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board content. producers are the ones primarily responsible for the seafood. but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases and little by applying the 5 kilos to sea for food use though you also have a role to play in. the state of news and these are our top stories turkey has condemned a formal declaration by u.s. president joe biden of recognizing the armenian genocide which took place during the ottoman era and 915 the white house had avoided that term for decades for fear of alienating ally turkey thousands of people in armenia as capital year of i'm have been commemorating the mass killings deportations and forced marches.
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indian authorities are scrambling to get oxygen tanks to hospitals overwhelmed by the world's worst coronavirus surge clinics across the country face acute shortages and say patients are dying as a result india said of global daily record for new infections for the 3rd consecutive day with more than 346000 confirmed cases. indonesia's military has declared a submarine that's been missing since last wednesday and sunken vessel this after searchers recovered debris and then a find to be from the sub the vessel was carrying a crew of $53.00 all of whom are now presumed dead. this is d.w. news from berlin you can find much more on our website that is dot com.
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this week on the world stories. italy has seen fewer births during the pandemic singing is helping covered 19 patients in the u.k. we begin in china in a city that stands for strong liquor bow-tie the brandy is considered the most valuable brand of alcohol and it acts as a lubricant 20 conducting business and requesting favors. normally expose this crime and corruption cases now the investigative journalist is on his way to china's most famous liquor factory. one day you know you can already smell the alcohol here in the southern chinese town of multis also the name of the liquor produced here the multi-disciplinary is china's most valuable company worth more than the country's biggest back china's political elite is partially to it and us some of the bottles cost several 100 euros you says they are the perfect gift to
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greeks the week they did your talent b.r.c. corrupt officials prefer mole time because they only drink the most expensive brands. this alcohol is the most expensive and their love for it lets the prices rise even more jaguars or meats along. the lake effect or it takes up large swaths of multi-ton and many more are trying to profit from the big name within sight of the state owned giant is the distillery a family business had no pony a lot of customers and people in the industry know that there's a limit to the production capacity of matai so that's where we come in and the government lets us follow the lead of the mount a company in profit from them that brings in some wealth to us people here. his company uses the same distilling techniques the grain is fermented in earth pits the pits give it a pungent aroma minnes and of soy sauce many people outside of china find it hard
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to swallow. the mashes fermented in a dry state during the distillation process steam passes through the mash and releases the. woolen says the liquor mostly to individuals as well as companies that produce special editions for weddings and company and inverse rings. the intimate relationship between china's communists and the spicy liquor began in the 1930 s. when communist troops hid in the area from their nationalist and the sarees deal. after they came to power they turned the factory into a state owned enterprise. so it could provide them with. you about 5 diets procreative the factory. and the owner who refused to hand over his business was executed. these close links to the ready lead have called below whose attention he's been tipped off that model type also produces in
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a neighboring town a violation of the rules on geographic origin so he goes to take a look. he finds the company is constructing vast production facilities there. near england and nobody cares what they do here and it's as if the government agencies which should control him don't exist. it's another piece of evidence for the book he is planning to write on china's most valuable company. italy has one of the lowest birth rates in all of europe and it has been steadily declining for more than a century now the coronavirus pandemic is causing many italians to think about putting off having children. but children's playground eerily quiet
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the numbers are out italians are having far fewer babies during the pandemic. they too have had to put their family planning on hold more in an even chance or just bought a new home in a suburb of baghdad the big step for the young couple and everything is ready for the next. quest. mean this will be the children's room that has yet to be set up we want to put in one or 2 beds depending on the size. we also have some space downstairs which could become another room for the children. being chance and more in our plan. on getting married last summer before their but they had to postpone because of the pandemic and having kids before marriage for the 2 devout catholics was not an option quoted only on it asked in a funny. for us marriage means union and creating a family of our own marriage home family and children moving was supposed to be
