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with some new concept but the forest rescuers the music. happiness is for everyone human penises are very different from primates we have a totally ridiculous side view nature. and this is climate change regular sex how cute is books you get smarter for a brief get over your books. this is deja vu news africa on the program today could be a dream to turn chad into africa's next baby at this strong man up this the hell is gone killed on the frontline just as he won reelection off to 3 decades in power. and nigeria instead he tells how we go to that when the people want global oil to pay its bills and clean up the mess it's. going on there in their own through that
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there are a lot more because of the cumberland block but it's true. hello i'm christine one day it's good to have your company for 3 decades chats president idriss deby has been an anchor of stability in the so how at least that's how his western allies like to see him chad is surrounded by and stable neighbors libya to the north fell apart when woman gadhafi was ousted sudan space into and the wall in the central african republic a 1000000 feet conflicts in booking a fossil. in nigeria and and militants on the move in mali. today we're asking could it be step is passing turn his country into an even deeper well of instability in the region. confident of victory and another term
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in office his 6th this was it just to be just a few weeks ago at the end of his election campaign. i'm sure will be where you are going to look inside and outside the city to see for yourself it is not it is debbie who will speak it is the ballot boxes that will speak in. his promise to restore peace and security in chad. the country wrecked by years of violence armed rebel groups at attacking from across the libyan border more than once they reach the capital and demand that you know this latest attack began on the 11th of april election day when provisional results made him the victor debbie had gone to the front line but this time he misjudged his might. there be came to power in a coup in 1990 and was one of africa's longest serving leaders.
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the son of a herdsman he had risen through the ranks of the military as president he shepherded his flock with an iron fist. and weak and divided opposition had called for a boycott of the election there be one easily with 80 percent of the vote. the opposition has long criticized he's off on a tear in room all we are dealing with a regime that has shown terrible governance and corruption. this means that young people are completely abandoned here. chad is africa's 10th biggest oil producer but many here are jobless live in poverty. instead if you spent the money on military power especially the fight against the hottest in the sahara how. this made him
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a key ally of the west including france that promise of stability was one of the main reasons why he was able to stay in power for so long. we've invited paul simon had the art to the program he's a senior advisor at the institute for security studies welcome to the japanese africa is chad f. 18 or a failed state could could debby's death turn chad into africa's next in libya. because if you go to. compare ipad with. us we're just the enablers and they're the conditions you know bull countries a slightly different way where the e.s.d. collapse and we sure we shouldn't forget that the regime was complicit by a crime that nobody in the case of oil pricing you mistreated is
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indian child welfare a thing in the media led to the creation of. non-state armed groups which. just fit the regime of you with their strong part of eastern articles the child you have a very fancy question on this edition of the regime by i don't think i'm groups just always the bare minimums i. saw but we have never seen the same live out of the station we for the population that we saw in libya so conditions to population of the same thing never know how this impression got divorced so there's a lot of uncertainty regarding that makes. talking about that feature what do we know about interest abby's son who's now in charge will he be like his father. if you could just see he's not he's fine 1st of all he's not
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a car either. officer he doesn't have the seat education military training that his father got and his father was and i don't know some of the walk at each he never went to orleans or go in here and got some really really indication he's found out how the experience of being managing some of the units each of those 10 carrier within the army probably will stick by the fact that his father was the president broadly never would have korea if it was a bikini he's not well known for having money any sneeze are just since then only mean active in the army saw a piece of you know on the wall and we don't know exactly what. he's going to report and he and he's i mean they are a he what with the backing of the army the army is saying is that it's same charge
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but how much is the army in control. the week usually hollowing united the army child we know that there are predictions both within the chinese and within the class of prison followers and they. also are annoyed that we question would be with prison if they be so enjoying their respect of the spirit genera dual function lines might actually i mean part of the power united the army of course all the governments are still. with me i'm betting after the raid not involved are concrete but. i'll be shot for an op we. really are trying to introduce you to that. maybe there's going to be serious run. they're going to fish but they are trying to be charged and we'll see
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if these were terra how much they're in charge of the world right that's paul simon headed for the institute for security studies thank you. and i the problem in chad is climate change has straightest can no longer raise livestock or grow enough to eat because of changing by the in the same the arabs a hell take a look at this lake chad used to be one of africa's not just lakes this was its extent in the 1960 s. and this is how far the water stretches today has lost 90 percent off its surface area over recent decades here you see 975 of them if they make shrunk to a speck by 2014 on the right now they make the last warship because off climate fluctuation irrigation and a simple human need drinking water. my next guest friends radio doris on internet now that's a radio that brought costs from jimmy that such as and north in nigeria i'm happy
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to welcome to news africa david smith he is the direct copy consulting regularly in chad welcome to news africa we've we've just seen a snapshot of the tri myth rates in the chat basin there is the threat from terror groups one of the main problems of fixing daily life they say the main the main problem is probably the absence of a state presence in many parts of the country and you mentioned lake chad you know that's an area where there's virtually no state present says that there's a serious problem with governance there's a lack of infrastructure there's obviously the instability that is it has been in the news for many years whether it be boko haram around the lake or rebel groups who are coming from the north. near that near the libyan border a few years ago the biggest instability spread with rebels coming from from the east from the sudanese region of darfur. the list is long.
