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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2021 12:15am-12:31am CEST

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as well as being one of brazil's main tourist destination was to falls this set of 275 waterfalls also marks the brazilian argentine border. team is just over there to do like for us to cause who want to come and enjoy it to. the next stop on my sustainable trip to freiburg is a guided tour through the volvo district alternative to sustainable housing has been built on the site of former military barracks since the 1990 s. it took a lot of initiative the boy. has a function then the buildings here were actually founded by students as an association they organized
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a completely on their own the financing going themselves and still manage it themselves but for now. the residents must balance their own budget see how high the rents must be in order to have enough money coming in what needs to be done for the buildings upkeep. sounds interesting so i choose how high my rent is. to look at how many people actually say instead of surely there are some. that. will the name of the district goes back to a french fortress builder who also worked in freiburg in the 18th century. ok noble. while strolling through valborg i noticed that the houses are very different from one another in addition to the converted barracks there are many new buildings that allow a wide. variety of living and working conditions. it
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is also noticeable that there are hardly any cars or stowed away in a parking garage solar panels on the roof help to generate energy. directly opposite you'll find the heart of the district's largely self-sufficient energy supply doesn't know quite soft about this is a block type thermal power plant. that's good because it produces not just heat but electricity too. so it has a dual function. and it runs on renewable raw materials and in this case wood chips finally trapped wood it's biomass. there's a lot of wood in this area being in the black forest which can be used for that. annoy. me shows that it really is possible to source renewable raw materials
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locally. and generate heat as well as power from all households and homes built in this quarter so it really is the local power plant. why are the chickens here. you know. that's a good question i think there are the residents who are happiest to be photographed . when they have their vote bank presidents i'm not so sure. freiburg even has a sustainability manager since autumn 2020 so. this is supposed to ensure that the city does not rest on the laurels of the past such as the showcase district office. this is a stain ability shouldn't be an afterthought it's a matter of the basics that's why our job is incredibly important and for that we must make sure to get people on board and excited about the topic and clearly we
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can't do that by bashing them over the head with it. as a sustainability manager are you sometimes the villain can you get on people's nerves because the state ability can mean a cut in comfort. income for this is a piece that's right on occasion we do get on people's nerves but it's simply a critical time of our this is about when i'm especially bothers me when people consider it annoying because this is about the big picture. cause the cancer. has been a pioneer in germany in terms of sustainability for years cycling solar energy the von district what's next. in the pipeline as ever you mention the flagship projects we still have a few more in the planning is to have 3 years ago fribourg city hall reopened as the world's 1st public building to meet the net plus energy. we also have the construction of the new s c fry book a stadium which should be
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a climate neutral operation. then there's a huge project planning a completely new district. noise he will be a fully climate unusual quarter with a very innovative climate and mobility concept that's one that's a huge undertaking. and again you move it it's concept of this is the consequence of another so to speak but even bigger and with a social for gosh because sustainability isn't just an ecological topic in fribourg we still have a way to go since affordable housing is so scarce we must ensure something happens that much thought is going into that with this new district thank you richard. i would say the pandemic has given the topic of sustainability a real boost worldwide traffic is significantly reduced as are the numbers for long distance travel in general well if people can't travel to faraway places then at least they can travel closer to home for example to the black forest very close to
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freiburg and very popular right now. 'd for many visits his t.t.c. epitomizes the intellect landscape of the black forest. visit his love to take to the weather in a paddle boat a rowboat on an electric pallet excursion banks. and i'm happy to finally be able to row here again with. the current president is on the sun the sun shines its glorious i come here almost every other day even in winter. time to keep the kids don't want to go walking around the black forest anymore but you can sit around at home all the time this is something different a boat trip on the t.t.c. what could be nicer. that prominent is right along the water normandy day trip is and holiday makers from around the world stroll along here
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before the pandemic a welcome $2000000.00 guests each year the locals are used to the commotion for the for the locals used to say and snappers a coming of age that was the expression they used for the past not those. in favor. you might call gad's 57 local historian his grandfather set up a boat rental business at the lake 111 years ago. now comprises 90 pleasure boats included and with their 1st all electric models they've been cruising the lake since $968.00. what you stand. for have fun. with all the rowboats paddle boats emotive boats and water slides it can get pretty busy out on the water during the high season but
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most people here are looking for some aren't rather than action. we're making an excursion on like to say because it's off 45th wedding anniversary to have full starfucker going in graduation thank you for. starting in the 1960 s. tourists began coming to like t.t.c. in droves. and this is a season linked to disease soaks up gases from around the world like a sponge. we are asked why holiday in the black forest and not on the mediterranean sea because the as much better here that's any real food but you can relax a lot more here than somewhere like the riviera in italy or spain but i wouldn't even go there for 3. weeks really gain and today we actually wanted to go to lake garda but that's not possible now so we thought ok he's a. she says great so is the black forest good atmosphere.
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of the come back to actually this is one of the tourist offerings and freiburg a longboard tour of course you can rent these 2 sightseeing in a different way ok get out and about among other things the important thing is to put your white on the front leg through this hip here you feel your way into the book. but i also want to look cool i mean we're filming that's what it's all about in the media today playing it cool cool office here it's about the feeling once you feel it you can play around with it you that you're going to evolve the truth comes the spirit. of afford him for what the axis of rotation don't serve don't look cool don't have fun. anyway i can do it i'll just try to be like them do you have any cool videos from your travels well then send them to us and we will show the best one on the program
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today's clip is from yvonne escobar from paraguayan and he takes us on a road trip through patagonia here to the journey is the destination this is our weekly v mail.
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ok here we go i tried to longworth a little before my trip to freiburg but i'm actually a complete beginner. the true from the hill of ice train station to freiburg around 50 kilometers leads through the natural landscape of the black forest. it's not easy. it's too fast.
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to travel in the sustainable way means the ball fall to plough in a little more time just love her riding the bike. but that's also what travelling is about not only about reaching the destination as quickly as possible but also the embracing the journey you see more and you're who they are now bringing back the bikes and taking the train home. maybe this is the occasion right now so we can use this break during the pandemic to reflect on our own travel behavior so less energy wasting and more appreciation don't you think so well but i see you next here on connect the.
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blood stains these exhibits. mooted art from the german colonial era at the new balls forum in berlin. the stolen art is casting a shadow over germany's largest cultural project even before it has fully up to.
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20. next d.w. . racing with a cause for injury. which could lead 911 failing. in time most of mine and powerful sound music in the sports car of choice for many car enthusiasts a legend an icon. gutfeld 911 the very essence of the porsche read. in 60 minutes on t.w. . more. closely. listen carefully.
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to simply choose to do good. discover the on. the phone. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. museums are tremendous instruments for creating knowledge. and one of the things that confronts ethnological museums today is the need to understand the way in which our pasts are embedded in colonial history the way we present the objects in museums speaks volumes about the way in which we understand.


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