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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2021 7:00am-8:00am CEST

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this is state of the news line from berlin germany pulls the emergency brake amid a 3rd wave of corona virus infections academical government hopes to slow the spread of covert 19th nationwide measures the most controversial and nighttime curfew also coming up india scrambles to secure enough oxygen to treat unprecedented numbers of cope with 19 patients with hundreds of thousands of new infections each day medical experts are warning the situation will get
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a lot worse before it improves plus. 106 years on armenia remembers the massacre of its people under ottoman rule on this symbolic day to the u.s. president joe biden angers on the ground by recognizing the atrocity as genocide. i'm nichelle for good to have you with us germany is switching gears in the fight against the pandemic after parliament approved a legislative amendment paving the way for a more centrally coordinated covert response on saturday night authorities patrolled cities across the country to enforce the most controversial of the new measures a curfew between 10 pm and 5 am our reporter kate brady was out and the captain.
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it's saturday night lynch friedrichs hein district just minutes to go before the new curfew kicks in at tempe am enough time to grab a quick beer all some late night food for the right. right and here was the clock strikes 10 many local shops begin to roll down the shutters minutes later police arrive to clear structureless from the square. according to federal rules repeated violators of the measures risk a hefty fine of up to 25000 euros for most tonight though it's just a polite request to head home the restrictions on movement during the late hours have been met with mixed response and. it's annoying but. the future. he was the freedom to foster. acts of. the day we accept it but we can completely understand it was a gun firstly. i don't think people infected each other so much outside dimensions
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he saw us and. i think people will just go home together and keep on partying that that's a problem for the spread of the infection and it's counterproductive. by almost midnight the streets of largely cleared travel by public transport or by car is only committed for specific exceptions including work and emergencies between 10 pm and midnight walks and runs are also still out including for germany's 4 legged residents now the question remains exactly how long will this even be allowed to stay in place with several constitutional complaints around the country threatening to already bring the measure to an end should germany's constitutional court indeed rule that the curfew is a lawful it would be a huge blow not least of all to german chancellor angela merkel who has been pushing for months 1st stricter a more uniform response to the pandemic. for now though there will be many
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a quiet tonight in berlin and beyond. to end now where hospitals are launching desperate appeals for help as the health system there crumbles coronavirus infection rates in the country continue to break global records the government has given top priority now to the transport of life saving oxygen as hospitals are running out of beds and supplies and are no longer admitting new patients. overwhelmed and under-supply this delhi hospital is one of thousands across india besieged by the country's 2nd coronavirus wave as the dead are carted off patients too sick to move languish on the pavement . helplessness spills into anger. her mother on the verge of death a woman tries to this hospital is useless.
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inside there's almost no room to stand and patients are forced to share beds. there's disbelief that hospitals are under equipped to deal with a crisis distraught relatives appeal to the government for help. please. do something and these are releasing some hope to the plight of people leaving here we believe it to be very very clear we could leave wards of everybody in injections . even the medicine health experts blame the surge on the highly contagious variant it hit after the government declared victory over the virus in january now it's urging patience. know what they're going to do when encountered with serenity and beaches and it will be most people get well by taking care of themselves at home. there's no need to create panic and run to hospitals for little things for most of the. but oxygen and medicine are not little things for people battling to breathe
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with the underfunded health system in a state of paralysis others are stepping in to help the sikh temple in delhi has secured oxygen for the infected. there are people dying at home because they lack of oxygen and others who aren't getting any help from the administration or a hospital or good we're going to go and we are helping to save lives in the boardroom recovered are there are both already is are now diverting industrial oxygen for medical use and wrapping up efforts to get it to hospitals quickly a little more than but even when supplies arrive india will need more than just oxygen to contain its devastating 2nd wave. let's now get you up to speed on some other stories making headlines around the world at the sauer at least 23 people have died in a fire at a packed out hospital that provides treatment for coronavirus patients officials say the blaze was triggered by the explosion of at least one oxygen cylinder
