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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2021 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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this is deviously news live from berlin the country commemorates instead 106 years on armenia remembers the massacre of its people under autumn and rule us president joe biden angers ancora by recognizing the atrocity as genocide also coming up. india scrambles to secure enough oxygen to treat unprecedented numbers of covert 19 patients with a health care system crumbling amid the world's worst ever coronavirus surge medical experts are warning the situation will get a lot worse before it improves. and i'm going to slay the football mind speed byron
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munich preventing them from cleaning their 9 street championship at least for another week. i'm going to have you with us turkey has reacted angrily after u.s. president joe biden formally recognized the armenian genocide which took place during the ottoman era has summoned the u.s. ambassador over the remarks in his statement and said he and all americans honor the memory of all those are meaning ince who perished and of genocide that began exactly 160 years ago thousands of people in armenia as capital yerevan have been commemorating the mass killings deportations and forced marches.
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marching forward to look back. and officials lead the nation in commemorating the horrors of the past the procession at this hilltop memorial in the capital we haven't included prime minister nicole passion yann members of the public to streamed in to honor the dead and they welcomed the announcement from washington formally recognizing those past events as a genocide. so i think it's a great thing that biden recognizes the armenian genocide because the us are a major country and it might have an effect on turkey. we've been waiting for this for years we wanted this before biden many made promises trump did and so did those before him and we waited. in 1915 a 1000000 armenians were brutally murdered by ottoman turks many more were deported
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and sent on death marches into the syrian desert. and armenians have long campaigned for the crimes against their people to be recognized internationally as genocide. turkey argues that there was no systematic attempt to wipe out armenians and no such order from the ottoman authorities. but nearly 30 countries have recognized the atrocities as genocide. many armenians would consider the diplomatic spots over terminology a distraction from the memory of atrocities of more than a century ago that haunts the nation to this day. earlier we spoke to sunni so muskaan day in washington about the significance of a u.s. president formally recognizing the systematic killing of armenians as genocide president biden's decision to designate the massacre of armenians as genocide is
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a significant one for decades u.s. presidents have avoided using this word out of fear of angering turkey which is seen as an important partner and a nato ally of course and president reagan was the last president to use the word genocide in 1901 and since then u.s. presidents have sidestepped the issue until president biden who broke with this predecessors and followed through on a campaign promise now the by an administration says it wanted to make this move because human rights are front and center to their foreign policy approach but it also comes at a time where u.s. ties with turkey are extremely strained the u.s. is not happy that turkey purchased russian missile systems that actually targeted sanctions towards turkey they're not happy with turkey's role in libya and in syria and they're also not happy about what they see as a backsliding on democracy and human rights question so certainly these disagreements bolstered president biden in his decision and there is a sense among some administrative officials that because times are so bad they are
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ready and willing to deal with any blowback that might come from uncle ron. so we saw this kind of reporting there to india now where hospitals are launching desperate appeals for help as the health system there crumbles coronavirus infection rates in the country continue to break global records the government has given top priority to the transport of life saving oxygen but hospitals are running out of beds and supplies and are no longer admitting new patients. overwhelmed and under supplied this delhi hospital is one of thousands across india besieged by the country's 2nd coronavirus wave as the dead are carted off patients too sick to move languish on the pavement. helplessness spills into anger. her mother on the verge of death a woman cries this hospital is useless. inside
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there's almost no room to stand and patients are forced to share beds. there's disbelief that hospitals are under equipped to deal with the crisis distraught relatives appealed to the government for help. please. do something and these release some offshoots of life people lead here we believe but it is here we are made here you can leave wards they are there even leaving injections. you believe medicines health experts blame the search on a highly contagious variant that hit after the government declared victory over the virus in january now it's urging patience. no but. when encountered with serenity and be sure that's the most people get well by taking care of themselves at home. there's no need to create panic and run to hospitals for little things
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for service but oxygen and medicine are not little things for people battling to breathe with the underfunded health system in a state of paralysis others are stepping in to help the sikh temple in delhi has secured oxygen for the infected. room to their most girl members there are people dying at home because they lack oxygen and others who aren't getting any help from the administration or a hospital we are helping to save lives in the wardroom recover guard our authorities are now diverting industrial oxen. and for medical use and wrapping up efforts to get it to hospitals quickly in the world but even when supplies arrive india will need more than just oxygen to contain its devastating 2nd wave. of stuff you have to speed on some other stories making headlines around the world at this hour at least 23 people have died in a fire at a baghdad hospital that provides treatment for coronavirus patients officials say the blaze was triggered by the explosion of at least one oxygen cylinder
