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paula and it looks like that currently it's mostly because of cardboard so when people are buying things online from from shops like a muscle and they'll be unpacked in the cardboard you get it's your home and then you troll with the way and. that's the spot for climate on the spot but for everything. germany is still the biggest consumer of the paper products from finland and the paper you know it would for a duck soup boy if it comes from finland it might involve problems for the for the reindeer herd just it might involve problems of biodiversity and i would say that people should be more conscious think more what will they use in france susana and pierre are investigating a promising idea sustainable houses made entirely of wood when they're built well they can be very long lasting they have an appointment with architect.
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to lead what's that you know it's a portable home you can live in it and if you meet someone a girlfriend you can put a 2nd one right next to it. if it doesn't work out you just take them apart again but there's nothing here you know. this is the design everything we see here is wood from the of the near forest and we're really proud because we know where our raw material is being used the wood is stories c o 2 and it's being used locally. when wood is used for construction it binds c o 2 longer than if it's made into paper the architect has a new commission for that. i need you. so you need douglas fir yes along with other kinds of wood. right otherwise it all looks the same aspen would be fantastic for the cladding. over will get quite a bit out and it should be enough for the house at about 300 meters just tell us
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how much and what kinds of wood you need we'll set it aside i was reserve it for you 300 cubic meters that's 200 mill so 140 cubic metres to. a local buyer and no middleman susana and p.r. are pleased with the results. using the word sustainably is important but so is the way that the trees are logged. in the back they'll be felling some old oaks today. it's a job that requires a fair bit of skill and they're planning to fell this tree a cherry tree is in the way they debate which direction the oak should fall to minimize damage to surrounding trees. and its tight quarters if they're hoping to spare a nearby oak there was a booth but the beech tree will have to come down. the forester's try to do as little damage as possible when they're felling big trees in
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the windows and sure the young trees nearby could easily be after it. carefully selected the oaks that will be felled today they only harvest trees that will command a good price the forester's long term plan is to double the amount of oak in this forest and he's well on the way. other than i think a very good this is when an oak comes down i feel like i can hear it scream. that may sound nuts but an oak is a living being just like an animal we need to treat them with care for a cat eats a mouse and we humans need wouldn't but it pains me every time i have to kill an animal or a trade to meet my own needs for my bike to be dismissal but it was a comment on that was i on the loggers are still debating how to fell the tree via
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going to good. the yoke is a heavy weight and it's tilted slightly in the wrong direction the loggers are using a winch to guide it in the other direction you notice. nothing is rushed here but the forest still earns the city a tiny profit. now the trainee is given a recap. you might wonder if all this effort was worth it the oak was already too thin and we could have just let it go down in that direction but those young trees are the future of this forest the next generation also want to sell high quality wood this tree has been here 200 years so we should respect that and take the time to do our job properly we don't want to just yank it down we want it to fall in the right direction walt. even though there's
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sometimes collateral damage this forest is densely wooded and thriving. the loopback forest draws customers from far and wide these buyers came from more than 300 kilometers away they want a high quality yoke for their veneer workshop the cubic meter price depends on the woods quality the price of every log is negotiated separately. one of the virus points out a flaw in this section of the truck he's aiming for a good price or for them to open the door for 400 year old but canoe to storm stays unruffled he's used to these kinds of negotiations it's. not like the buyers are also debating exactly how much of
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a lock to purchase. what they'd prefer is 3 meters 50 with a minimum of knots removed from city hall for that they'd be willing to pay a premium for $600.00 and it's yours as well that was painless right you're going to be looking. for stuff from you what if we take 660 for 360 that's what i will but that's not enough. in the end they buy several truckloads the price is a trade secret. for and the way you can watch doom runs these wars is pretty much unique in germany fortunes if you will pardon it if they let the trees get old and fat. you want to find trees of this size in places where they felt the trees much sooner fortune the rat if you hear the trees grow old or old and sturdy. that's what we want for your statements were among the monument and. it's a nice market but
