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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2021 1:00am-1:31am CEST

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this is due to leave years live from berlin a country commemorates its debt on 106 years on armenia remembers the massacre of its people under autumn and ruled u.s. president joe biden angers an anchor out by recognizing the atrocity as genocide also coming to india scrambles to secure enough oxygen to treat unprecedented
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number of covert 9000 patients with the health care system crumbling under the weight of the world's worst ever a coronavirus surge many blame the government for not predicting a foreseeable disaster. and then bundesliga football lines would be byron munich preventing them from claiming $39.00 straight championship at least for another week. and go for good to have you with us turkey has reacted angrily after u.s. president joe biden formally recognized the armenian genocide which took place during the ottoman era has summoned the u.s. ambassador over the remarks in a statement said he and all americans honor the memory of all those are meaningless
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who perished in a genocide that began exactly 106 years ago thousands of people in armenia s. capital year upon have been commemorating the mass killings deportations and forced marches. marching forward to look back many and officials lead the nation in commemorating the horrors of the past the procession of this hilltop memorial in the capital we haven't included prime minister nicole passion yann members of the public to streamed in to honor the dead and they welcomed the announcement from washington formally recognizing those past events as a genocide. i think it's a great thing that biden recognizes the armenian genocide because the us are a major country and it might have an effect on turkey. we've been waiting for this for years we wanted this before biden many made promises trump did and so did those
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before him and he waited. in 1915 a 1000000 armenians were brutally murdered by ottoman turks many more were deported and sent on death marches into the syrian desert. armenians have long campaigned for the crimes against their people to be recognized internationally as genocide. turkey argues that there was no systematic attempt to wipe out armenians and no such order from the ultimate authority. but nearly 30 countries have recognized the atrocities as genocide many armenians would consider the diplomatic spats over terminology a distraction from the memory of atrocities of more than a century ago that haunts the nation to this day.
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earlier was focusing as a mask on and washington about the significance of a u.s. president formally recognizing the systematic killing of armenians as genocide. president biden's decision to designate the massacre of armenians as genocide is a significant one for decades u.s. presidents have avoided using this word out of fear of angering turkey which is seen as an important partner and a nato ally of course and president reagan was the last president to use the word genocide in 1901 and since then u.s. presidents have sidestepped the issue until president biden who broke with this predecessors and followed through on their campaign promise now the biden administration says it wanted to make this move because human rights are front and center to their foreign policy approach but it also comes at a time where u.s. ties with turkey are extremely strained the u.s. is not happy that turkey purchased russian missile systems that actually targeted sanctions towards turkey they're not happy with turkey's role in libya and in syria
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and they're also not happy about what they see as a backsliding on democracy and human rights question so certainly these disagreements bolstered president biden in his decision and there is a sense among some administrative officials that because times are so bad they are ready and willing to deal with any blowback that might come from uncle ron. in washington and for the other side of the story we spoke to our correspondent dorian jones in istanbul about the anger biden's decision has sparked in turkey. scandalous is what the turkish foreign ministry said in a statement saying this is inflicted deep wounds to turkish u.s. relations while the president of egypt typer the one and a message to the istanbul armenian patriarca said that this issue should be resolved by historians and shouldn't be allowed to be exploited by 3rd party political opportunists while the turkish foreign minister met
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a charter show low in a tweet said that turkey does need any lectures on on its history and said that this was a great wound to injustice and. peace in the country so a lot of anger also turkey's or main opposition parties have also fallen into line with the government with the noted exception of the. d.p. which does recognize the armenian genocide so there's a great deal of anger in the country and why there is not only a feeling of of injustice historically but also the fear that the growing movement of recognizing armenian genocide could open up turkey to claims of international reparations from relatives of those killed but despite the high stakes there's been no talk of retaliation for monk or no cause reports of recalling past it or back to turkey or even restricting the use of a key military air base of injury look which is used by the americans and it does appear that turkey wants to look beyond this crisis because it is aware the relations are rock bottom with the u.s. and he's looking to rebuild those relations and present one has agreed apparently