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firefighters rushed to the scene to put out the flames and evacuate patients from the intensive care unit. demonstrators have gathered in jerusalem to call for peace amid a flare up and tensions in the city there's been near nightly unrest between palestinians and israelis since the start of the muslim holy month of ramadan in mid april israel's prime minister is appealing for calm on all sides. thousands have taken to the streets of london to protest the british government's code with 19 policies many of those vaccines shots and potential vaccine passports allowing travel with half the british population vaccinated the government is gradually relaxing restrictions remaining measures are said to be phased out by late june. russia has deployed navy warships to the black sea off the disputed crimean
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peninsula it says it will block vessels belonging to foreign governments from sailing through the strategic area ukraine the e.u. and nato say the restrictions contravene international maritime law. today is world malaria day billions of people around the world are at risk of the disease the fight against it has made huge leaps in the decade since it started but the coronavirus pandemic is set to undo years of progress back and 29000 malaria killed more than 400000 people but estimates for last year's death toll are almost double back to levels last seen 2 decades ago. malaria hits children the hardest the disease is spread by mosquitoes but it's preventable and treatable. according to the w.h.o. 21 countries eliminated malaria in the last 2 decades. but due to the current
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a pandemic it's harder for patients to be seen by doctors and be tested and diagnosed if you cover malaria infection especially if you're a child or pregnant woman and you don't get adequate treatment quite well then you can die barrier. was severe malaria and from the child being well to being dead within. malaria symptoms also complicate matters fever is one of the main indicators just like for cope with 19 another hurdle for medical care. mosquito nets 5 to controlling the spread of the disease the given out on a house by house basis not ideal during a pandemic. malaria is spreading and the current vaccine is only 40 percent effective when you come to date has just been shown. to be highly effective in trials. but for now the existing vaccine topples with
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a growing resistance to malaria drugs across africa that's where the disease is most prevalent if it resurges it won't only research in the countries where it is at the moment it will it go into other countries and we know that. malaria was common in europe even till about 70 years ago and. with climate change and the spread of mosquitoes who are. possible that it will come back into europe. but isn't certain human trials for malaria vaccines using m r n a technology similar to that used against cave it on the horizon. so there's a chance that covert 19 could not only make the malaria epidemic worse it could also shed light on how to end it. in the business like a virus meaning travel to mines on saturdays knowing a win would seal the league championship the hosts of come on fighting and recent
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weeks as they bid to avoid relegation and they served up a shock here that irons title champagne on ice for now. in this league of fans had seen this movie before buying the main feature. of the star turn another title would be inevitable happy ending. points were cast as the fall guy but they hadn't read the script a 6 game unbeaten run has breathed new life into their bid to speak really geisha and when they showed their renewed confidence when you're not on work hard you could frontage of and cut it to mystically generous goalkeeping from manuel neuer to put them one no up after just 3 minutes. and they weren't finished there. was a drop in price on scored on 37 minutes to double binds his lead. the battle scarred hosts went into the break to know up against byron for the 2nd time this season last time they shipped 5 without reply in the 2nd half but this time
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they held firm propelling barnes onslaught as the champions of your attacker after attacker eric maxine was the man foil this time. he did grab his usual goal for minutes into injury time as he pulled. alexander fox there are to make it 36 league rules for the season an inch closer to go rulers record but it came too late we're going to turn things around and. they must wait a little bit longer to celebrate the 9th street title but the day belonged to millions they celebrated as if they'd already avoided the drop coach bill spence and will be delighted to have built their really good should rivals a huge psychological blow. also on saturday doughton being vols spoke to nail to keep their champions league alive thanks to a pair of goals from ending holland
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a major blunder by reed lovebox who fed the ball straight to holland and he had no 2nd to the taishan to open the scoring it was the young norwegians 24th goal of the season and with dot long to a man down in the 2nd half holland netted is 25th the 2nd most in the league there's no stopping him as he barreled forward with only the keeper defeats. take a look at all the going to sleep the results so far on match day $31.00 laver cozen be fined for it there is a mind to win against byron munich and dot was against false book when he won berlin defeated braman and 5 or share the spoils with hof and haim on friday cologne snuck past alex book and on sunday lunch he will take on stud got and will battle it out with benefits crisis stricken shock and get a break this week as had to have her lens covert quarantine has caused their clash to be postponed. more sports coming up next on sports life this time with
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a look at why the english men's soccer team has been flopping since 966 well i have a news update for you at the top of the hour and remember there's always more information on our website that's g w dot com on the culturally for me and the entire team here in berlin so much for a company. my 1st boss a motorist sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this social influence even something as simple as a journey home to write about is that it goes isn't. since i was in the doing good i wanted to have both guys said that off my home and it took me years to been there . finally they gave up and went to buy in the end i say but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apropos reach for goods than writing advice.


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