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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin the world mobilizes to try and turn around the current a virus catastrophe in india germany and the european union have medical aid on the way so to the united states and britain countries are saving oxygen and other supplies desperately needed to keep people alive also on the program the oscar goes to nomad lad clearly shout makes history as the 1st woman of color to win the academy award for best director the road movie wins big on
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a star studded dives the most diverse in the ceremonies history and we have more details for you on this year's and usual oscars. hello i'm christine wonder it's good to have your company medical help is on its way to india as the country has set a global record for new infections for the 5th straight day the european union and the united states all saving equipment like venton ages and role materials needed for vaccines now on the ground the situation is critical ospital beds are scarce morgues all full and the oxygen that is most needed to save lives is in short supply. grief outside hospitals in delhi. disinfecting the dead the fear of infection remains even when life has passed.
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makeshift formation sites like these a springing up to deal with the rising death toll because corona turion some cemeteries cannot cope. relatives feel helpless as the coronavirus teds through the capital. i have money i have everything but i can't get my sister. got the notice that the left in baghdad was not forget norbit good we can do good we can go. as a boy i am tall spittles have run out of oxygen and intensive care beds india's prime minister patience and caution. are gobs of money i'm speaking to you on this radio show them at a time when corona is testing our patience and that capacity to bear pay in
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many of our loved ones have left us too soon i'm also might tell you at this moment in order to win this battle we must listen to scientists. for several days running the indian government has reported more than $300000.00 new infections. doctors worry the recent surge has been fueled by a new variant this one composed of tea while the more infectious and vaccine resistant versions of the virus health experts fear the result could be a virus that's fast spreading and less controllable several countries have offered help india's air force collected oxygen imports from singapore on the weekend. and the u.s. and the e.u. are planning to send a. president form the alliance says the block is pooling resources to
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respond to india's request for assistance. but for the securing outside 4 hospitals in delhi the supplies called to come fast enough. and i'm joined now from by an initial daily correspondent nimish of the to see how quickly is international help coming in. well christine you know it's ongoing so it has been a little routine now last week in india without another international force that or indeed all of them have this power want to compel is a response to that there is an expectation that i'm not of these supply these invented agents oxygen bunsen changers should be teaching india someone to be able to go on suppliers to singapore they're also applies from the u.a.e. saudi arabia and the other people in the other countries in the dealing neighborhood as well even china boxes on average joe result is to support the
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e.u.'s the us have gone to school there now acknowledge that many have said that it would ensure that any supply and water mix for maxine that factoring odd interest because this was what influences you know the deception of democracy the us has been criticised for milking the supply of 2 sure that seems wrong what you did over the last few weeks but now what precedent to buy rice fest and i'm going to have is accepted the looks of what you know on a time of crisis much like india support of the us when it's right it's useless as was stretched during the bad ending. i'll just point out again that that cases have hit a global record peak for the 5th day 3 153000 cases that's when over 300000 more cases than the next highest country but even then it's been say that the government is and are reporting the number of deaths and cases. yes that and
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some that have been released about the specific hospital far too much of this evidence is that but they're not reports coming out on the ground as well as the nishan that i think you could join that's who would kill to point to mission on much higher than the numbers that have been deleted i'm actually dying to employ actually has to be did you don't have to list the average that was 7 districts of that that the death stored with death and dying that's high well into the bowl the duty to mean ganz it's just right well with international capital one and disposal means the different cases might be much hotter right so it is launching a larger all out of his vaccination campaign that's needed this week while the vaccines quickly available to everybody that you know who has shopped international vaccines that it got to look at manufacture and also racked up what does but they're not going soft and what kind of thing but what state governments and private hospitals the national government in fact jumped all right that's.
