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thank you because that one little bit to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but that wasn't going to. you want to know their story and for migrants terrified for libel information for margaret's. welcome to a new edition of africa the environment show co-produced by and to be in uganda china's t.v. and large area d w in germany i'm chris owens here in lagos later we're taking you all our bike talk of cairo but 1st let me welcome my co-host sundra in uganda hello from compiler i understand the 3 of you and yes today we're going to be celebrating the bicycle and
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its contribution to playing the critics and also coming up on the show. interpreting your own produce experiences on a new book to. find out how solar energy is transforming the group of minutes between mining. and we visit contractors in the democratic republic of congo huge project out of plastic. and many large cities in africa have problems with constantly increasing both traffic and its. megacities in particular like cairo accompaniments trained anyone who has been stuck in one of its gems will. that change up to this venture into traffic and find it to make like an easier in the egyptian capital who went along for a life. it's
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an ordinary week day in cairo. is writing to work on her bicycle it's race to find people here in cairo commuting by bike in even more great to see him in month out cycling. back isn't evan looking to tim curry interbike fringes to do so finds it normal to cycle each day although it times it takes him you don't carry . she's seen 1st hand what improvements need to be made. i usually ride on the right hand side of the street that's where you get all the dust and garbage and the gases on the road as often damaged. people in cars don't expect to see bikers and when driver swerved to close to me can be dangerous. the streets alaeddin with obstacles of all kinds the cairo metropolitan area is the
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largest in africa with a population of over 21000000. vehicles and pedestrians all compete for space the egyptian authorities have gone to great effort to build bridges and widen highways in recent years they've built a 7000 kilometer long road network across the country. since the start of the pandemic there's been a slight increase in the number of cyclists in the egyptian capital at this bicycle shop in downtown cairo mohamedou street is not more people are wanting to buy bikes now. transportation is very crowded and during the pandemic some people have been afraid. you might catch the virus. they're looking for a bike to write instead. and also the volume of traffic ingestion in the city has
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caused people to realize that bicycles are actually a good way of getting it right by going to tell us a bit about it openly. but being who need to change you cycling is to gain wider appeal tub deal with is one of several initiatives looking to do that the startup was created in 2018 by 4 have been planners set up with private donations their work is now funded by the arab council for social sciences to deal 6 to make cycling more viable it also gathers data on the existing in projected number of cyclists their commuting routes and back to the 50 good to see. to hop on a bike at the united nations habitat office in cairo research is also being done in 2 ways to improve the city's infrastructure for cyclists and other wood uses. we want to have cycle paths in the city center and also bike sharing this will require changes in the layout of the streets. if 70 percent of travel is done
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either on foot by bike or by public transport then 70 percent of the street needs to be dedicated to those modes of transport. that the. u. n. habitat ses public transport is used for 55 percent to hold journeys in cairo while cycling and walking accounts for 13 percent cycling groups and no popping up in different parts of the city. lego bike created by kids cyclists mohammed tell me he got the idea while living in europe were he not to some people using bicycles is the main more of transport. of our morning car engine people to get cyclists because we want to reduce the number of cars taxis and buses on a. bus or someone travelling a short distance of 5 to 6 kilometers let's say to the supermarket or visiting friends they could go bye bye. which would be
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a better option and secure gesture. so. they go by the group meets every friday morning in a different part of. space by buying little for those in heaven for what everybody is welcome to join in this campaign and it's a great idea and it's well organized this is the main reason i decided to join i tried once before and this is my 2nd time it was a funny mark. on this day approximately pick 2 right. it's covering the distance of over 12 kilometers on clay roads. that have the right of. making it right in the eye opener for many in the city and highlighting how cycling can be made to be too clean but. you know. if we had proper infrastructure and a psychopath that kept me away from the cons and all the obstacles it would be so
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much better. it would really improve my daily ride to work. and i'd like people to get used to seeing cyclists and women cyclists to bikes are not just for men. like getting muscular again and start has been made but it's clear they still a long road ahead. wow amazing let us hope that more and more people soft using bikes to get along but now let's switch gears with reporter the 1st of the problems with this also and. that's right it's everywhere and most of it isn't biodegradable so one way of dealing with it is to collect a recycle it in the letters of your birth series with someone who's fault of very creative way of talking trash and turn it into something colorful.