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to meet with president biden in june on the sidelines on the nato summit. story in jones to india now where hospitals are launching desperate appeals for help as the health system crumbles coronavirus infection rates in the country continue to break global records the government has given top priority to the transport of life saving oxygen but hospitals are running out of beds and supplies and are no longer admitting new patients the situation is particularly dire in the capital dili. fighting for breath these patients outside a covert 1000 hospital in delhi are among the fortunate ones. the clinic is overwhelmed and lacks free beds but at least it still has oxygen to administer to the most gravely ill among the steady flow of new arrivals. to this edition right down here is really what it was too good to go in the older full control. the stuff
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is really cooperative but due to the old crowding also the fault meanwhile on the walking casualty it is different they're deploying to equal treatment to all the division for the next 5 years if i get your division sorry for. these scenes are no exception across the country hospitals are full and turning stricken patients away many are critically low on oxygen supplies as india 2nd wave sets global records for new daily infections social media are flooded with stories of people desperately trying to secure oxygen for loved ones. ordinary that day without the regret that i. could not afford. to speed up deliveries indian railways has launched an oxygen express service ferrying supplies directly from production plants like a beacon of hope the 1st train arrives in maharashtra one of the hardest hit states
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where more than 62000 people have lost their lives to the virus at the delhi hospital a. men heaved their brother out of a rickshaw they tried to get him admitted earlier but were sent home now they learned it's too late to save him. the father of 5 is dead on arrival since he wasn't admitted to the hospital or taken to its morgue his death is unlikely to be counted in the city swiftly rising official told. a socket you have to speed on some other stories making headlines around the world. demonstrators have gathered in jerusalem to call for peace summit a flare up in tensions in the city there has been near nightly under arrest between palestinians and israelis since the start of the muslim holy month of ramadan in mid april israel's prime minister is appealing for calm on all sides. syria says a drone has attacked on
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a rainy an oil tanker filled with fuel off its mediterranean coast line human rights monitors said 3 people aboard the vessel have died iran has been shipping fuel to syrian government allies state media is blaming the attack on israel which isn't commenting on the incident. thousands have taken to the streets of london to protest the british government's kovac 19 policies many oppose vaccine shots and potential vaccine passports allowing travel with house of the british population vaccinated the government is gradually relaxing restrictions remaining measures are set to be phased out by late 2. navy officials in indonesia saying they have found items from the submarine that went missing last wednesday crushing hopes of the crew survival the submarine disappeared and this area off the island of bali injuring training exercises and was classified as missing but
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indonesia's navy says it now it is officially declaring it a sunken vessel several countries have sent warships and aircraft to help with the search. weaknesses of the courier and then go is lost on objects recovered from the sea apart fragment. the greaseball to even a person that they live be indonesian navy to conclude it submarine is lost. with authentic evidence believed to be from the cave. at the moment we have raised the status from the missing to so sunk. the vessel had been missing since wednesday neighboring countries in the us scinto including the specialized american record of croft. and navy ships fanned out to search the area but it was always a race against time the submarines air supply would have run out on saturday but
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the navy believes the $53.00 silence on board met their fight even earlier the indications that the vessel sank to depths well below its limits what a precious a crushing it is how it remains unclear why the crew lost control over the 40 year old german built sub but with much of innovations fleet obsolete the loss of the care and gala was an accident waiting to happen. so starts now and the fun nestle buying munich travel to mines on saturday knowing a win would seal the li championship but the hosts have come out fighting in recent weeks as they bid to avoid relegation and they served up a shock here and put fines title champagne on ice. when this league of fans had seen this movie before buying the main feature. to start another title with the inevitable happy ending. points were cast as the fall guy but they hadn't read the
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script a 6 game unbeaten run has breathed new life into their bid to skate with a geisha and when they showed their renewed confidence when you're not on your card you could frontage of and cut it to mystically generous goalkeeping from manuel neuer to put them up after just 3 minutes. and they weren't finished. drop in price on scored on 37 minutes to double mind his lead. the battle scarred hosts went into the break to know up against by on for the 2nd time this season last time they shipped 5 without reply in the 2nd half but this time they held firm repelling by onslaught as the champions threw on attack after attack eric. was the month foiled this time. he did grab his usual goal 4 minutes into it as he punched on alexander to make it 36 league goals for
