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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2021 9:15pm-9:31pm CEST

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ochsner to make it 36 league goals for the season an inch closer to get miller's record but it came too late for byard to turn things around and. they must wait a little bit longer to celebrate a 9th straight title but the day belonged to meit's they celebrated as if they'd already avoided the drop coachable suspension will be delighted to have dealt their relegation rivals a huge psychological blow. you're up to date on the w. news omarion and stephen thanks for watching. i mean. the lead up lol. people have to say matters to us. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on t
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w. forests provide us with raw material enhance biological diversity and help protect the climate but our forests are at risk. they're threatened by climate change and are ruthlessly exploited by industry and illegal logging. but some foresters and activists who want to preserve our woodlands are taking a different approach to. the city of loopback in north western germany has owned a communal forest for hundreds of years for the past 3 decades the forest has been maintained using what's called a close to major approach it's a departure from what has become standard forestry practice in germany. but force.
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is making it work. what we do differently we have a lot of patience and let nature take its course when you try to speed things up and make everything grow bigger taller baster the local ecosystem suffers that's exactly what foresters are doing their goal is to have trees grow as quickly as possible so that they can harvest as much wood as possible in the shortest amount of time inside the plant would. that nature knows best his approach has detractors but he gets results the trees here are largely free of bark beetles and there's little damage due to drought in other places large areas of woodland have been clear cut due to be told infestations humam yet are making the same mistake they made in 1980 and in the years after the storms we trying to get rid of capsize trees and get everything growing again as quickly as possible but any time
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you remove a tree if you get more sun shining in then you're vulnerable to wood boring beetles you created the problem yourself managing the forest that way leads to infestations and it's pointless where there's an infestation you won't earn a thing for the. in the loopback forest the small handful of dead trees that were infested by bark beetles aren't felt can your charms colleague your best go explains. your goals. these are tunnels and chambers made by beatles but the beatles along gone these trees pose no threat to the forest they're useful there are good bugs in there that's doing it than good bugs like insects that prey on bark beetles if as when we have problems with box beetles we try to find the trees with fresh infestations work on those we remove but the ones nearby are left standing that way we don't have any gobs on
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incarceration. there aren't many trees with an active bark beetle infestation in this forest. the 2 foresters are searching near a fallen tree. the dog helps. it it's possible that some beetles have landed on a nearby tree come on. or one side is when there's resin flowing out. but we can't say for sure and usually would be a bit further out so we'd have to take the tree down mises is a vital woman with us was newborn it's fine should we do. so mr hogg of my studies coming with a chainsaw and we'll take a look over the stuff. the trees here are ready for market and would have been felled anyway it's a good opportunity to see if there are bark beetles here. i know you. go to the other one know.
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that you forester is head over to take a look but don't find any signs of bark beetles is that it's. no use to. thinking. human i want to take 5 meters for the raw dollars there are no bottles down here no tunnels nothing is for an os going on in those trees over there if we check them we'd find tunnels under the bottom old infestations from oscar through his yeah that's what we were looking for but the woodpeckers probably finish them off at the space to trip. when they do find the park beetles they treat the trees right away. other than become from me here we don't use chemicals or anything like that we strip off the bark. they lead and breed between the fark in the wood so removing the bark destroys their breeding ground such good. many other
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forestry outfits treat the felled trees with pesticides to kill the larvae in this forest dead trees that were once infested our term is a border the those trees that you see over there would be cut down by most any other forestry operation in germany we leave them standing because they still provide shade and when they do fall on their own they supply what's called course woody debris even when it's fairly dry this here is like a sponge. so when it gets really hot and sunny this debris helps keep things cool cool. that's why forests are basically nature's refrigerators. this woody debris is very important a lot of it especially during hot and dry spells through the book when the. the decaying wood is also important for new growth. this can all are in an ordinary year it doesn't matter much because the soil has enough water in it. but
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in years where there's a serious drought this dead wood breaks down and becomes humorous and the water is released. so that helps the little saplings survive the drought the soil may be dry but the wood debris is still moist as that in the 4th. storm believes that diverse forests where nature takes its course are more resistant to climate change . but others disagree they believe that fast growing khana firestorm or c o 2 and make more money. forestry management that prioritizes fast growth and quick yields is standard across much of europe the massif central region in south central france is no exception but here too there are people who are bucking the trend. here dema go into his wife susan a pound have founded