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a lucrative one i. like to think of the other day and yes we want to go to the customers are also willing to pay a premium because they know they're not getting a legally harvested timber. from the. georgian force which isn't and that's what makes german forestry appealing this is new it's not like romania or ukraine when it comes to observing regulations you know they're too lax for our tastes is in washington d.c. and. your highness sonnen of the world wide fund for nature and alexandru a romanian police investigator are heading out to take a look at illegal logging practices in the area. when they drove us quite far away to show was illegal logging then they said oh it's not that bad really there's no illegal logging anyhow everything's great at this from to you. and everyone denies there is illegal clear cutting in the area they feel like
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they're being stonewalled. job well that's an example all right i should be. there told only a handful of trees have been felled and there's no clear cutting alexandru is frustrated with the local police. takes a sample of the wood to the ceiling well you know you see it's obviously i've taken a specimen so that we can send it to the isotope lab as a reference to see if illegal timber turns up we can compare it to the sample and. sonnen isn't just an activist he's also a specialist in wood forensics he helped develop this investigative technique he's used it a number of times to prove that supposedly legally felled word was actually illegal timber. here. in the
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sea and it seems. it's really not skits we have to go forward sort of to me because it's something like. ok let's continue. on. as they hike up to the peak yohannes talks to the local police officers. nearly every road that crossed. the street there were a lot so locking is every wish but a how to live a day how little control them maybe they have out there is asian for death yes oh yeah 99 percent have papers. after a 2 hour hike uphill they finally arrive at their destination most of the logging here is clearly older but a few of the trees were felled recently. it's
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close to clear. what leaf forest is told that they still around $1000.00 crease in this area. we have forest those are badly paid and there you go to the houses of the 1st us and they have the cow says how can you have suits house where you earn only very little money it's an indicator that something is wrong. it's a leap in our experience was rather mixed use it's almost amusing at times as clearly they didn't want to put romania in a bad light but with all the illegal business going on there you'd need an awfully big blanket for that coverage. suited to. simon says the main problem is corruption that's why he and his fellow activists have taken up the
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fight to save the forests. can you to shoreham has also seized the initiative together with thorsten valla of the natural forest academy he wants to refute the claim that young conifer forests bind more c o 2 than older mixed forests they should go and stay in outside of the laser scanner this is the center of the area we want to scan if there's a dinner you. skin. storm is convinced that mixed with limbs grow faster and bind more c o 2 than most researchers believe. we've got a mixed forest with trees of different ages our theory is that enhances growth. setting up the poles of reference will. the 3 d. scanner shows how much the trees have grown since the last measurements were taken . to look i'm off until now i press the button and it will measure everything.
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i have the device is always the same height at chest level it makes few errors than a human would because people make mistakes every now and then. is good this isn't a dog this gives you solid data that you can report and you get numbers measurements that you can show people the international studies of showing that a high level of species diversity for a large variety of trees in a forest in heads is productivity and growth and thus open all of us with that's exactly what we see in lubec based forest isn't unique it was the this is how ecosystems work and it would be nice if forestry operations were to take that on board itself so i'm going to i'm going to. canoe to storm hopes that one day i'll be able to convince his critics. did so are the numbers are on our side and
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not just our economic balanchine but the ecological data we're seeing species return to our forest that only live in primeval forests including insect bat and bird species that's quite a success for. responsible woodland management without corruption and without reckless over exploitation. that's the future these activists are fighting for. when a single cause or injury what the. 911. time was denying and powerful sound amazing new sports car of choice for many current easy as a legend an icon about selling the 911 the very essence of the
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porsche read. in 30 minutes on d w. any good shape. the difference in genetic material is all it takes men and women to get differently. and gender medicine takes this distinction seriously as a man or woman to know when it comes to health for better medical treatment and prevention. a good shift. in 60 minutes on d w. these places in a row for smashing the records to. step into more bold accenture it's a treasure map for modern globe trotters to discover some of the record breaking
