing and singing exercises. blowing bubbles to help with. susie doing basic training.
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she has developed special greeting exercises patience and for some of them is a bit too hard work at the moment but what it does is it just allows your voice a little bit of a chance to unpressed. she says it's thanks to susie that she feels well again and is able to take a few hobbies just a year ago she was suffering from a lung infection and needed oxygen 3 months on i remember feeling so fatigued breathless. i mean literally from my bed to the bathroom i would just get breathless. shiba never dreamed that of all people sing us from the english national opera would be the ones to help a brief arm stand to show the height in weekly zoom sessions participants learn to
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relax and improve that posture and most of old took 3 and just hove that from men we think a lot about breathing down because if you're breathing you're taking in lots of that and actually tend not to be extending the so just giving people tools to slow things down and get them in a moment is really out. this. now being part of a group it's hugely important. and stress. and . i could have never imagined coming out of that dark mess all by myself so it's been a huge support system for me it's like my family now we had i guess you can say a common purpose to get better and what be more beautiful way to single. out
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and heal them at the same time sound. she dreams of singing on a real opera stage together with others like her and that dream could come true pain was as soon as cool with restrictions allow international opera plans to stage if very special. for the patients to breathe again to see the the. the big. plan.
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blood stains these exhibits. neutered art from the german colonial era at the new home walt forum in berlin. the stolen art is casting a shadow over germany's largest cultural project even before it has fully opened. our 25. next on t.w. . dreamily adaptable and fond of travel the domestic mouse. with this personality it spread throughout the world. to make itself an ideal subject for evolutionary scientists taking a look inside the mocks planck institute most cars. tomorrow today. in 60 minutes on d w. instead of 1st group took it over now live i'm sure that it was as.
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are going. in support of. what's able to walk over. to the river on most. museums are tremendous instruments for creating knowledge. one of the things that confronts ethnological museums today is the need to understand the way. in. the past the present for the future.


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