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firefighters rushed to the scene to put out the flames and evacuating patients from the intensive care unit. thousands have taken to the streets of london to protest the british government's covert 19 policies many oppose vaccine shots and attentional vaccine passports allowing travel with half the british population vaccinated the government is gradually relaxing restrictions remaining measures are set to be phased out by late june. russia has deployed navy warships to the black sea off the disputed crimean peninsula it says it will block vessels belonging to foreign governments from sailing through the strategic area ukraine the e.u. and nato say the restrictions contravene international maritime law. turkey has reacted angrily after u.s. president joe biden formally. recognize there are many and genocide which took
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place during the ottoman era as some of the us ambassador over there remarks and his statement said he and all americans honor the memory of all those armenians who perished and genocide that began exactly 160 years ago thousands of people in armenia s. capital yerevan have been commemorating the mass killings deportations and forced marches. marching forward to look back many and officials lead the nation in commemorating the horrors of the past the procession of this hilltop memorial in the capital we haven't included prime minister nicole passion yann members of the public to streamed in to honor of the dead and they welcomed the announcement from washington formally recognizing those past events as a genocide. i think it's
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a great thing that biden recognizes the armenian genocide because the us are a major country and it might have an effect on turkey. stuff we've been waiting for this for years we wanted this before biden many made promises trump did and so did those before him and we waited. in 1915 a 1000000 armenians were brutally murdered by ottoman turks many more were deported and sent on death marches into the syrian desert. comedians have long campaigned for the crimes against their people to be recognized internationally as genocide. turkey argues that there was no systematic attempt to wipe out armenians and no such order from the ottoman authorities. but nearly 30 countries have recognized the atrocities as genocide. many armenians would consider
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the diplomatic spots over terminology a distraction from the memory of atrocities of more than a century ago that haunts the nation to this day. since the start of the muslim holy month of ramadan nearly 2 weeks ago there have been nightly clashes between palestinians and the israeli police and jerusalem tensions were not a level on thursday when hundreds of far right jewish demonstrators took to the streets calling for arabs to leave the country saturday night saw yet another protest but a peaceful one as dozens turned out to raise their voices against hatred and violence. doesn't spill jerusalem's zion square to make their voices heard to call for peace and unity and to condemn what they see is
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a burgeoning movement of jewish supremacy this is the reason for the demonstration here this evening and is a response to the putting events of thursday when unchecked violence badly policed . right wing extreme groups. courting for violence publicly on social media for weeks just went through the streets and attacks palestinians. we came to demonstrate tonight against the ugly racist fascist show we just in the last 3 days over the last 3 days true slim has been burned by gangs of jewish supremacists. jerusalem is home to holy sites sacred to jews christians and muslims and the fight for access to these sites and control of the old city of east jerusalem has fueled the israeli palestinian conflict for decades but for these protestors violence is not the way forward. can you afford to stop the violence you know allow the. clear
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sounded that we are opposing and we're against whom we are to solving because if we do these are these and if i see the peaceful manner rather than go to the streets and raging. but at the same time police and palestinian protesters scuffled again the gates of the old city. sports now it's not stay 31 and the been asleep the and by in munich travel to mines on saturday knowing a win would seal the league championship but the hosts have come out fighting in recent weeks as they bid to avoid relegation they served up a shock here that put irons title champagne on ice for now. this league of fans had seen this movie before byron the main feature. the star turn another title would be inevitable happy ending. points were cast as the fall guy but they hadn't read the script the 6 game unbeaten run has breathed new life
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into their bid to escape relegation and they showed their renewed confidence when you're not on work hard you could vantage of and kind of touristic be generous goalkeeping for money well neuer to put them up after just 3 minutes. and they weren't finished their. drop in price on scored on 37 minutes to double binds his lead. the battle scarred hosts went into the break to know up against by and for the 2nd time this season last in the ship 5 without reply in the 2nd half but this time they held firm propelling bones onslaught as the champions attack after attack. was the month this time. he did grab his usual goal 4 minutes into injury time as he punched on alexander. to make it 36 league goals for the season an inch closer to record but it came too
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late for brian to turn things around and. they must wait a little bit longer to celebrate a 9th street title but the day belonged to months they celebrated as if they'd already avoided the drop coach bill stenson will be delighted to have dealt their relegation rivals a huge psychological blow. on speed bus to nail on saturday and to keep their champions league hopes alive and they have a pair of calls from elling holland to think for a major blunder by really send the ball straight to holland who needed no 2nd invitation to open the scoring. it was the young norwegians 24th goal of the season and with dark want a man down in the 2nd house that it is 25th the 2nd most in the league it was no stopping him as he barreled forward if only the keeper to beat.
