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you should commit on national and i would call it a mafia like sister and a whole crew and there is underhanded scheming and corruption and they act like a gang. a time of caste but i wanted to become a lawyer in order to be an activist passports because the most effective activists are lawyers specific those are fed enables you to defend people to stand up for justice to understand what people are subjected to through conditional shit allows you to express yourself at the whims of capacity to explain make. people see little see i primarily deal with political cases and prisoners and i see incredible things over of wow are they for the inquiry or. a force question when i delve into a case on my desk i realize the justice system is rotten to the core there is no free decision making who you can leave the 3rd edition on the simplest cases you
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can see there has been intervention from a higher level to reach a certain verdict than you know for doom the universe looking for plan also. such a person. to lend itself to see was one of the people abducted prior to the presidential elections in december. that month he had been at
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a nighttime demonstration supposedly waving a flag above or below flag. so that's why he was hunted down and arrested 3 officially but it was just an excuse to arrest him which journal it out it to apply with was a lot of young people have been arrested for no reason get charged with conspiracy against the national unity that's why he was abducted from his home could not pay but when i visited him in prison with my 2 colleagues he looked wretched. we could see signs of torture he had undergone because all they were even by mach's that their goals and it's a lot more coming up the story about what he had been through was really a terrible truculence for me. get a man of the cost of the emotional. we're going to visit him always it's the 1st time for me seeing him since he got out of prison by an influx of support for young boxers like the something he's all. done.
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was a media frenzy a few they brought me a stack of printouts it was all my facebook posts which meant they had been observing me for a while. then the police inspector came in or i think it was the inspector who said he came in but didn't talk to me he just looked at me then punched me in the eye just if one of the lucky enough should then he pushed me. off i asked why are you hitting me. he said you deserve to die we shouldn't let you live i should slit your
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throat. they grabbed me while i was a bit out of it and put my fingerprints under the report. i didn't do it myself. in fact i had said i wouldn't do so without seeing my lawyer. they did everything they could to get me in prison because why. did you think they'd ever let you go. to be honest no. i was lying in prison and heard a knock on the door someone said see you can go. ok i was completely astounded. this is defending one's convictions is a noble cause and most importantly it gives you pride in this is it my message to the rest of the world it is easy to defend your ideas don't give up. do
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you have to fight for your convictions without fear or hesitation the school. the most important thing is to do no harm. to. the jury and regime knows it's illegitimate she did not in order to create a list of a sea of sorts they must constantly show superior like they have the power to suppress. this old lead to screw. it. this way of looking down on the people helps compensate for their lack of legitimacy. was. i was. there.
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i. was was. was. i. and december 21009. 174 year. to boone who under buddha flicka had been a minister multiple times and even briefly served as prime minister. at the time of the election to boon son was in jail on cocaine charges i
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thus the regime responded to the heroic movement's demand for change with more of the same. i but the people in the streets stood their ground saying the election was fraudulent they called for a boycott the new president took office nonetheless i was i i. i was i was there i was from there long i personally thought did
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feel a real jolt through hoping us to overcome the traumas of our posse f.e.m.a. but i gradually noticed that wasn't the case i personally don't think it will happen anymore jim i've lost faith though you could go from what i see back where we started. to open and if the luxury of algeria will change but not yet i have less and less faith to be honest unfortunately i'm talking about an event that i've yet to experience and i don't think i will. are young people in algeria happy. the question is an important one. half of the country's 40000000 residents are under 30. the popular uprising awoke real hope. many young people are no longer trying to leave the country at all costs. but other
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young people continue to flee attempting to reach europe in makeshift rafts. they are driven by oppressive corruption cronyism and nepotism as well as a 26 percent unemployment rate among 16 to 24 year olds. mehdi an unemployed construction engineer is struggling as well. as richard i went to study in france and spent 2 years there and france i realized how little i knew about my own country and at the same time i realized how much i loved it i spent time with moroccans tunisians and french people and they all knew algeria better than i did some of them mentioned the roman ruins i didn't know there were roman ruins in algeria that was
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a slap in the face. of huge initial closures she intuition a little i wanted to get a business going to create jobs to put my bit of know how to use to invest and live here but everything has fallen apart since i returned in 2014 it's not the same algeria anymore i barely recognize it. i can't imagine growing old and algeria anymore and it's sad i tried everything to come back and make it here but i failed i don't want to wither away here that's the word that comes to mind and it's sad but what should i say that's just how it is succumbs all. the more i have to do you want to hear it was my dream to live in algeria lose my house here fight for my convictions here spend time in the mountains of to billy i soon moved but the lack of freedom makes me want to leave the country you know move
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to. scream the world of because i can't imagine raising children it out cheerio vision of i want them to grow up in a land where they feel free and can live out their dreams with their joys they use all of you where they can have their fantasies they can express their convictions freely scrimmaged they should be able to move freely through the world secondly. it's sad isn't it countries there is that. i want you both yes we all are used to consider leaving. it was a viable option for me. but if i manage to live here the way i want to die i don't need to leave if you have one that i yes i'm a doctor and i want to help my fellow citizens so i'm still optimistic for it seems . so full of course some will say i'm naive. because she's been hearing that a lot lately. but i have faith in us if.