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in development levels the chat is near the bottom of almost every development list david the military council named the sign as president and they say that he'll restore democracy but rebels say chad is not a monarchy how do you see that rivalry playing out well this rivalry is not new. rebels have been at the palace gates an injured maina on several occasions at the most the most serious rebel attack recent years was in 2008 when members of the late president of his own family meta right to the gates of the presidential palace had the french french not launched the mirages and driven them off president . would have would have left the palace probably horizontally a long time ago the son of president hu's it was a general and he has he's had many military people in his family he's
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a member of the ruling ethnic group and the guy was make up about 8 percent of the chaldean population part of the problem is that those ago always tend to fight amongst themselves that there's there's never been any clear decision within these ago ethnic groups as to who should who should be in charge so we've got this we've got this a gala conflict and then bend the rebels outside outside of those ago ethnic groups who would like to would like to take a turn at ruling the country as well david's very quickly how will the people of chad remember interest him he'll be remembered mainly as the man who hung on to power for far too long and didn't share it there you know there are positive elements of what he did he was very good with the environment he gave a lot of support to to protecting wildlife and natural areas in the country but he'll be remembered by most people in the country as as as the man who did
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everything he could to hang on to power and was not really keen on and sharing it with members outside of his own ethnic group all right that's david smith executive director of a copy consulting thank you. you're welcome. also coming up on the show what do you get if you put an international opera style in lockdown with the canines of cape town and an old boss beyond series dog the now fun to see you ya your hair don't know morning virtually stall or meet food deal or no are you know cardinal on the stock. official that is nigeria's oil at cash cow or a coastal the country's citizens our reporter went out to the streets of los and got quite a resoundingly response to the question do you profit personally from nigeria's
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huge oil wealth take a look at our very unscientific survey. i don't benefit when i drive or that's all i can see how are you going to. think you're going to do so for me. i think is for . some selected field men. yes that is true and they do not see yeah you go there you know somebody to be said. no to. them live one nobody really going to fit in i think i want this it will. be generated on what are you assuming people have no faith it's all just big people have. their weapon of business don't see me believe that. now in a case that has taken 13 is a dutch court earlier this year ruled that the nigerian subsidiary off royal dutch shell is liable for oil spills in nigeria's finest al niger delta was ordered to
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clean up the area and pay the people compensation but the teen up awful goni land could take the is and the company can still appeal the ruling that gave up his friend move on went to the niger delta to speak to those affected by they give off pollution oil and gasoline this may mean goods in the horta humid air this is a good move around in nigeria's oil you reach niger delta but for the people or even shia villages have become their cars beacons of massive oil spills and oil pollution have destroyed would tough and drive recruits this feels have heat the poorest had used some sick crime is the only option. since one opening. partner from the side. of malta to go north so 1st so important
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for president doesn't give you go oh. well from. he's a member of a gang that kidnap for ransom and attack oil pipelines so he wants to conceal his identity he blames paul bettany corruption for the region's insecurity. and more proven. to court to listen to see. from us the group watch. it all cost it official says he's administration is not to blame he points the finger at the federal government. i won't deny that we have a lot of people well i deny that but it is true that they have oil and there are so much of this off oil on a still want to see but there is hope that being schooled now change fast it dutch
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court and little britain supremum court recently ordered the oil company shared one of the companies operating in the area to pay compensation cleaning up this vast area could take years even decades some experts say it's important to pull the un has recorded nearly 7 calvin spews over 30 years but i'm this international says that number may be 60 times higher shell denies causing this pos saying they are caused by sabotage. the future of the health of the people of niger delta is at stake here is they say that they feel exhausted as by yes they go bottles obviates brought and a significant victory to them. the impact on the environment from oil production is 0 to key across the niger delta. chief shows us the scale
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of the pollution black suit in that. he's determined to keep fighting going on there and they're on to the i want to because they come bring along a stream to help with. the nickel position paid could be billions of dora's and could pave the way for more cases being brought against much national oil farms in nigeria. for more on this we've invited nigeria's minister of environment onto the program dr mohammad mahmoud of a bucket joins me from of which i welcome to. news africa minister our correspondent at winced to that and miss a village chief who is fighting pollution which is happening now in his village isn't it the case minister that things all guessing worse in the delta and not better. no i did not get in was current project prep