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more sports coming up next in sports life this time with a look at why the englishman soccer team has been swapping since 966 rebecca readers will have a news update for you at the top of the hour on the culture at least for me and the entire history of it is so much for a company today. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many countries and their problems are always the same 14 the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption on the floor to stay silent when it
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comes to the fans the humans and see the right to fools who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jim paris and i work a d w. point . the current crop of england players a desperate. to end a long curse which all started falling viz a story called. the $966.00 world cup triumph is england's sole major tournament victory you can't go far in england without seeing a clip of jeff 1st actually strike it's repeated constantly. i want to find out
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why such a proud 4 walling nation with the richest league in the world the inventors of the game have been so bad at international football since that day when really. has there been too much pressure after such a long trophy drought wilcoxon uro's to too few english players play regularly for their clubs and are many of them frankly just not skilled enough. all of club rivalries in the premier league devalue the english national team. england football fans like me have been in agony for decades every 2 years it's the same could this be the moment but deep down we all know it will end in failure let's have a look at how in this manner fared at some major tone words since 966. despite
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heroics from bobby moore in 1970 and gordon banks england's title defense ended in the quarters terrible seventy's pitches led to technical shortcomings and england didn't qualify again for a world cup until. 982 which saw in them with this pit and kevin keegan's head. but that was as good as it got and the less said about the euros or the era the better. gary lineker at least ended up as a top scorer in $86.00 in mexico but arguably the failings of keeper peter shilton on the big stage and the utter cheek of diego maradona placea sheer brilliance jumped in and out in the last 8. bobby robson was still in charge of a $990.00 in italy a world cup fondly remembered by the english because of john bond's rapping on the official world in motion songs. because they reached the
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semifinal with west germany. but paul gascoigne's tears were iconic as they cracked under the pressure of their 1st major penalty shootout which would become a recurring and extrusion 18 fim. think that lost to france peckham bauer's eventual winners england player alan hutton shared their pain. are a lottery. and santander god oh god now why is your satin german not better than we did it change your love we had a very confident squad at that time. and it was again it was it was it was touching down. went through to 9066 didn't go for. euro 96 was on home soil and hopes were high among fans the famous song 3 lions was born but in the end football wasn't coming home. he went out to the germans in the
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semi's current coach care of south gate with another dreaded shootout miss fan trouble followed the exits another recurring english trait. terry venables left after coming so close. it would have been something else if we could have pulled that off and we had the best manager and try returnable and he paid the difference between then it was the best buy and they want you now come. the misery continued so by 2001 england had their 1st foreign manager sweets and your own eriksson previously had success in italy and his 1st 2 tournaments showed promise but the british tabloids devoured his personal life. the 2006 world cup was meant to be england's time the golden generation with rooney and general but the wives and girlfriends all wags including to pop stars were allowed to camp if it came to much
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of a media circus and the pressure on the team was again too intense. destiny think the unity would never look more at the top for the population i think that's important to them looking like an american terrorist a tough millionaire probably not a good look and i think the wire here was probably the most extreme example of where that just went just completely ridiculous. it was a painful penalty shootout defeat in the quarters to portugal and eriksson left next up with steve mclaren who earned the nickname the wally with the brawley after failing to reach euro 2008 in pitiful fashion another foreign manager was then brought in suppose it tougher talian fabio capello i'm very proud and honored to be implemented. this job for
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a long time. this english was never quite up to scratch which hardly help with communicating with his players his football was bad as well germany france and england for one in the 2010 world cup last 16 and this time the germans didn't even need penalties. look small to mco followed until euro 96 fall guy gareth southgate took over waistcoats you know head of the 2018 world cup. the tournament in russia so happy came helping them finish 4th they even end the death penalty shootout beating colombia in the last 16 as part of their revival. the relief of fans was palpable in the previously going out of 6 major tournaments on sport. so can se continue england's new dawn all the same problems dogged the english national team can change jersey designs all
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you like fundamental problems remain let's examine for reasons why england normally for. having gone so long without success the psychological burden on the england team is arguably higher than any other nation so much failure can really weigh on the minds of players but is it beginning to change. coming through there. any generation who were born in the eye sees a market a lot that baggage 5 think that's because expectations still quite high there outside the generation that sort of hopes it's all be said southgate generation the one that's currently playing and i'm in the one that. well i don't think i feel a lot of the expectation been received so i'm just a cloud over the years england can look to another big football nation for spain and enjoy decades of so before winning euro 2008 the 2010 world cup.