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only 5 little so but. i'll say it again and we're fighting for life for a social life. this is a new era in the history of algeria but it up to something i would like to believe it's the nicest and most important and again. we're a determined generation we know what we want and we won't give up. the hiv i should have yeah i think addicted to the. states become our drug. elna troof we have all the time we need. all night we have the time the energy the will power and the rage we have everything we need. not.
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look for the old. i was. told oh oh oh. 000000000000000000000000. oh oh god. was. loaded felt so good. good good. dreamily adaptable and it's fond of travel the domestic mouse. with this personality it spread throughout the world. to make itself an ideal subject for evolutionary scientists taking a look inside the mock splunk institute's most hogs. tomorrow today.
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and 30 minutes on t w. stains these exhibits. to dart from the german colonial era at the new ball to forum in berlin. the stolen art is casting a shadow over germany's largest cultural project even before it has fully opened. arts 20. b m 60 minutes on. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what is the latest research. information and context.
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coronavirus of the code. monday to friday on w. the the. this is deeply news live from berlin no beds no drugs no oxygen and yes hospitals collapse under the weight of a colossal 2nd wave of corona virus infections spreading across the country the capital delhi it is counting one coal that related death every 5 minutes also on the program an employee is stabbed to death and
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a police station in france after officers shoot and kill the attacker prosecutors launched a terrorism investigation plus. a moral imperative to future generation us president by urges the world leaders to make room good on their promises in the closing days of this virtual global climate summit. welcome to the program hospitals in india are launching desperate appeals for assistance as the country's health care system crumbles under record 19 surges over a 1000000 infections have been registered and the country in the past 4 days alone the situation is particularly dire in the capital delhi or oxygen supplies are
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running dangerously low. fighting for breath these patients outside a covert 900 hospitals in delhi are among the fortunate ones. the clinic is overwhelmed and lacks 3 beds but at least it still has oxygen to administer to the most gravely ill among a steady flow of new arrivals. to this region right down here is really very worst critical and older full control of. the stuff is really cooperative but due to the older children also though hope meanwhile on the walking casualty it is different there deploying to equal treatment to all the division of the next 5 years of hiking who didn't carry. these scenes are no exception across the country hospitals are full and turning stricken patients away many are critically low on oxygen supplies as india 2nd wave sets global records for new delhi infections
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social media are flooded with stories of people desperately trying to secure oxygen for loved ones. ordinary that day out that you wrote about that are. not a part of what i do to speed up deliveries the indian railways has launched an oxygen express service ferrying supplies directly from production plants like a beacon of hope the 1st train arrives in maharashtra one of the hardest hit states where more than 62000 people have lost their lives to the virus carried out inside clinics grieving families blame medical stuff while outside crematoriums and cemeteries struggle to accommodate bodies. this graveyard expects to run out of space in a matter of days. i think the 2nd wave is more dangerous and deadly. this time it's not even sparingly.
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at the delhi hospital a group of men heaved their brother out of a rickshaw they tried to get him admitted earlier but were sent home now they learned it's too late to save him. the father of 5 is dead on arrival since he wasn't admitted to the hospital or taken to its morgue his death is unlikely to be counted in a city swiftly rising official told. to france now prosecutors have opened a terrorism investigation after a police worker was stabbed to death at a police station near paris 3 of people thought to be connected to the attack or have been detained french president demanding the country would never give in to what he called islamists terrorism. a normally quiet residential area just outside paris now the center of attention in france security agents flooded the area investigating the killing of
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a police employee that occurred in an unlikely location. the police station is very well protected there is a protective lock and so people can't just walk in so the attacker waited for her to go and change her parking ticket the murderer caught her by surprise as she left the police station for just a moment and so it was really a cowardly barbaric attack to kill someone and to kill a policewoman. local media report that the attacker was a 36 year old man with no criminal record some witnesses say they heard him say allahu akhbar arabic for god is great as he stabbed his victim a police officer then opened fire on the attacker killing him there suggestions the man had previously scouted out the site. the office of the national anti-terrorism prosecutor has taken charge over the
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investigation of the crimes committed here. the reasons for this are 1st how the events occurred which involved looking for a target. also the way the crime was committed. the profile of the victim but also the remarks made by the perpetrator at the time of the crime. the president in my normal crime paid tribute to the police worker whom he identified as stephanie in a tweet he said the nation stood by her family he added in the fight against islamist terrorism will not give up. islamist terrorism is again a worry for france. earlier we spoke to journalist catherine sales in paris and she gave us more details about what is known about the alleged attackers. in the last few hours police have gone into the home of the assailant not far from the
