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more sports coming up next on sports life this time with a look at why the english men's soccer team has been flopping since 966 well i have a news update for you at the top of the hour and remember there's always more information on our website that's g w dot com on the culturally for me and the entire team here in berlin so much for a company. my 1st boss a coach motors sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this social influence in something as simple as learning how to write a bicep those isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have both guys i'd lost my home and it took me years to. finally they gave up and went to buy me on bicycles but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing advice as no i
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want to reach out to those women back home who are bound by their duties and social norms and informed him of old dead basic rights my name is the about of the hook and i work at the to. the. point. the current crop of england players are desperate to end a long curls which all started falling viz a story. the 966 book triumph is england's so major tournament victory you can't go far in england without seeing a clip of jeff 1st. actually strike it's repeated constantly. i want to find out
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why such a proud 4 walling nation with the richest league in the world the inventors of the game have been so bad at international football since that day when really. has there been too much pressure after such a long trophy drought oh world cups and euros to too few english players play regularly for their clubs and how many of them frankly just not skilled enough. or have club rivalries in the premier league devalued the english national team. england football fans like me have been in agony for decades every 2 years it's the same could this be the moment but deep down we although it will end in failure let's have a look at how england's men affair at some major toll roads since 966. despite
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heroics from bobby moore in 1970 and gordon banks england's title defense ended in the quarters terrible seventy's pitches led to technical shortcomings and england didn't qualify again for a world cup until. 992 we saw england with this kit and kevin keegan. but that was as good as it got and the less said about the euros or the era the better. gary lineker at least ended up as a top scorer in $86.00 in mexico but arguably the failings of keeper peter shilton on the big stage and the utter cheek of because they reached a semi final with west germany. paul gascoigne's tears were iconic as they cracked under the pressure of their 1st major penalty shoot out which would become a recurring and extrusion 18 theme. include lost to
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france peckham bauer's eventual winners england player alan johnston shared their pain. these are a lot really. and sometimes oh god oh god you know why if you're smart and german not better than we did it change your love we had a very confident squad at that time. and it was again it was it was it was touching down. went through to 966 didn't go through. euro 96 was on home soil and hopes were high among fans the famous song 3 lions was born but in the end football wasn't coming home. we went south to the germans in the semi's current coach pair of southgate with another dreaded shootout miss fan trouble followed the exit another recurring english trait. terry venables left after coming so close. it would have been something else if we could have pulled
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that off and we had the best manager and try regrettable and he'd pick the difference between venables was the best they were if you now come. to misery continued so by 2001 england had their 1st foreign manager seat saying your in eriksson previously had success in italy and his 1st 2 tournaments showed promise but the british tabloids devalued his personal life. 2006 world cup was meant to be england's time the golden generation with rooney and general but the wives and girlfriends all wags including to pop stars were allowed to camp if it came to much of a media circus and the pressure on the team was akin to intense. dissonance think the unity never looked more. like should i think that's important to them looking like an american terrorist a tough millionaire. look and i think. it was probably the most extreme example
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of where that just went just completely ridiculous. didn't help and it was a painful penalty shootout defeat in the quarters to portugal and eriksson left next up with steve mclaren who earned the nickname the wally with the brawley after failing to reach euro 2008 in pitiful fashion another foreign manager was then brought in suppose it tougher talian fabio capello i'm very proud owner. to be the england manager of. this job for a long time. his english was never quite up to scratch which hardly help with communicating with his players his football was bad as well germany france and england for one in the 2010 world cup last 16 and this time the germans didn't even need penalties. small tournament will followed until your own 96 fall guy
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carol southgate took over waistcoat you know ahead of the 2018 world cup. tournament in russia so how he came to helping them finish 4th even and the death penalty shootout beating colombia in the last 16 as part of their revival. the relief of fans was palpable in the previously going out of 6 major tournaments in sport ok. so can se continue england's new dawn all the same problems the english national team can change jersey designs all you like fundamental problems remain let's examine for reasons why england normally fall. having gone so long without success the psychological burden on the england team is arguably higher than any other nation so much failure can really weigh on the minds
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of players but is it beginning to change. their. any generation who were born in the eye sees a market a lot that i think that's because expectations still quite hard that outside the generation that sort of hopes. generation the one that's currently playing him i'm the one that 20 and say well i don't think i feel a lot but the expectation being with you so i'm just declared over the years england can look to another big football nation for spain and enjoy decades of 2 before winning euro 2008 to 2010 world cup. and euro 2012. spain success leads us to another problem for england unlike the spanish english players have been viewed as not a skilful despite the f.a. spending millions on a new performance center. the crippling fear of making
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a mistake has often led players to take a safe option rather than trying that killer pass sometimes with the plain english . but when i go on a notch to international level it's simply not good enough and the managers are. are to blame for that i've been a great. kid my only guy who chose when we used to go around the world on. countries technically better than us. the likes of jake and sam show maybe changing that image club academies have made a big difference teaching young english players skills from an early age son show even left home at 12 took border to school attached to what it's academy he then moved on to manchester city. in all the time i've been watching england they've been very few players to match the skills of sam show but the fact he had to go to
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dortmund to get 1st team football sums up the next issue. the mega rich premier league has recruited more technically gifted stars from across the globe giving homegrown players less chance to shine the influx means something when players have not been regulars for their clubs in the 2920 season only 35.6 percent of players starting in the premier league well if you will for england the lowest in europe's top 5 leagues in spain it was 60 percent. the good news for england is that the 35.6 percent was over 5 percent more than the season before skilful foreigners are also rubbing off on young english talent like manchester city's creative midfielder phil foden. we can so i think it's england's biggest problem some players and many fans would
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much rather their club side won a big title than the english national team. for such a small country england is very tribal when it comes to football a working class newcastle fan would often say they have little in common with a well off chelsea supporter liverpool the manchester may be very close but liverpool the manchester united stars in the 2000. children england such was a rivalry not good for team spirit. sables when you consider having lunch and dinner or whatever it. was. spoke. during training because the competitive levels at that time so it's all in. the gas are so intense in the premier league when chelsea manchester united. to the current england teams clearly get on better than them were 4th in 2019 while the women were 3rd and 4th in their last 2 world cups more technical players are playing more regularly with bricks in
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the coronavirus boosting those stats even more plus this england team is more likeable. pretty good joe. sort of bringing the team down so we're not. going to help them in some of their relationship with the press i don't think the relationship between events even in the media. i think is good so i think generally from an image point of view and from a. much better now than probably they have been. in recent history when it comes to the 2022 world cup direct to more reasons for optimism in november starting in the middle of the english league season should help england without a winter break like say in germany england players are normally too knackered by the time of junto non-pros around one small there are 5 big european football
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nations it's a league one in 2006 spain 2010 germany 2014 and france 2018 don't you think it's england's time in 2022. as for the euros we've had some unexpected winners such as good luck greece and portugal i think england have it in them to finally prove the doubters wrong and lift a no trophy. for . high culture. high hair. superman. superfood stylish style icon. lifestyle your. hero.
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if it can save the environment. but it's be mercilessly cut dead at least forest. it is being destroyed by modern cultures and logging. activists want to save this natural resource with some new concept of the forest rescuers the nor'easters of the food supply to keep. the crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series continues in the only disowns are available online and of course you can share and discuss on t.w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms to crime fighters to mindanao.
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just to let you know how it's we can only get from one room to the next on the flex line 10 meters above the ground we find out how one spaniard converted and old church into a very unusual hope later in the show. and with that a very warm welcome to a new addition.


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