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and euro 2012. spain success leads us to another problem for england unlike the spanish english players have been viewed as not a skilful despite the f.a. spending millions on a new performance center. a crippling fear of making a mistake has often led players to take a safe option rather than trying that killer pass sometimes a little planning which leak but when i go on a notch to international level it's simply not good enough and the managers are. are to blame for that i've been a great believer since i was a kid my only dilute chelsea when we used to go around the world on. countries are technically better than us. the likes of jayden san show maybe changing that image club academies have made
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a big difference teaching young english players skills from an early age son show even left home at 12 took border to school attached to what that's a cademy do then they don't i'm not just a city. in all the time i've been watching england they've been very few players to match the skills of sam show but the fact he had to go to dortmund to get 1st team football sums up the next issue. the mega rich premier league has recruited more technically gifted stars from across the globe giving homegrown players less chance to shine the influx means some england players have not been regulars for their club in the 2920 season only 35.6 percent of players starting in the premier league well if you will for england the lowest in europe's top 5 leagues in spain it was 60 percent. the good news for england is that the 35.6 percent was over 5 percent more than the season
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before skilful foreigners are also rubbing off on young english talent like manchester city's creative midfielder phil. become so i think it's england's biggest problem some players and many fans would much rather their club side won a big title than the english national team. for such a small country england is very tribal when it comes to football a working class newcastle fan would often say they have little in common with a well off chelsea supporter liverpool the manchester may be very close but liverpool the manchester united stars in the 2 thousands would snap each other on england duty such was their rivalry not good for team spirit. sables winning the same having lunch dinner or whatever it. was. and spoke.
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during training because of levels that's hard so it made. sense in the premier league chelsea manchester. with the current england teams clearly get on better than them were forth in 2019 while the women were 3rd and 4th in their last 2 world cups more technical players are playing more regularly with bricks in the coronavirus boosting those stats even more plus this england team is more likeable . you start a pretty good job of sort of bringing the team down and i think that's really going to help them in some of their relationship with the press i don't think the relationship between inseam and the media. which i think is good and i think generally from an image point of view and from a p.r. point they're much better now than probably they have been. in recent history
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when it comes to the 2022 world cup direct to more reasons for optimism in november starting qatar in the middle of the english league season should help england without a winter break like say in germany england players are normally too knackered by the time of june children problems around what's more there are 5 things european football nations italy one in 2006 spain 2010 germany 2014 and france 2018 don't you think it's england's time in 2022. as for the euros we've had some unexpected winners searchers can knock greece and portugal i think england have it in them to finally prove the doubters wrong and lift a no for trophy.
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visible and help others with your story. every 3rd woman is a victim of gender violence. they have experienced it 1st hand in demand that you look and act stop violence against women. on t w. cards lawyer. car culture. hair. good. superman. superfood stylish style icon to what o's. lifestyle 00. 60 mage.