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after the wedding but we had to switch on a little. while the individual reasons defer the situation is emblematic for hundreds of thousands of couples across the nation wanting to have children. it is too early to determine with certainty what exactly is causing italian numbers to drop even further says whole geologist giuliani villainy the pandemic is likely affecting couple sex life but more importantly financial security seems to be the driving factor in the decision not to have kids. i think italia a young capos are becoming much more economic rationale that then emotional and convinced that it's important to have another child so there may be more worried about the future of children buying a house postponing marriage while working full time for the moment finch answered
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morena have a lot on their plate but that hasn't changed their wish to start a family of their own has soon as the time is right. in the u.s. more than half of all adults have now received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine this is why some venues in new york are able to open their doors to audiences again. new yorkers are finally getting the opportunity again to pursue one of their favorite pastimes standing in line. at the i'm really excited for the city to become the city again as we always knew it. it's pretty pretty exciting but you can feel the feel the energy ok they're not actually excited about queuing up but rather that after a year of zoo meetings and elbow bumps they're about to see a live show at one of the city's most iconic entertainment venues the comedy cellar
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in manhattan his greenwich village. the comedy cellar has hosted nearly all the trades greats over the decades but like most venues it's been shuttered for more than a year now it's open again but at just 33 percent capacity in accordance with new york's regulations no kogut 19 test is required to enter and neither are masts when seated the club's owner is cautiously optimistic the venue will stay open now for good i don't expect things to turn bad now they're back say he will very very quickly i think it's going to be ok. i hope it's ok you know if it's not i hope they'll shut us down again you know they should do what they need to do despite rising case numbers the risk of aerosols and virus variants the comedians in the audience breathe a sigh of relief and yeah there will be jokes about the pandemic. i for the comedians for me it's cathartic to talk about this stuff. to just say what i was
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going through and then i think for the audience it's not just them but identifying in a relating about is one level and that's huge too but also just being with other people physically being around people around your peers and saddam's forceful setting that itself is as important and gradually there are more and more places for new yorkers to do that restaurants are allowed to host patrons indoors at half capacity most of the city's museums have been open for months and now major sports venues are also welcoming fans again. as tourists are returning to new york a so-called vaccination passport could be an important tool to bring back major attractions like broadway most theaters here are saying they won't reopen until all seats can be filled they're hoping sometime in the fall or winter. but for now it's spring and new yorkers are enjoying their newfound freedom in the sun after a year in isolation.
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august in the u.k. are also struggling to you to pandemic restrictions but an example in london shows how some are making the most of the situation an opera singer is helping people feel for the long term called 19th with breathing and singing exercises. blowing bubbles to help with the. basic training. she has developed special greeting exercises for covert patients and for some of them is a bit too hard work at the moment but what it does is it just allows your voice a little bit of a chance to unpressed. she says it's thanks to susie that she feels well again and is able to take a few hobbies just a year ago she was suffering from a lung infection and needed oxygen 3 months on i remember feeling
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so fatigued breathless. i mean literally from my bed to the bathroom i would just get breathless. shiba never dreamed that of little people seeing us from the english national opera would be the ones to help the brief arm stand to show the heights in weekly zoom sessions participants learn to relax and improve that posture and most of fold to breathe and just hove that from men we think a lot about breathing down because if you're breathing you're taking in lots of that and actually tend not to be extending the so just giving people tools to slow things down and get them in the moment is really out so.
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this is. now being part of a group it's hugely important. and stress. and. i could have never imagined coming out of that dark mess all by myself so it's been a huge support system for me it's like my family now we had i guess you can say a common purpose to get better and what be more beautiful way to think. out and heal them at the same time sound. she dreams of singing on a real opera stage together with others like her and that dream could come true pain was as soon as school be prescriptions allow international opera plans to stage if very special price. for the patients in atlanta breathe again to see.
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the of the. 1986. it's their story their very own personal trauma. the people who survived the catastrophe remember. and they share private footage with us has never been seen before. in chernobyl starts april 26th on d. w. . we have an important news.
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smoking is healthy pesticides are good for the beings warble doesn't exist. don't believe those well not yet come to you have read my mind. the industry is controlling your thoughts here and spilling into the rail science it's not easy to spot. the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes and who's behind the. manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd on d. w. .
