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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2021 12:03pm-12:16pm CEST

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when encountered with serenity and. most people get well by taking care of themselves at home. there's no need to create panic and run to hospitals for little things. but oxygen and medicine are not little things for people battling to breathe with the underfunded health system in a state of paralysis others are stepping in to help the sikh temple in delhi has secured oxygen for the infected. member and there are people dying at home because they lack oxygen and others who aren't getting any help from the administration or a hospital we are helping to save lives in the boardroom preservers are there are 1 authorities are now diverting industrial oxygen for medical use and wrapping up efforts to get it to hospitals quickly but even when supplies arrive india will need more than just oxygen to contain its devastating 2nd wave. for more i'm joined now by date of news i'm right to change in delhi i might have the city of delhi has
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just announced an extension of that lockdown but am modi still rejects a nationwide lockdown despite record numbers of infections why is that. regular. declared a national lockdown it turned commander cherry and disaster in the long term has imposed a facial it let hundreds of thousands of people down to any jobs over night in city gaily who was to leave for good to their villages and might remember images of hundreds of thousands of people walking transit kilometers on foot knowing coal because it was not transporting the lock down so this time the strategy is that each state each individual state to decide what measures are used to create and as chile is a city in the country the local government has decided the only way to stop the spread of this virus is through done to stop people to the transmission because
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positivity rate has gone had gone up to 37 percent in the indications it has been going down for the past few days when a lot john was in place which is like you things the only weapon the look of government has at the moment is to extend the locked on for another week right wolf already is there in the city of delhi have asked for the national government for support in getting oxygen what are the national government doing to help the hospitals in the affected areas. well the local government in delhi says it needs $700.00 tonnes of oxygen act as if it has less than that amount to the local government to head it by out of engaging the un has us national government to increase delis quarter he's already told all his counterparts in different states and india appealing to them if you have any selfless oxygen to do daily because danny is really great and oxygen emergency right now spends us did baking in appealing for more oxygen at the national level the plans to head to special
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meeting to discuss the supply of oxygen how to supplies and he's also talked. express trains and he's also been an enforced. consignment is got from singapore last night more is expected from the united arab emirates so help is on the way but the situation in delhi remains very tense where you mentioned being here wave a what kind of support is in it getting for problem foreign countries from international community the american people are seeing images coming out of delhi obviously comes . up with the pope have come from all over the budget from the united states from the u.k. and france germany in fact is sending $28.00 by generating plants to daily if it's supposed to come into india within the next few days and also the private sector within india has been hoping to divert the industrial oxygen towards medical
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oxygen supply and so there is a mountain it could be made to. night but you know big time is of the essence for people who are suffering now it's literally a matter of life and death. thank you delhi bureau chief. and least 80 people have been killed and 100 more injured after a blaze broke out in a covert ward of a baghdad hospital iraq's prime minister mr africa dammy has called for an investigation into the cause of the blaze and declared 3 days of national mourning . it's the stuff of nightmares. a covert war overrun with smoke and flames of. patients who were already struggling to brave now on the verge of suffocating. rescuers say at least 20 people died as
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a result of the fire and are still searching the scene of this baghdad hospital. oh these videos posted on social media claims to show the moment an oxygen tank exploded and started the fire. in just a matter of minutes the situation is out of control. oh that was in the beginning there was an explosion and started from there the 2nd explosion was over there the fire spread quickly the smoke or h. my brother who's a patient i took my brother outs of the street then i came back and went up to the last floor that wasn't burning i found a girl suffocating she must have been about 19 she was suffocating she was about to die in which they got to be. the head of the civil defense unit says 90 people were rescued from the hospital. but the