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the season an inch closer to go miller's record but it came too late for biron to turn things around and. they must wait a little bit longer to celebrate a 9th street title but the day belonged to months they celebrated as if they'd already avoided the drop coachable stenson will be delighted to have dealt their relegation rivals a huge psychological blow. also on saturday dot when both spoke to mill to keep their champions league hopes alive thanks to a pair of goals from elling holland a major blunder by replay baku fed the ball straight to holland who needed no 2nd invitation to open the scoring it was the young norwegians 24th goal of the season with top one to a man down in the 2nd half net it is 25th the 2nd most in the league
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there is no stopping him as he barreled forward with only the keeper to be. more sports coming up next in sports life this time with a look at why the english men's soccer team has been flopping since 966 we'll have a news update for you at the top of the hour and remember there's always more information on our website misty w dot com for me and the entire team here in berlin thank you so much for your company. what secrets lie behind teams will. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world her 2 starts with. the w. world her to just 363 get to know. how does
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a virus spread. why do we parent and friend we'll. just through the tech. weekly radio broadcast. if you would like and the more information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your pod cast you can also find us and. sign. when. the current crop of england players are desperate to end a long curse which all started falling piece a story oh. the 966 world cup triumph is england's so major tournament
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victory you can't go far in england without seeing a clip of jeff 1st actually strike is repeated constantly. i want to find out why such a proud 4 walling nation with the richest league in the world the inventors of the game have been so bad that international football since that day when billy. has there been too much pressure after such a long trophy drought oh well cups and euros did too few english players play regularly for their clubs and are many of them frankly just not skilled enough. oh look rivalries in the premier league devalue the english national team. england football fans like me i've been in agony for decades every 2 years it's the same could this be the moment but deep down we all know it will end in failure
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let's have a look at how in the days when a fed had some major tone words since 966. despite heroics from bobby moore in 1970 and gold in banks england's title defense ended in the quarters terrible seventy's pitches led to technical shortcomings and england didn't qualify again for a world cup until. 982. we saw in the with this and kevin keegan. but that was as good as it got and the less said about the euros or the era the better. gary lineker at least ended up as a top scorer in $86.00 in mexico but arguably the failings of keeper peter shilton on the big stage and the utter cheek of diego maradona plus the sheer brilliance dumped england out in the last 8. bobby robson was still in charge of a $990.00 in italy
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a world cup fondly remembered by the english because of john bond's rapping on the official world in motion songs. because they reached the semifinal with west germany. but paul kass points tears were iconic as they cracked under the pressure of their 1st major penalty shoot outs which would become a recurring and extrusion 18 fim. england lost to france peckham bauer's eventual winners it's in the player alan hopes and shared their pain. are a lottery. and sometimes oh god oh god you know why you're just not german not better than we did it change the law we had a very confident squad at that time. and it was again it was it was it was touching down. went through to 966 didn't go through.
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euro 96 was on home soil and hopes were high among fans the famous song 3 lions was born but in the end football wasn't coming home. he went out to the germans in the same nice current coach care of south gate with another dreaded shootout miss fan trouble followed the exit another recurring envious trait. terry venables left after coming so close. it would have been something else if we could have pulled that off and we had the best manager and try regrettable and he'd pay the difference between venables was the best they were if you now come. to misery continued so by 2001 england had their 1st foreign manager sweets then your own eriksson previously had success in italy and his 1st 2 tournaments showed promise but the british tabloids devalued his personal life. the 2006 world cup was meant
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to be england's time the golden generation with rooney and general but the wives and girlfriends all wags including to pop stars were allowed at the camp it became too much of a media circus and the pressure on the team was akin to intense. destiny sink the unity never looked more hot. i think that's important to them looking like an american terrorists millionaire. look and i think. it was probably the most extreme example of where that just went completely ridiculous. it was a painful penalty shootout defeat in the quarters to portugal and eriksson left next up with steve mclaren who earned the nickname the wally with the brawley after failing to reach euro 2008 in pitiful fashion another foreign manager was then brought in suppose it tougher talian fabio capello i'm very proud owner.