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reporting for us from day thank you michelle. let's turn now to some of the stories making headlines around the world funerals have been helpful some of the 82 victims of the hospital fire in baghdad officials say the blaze broke out when an oxygen tank exploded at the hospital treating some of the city's most severe kovac 1000 cases the families of victims say negligence and corruption contributed to the disaster. ukrainians have been walking the 35th anniversary off the chernobyl nuclear disaster they lit candles and laid roses at the memorial to 5 inches in the town of snuffle teach some 50000 residents near the plant to relocate it to the town off the channel bulls reaction of the 4 explosions in the early hours of april 26th 1986. hollywood finally ought to roll out the red carpet for the film industry's biggest night off the yes and install contrast to
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previous years the 93rd academy awards still a very diverse lineup of nominees and when is one performer choking he called it the blackest oscars ever now 2 of the top prizes when 2 chinese. made history as the 1st woman of color to take home the best director trophy road movie nomad land struck a chord with the academy who turned her into the evening's biggest winner in the last year's best director junho announcing this year's glory is our moment around chloe's out picked up her 1st big award of the night. it was an event moved to an intimate socially distance room in the heart of los angeles at union train station so this is for anyone. well have the faith and the courage to hold on to the goodness in themselves. shows no man's land which starred best actress winner frances mcdormand in
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a tale of down and out americans living out of their vehicles later won best picture dorm and was especially vocal about that we give this one to our wall oh. oh oh oh oh. psychic dorman best supporting actor laureate daniel kalua from the film judas and the black messiah also provided a way what moment including my mom that you have 6 it's amazing legends it over you you mean so i'm so happy to be alive so it was a really that's a nice. you are probably a diverse array of reactions to the top honors amidst a diverse array of nominees and winners. and hollywood's biggest night yet spring is tame agenda's k.j. matthews who joins me now from los angeles good to see you said there was no orchestra yes i mean. what stood out for you in the it's called have been
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reinvented to a cost. yes it was very interesting you know 3 hours 15 minutes and you know there were no musical performances and no host and very few presenters and actresses were there because of the cold it restrictions i'll be honest with you i really missed having a host and having live performances and having all those kind of spontaneous moment like oring pizza like they did a couple years ago he's so i missed that you know but we got something different this year we got a lot more speeches that were more meaningful for people to just focus on that i really really like that tyler perry made a great speech after receiving that humanitarian award where he talked about you know he wanted to see everybody kind of come together and stop hating so much and how there's just so much and so many divisive and polarizing things happen so it was really nice for him to try to separate known as just being more human it was really nice to see that i want to talk about to have a scene in a while but i wonder. if you thought there were any surprises among the c.s. when it was. yes you know what i think
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a lot of people thought that chat with the late chat with bozeman would win for a moderate he's bought and they said it was a shoo in he would have the best actor category not so it was anthony hopkins for the father so that was a bit surprising i think the other ones you know matt land winning best picture and also best director with close out that was not surprising it was nice and historical but not surprising the say the least people have really said that no man's land was what struck a nerve and was going to win refreshment so i mean that the oscars have been criticized in the possible for that lack of diversity this year we're talking about the black has just because it has change finally come to hollywood. it has come i mean we still have a long way to go here in hollywood i'll be honest with you but you know you saw the make up in the costume going to mar a nice bottom up with the black cast and what not so they want you had performers of asian descent winning with best supporting actress winning for minority and that
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was nice not a lot more diversity i think it was more than 70 women and all the categories that were nominated so it was nice to see that hollywood still has a long way to go we still have not seen a black woman win the best actress category since halle berry went decades ago so we still have our way to go all right that's k.j. matthews reporting for us from los angeles thanks k.j. good to see you. here. and some sports now the bundesliga title race is unexpectedly he seen up on match day $31.00 off the tee fall. knew that anything less than a win at home to start would effectively hand the title to you guessed it by munich so lucky for them though the visit is well in an obliging mood. putting the bones surprise last month on saturday meant that leipzig went into this one knowing the to win would keep the championship race alive for another much day. under task
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seemed simpler than 15 minutes in stuttgart snow a mother was sent off the young frenchman's longer than palmer do haidara looked worse with every viewing leipzig dominated proceedings thereafter but fun stuttgart keep. an unbeatable form. the swiss made sure it was no going into the break. my foot coble couldn't stop like secure taking the lead in the 1st was the 2nd time i got a showed no aftereffects of that but tackled to some pulled ahead or one no leipzig . produced more heroics to keep the score at one that but then sub emule force was a penalty within a minute of coming on after a clumsy tackle konstantinos mother upon us. under sweet spot. by too late to go after 67 minutes accounted for miss of the season by let's examine the orbán meant the score stayed to no one by the result got european ambitions
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all but dosh well not many to win the remaining 3 games and hope by a drop points if they are to secure the unlikeliest of titles. and you're watching . as a reminder of our top stories medical aid is on its way to india as the country faces a devastating surge of prototypes cases to give. states have both seen supplies as hospitals the critically ill patients the oxygen that most needed to treat them is also just picking shells. and tell the cells nomad has won best picture at the 93rd academy awards the china and south became the 1st full enough. as a historian this trip when it took us. frontin instantiating full story the weekend before time for myself and the team
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here in philly and it's been great having your company join us again at the top of the next hour. oh. i'm a company pushing old luxury cars turn out the old right now climb a tree different story. place is much less away from home just one week. how much work and really do. we still have time to work i'm going. to subscribe to the local the.


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