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forests provide us with raw material enhance biological diversity and help. protect the climate but our forests are at risk. they're threatened by climate change and are ruthlessly exploited by industry and illegal logging. but some foresters and activists who want to preserve our woodlands are taking a different approach to. the city of lubec in northwestern germany has owned a communal forest for hundreds of years for the past 3 decades the forest has been maintained using what's called a close to nature approach it's a departure from what has become standard forestry practice in germany but forester can achieve is making it work. most what we do differently we have a lot of patience and let nature take its course when you try to speed things up
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and make everything grow bigger taller baster the local ecosystem suffers that's exactly what foresters are doing this is gold their goals is to have trees grow as quickly as possible so that they can harvest as much wood as possible fuel in the shortest amount of time. one tool can you chore and believes that nature knows best is a protest to tractors but he gets results the trees here are largely free of bark beetles and there's little damage due to drought in other places large areas of woodland have been clear cut through to be told infestations humam needs are making the same mistake they made in 1900 and in the years after the storms we trying to get rid of capsize trees and get everything growing again as quickly as possible but any time you remove a tree you get more sun shining in then you're vulnerable to what boring beetles
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you created the problem yourself with managing the forest that way leads to infestations and it's pointless where there's an infestation. you won't earn a thing you can stand for the uncivil. in the loopback forest the small handful of dead trees that were infested by bark beetles aren't felt canoe charms colleague your best go explains. your goals. these are tunnels and chambers made by beatles but the beatles along gone these trees pose no threat to the forest they're useful there are good bugs in there it's doing a good bugs like insects that prey on bark beetles if as when we have problems with box beetles we try to find the trees with fresh infestations work on those we remove but the ones need by left standing that way we don't have any gobs of flesh . there aren't many trees with an active bark beetle infestation in this
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forest. the 2 foresters are searching near a fallen tree. the dog lena helps. it's possible that some beetles have landed on a nearby cherry of a month. or one sign is when there's resin flowing out. but we can't say for sure and i mean usually would be a bit further out so we'd have to take the tree down my says have either a woman who was newborn it's fine should we do. so and i'm mr hogg in my studies coming with a chainsaw and we'll take a look all right at least on. the trees here are ready for market and would have been felled anyway it's a good opportunity to see if there are bark beetles here. i. go i was one of.
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the 2 foresters head over to take a look but don't find any signs of bark beetles is that it's. it's. the. same amount of chicks 5 metres further rob mccallum there are no bog beetles down here no tunnels nothing to use for an os going on the those trees of it if we checked them we'd find tunnels under the box from old infestations from his yeah that's what we were looking for but the woodpeckers probably finish them off at the space to try. when they do find a park beetles they treat the trees right away. other than become from me here we don't use chemicals or anything like that we strip off the part. they read and read between the park in the woods so removing the bark destroys their breeding ground such good. many other forestry outfits treat the felled trees with past decides to kill the larvae in this forest dead trees that were once infested our term is
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avoided the those trees that you see over there would be cut down by most any other forestry operation in germany we leave them standing because they still provide shade and when they do fall on their own they supply what's called course woody debris even when it's fairly dry this here is like a sponge. so when it gets really hot and sunny this debris helps keep things cool cool. that's why forests are basically nature's refrigerators. this woody debris is very important a lot of it especially during hot and dry spell books when about much of it the decaying wood is also important for nuclear. as can all of in an ordinary year it doesn't matter much because the soil has enough water in it. but in years where there's a serious drought this dead wood breaks down and becomes humus and the water is
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released. so that helps the little saplings survive the drought the soil may be dry but the wood debris is still moist as that in before the. storm believes that diverse forests where nature takes its course are more resistant to climate change . but others disagree they believe that fast growing quantifiers store more c o 2 and make more money. forestry management that prioritizes fast growth and quick yields is standard across much of europe. central region in south central france is no exception but here too there are people who are bucking the trend. here dema go into his wife suzanne and clown have founded a forestry collective and that encompasses 400 hectares of woodland today they're relocating young saplings and replanting them. this is an invite and in the