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to be the england manager. this job for a long time. this english was never quite up to scratch which hardly help with communicating with his players his football was bad as well germany france and england for one in the 2010 world cup last 16 and this time the germans didn't even need penalties. lots more to mco followed until euro 96 fall guy gareth southgate took over waistcoat you know ahead of the 2018 world cup. the tournament in russia we came helping them to finish 4th they even and the death penalty shootout beating colombia in the last 16 as part of their revival. the relief of fans was palpable in the previously going out of 6 major tournaments in sport ok. so can se continue england's new dawn all the
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same problems the english national team can change jersey designs all you like but fundamental problems remain let's examine for reasons why england normally flow. having gone so long without success the psychological burden on the england team is arguably higher than any other nation so much failure can really weigh on the minds of players but is it beginning to change. thank. you. any generation who were born in the eighty's they market a lot that i get 5 think that's because expectations still quite hard outside the generation that sort of. said southgate generation the one that's currently playing him i'm in the one that 20 and say well i don't think i feel a lot but i think expectations been achieved some just declared over the years
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england can look to another big football nation for spain and enjoy decades of 2 before winning euro 2008 the 2010 world cup. and euro 2012. spain success leads us to another problem for england unlike the spanish english players have been viewed as not a skilful despite the f.a. spending millions on a new performance center. a crippling fear of making a mistake has often led players to take a safe option rather than trying that killer pass sometimes with the branding which leak but when i go up a notch to international level it is simply not good enough and the managers are. are to blame for that have been a great believer since i was a kid since not my early days with chelsea when we used to go around the world on.
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countries technically better than us. the likes of jayden san show maybe changing that image club academies have made a big difference teaching young english players skills from an early age son show even left home at 12 took border to school attached to what it's academy he then moved on to manchester city. in all the time i've been watching england they've been very few players to match the skills of sandstone but the fact he had to go to dortmund to get 1st team football sums up the next issue. the mega rich premier league has recruited more technically gifted stars from across the globe giving homegrown players less chance to shine the influx means some england players have not been regulars for their clubs in the 2920 season only 35.6 percent of players starting in the premier league well if you will for england
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the lowest in europe's top 5 leagues in spain it was 60 percent. the good news for england is that the 35.6 percent was over 5 percent more than the season before skilful foreigners are also rubbing off on young english talent like manchester city's creative midfielder phil foden. we come to what i think is england's biggest problem some players and many fans would much rather their club side won a big title than the english national team. for such a small country england is very tribal when it comes to football a working class newcastle fan would often say they have little in common with a well off chelsea supporter liverpool the manchester may be very close but liverpool the manchester united stars in the 2000 would snow breach of their own england duty such was their rivalry not good for team spirit. at their own stables
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when you can see him having lunch and dinner or whatever it. was bad he spoke. during training because the complexity levels that's hard so it made me like well since the gas was so intense in the premier league between chelsea manchester. the current england teams clearly get on better than them were 4th in 2019 while the women were 3rd and 4th in their last 2 world cups and more technical players are playing more regularly with bricks in the coronavirus boosting no stats even more plus this england team is more likeable. pretty good joe. sort of bringing the team down so we're not. going to help them in some of their relationship with the press i don't think the relationship between inseam and the media. i think is good and i think generally
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from an image point of view and from a p.r. . much better now than they have been. in recent history when it comes to the 2022 world cup direct 2 more reasons for optimism the november starting in the middle of the english league season should help england without a winter break like say in germany england players are normally too knackered by the time of june tournament rolls around what's more there are 5 things european football nations it's only one in 2006 spain 2010 germany 2014 and france 2018 don't you think it's england's time in 2022. for the euros we've had some unexpected winners such as can knock greece and portugal i think england have it in them to finally prove the doubters wrong and lift
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prevention. in 30 minutes w. . in the eye of climate change. africa. what's in store. for the future. come to make your city hall to get inside. the culture.


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