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what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in the 360 degree sun. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 360 get kidnapped now. from emotional abuse to physical assault and murder domestic violence has far more widespread than many people realize devide thailand's against women is the biggest crime to make there and that is experienced by one in 3 women worldwide all too often the fatal outcomes are downplayed as family tragedies why couldn't they see that it's a homicide. the needs to change. not of suspicion not just curios breaking the silence around domestic violence is crucial from an early age
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as this comes klopp children are never tonight is the guys that remember that sort of it's all right it's time to end the violence. stayed silent during years of emotional and physical abuse today talking about her trauma helps her heal she's now part of a global campaign standing up for the estimate. 1000000000 women suffering from abuse worldwide is happy to take a look i've given it some a little since we met yesterday. here in germany the munich branch of the 1000000000 rising campaign has organized dance flash mobs on valentine's day to protest domestic violence that they're just going to take as i've always done for the group that they join other groups in some
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200 countries around the world all dancing to the same choreography. for the climb it's the 4th time alexander and holmy stangl are organizing the event here in munich. just one cup each one of a class $1000000000.00 rising has this amazing pounds dad has to fight as such a positive statement and of course he teaches. bias instead of people just standing in protest with victims continue to be stigmatized to mention all of this is simply about giving women a chance to dance to get. it ted says this is what we want to do and i will be in more lively protests like the last one held downtown are on hold at the moment due to the corona virus pandemic and we have to find an alternative to doing it on street as well as i never thought i could make some inquiries with the fine munich women's team and if they did allow us to do that don't join the half time and pray
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it is in times of speaking up on an issue that is often sidelined and silenced. in germany a woman is killed by a current or former male partner every 3 days one in 4 women will suffer from some form of the mastic violence at least once in her life of phenomenon that impacts women across all social groups. wants to help bring about change today she's taking action with a photographic portrait project. in that i'm not sure because of that as you can and. i'm looking forward to what's on your phone. that's. the thing that takes photos of abused women for national geographic magazine. i brought along a few photos to give you an impression of what today at. her portraits bear witness
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to an ordeal that 45 year old knows all too well systematic abuse through humiliation threats and physical violence. after 6 years of torment the left her partner she's one of the countless women who experts designate as survivors the term speaks to just how difficult it is to leave a violent relationship with the mother. to kyle it's a gradual healing process being able to tell yourself yes this is what happened to me and i can do some that include the world by talking about it. her ordeal began with verbal insults but gradually escalated into physical abuse her partner ended up locking her inside their home manipulating her to such a degree that she believed it was her own fault it's a typical pattern despite of its promise to close the problem i still don't know why are allowed it to happen and how i didn't see that this was physical abuse i
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had a kind of going to she saw what i needed to lose able to deny me that. and gradually he made me dependent dogfish took mission and upping it. in the 1st year after we met in the courtship i ask he really seemed to worship me that's. what he was a lovely man he knew how to listen to a lot of money that also enabled him to find out everything he needed to know what happened in the years after that you knew where he could apply the pressure that's contra eventual he she left and found refuge with her son in a women's shelter in her work if you know nepal has seen society's tendency to blame the victim and relativize the abusers actions my see is this myth is on my am with this work is to help encourage people to become more fish in the. process it's ridiculous for society not to look and see what's happening. we all have a role to play. this is
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a structural problem isn't flocked to trial it. is not just campaigning for greater general awareness. she's also setting up a project to provide immediate help to women who need. to sell him and christine a cop have taken to the streets of vienna their goal is to encourage people to intervene if they suspect abuse. can be inspired by a german partner abuse project called stop by here who decided to bring the concept to austria. some cases of domestic violence do involve women as the perpetrators but in 81 percent it's women who are the victims. we need to learn about how to intervene you know you have to try it out to see how it feels when you bring up the issue with someone i know