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hydro carbon pollution a mediation project is supposed to be for the entire niger delta but. in one area of the land this is one of the most prominent areas currently and. areas and remediation of the number of lots that was started 15 lots have been cleaned out of those $5067.00 have been satisfied in the presence of such a fixation and areas of niger delta i will be mediated in time ministry you were in ogoni land last year and you handed over several 1000 up oil sites some of them that you are referring to and on that day on one particular day you say that it was a day off a promise camps and kept to the last say in terms of standard and depth of work done but anyone in the delta knows that the stench of crude is in every way a little bit del so if it be clean again here in time however we should understand
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do have some issues. to send the refining refined that is the illegal refining that is going on in the forest while we were cleaning the land and so of course as. exploration is continue in. sometimes you have spins but you have an agency that is. that kind of spirit we need the cooperation of the people of that area also. but lyons also sometimes is part of the problem so really is a project that needs effort of the government and the people of the area are that wise it will be difficult to. carry out when you are cleaning up and somebody is. refining. or somebody is bust in pipe somewhere and just it minister x. if it. had to go to datchet and british courts to get justice why couldn't they get
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justice in nigeria and courts. they are pinned in cases here in nigeria and court. of the case is. not that they are not getting justice nigerian just the system works just as well just see you know with court cases sometimes it takes longer to shelly if you have competing interest in this particular area and to say then minister what would be the practical difference to these foreign court decisions and what difference would they make to the lives of people in. what i'm sure if the to give some kind of compensation. to the people i would expect that when they get receive that it should make a difference in their lives just as. any. life changing
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activities will provide in livelihood today people. now can support. and we've just recently handed out 6 what's our contract what 66000000000 to provide. what's not grieve in what's been worked out so i would expect that the compensation from the british court decision should make a difference to the people of that area are you confident that that compensation will be given to the people of land that these oil companies will compensate the people awful tony that. if that is what the court judgment said i believe yes it should good today people judgments that i have nationally and minister going to be in for something good judgment shouldn't the nigerian government be forcing them to do that minister oh yes oh yes that's what i'm saying that once we have the full
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knowledge of the judgment. the government will look into making sure. the compensation goes to the people or to the communities in question definitely yes nigeria is the world's 5th largest oil exporter when we talk about our climate crisis fossil fuels already the number one culprit if we can say that. it's nigeria offering its citizens and the world really a different future. so literally nigeria is very big in. protection and that a mental management. kalinin the me a lot in d.c. is nationally determined contribution. we are the 1st country in africa to. bond green bond and that would invite
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a mentally friendly project so nigeria is not just for the climate fight for nigeria but for africa and the rest of the war and nigeria is highly committed i mean right now we are in preparation to a cuppa and to see fully in. thank you minister that is nigeria's minister off environment jokes that mahmoud of a bucket joining us from a budget thank you minister. now we all know the sound of a hound with wolf but what can keep a good dog down well it turns out beyond so is a good bought a good crash and a good burst of operatic power from the same. saute you see now we have this report on the canines off cape town so take a wolf. i mean take a look. oh no.
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my name is must see i am full next. month and i'm 30 in the case. of my column as a. ghost a genius who is just look it up you also saw a city where the tom doing production. in their countries and to name a few often hegemony of pain. in the u.k. off toward the u.s. . getting ready for. the production. we just opened is a family piece. percent of the houses that.
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look at it now people. rushed. by the. washwoman to. be so happy you know when you can actually see you have just looking at it it's amazing when you get more people coming in and ensuring what he's doing he's so nice plainly in everything he's perfect. going to trip enough that is was that in. the future i hope for a very good future for the business but then yeah looking forward to go. and perform i get in there no. i don't know morning. no hard trail no honest cox your. son.
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that's quite something now that's it for now i'll be sure to check out all of the stories on board slash africa or facebook and twitter that will see you next time a fact.
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it can be. but it. is being destroyed by monocultures. activists want to believe this out. resource but some new concept of the forest rescuers things.
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says to. turn over. their story their very own personal trauma. people live to the catastrophe remember. and then share private footage with us that has never been seen before. bactrim mobile starts of people 26 on g.w. . how does the virus spread. why do we panic
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and when will all of this. just 3 of the topics covered in the weekly radio program . if you would like any information on the crawl of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcasts you can also find us at dot com look for inside science. where all such a ticket to go beyond t.l.c.'s. extreme take on the world. cup holders we're all about the stories that matter to you. replacement mind please follow me.
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we are here is actually on fire. to a. good . job. this is d w news live from berlin commemorating the debt armenia remembers the massacre of its people under turkish ottoman rule as u.s. president joe biden enters ankara by recognizing the atrocity as genocide also coming up. india's hospitals collapse under the weight of a colossal 2nd wave of current.


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