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event has fueled anger about a health care system worn down by decades of neglect and left unable to cope with the pandemic. officials say the hospital had no fire protection system and that fall ceilings helped spread the blaze and people are now demanding the health minister be sacked on wednesday the number of coronavirus cases in iraq surpassed 1000000 the highest of any arab states the blaze in baghdad another grim development in iraq's battle against covert. let's turn now to some other stories making headlines around the world germany is switching gears in the fight against the pandemic comes to parliament approved a legislative amendment paving the way for a more centrally coordinated response on saturday night with already has patrolled cities across the country to enforce the most controversial of the new measures the curfew between 10 pm and 5 am. innovation president has said
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has sent his condolences to the families of $53.00 sailors presumed dead after the submarine they were in sunk at sea the vessel went missing on april 21 while conducting weapons exercises off the coast of bali. syria says a drone has attacked an iranian oil tanker filled with fuel off its mediterranean coast line human rights monitors said 3 people have bowled the vessel died iran has been shipping fuel to its syrian government allies state media is blaming the attack on israel which isn't commenting on the incident. well since the start of the muslim holiday month holy month of ramadan right nearly 2 weeks ago there have been nightly clashes between palestinians and the israeli police in jerusalem tensions will not stop a level on thursday when hundreds of far right jewish demonstrators took to the streets calling for arabs to leave the country saturday night saw yet another protest but a peaceful one as dozens turned out to raise their voices against hatred and
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violence. doesn't spill jerusalem's zion square to make their voices heard to call for peace and unity and to condemn what they see is a burgeoning movement of jewish supremacy and this is the reason for the demonstration here this evening in jerusalem is a response to the putting events of thursday when unchecked violence badly policed colgan ised right wing extreme groups that too are calling for violence publicly on social media for weeks just went through the streets and attacks palestinians. we came to demonstrate tonight against the ugly racist fascist show we just in the last 3 days over the last 3 days to reduce them as been burned by gangs of jewish supremacists. jerusalem is home to holy sites sacred to jews christians and muslims and the fight for access to these sites and control of the
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old city of east jerusalem has fueled the israeli palestinian conflict for decades but for these protestors violence is not the way forward. can work one to stop the violence you know loud and clear the sound of opposing inward yes and we're up to solving the conflict between these are things that if i was seen in a peaceful manner rather than going to the streets and raging. but at the same time police and palestinian protesters scuffled again outside the gates of the old city . sports is now. and in the bundesliga get buy in munich travel to mines on saturday knowing a win would seal the league championship but mines have come out fighting in recent weeks as a bid to avoid relegation and they sent up a shock that put fines title campaign on ice. in this league of fans had seen this movie before byron the main feature. of the star turn to another title would be
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inevitable happy ending. points were cast as the fall guy but they hadn't read the script a 6 game unbeaten run has breathed new life into their bid to escape really geisha and then they showed their renewed confidence when you're not on your card you could frontage of and cut it to stick with generous goalkeeping for money well neuer to put them up after just 3 minutes. and they weren't finished their. drop in price on scored on 37 minutes to double banks's lead. the battle scarred hosts went into the break to no up against by on for the 2nd time this season last time the ship 5 without reply in the 2nd half but this time they held firm propelling bines onslaught as the champions be on attack after attack eric maxime was the month foiled this time. he did grab his
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usual goal 4 minutes into injury time as he posts on alexander hops nearer to make it 36 league goals for the season an inch closer to get miller's record but it came too late for biron to turn things around and. they must wait a little bit longer to celebrate a 9th street title but the day belonged to meit's they celebrated as if they'd already avoided the drop coachable stenson will be delighted to have dealt their relegation rivals a huge psychological blow. man on dortmund be involved to nail on saturday. their champions league hopes alive and they have a pair of goals from an a hole and to thank for it a major blunder by rattle back who fed the ball straight to all and they needed no 2nd invitation to open the scoring it was the young no we didn't 24th goal of the same reason and with dortmund a man down in the 2nd half paul and netted the 25th the 2nd most in the leg there
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was no stopping him as he barreled forward with only 3 k. fit to beat. you're watching data news live from bet and reporter is up next a chance for that with more headlines for you at the top of the hour i'm rebecca reduced in violent thanks very much. up to date don't miss our highlights. program on w dot com hard. their story their very own personal drama. people have to chesterfield remember.


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