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a lot of people struggle to even say the word violence what is that something we want to practice in order to remove that of fear for one condition i'm out of raising awareness is important but government involvement is essential since 2011 the istanbul convention on combating violence against women has been ratified by over 30 european countries signatories commit to supporting measures such as prevention through education and increasing shelter capacity and ensuring effective punishment for perpetrators calling the istanbul convention an important breakthrough. homer adds that implementation is often problematic and fact turkey itself recently withdrew from the agreement about info on islands against women is the biggest you hand them a very list if it's experienced by one in 3 women worldwide in austria one in 5 women suffer violence from their partner at least once in their lives a huge part of it all the secret good shows the scale of the thing that motivates
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me to take action i want to provide support and encouragement for every single woman out there. she runs a group of women shelters as well as be honest domestic abuse hotline and wants to expand these networks further. this hospital has a special program for training staff to deal with victims sabinus romack is the director of the victim support group and explains what health professionals need to keep in mind when talking to traumatized women. the stick use it is vital that you ask for their consent right the woman has to agree with everything you guys are doing. she's experienced a massive violation of her own boundaries. is that while it's common for victims to feel ashamed it's also important for staff to properly document injuries. and this is that this is a close up of have cheek nose and i see her i also have photos of injuries to her
7:39 am
neck. photos that constitute evidence for criminal proceedings and counts for me to say he's a 2nd from a medical perspective it's good to have a basis for the subsequent discussion. with the movies so we try to document the injuries inflicted on an individual as comprehensively as possible so that she has the option of pursuing criminal charges but. once a month there's an interdepartmental meeting currently the additional hurdles posed by the corona virus are a major issue of concern for many women the 1st resort for seeking help is a hospital this comment coming into hospital was so difficult there's a lot of women didn't even try and. just decision and going to the hospital after suffering violence is a hurdle and now to also have to go through the trio process of the entrance doubles that hurdle that if you have a lot of women had no way of getting out if they were unable to phone anybody or go
7:40 am
to a shelter it was impossible to escape which is why we've expanded our online counselling service it's now staffed every evening from 7 till 10 and it's working pretty well in the 1st 9 months of the pandemic the hotline had already fielded over $1000.00 calls study showed that one porn teen at home is combined with financial worries and mental health problems the risk of a relationship turning violent doubles. the pandemic is also an issue for the women who meet up as part of a local neighborhood project. they gather every 2 weeks to talk about violent relationships including their own i need almost died when her husband assaulted her after 28 years of marriage she reported him to the police. the twice i attempted suicide hundreds of those highly risky i was ashamed of what has happened to being
7:41 am
unable to save myself and help my children. and that i never said when he hit my children in front of my home. home it took a long time you know but we made it yeah yeah. the stop project encourages vigilance and extending basic kinds of support asking a woman how you can help or intervening with an innocuous excuse such as ringing the doorbell to ask for a cup of flour this lets the perpetrator know the neighbors are listening and tells the victim that help is at hand. all perhaps i can ask and they are whether they also heard something well it helps to have other people if you are wary of doing something on your own of them or in an acute case it's always good to call the police which the police and. this mother in child home in munich brings back memories for all me strongly.
7:42 am
after spending 6 months in a women's shelter it was here that she found refuge with her 5 year old son. spirit polish cuts of course i feel the sadness. this was the place where we felt free. but her son was not permitted to stay with her following a court order that gave the father custody only stangl had not documented her injuries and therefore had no evidence of the physical abuse she suffered says so the shelters full right now that's good oh yes we have a very long waiting list. women typically have to wait 6 months for a spot here unlike the high security women's shelter they are allowed to have visitors but one standard to suit our focus is on helping women find stability and calm when trying to find ways of getting a new start in life where my strengths what a minute i smile design is produced and it's also about bringing
7:43 am
a bit of lightness into their lives to something else. has spent 5 years planning a new shelter designed to give residents of feeling of safety as well as comprehensive after care the local authorities have refused to support the project claiming that demand for a place like this is already satisfied. for tourists at $85.00 you off even if you introduce new ideas. but i'll carry on until i find a way. to test them closely and shouted at. giving up is not an option for those who is moved by the sheer number of women in need of help she now wants to try crowdfunding. for. being unable to exit an abusive relationship can have fatal consequences.