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sites. maps and know also in book form. this is tito previews live from berlin the country commemorates its debt 106 years on armenia remembers the massacre of its people under a lot of the rules and the symbolic date us president joe biden angers on growth by recognizing the atrocity as genocide and also coming up. india scrambles to secure
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enough oxygen to treat unprecedented numbers of covert 19 patients with hundreds of thousands of new infections each day medical experts are warning the situation will get a lot worse before it improves plus. i met a 3rd wave of coronavirus infections the german government is hoping to slow the spread of covert 19 would need to live measures the most controversial a nighttime curfew between 10 pm and 5. uncle for the shit to have you with us. turkey has reacted angrily after u.s. president joe biden formally recognized the armenian genocide which took place during the ottoman era has some in the u.s. ambassador over the remarks in his statement biden said he and all americans honor
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the memory of all those are mean and perished in the genocide began exactly 160 years ago thousands of people in armenia as capital yerevan have been commemorating the mass killing state for taishan and forced marches. marching forward to look back many and officials lead the nation in commemorating the horrors of the past the procession at this hilltop memorial in the capital we haven't included prime minister nicole passion yann members of the public to streamed in to honor the dead and they welcomed the announcement from washington formally recognizing those past events as a genocide. so i think it's a great thing that biden recognizes the armenian genocide because the us are a major country and it might have an effect on turkey. we've been waiting for this
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for years we wanted this before biden many made promises trump did and so did those before him and we waited. in 1915 a 1000000 armenians were brutally murdered by ottoman turks many more were deported and sent on death marches into the syrian desert. armenians have long campaigned for the crimes against their people to be recognized internationally as genocide. turkey argues that there was no systematic attempt to wipe out armenians and no such order from the ottoman authorities. but nearly 30 countries have recognized the atrocities as genocide many armenians would consider the diplomatic spats over terminology a distraction from the memory of atrocities of more than a century ago that haunts their nation to this day. earlier we spoke to
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our correspondent dorian jones and istanbul about turkey's furious response to joe biden's elf. scandalous is what the turkish foreign ministry said in a statement saying this is inflicted deep wounds to turkish u.s. relations while the president of egypt type one and a message to the armenian patriarca said that this issue should be resolved by historians and shouldn't be allowed to be exploited by 3rd party political opportunists while the turkish foreign minister measured in a tweet said that turkey does need any lectures on on its history and said that this was a great wound to injustice and. peace in the country so a lot of anger also turkey's or main opposition parties have also fallen into line with the government with the notable exception of the. p. which does recognize the armenian genocide so there's
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a great deal of anger in the country and why there is not only a feeling of of injustice historically but also the fear that the growing movement of recognizing armenian genocide could open up turkey to claims of international reparations from relatives of those killed but despite the high stakes there's been no talk of retaliation from uncle no calls or no reports of recalling turkish ambassador back to turkey or even restricting the use of a key military air base of injury look which is used by the americans and it does appear that turkey wants to look beyond this crisis because it is aware the relations are rock bottom with the u.s. and he's looking to rebuild those relations and present one has agreed apparently to meet with president biden in june on the sidelines on the nato summit. terry jones reporting there let's move to india now where hospitals are launching desperate of peel's for help as the health system crumbles coronavirus infection rates in the country continue to break global records the government has given top
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priority to the transport of lifesaving oxygen but hospitals are running out of beds and supplies and are no longer admitting new patients. overwhelmed and under-supply this delhi hospital is one of thousands across india besieged by the country's 2nd coronavirus wave as the dead are carted off patients too sick to move languish on the pavement. helplessness spills into anger. her mother on the verge of death a woman cries this hospital is useless. inside there's almost no room to stand and patients are forced to share beds. there's disbelief that hospitals are under equipped to deal with a crisis distraught relatives appeal to the government for help. please.