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companies are to strengthen google specializes in portraits but instead of using paint and brushes he create his work from plastic bags recovered from garbage. and he finds plenty where he lives on the outskirts of kinshasa waste management in the capital since he is virtually non-existent vision she declared i said to myself i'll turn the dirty plastic bags littering our city into artworks that are valued it's a message to others to find better ways to dispose of trash. the. connects plastic waste from this landfill site. then washes it. and hangs it in the sun to draw an. ultra preliminary sketch he then uses the plastic to fill in the finished what he can usually complete one but in just a few hours. this is
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a portrait of the late ten's an eon president john mica foodie. friend google has competed and number of course with the famous begins his work generates a lot of interest. in known by his monika a robot designed somewhat sell for up to $400.00 his dream is to go through it and study it. it's the. end how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet. hash tag doing your bit. sharing your story. recycling plastic is well solution both think better of the environment and b if we all boarded the to the 1st place. no one berlin thought so and set up our
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own plus the free pocket doing business based on strict ethical and them to prince oppose all the local businesses and as a showing it's possible to the source of the ball as titles. rolls and rolls of patterned material. and her husband are selecting the most suitable to use for their next batch of beeswax wraps. says i and you all watch we use organic cotton coated with a layer of bees wax tree resin and to hobo oil the 3. ponens together of what we paint on to the material the mixture is the secret behind the wraps. and the great thing is that these wax cloth allows food to breathe at the same time as keeping it moist. condensation doesn't develop. and that's basically why plastic wrap food often goes your own. songs and i'm. plastic.
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the mother of 2 developed her prototypes 3 years ago in her own kitchen with lots of wax and an iron she'd come across bees wax cloth while she was studying to be a graphics designer in the us. since we were always using so much plastic cling film which can't be recycled i thought ok bees wax cloth is a great alternative but i want to know what it's made of and i want to use raw materials from europe that's how i started making it in my kitchen. there's a lot of manual work involved the high level of wax in the mixture means the cloth stick together once they're made they have to be separated by hand cristina's our insists on manufacturing in berlin and pays her employees fairly. so to beeswax cloths are quite expensive at 10 euros but they can be really used for
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up to a year. christine as business idea has created 20 jobs here. there are plenty of women who want to go out in profits and it's important thing to them but by and large the gym data really speaks very directly to this this idea that when it comes to prayer ties and social tools of my own mental goals and economic goals men tend to breyer ties economic goals or other goals women tend to pray or try as social goals or other goals part of women's entrepreneurship right now is entrepreneurship in general is seeing this the emergence of what we call impact investing and use social entrepreneurship. it can be a long slog before a female entrepreneur can live off her profits in berlin's meant to distract the vibe of a chaffed female entrepreneurs center helps women who want to become self-employed it offers support in developing a business plan brokering micro credits there's even
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a daycare center it's this support that the more than 70 members value about this co-operative treasure and also need as my home follows the spirit of a 1st of all it's far harder for a woman to set up an business there's a systemic disadvantage in that women here in germany they're supposed to take on the nurturing work meaning they do much more work in the family and they earn less than men that raises the hurdles for setting up a business women tend to found service companies rather than tech companies and it's hard for them to find commercial space which also needs to be close to home so that they can also take care of the family. the own for profit before moving all by its allies. the rents in the co-operative are well below average something fashion designer cutting the yard on benefits from. she's been producing her own fashion collections for 10 years her materials are all organic made in
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weaving mills in germany austria and elsewhere in europe. she wants to take a stand against the fast turnover cheap textiles industry. mock what we buy today is definitely too cheap so basically you shouldn't be able to sell clothing at those prices because i know what the costs here are like even if we consider economies of scale what's on offer here is still too cheap that devalues the garments along with the people who make them we simply can't do that to each other . ethically made high value clothes have their price address here cost 600 euros a top 170 cotton says the priority for her customers used to be being well dressed now many have a keen interest in where the clothes are made because tina also found customers quickly her beeswax wraps are now sold in $1000.00 shops across europe the annual
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turnover is a 7 figure sum. but she doesn't want to exports to asia africa or the u.s. . as it's not hard to get i wanted to make a sustainable product right from the start because i said to myself we have these role materials in europe if we shipped them overseas the c o 2 emissions would be catastrophic. but she can imagine setting up production abroad using locally sourced raw materials and a local office for the local market. we head back to offer tough one next report did you know that only 50 percent of the population in rwanda has access to clean water flowing to the country to visit alone trusted or running the projects aiming to remedy the situation while also creating jobs. not all.