7:44 am
high risk relationships can end in manslaughter or murder an area in which jane mountain smith has discovered recurring patterns the criminologist applies those insights to so-called cold cases very often domestic abuse murders can look as if they're they've just how spontaneously 2 people have had an argument and this is just come out of the. goodness now you know this is just a mistake but that's not how they have been she established an 8 states pattern of progression and the escalation of abusive relationships in many cases the man will have a previous record of violence the initial romance rapidly becomes a serious relationship the abuser exert control over his partner emotionally financially and socially and events such as a separation makes the man feel he's losing control the situation escalates into stalking or threats of suicide the man changes tactics as he seemingly leaves the
7:45 am
victim alone but now he's planning murder and carries it out. alexandra sanda has been assisting jane monckton smith on an unsolved case dating back 3 years when his wife died the husband insisted it had been an accident. what did the police fail to see if we couldn't find an explanation as to why he got the and an e-mail at the same time that she got it how did why was that why was that even possible and that's when we started to say much is he tracking a fan has he got the cash and software is everything that she's getting also being sent to him. because actually that is that is a huge step i mean it's classic stalker behavior they want to know absolutely everything 90 percent of femicide cases are preceded by stocking me the
7:46 am
police subsequently arrested the husband in question why couldn't they see that this is a homicide that's that needs to change doesn't. that lack of suspicion because curiosity with her model the police might have intervened in advance and in time i see a was basically running now we know now that's why probation officer laura donnelly has been using the 8 stages to train her team well you can you mean i'll tell you finding that your. prison offices and probation officer see you sitting there yes most definitely is a little yeah i've had some feedback from them about how useful that finding at us really to me it's often difficult for the police to get a read on abusive relationships and early detection scheme helps to ensure action is taken immediately so we obviously did and trained over thousands start on your
7:47 am
8 stages so they love the fact that it's it's simple but really really supportive in helping in their risk assessment and some individuals with a history of domestic violence are given special attention by probation officers this one here the british police now see stocking as an early warning of potential violence so the trick is stage is another one that people have talked really and given good feedback about because triggers is where we can identify those and then hopefully intervene at that point in time so it's about recognising what action we can put in place when those triggers come about everybody's aware and that's the thing it's the stages as it is just puts it into an order for you because we all know the signs i think when i 1st spoke to you about the stages that was what really came across to be a it was like a light bulb made where it wasn't something new but it was something that was structured and formed in a way that really helped clarify my thinking that was absolutely fabulous jane martin smith is convinced that understanding coercive behavior can help victims.
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now. provides help on the ground to prevent them aside. in the german city of campaigners are hoping to recruit men for the cause. it's training night at the local rugby club. and sabina schlegel are here with an idea. zena schlegel is one of the coordinators of a local antiviolence association. her team is launching a poster campaign aimed at boys and young men. but one simple feel what's important for you about the subject of domestic violence is if they think why do
7:49 am
you want to get involved with vote for me violence is never a solution whether it's a push or a slap or an actual punch. domestic violence always takes place with the curtains closed in private at home where nobody else sees it that's why it's important to stand up and raise awareness about the problem by making it public. the campaign is about taking a stand for you quality breaking down stereotypical gender roles challenging the power structures that enable and encourage violence against women. the no domestic abuse project in march 1 european union funding it has the support of the city authorities as well as local groups the women helping women association provides counseling and support and a youth conflict prevention group works with perpetrators. latter works with behavioral training for 6 months participants attend
7:50 am
a program headed by constant dragnet and sabina schlegel today they're reviewing the results of the most recent group session and discussed at their own violence but they don't write what the violence actually. and looking at this group is what when he pulls me that yes. many abusers feel no guilt if anything they say they were provoked as this is when you get the classic response he was a slip of the hand they need to understand that the hand is not in a vacuum in the of up there is somebody behind that hand and that's the 1st step towards accepting responsibility. today cost and doug now has a last meeting with a former participant. most of the men who come here are sent by court order this man who wishes to remain anonymous is one of the few to have registered voluntarily you can see how well you make it to see very good i've been doing a lot of thinking and i've realized a lot of things and nothing the. stress and how about stress do you recognize