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do something and these are releasing some hope to the plight of people needed here we believe it is here people we've made here you could leave wards here everybody leave injections. even the medicine. health experts blame the surgeon a highly contagious variant that hit after the government declared victory over the virus in january now it's urging patience. and go to one encountered with serenity and be sure that's the most people get well by taking care of themselves at home. there's no need to create panic and run to hospitals for little things for service but oxygen and medicine are not little things for people battling to breathe with the under fire. that help system in a state of paralysis others are stepping in to help the sikh temple in delhi has secured oxygen for the infected. there are people dying at home because they lack oxygen and others who aren't getting any help from the administration or
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a hospital or good we're going to go and we are helping to save lives in the boardroom preserve regarder are 1 authorities are now diverting industrial oxygen for medical use and wrapping up efforts to get it to hospitals quickly and we know that a lot of the but even when supplies arrive india will need more than just oxygen to contain its devastating 2nd wave. let's now get you up to speed on some other stories making headlines around the world at this hour at least 23 people have died in a fire at a baghdad hospital that provides treatment for coronavirus patients officials say the blaze was triggered by the explosion of at least one oxygen cylinder firefighters rushed to the scene to put out the flames and evacuate patients from the intensive care unit. thousands have taken to the streets of london to protest the british government's covert 19 policies many opposed vaccine shots and
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potential vaccine passports allowing travel with half of the british population vaccinated at the government is gradually relaxing restrictions remaining measures are set to be phased out by late june. russia has deployed navy warships to the black sea off the disputed crimean peninsula it says that it will block vessels belonging to foreign governments from sailing through the strategic area of ukraine the e.u. and nato say the restrictions contravene international maritime law. and most parts of germany stricter covert measure as have come into force after parliament approved a legislative amendment. even the way for a more centrally coordinated response to the pend make on saturday night so authorities patrolled streets across the country to enforce the most controversial of the new restrictions a curfew between 10 pm and 5
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a reporter kate brady was out of berlin. it's saturday night in berlin friedrichs kind of strict with just minutes to go before the new curfew kicks in at 10 pm enough time to grab a quick beer all some late night food for the road. right and she was the clock strikes 10 many local shops begin to roll down the shutters minutes later police arrive to class struggle is from the square. according to federal rules repeated violators of the measures risk a hefty fine of up to 25000 joe rice for most tonight though it's just a polite request to head home the restrictions on movement during the late hours have been met with mixed response and. it's annoying but. he was the freedom to foster. acts of t.m. that's true and we accept it but we can completely understand that it was
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a gun firstly. i don't think people infected each other so much outside the dimensions if he had passed in which they are true i think people will just go home together and keep on partying that well that's a problem for the spread of the infection and it's counterproductive. by almost midnight the streets of largely cleared travel by public transport or by car is only permitted for specific exceptions including work and emergencies between 10 pm and midnight walks and runs are also still allowed including for germany's full legged residents now the question remains exactly how long will this even be allowed to stay in place with several constitutional complaints around the country threatening to already bring the measure to an end should germany's constitutional court indeed rule that the curfew is unlawful it would be a huge blow not least of all to german chancellor angela merkel who has been pushing for months for stricter a more uniform response to the pandemic. for now though there will be many. quiet
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tonight in berlin and beyond. since the start of the muslim holy month of ramadan nearly 2 weeks ago there have been nightly clashes between palestinians and the israeli police and jerusalem tensions were not a level on thursday when hundreds of far right jewish demonstrators took to the streets calling for arabs to leave the country saturday night saw yet another protest but a peaceful one as dozens turned out to raise their voices against hate and violence . doesn't spill jerusalem zion square to make their voices heard to call for peace and unity and to condemn what they see is a burgeoning movement of jewish supremacy and this is the reason for the demonstration here this evening in jerusalem is a response to the putting defense of the state when unchecked violence badly
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policed colgan ised right wing extreme groups. courting for violence publicly on social media for weeks just went through the streets and attacks palestinians. we came to demonstrate tonight against the ugly racist fascist show we just in the last 3 days over the last 3 days to reduce them it's been burned by gangs of jewish supremacists one in. jerusalem is home to holy sites sacred to jews christians and muslims and the fight for axis of these sites and control of the old city of east jerusalem has fueled the israeli palestinian conflict for decades but for these protesters violence is not the way forward. can you afford to stop the violence you know loud and clear the sound of it posing in a war against whom we are up to solving the conflict between these are these and if i see the peaceful manner rather than going to the streets and raging. but at the
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same time police and. student protesters scuffle begin at the gates of the old city . and some sports before we go and the bonus league dortmund beat vol spoke to nil on saturday to keep their champions league hopes alive and they have a pair of goals from having holland to think for a major blunder by revealing baku sent the ball straight to holland who needed no 2nd of attention to open the scoring it was the young norwegians 24th goal of the season. a man down in the 2nd half holland netted his 25th the 2nd most in the league it was no stopping him as he barreled forward with only the keeper to. take a look at all the one whose leader results so far on match day 31 leave a cousin beat frankfurt to mind scored a shock win against byron munich oneone berlin defeated bremen and 5 share the
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spoils with hoffenheim on friday cologne snuck past alex book and on sunday it will take on god and will battle it out with the fellows crisis stricken shaka get a break this week as had to have her lens kovac quarantine has caused their clash to be postponed. for reporter with a look at malicious and violence and north eastern congo on the culture away from me and the and tired news seen here and for lent thanks for a company. people have to say 1st to us. then troy to some. reporter every weekend b.t.w.
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. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all are. just through the topic.


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