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in a forest certain species of trees like linden and fir trees serve as a kind of alkaline pound. ducted diggin it and they have deep roots which help funnel certain nutrients back towards the surface. i mean even to the few that helps sustain other plant and tree species. little things like that can make a big difference. in this part of france forests are treated like an agricultural product and fast growth cycles are encouraged. to be on once you fill the holes with soil then you gently put your feet around the satellite and give it a little tug. that way you give the roof some shia and breathing space which helps them develop its own who don't even want to learn and we understand it will be
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a commit local saplings are already adapted to local climate conditions saplings grown in industrial nurseries are not but that's not the only problem it's good in the bombshell in france is the problem with trees from a nursery is that they've been treated with so many fertilizers and pesticides. and nurseries south wings are like candy for local animal species deer for example of our wild south wings are tougher i'm not as sugary. the mix of species also makes the woodland more resistant to storms. because. they don't destroy it if you only plant one type of tree that grows quickly trees that are very tall and thin and spend they're a bit like a pencil when there's a big storm they topple like dominos planting some deciduous trees or other species in between the very tall trees gives you a 2nd level
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a 2nd line of defense then the entire woodland is more resilient but if you go i won't be doing just a. mixed forests with a diversity of species are rare in france and that's also true of germany. was 40 years ago when i went to university we were already being taught that the best forests are mixed with a variety of species today we've only managed to accomplish that in 2.6 percent of our forests and school that would get you up bailing. it's a scandal really a massive policy failure it is used for students. it's no different here in south central france but susana and pierre are determined to do things differently. from what i see a little this plot of woodland is basically what we're trying to achieve it's rich diverse and nature is renewing itself us.
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that's all sides and i just assumed if we had really nice diversity here it's multi layered with many different phases of growth and a cane there's plenty of woody debris and lots of micro habitats and i'm proud of this i used my expertise to help kick off this process and nature did the rest. for what this is what a forest should look like and i'm a member of greenpeace and we're fighting against deforestation and illegal timber import the problem is that we do lead would rather draw on our own forests here in france but i don't want to exploit them to the point of destruction. in romania rapacious logging practices are the order of the day the country exports huge amounts of illegally log timber even the government admits it's a major problem. the carpathian mountains are still blanketed in
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forests but they're disappearing at an alarming rate your highness sonnen of the world wide fund for nature wants to change that. there are many reasons we have to combat this illegal logging and the forest station here. it's a threat to our very survival. it's a problem that's particularly severe in eastern europe and poverty is just one of the reasons so just. i just flung we're seeing everything from poor people collecting firewood for the winter to organized crime networks and major corporate structures that feed off illegal timber. organized crime is a big problem in the car paint the ends the trade in illegal lumber is a lucrative business profit margins are high the penalties low and the police can often be bribed. the world wide fund for nature wants to clamp down on the timber
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mafia. does we're facing a tough opponent it won't be easy but just missed. anyone here who tries to protect the forests is taking a risk and they get little support from local authorities to forresters were killed here not long ago it's going to be where we're exploring new ways to protect the forests for example we're working with in a huge project that aims to educate the judiciary state prosecutors and the police and show them that illegal clear cutting is more than just a trivial offense and companies to. demonize from the car pay thing in region of ukraine and a veteran in the battle against illegal logging there. he's come here to support your highness sign him. that. this is work and i saw. people or. people trying to have. example and we had an occasion in the car big.
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ram along for a few days or spoken or will be showing through germany's place where the money was very superior and the system had the. right the new the longer scheme to his house that was set up. i think to stop illegal logging on the international level needs but the level of interned interagency and internet. ration organized crime is already working cross border there is definition this is a well established network and what we try to start here is to build up a network of authorities and the bridge builder will be in the pool to help this authorities to become more effective cross border. interpol headquarters in leone began investigating the illegal international timber trade about 10 years ago sasha
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propound is chief investigator of the forestry crime unit. and was not in full force and as you know i know we have to understand that in our globalised world when consumers buy cheap wood in a western european supermarket. that might lead to someone being killed in a forest in eastern europe it. does come that's a. clear cutting is also an increasing problem in france but here it's done legally up to $25.00 hectares can be felt in one go an area about the size of $25.00 soccer fields and what up there there's the neighbors clear cut. what a mess. when we've got our was land 5 years ago this was covered in surgery you can see from the stumps that they were huge up to 80 centimeters in diameter they were just 60 years old.