7:51 am
it in yourself. yes and i sense what the other person is feeling and it's a bunch of people since there's an argument it's best to leave. it's things like that i put into practice and i notice that it works pretty well. and his case the assault occurred one evening 2 years ago after an argument that took place when he was drunk then this does it wouldn't be too is it escalated down then she went outside and tried to call the police and it was just the one punch but it was one too many and it really landed. he broke the woman's jaw and spent the night in a police drunk tank. i was shocked that i was able to do such a thing. and it showed me i immediately needed to get help
7:52 am
in the middle in his the behavioral training program requires the men to work on themselves another aspect of violence prevention. we can't reach everyone with just one tiny piece in a mosaic a network of domestic violence help systems and we're pretty limited i even go. back to the rugby club where players pose for the new posters. so that guy will be here where the light is in the foreground with the panorama behind him. the women's team have already posed for the photographer now it's the men's turn with the team spokesman at the center. you're challenging this. you're a wall saying you'll have to get past me 1st. tough guys making a tough stance on what some people see as a women's issue and challenging entrenched stereotypes of gender roles.
7:53 am
that. this country i want a mouse is not something women's it's you know it's up to the feminists to take care of things men are men who were involved. joining forces to help reduce violence in relationships this is not a typical subject matter that affects us all but. yet. it's as if the card to get for many posters who we need become a affiliates to we have. in total $109.00. in munich alexander and almost all gone now want to recruit local bakers for the
7:54 am
1000000000 rising campaign the plan is to distribute specially designed paper bags and baking goods bearing an anti-violence slogan. you know which one do you want in our shops. what do you think of this with this one you can see the individual craftsmanship that one has printed. this many cutting you have the post isn't floss in the shops anyway so that something will stand out. so. they'll be printing and distributing $120000.00 paperbacks as part of a campaign to mark the international day for the elimination of violence against women those are the sort of imposition visit that will be a bit longer so we can fold the tops also. have you only one in 5 women who suffer violent assaults seek help. you know i'm going to say we're. we have a very high proportion of women in our shops they're going to of course this is an
7:55 am
issue that tends to be hushed up we should all be doing something to increase awareness. on his to. give us a good talking about it helps with his audience show that women in germany now speak an octave lower than 10 years ago and that's because they have more self-confidence but if you have the will now they say stop that's going to help but this woman didn't used to say that it's. it's a growing global movement calling for gender equality while also combating one of society's greatest evils to ending violence against women as a cause that's worth fighting for. until my dying day i'm going to be 100 percent committed to changing people's mentality when he did into power to intervene which means teaching him to stand up and take action by playing in d.c. it's an issue that deserves public attention 50 each and every day i answer them
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5 ft. worth lawyer. car culture. hair. superman. superfood stylish dialogue on the job lead a. lifestyle good clear moment. 30 minutes. stands these exhibits.
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moocher dart from the german colonial era at the new ball to forum in berlin. the stolen art is casting a shadow over germany's more just cultural projects even before it has fully. arts. 20. 9 minutes on d w. the finding against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context.
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the coronavirus up to the co the special monday to friday on g.w. . we have important new numbers. smoking is healthy pesticides are good for the being nice or global warming doesn't exist. you don't believe those well not yet. read my mind. industry is controlling your thoughts with air tends to lead. the way out science it's not easy to spot. the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's behind the. manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd on d w. faces
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data of any news live from berlin germany pulls the emergency brake and made a 3rd wave of corona virus infections under merkel's government hopes to slow the spread with nationwide measures the most controversial and nighttime curfew also coming out india scrambles to secure enough oxygen to treat unfree said entered numbers of code that 19 patients.


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