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a forestry collective and that encompasses 400 hectares of woodland today there relocating young saplings and replanting them. this is a dish to invite in in the in a forest certain species of trees like linden and fur trees serve as a kind of alkaline pound. ducted diggin it and they have deep roots which help funnel certain nutrients back towards the surface. i mean even to the few that help sustain other plant and tree species. little things like that can make a big difference and. in this part of france forests are treated like an agricultural product and fast growth cycles are encouraged seato to be on once you fill the holes with soil then you gently put your feet around the saddling and give it a little tug. that way you give the rubes some shia and breathing space which helps
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them develop its own who don't even want to learn and we understood it will be a commit local saplings are already adapted to local climate conditions saplings grown in industrial nurseries are not but that's not the only problem it's good in the bombshell in france and is the problem with trees from a nursery is that they've been treated with so many fertilizers and pesticides and the nursery south wings are like candy for local animal species for deer for example of our wild south wings are tougher and i'm not as sugary. the mix of species also makes the woodland more resistant to storms. in. the us you know if you only plant one type of tree that grows quickly trees that are very tall and thin and spend really they're a bit like a pencil when there's a big storm they topple like dominos planting some deciduous trees or other species
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in between the very tall trees gives you a 2nd level a 2nd line of defense then the entire woodland is more resilient but if you go i won't be doing i just. mixed forests with the diversity of species are rare in france and that's also true of germany almost 40 years ago when i went to university we were already being taught as the best forests are mixed forests with a variety of species today we've only managed to accomplish that in 2.6 percent of our forests in school that would get you have bailing. it's a scandal really a massive policy failure it is just. it's no different here in south central france but susana and pierre are determined to do things differently. from what i see a little this thought of woodland is basically what we're trying to achieve it's
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rich diverse and nature is renewing itself just. as all sides are just and if we had really nice diversity here multi layered with many different phases of growth and decaying there's plenty of woody debris and lots of micro habitats and i'm proud of this i used my expertise to help kick off this process and nature did the rest. for what this is what a forest should look like and i'm a member of greenpeace and we're fighting against the forestation and illegal timber and point the problem is that we do need would rather draw on our own forests here in france but i don't want to exploit them to the point of destruction . in romania logging practices are the order of the day the country exports huge amounts of illegally log timber even the government admits
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it's a major problem. the carpathian mountains are still blanketed in forests but they're disappearing at an alarming rate your highness sonnen of the world wide fund for nature wants to change that. there are many reasons we have to combat these illegal logging and deforestation here. it's a threat to our very survival. it's a problem that's particularly severe in eastern europe and poverty is just one of the reasons as i just. heist fun we're seeing everything from poor people collecting firewood for the winter to organized crime networks and major corporate structures that feed off illegal timber. organized crime is a big problem in the car pay thousands the trade in illegal lumber is a lucrative business profit margins are high the penalties low and the police can
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often be bribed. the world wide fund for nature wants to clamp down on the timber mafia. does we're facing a tough opponent it won't be easy but just missed. anyone here who tries to protect the forests is taking a risk and they get little support from local authorities to forresters were killed here not long ago it's soon going to be where we're exploring new ways to protect the forests for example we're working with in a youth project that aims to educate the judiciary state prosecutors and the police and show them that illegal clear cutting is more than just a trivial offense companies to. demonize from the car pay theon region of ukraine and a veteran in the battle against illegal logging there. he's come here to support your highness son in. the. us is work and i saw in the people more.
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people will join us for example and we have an occasion in the her becomes. a law for our use or spoken or bald eagle will be showing through germany's place where the law it was very severe and the system had the. right of the need to loggers keeping his house. i think to stop illegal logging on the international level needs but the level of into an interagency and internet. gratian organized crime is already working cross border there is definition this is a well established network and what we try to start here is to build up a network of authorities and the bridge builder will be into a pool to help this authorities to become more effective for us border. interpol
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headquarters in leone began investigating the illegal international timber trade about 10 years ago sasha propound is chief investigator of the forestry crime unit . and was not in full force as you know i know we have to understand that in our globalized world when consumers buy cheap wood in a western european supermarket. that might lead to someone being killed in a forest in eastern europe. does come that's a. clear cutting is also an increasing problem in france but here it's done legally up to $25.00 hectares can be felt in one go an area about the size of $25.00 soccer fields and what up there is the neighbors clearcut. what a mess. when we put our was land 5 years ago this was all covered in sort of trees you can see from the stems
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that they were huge up to 80 centimeters in diameter.


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