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last winter they took them all the how to pay off. on a pound isn't placing blame clear cutting is an accepted practice here. for many forest owners that's all they know and they often get bad advice. when the trees are mature they think they need to be harvested otherwise it's like letting an apples drawdowns a branch but actually. it's fine if trees grow to be 2 or 300 years old. it's also a political issue the timber industry employs more people here than the car industry. it's true we're industrializing our forests standardizing them along the model of a monoculture we use large machinery and produce trees that are completely uniform so they're easier to put through the sawmill. is what we'll end up with is uniform
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standardized forests that are the complete opposite of natural biodiversity and therefore good more. to the dusty doing the joy it's the same with industrialized and new growth forests in germany. in lubec canoed storm advocates for diverse species rich forests his detractors say that's not economically viable but storms forest does turn a profit for the city the felonious for the i'm not asking for everyone to sing our praise but even if they don't agree with our approach they should leave us be instead they act like they need to save the city of lubec from our foolishness. detractors say his sustainable forest management is a fiction and regularly filed complaints with the city administration. the complaints haven't succeeded but they're not giving up in. this city supports can you charms work today he has an appointment with his boss
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the city's interior and environment minister. the leader of the. club in the wet dog means you've been in the woods today. lucar henson brushes off complaints about the forest of the $5000.00 hectare woodland is turning a profit and a sustainable one. could see god and you know he gets a cold i'm happy to invite critics to lubeck so they can see for themselves what we're doing to everyone who's planted fast growing trees in recent years is now seeing how an ordinary forest fire can destroy many hectares of woodland over night finished of in it's a bit crazy that they're planning to replant and make the same mistake all over again. a forest needs time to mature even he said let's win because it doesn't have the 2 are also critical of germany's federal forestry policies storm says the agriculture ministries plans are misguided especially because they call for
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removing woody debris and planting more single species coniferous forests voto the fish. when it comes to serving the public interest forests aren't the same as agricultural land forests also play an important environmental role as do forest management should call under the environment ministry and not the ministry of agriculture even if many foresters nowadays see themselves simply as farmers of trees for a just few. storm is critical of forestry practices in germany. but nature conservation is still more valued here than in many other countries. finland is one example the nordic nation advertises its forests as a tourist attraction but appearances can be deceiving europe's last indigenous people the sami live from reindeer herding the animals graze in the forests but
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many young reindeer herders like yourself are watching these woodlands disappear. or respect their reindeer that's life in survivor in the north. and i see how people may see them and feel lucky for myself to be born into sculpture their culture is under threat finland's forests are being clear cut to produce things like toilet paper. to the radio to the reindeer is the most important if. we take care of them and teach them the lives so they can take care of us and keep prosper . sammy settlements stretch across the north of norway sweden and finland and into the far west of russia. about $10000.00 sami live in finland today the families share grazing areas for their reindeer. in the winter the reindeer are returned to the corrals
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and counted. this circle is called it in the year we catch the raid and we separate them to this book so it's. all around us depending on what right do they are. it's an age old sami tradition that's still being observed by young herders like. the people who have inhabited this land. after end of the ice age. that's how long the herds have been here 2 and. but nowadays the forests belong to the finnish government and the government began selling large stretches of forest land into private ownership back in the 1960 s. . today's owners are out to make a profit but felling trees in this remote region is complicated and expensive the
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finnish government provides a subsidy that's the only way owners can turn a profit while selling their temper at rock bottom prices to the paper industry sammy object to this practice but they are ignored has teamed up with another activist to change that they have taken so much from us and leave the garbage to us that is how it has to stop. it will. this area was once a diverse species rich primeval forest under you law it was supposed to be protected instead it was clear cut for the reindeer herders it's a disaster and vulnerable species are also affected of course it makes me sad to see this there's no use for us all these forests just to give us anything that would use only taken away and the modern assists are left here and the red. car