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the no but on will run does longest riva provides water to many communities along its banks. here in ca guma nearly a 1000 people fix water from the b. but they leave. but the brown water use and since the green. could still quiz it it does not want to pull its not in 2011 she went to the u.s. and with a degree in mechanical engineering. when she returned home she started a company called want to access wonder. they always say what i was very reliable and you know how to jazz and so when i returned to rwanda was a wife and 3 have reliable what when i started the company i was much affected by
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addressing to me if the need for clean water and for employment so i sought to create employment for young people within the water sector. to bring clean water to these communities she hires young technicians to bring 4 water phobia by lex and then try to lead to a distribution point. still aims to give jobs to unemployed university graduates since founding a company in 24000 has one multiple awards for how work this little mission has given high young company i. so i want funding has been great for us. that has a female lead young company we've been able to get so much of nation and some with kushal words it really helps us with we've been able to buy that for the team gets nice computers for everybody we've been able to buy a car build a storage facility and other facilities for the. district
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2022. of them. but still make sure no one is left behind. because business. or the companies. that he's part of the water access one day. before she was an employee. of the being invited to one of his. she joined the company this opportunity to change her life. as. like many of us i didn't have a job i had to ask my parents for everything because i was broke today things have changed and now i can support my family paying school fees for my brothers and
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sisters i'm happy with this job. because tell us predict is clearly having a positive impact here but this ambitious businesswoman wants to play one that there is currently 450000000 sub-saharan africans who don't have access to clean drinking water once every last one of them has access to piped clean water in their homes not having to walk outside of their homes to access it then i can say i'm done. it's a long way to go but she is adamant i keep. all the children to. one giant problem and when you're in it is normal to see the picture you. mean by living a little the changing lady if you're gonna eat it. how will climate change
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affect us and our children. were w dot com slash water. now from water to the song a good result only utilized which is alarming because it has so many possible uses especially here in africa yes for example in money there is a tiny vocal colossus that house to to using. the big idea implemented on the small scale the company a role model for many other communities and come make a big difference in the business or for the environment let's take a look. these young people are acquiring skills the open door seeing an opportunity is. here in this tennis workshop of the town of cory they're learning how to make clothes professionally. passing sanogo is
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teaching them how to sew traditional garments like boost and run as. but. i set up this workshop to teach young people to say. the shortage of options here meant they had to go elsewhere to learn skills. to business center allows them to learn trades right here i thought i'm going to call them. solar energy to make this possible it supplies the no goes to the shop with electricity as it is the other stablish most of the small business area builds by an international development and geo. it's a mystery improve living conditions and fight against climate change and its impacts that includes helping people in rural areas to develop skills and find ways to earn a living ranch where they are. being part of the center and having access to electricity of an affordable price means a lot more is possible although i think. his energy bill is around 50 euros
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a month that even converse of a vocational opportunities to 30 young molly ends. this green business area inquiry opened 2 years ago thanks for steady supply of electricity this comp and can be more productive. 50 small businesses have already set up shop equally g.d.a. including a community radio station. and for the 1st time people here can get ice which can be used to keep food fresh longer. is in charge of keeping the solar plant operating smoothly it replaced the dirty and noisy generators previously used to generate electricity the system produces around 40000 kilowatt hours a year on average that's enough to keep more than $400.00 standard refrigerators operating for an entire year mark i think that the energy generated by the solar
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panels is more than sufficient. and if there is an overproduction i think it will balance out eventually because not all the businesses have been established yet. all of the structures here are climatic and were built of clay and natural stores because of the age old movie involved technique escapes the building school of hot days and warm at night. 150 kilometers north of tory indiana good as is busy setting up another g.t.a. the solar panels aren't yet installed but soon so my last family will be making speed furniture here. for the ribbon on i've been eager to use other machines like a lathe and a plane or but i haven't had enough electricity you can't run those machines with the kind of generator i have and i would say to my you know. huge of a c.
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the project is g.v. a program manager. there are already 4 sites up and running in mali the french and geo has plans to develop several more sites in the country within the next few years. said to be with those sort of central to the idea is to engage people on location to involve members of the local community . in the process of setting up the infrastructure that's very important. it's also our objective to support sustainable development aim of securing access to clean energy to everyone in the area by 2030 if you do me part them fake surveyed if you . were backing cory as consumers in goes to the shop. my needs and godrej is here every day improving his skills the chance to learn a trade has given her a job perspective. i'm not going to bow out of her after i complete the training i want to set up my own what shop my husband is
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a teacher so if we move i could also do this somewhere else. so the palace has enabled people like a sim civil to set up shop near home eliminating the need to move to cities for work could help curb the rule exodus. we'll make a lot of impressive women in the show today who've come up with some. genius ways of improving a viral mental protection we hope you feel inspired us we do join us again next week who bought from lagos nigeria and a bike for me to here in kampala uganda thank you all for watching if you want to find out more of all environment if you get sick i want to also have media channels and send us your feedback so you next time.
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carina. friedberg. this could have been if you want to shelter in a sustainable way when freiburg a feat that likes to claim to be a leader in ecology and fema do it in germany. just days nor is that the meat field a. chicken. w. . in good shape. the difference in genetic material is all it
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takes men and women gets it differently. and gender medicine takes this distinction seriously as a man or woman wants to know when it comes to health for better medical treatment and prevention. good shape. in 60 minutes on d w. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. the magic corner chicken. hot spot for families. and some great cultural memorials to boot. w. trouble off we go. to
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. the more. current. the pros you know war zone. those poles smolder. slow movers moons. is no. known law. for a boom boom boom. boom. boom. boom slow.
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the stupidly of years life from berlin a country commemorates its debt on 106 years on armenia from members of the massacre of its people under automatic rule to us president joe biden angers on corrupt by recognizing the atrocity as genocide also coming to india scrambles to secure and enough oxygen.


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