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jews this i don't know they just go through it or. go around it but if it won't stay here. the wood pulp is used to make paper one of the linchpins of finland's economy there's hardly any oversight over which forests are being felled and any complaints are systematically north. used to state doesn't act on it used to come under still in care somebody asked if . they're convinced that what the timber industry is doing is illegal but proving that is another matter. some of people have been born to fight for the rights there is so many cases in sadly history that governments and people have made an agreement but then and states or somebody violating that
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agreement that has to change we just want to be. and 11 to live like traditionally in the modern world. it takes courage to demonstrate against the violation of agreements and draw attention to illegal clear cutting people who speak out face public hostility. paper from finland is an expensive and many european companies would rather buy it then use recycled paper canoe to storm is also dismayed by this waste of valuable resources . racist towards old indian what more do we really need to use and where could we use something else. packaging paper and would be cutting down on that would probably allow us to reduce logging by about 60 percent 60 percent it would see a. yarmulke would like to see foresters in finland take that same approach then the
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sami would be spared this struggle for their way of life. i guess you know this 1st . because of the open season coming from day. the state has decided that it wont to loke those certain areas where that herd assembly and if they don't accept bookings. on the other hand there are some lots of forest commands which just go on looking in those forests forests also that it is have and given to cones and sami people in finland have taken to social media to call for help and denounce the timber industry it's on their heart she's from new zealand. she is from norway. they've also found allies in finland yes and you are mo are in contact with tanian of greenpeace. we're going to connect in this in a couple of
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a couple of the greenpeace activist is 600 kilometers away and came in here where there are 2 pulp mills a minute the game was in and matty wants to prove that they are using lumber from primeval forest that are vital for the sami. together with jani a photographer he heads for a nearby lumber yard to gather evidence. was. just a thumb up article to the marks on the logs document the origins of the temper and the intended purchaser look like he made me out of. the timber here comes from a company that the activists have already run across during their investigation when i. was.
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like oh i've got to go this was to be several hundreds of us over sold one was most of it just might be coming from any old forest fire you have trees with different dates you see the visit has paid off. so now we know that this one particular area for the slogan go in on the hundreds of silver at least experiences in the old forest same number there and same number here sold 6 leagues and it's got to be anybody other than the 1st company to be holding so it's it's one of them now with all the rest. of the activists now know which companies are operating here the guard arrives too late to intervene. and the guard asks mati what the 2 of them are doing and wants to know their names in. the minute that monti refuses politely but firmly she. will take
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our tasks again but he's not getting anywhere just. martijn yani have the evidence they need and it's time to leave them a set that isn't of any sort. if . there are 2 pulp mills in the area they want to find out which one is using the old growth temper. would hope as a key raw material here would in paper products make up a quarter of finnish exports finished him her companies are among the world's largest the matzoh group is one of them but they can't get past the locked gates they are planning to build a new alpha male here it will be over 2 times bigger than the percent 1000 consumers $6700000.00 suffocated which are schooled every year if it were to create
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trucks it would be $400.00 fully laden trucks every day but it's an incredible amount. it's the sign of the pulp expansion in finland correctly taking place there are plans to build 4 to 5 new while most some of them bigger than what we have previously had in this country and the logging rights are going off the board imports everything the company processes timber from finland russia dystonia and lot via. finland produced over 25 percent of all the printing papers magazine papers in the world and still we have only 2 percent of the forest resources of the world so it's it tells on intensity. chinese investors are already financing new factories just an increasing demand for pollock and it looks like that currently it's mostly because of cardboard so when people are buying things online from from shops like a muscle they'll be in fact in the cardboard you get it's your home and then you
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troll with the way and. that's just what folk live with and us but but for everything. germany is still the biggest consumers of paper products from finland and you pay for it all it would for a duck soup boy if it comes from finland it might involve. problems for the for the reindeer herd just it might involve problems of biodiversity and i'd say that people should be more conscious it's a think more what will they use in france susana and pierre are investigating a promising idea sustainable houses made entirely of wood when they're built well they can be very long lasting they have an appointment with architect it up knock. it down. to my daughter that you know they say that it's a portable home.


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