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police station and a home value to the southwest of paris we also know they're carrying out a search of his previous home which is in eastern paris police have also taken into custody for questioning free of members of his close on to raj we understand one of those could be a family member in the meantime police also say they have his mobile phone they're going through that to see what sort of links he may have had in the last few hours before this attack took place will go there were links to jihadist organizations or anyone that can give them some sort of clue as to where this man was coming from what he was doing who were his accomplices if indeed there were any because this is a man who was not known to the security services he was known to the intelligence services so that really just fumbling around at this moment to try to put together a picture of what actually happened in those minutes before this attack took place
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post journalist catherine field from paris there that's our take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world at this hour u.s. health officials say the use of the johnson and johnson covered $1000.00 vaccine can resume immediately lacks a nation's using the single dose shot were temporarily stopped 11 days ago after reports of rare but potentially fatal blood clots but experts agree the vaccines benefits outweigh the risk of blood clotting. british socialite maxwell has pleaded not guilty to federal sex trafficking charges that allege she helped the late finance c.a.a. jeffrey epstein recruit and sexually abused girls she entered her plea before a judge in manhattan a trial is set to start in july but her lawyers are seeking a delay for additional preparation. 10000 people have marched through armenia's capital
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a year of bond to commemorate the estimated 1500000 ethnic armenians killed by ottoman turks in 1915 the mass killings are widely regarded by historians as the 1st genocide of the 20th century though turkey rejects the term. around 30 countries including germany have officially recognized their meaning in genocide but not the united states this saturday all eyes will be on washington as president joe biden is expected to make a major announcement on the topic w. reporter joel garreau is following this joe what exactly. are we expected to hear from joe biden well for the 1st time the u.s. president is expected to officially recognize the armenian genocide now this would mark a major shift in u.s. diplomatic policy because up until now u.s. leaders have instead referred to those events of over a century ago as a great evil but on friday president biden held a phone call with president of turkey now reuters news agency is reporting that
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during the cold biden told of on that he will in fact be making an announcement to officially recognize the armenian genocide we'll find out in a matter of hours if he does and if he follows through on that it would also mark the fulfillment of a campaign promise made by bought into canada on the trip campaign trail as the one year ago but this is a highly contentious issue right turkey categorically rejects the turn genocide what could this do to us or can relations. well you get an idea of that back in 2019 when the u.s. congress although not the president passed the resolution to recognize the armenian genocide and that triggered a diplomatic spat with turkey turkey later went ahead and completed a major deal with russia to buy r u m on missile defense system instead of using a u.s. one and turkey is again warning that relations could sour if biden goes ahead and makes this announcement but it does appear if the reports are correct the bottom is willing to take that gamble here's
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a symbolic an ounce meant that could be awaiting us there tomorrow but what would actually change if biden did recognize the armenian genocide as such well it would basically be another of the major series of major policy announcements the bottom has been making as he seeks to reset relations between us and the rest of the world following the trump years and it does seem that this issue is quite important to biden personally here's what he said a year ago he said we must never forget or remain silent about this horrific and systemic campaign of extermination if we do not fully acknowledge commemorate and teach our children about genocide the words never again lose their meaning now recognizing the armenian genocide would be largely symbolic in terms of international relations but it would also appear that is going to be important to biden as he tries to shape his legacy. will be waiting to see what binds us and thank you very much. they does from around the world have joined us president joe
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biden in setting bold new climate targets ending a 2 day virtual global climate summit and biden urged his counterparts to make good on their commitments saying that in the fight against climate change there is no time to waste. hello everyone good morning everybody dialing in for day 2 of the virtual climate summit the 1st day solar national targets were limits on emissions now topping the agenda innovation. u.s. president joe biden playing up the economic advantages of fighting global warming. an opportunity to create millions of good paying jobs around the world and innovate and innovative sectors you know jobs of bring greater quality. greater degree to the people performing those jobs in every nation biden says workers in traditional energy sectors must be offered new opportunities the u.s. wants to take the lead in developing green technologies stepping up the pace of
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research and making more use of public and private investments. and using just today's technologies won't allow us to meet our ambitious goals we need new 0 carbon products that are just as affordable that have what i call a green premium aabs erode. thank you prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced israel would phrase out by 2025 predicts but say existing targets and schedules won't be enough to cap global warming 1.5 percent and some sports now there has been more fallout from the european super league fiasco hundreds of fans of arsenal football club have held a protest outside the team's emirates stadium in london calling for the owner to be ousted fans held signs depicting stan kroenke
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a as they chanted for his removal the club was one of 12 teams to sign up for the super league but dropped out it's only a few roos backlash from st louis. and the coach of the welsh national football team ryan giggs will not take charge of his country at the upcoming european championship after british prosecutors charged him with assaulting 2 women the 47 year old former manchester united player is to appear in court on wednesday after being arrested in november police have charged him with assault occasioning actual bodily harm ryan giggs was replaced as wales coach while under investigation and now the welsh football association has confirmed that caretaker boss robert paige is to remain in charge for the delay of euro 2020. and german football the but in his league as match a $31.00 kicked off without spoke who have little to play for this season hosting cologne or fighting to avoid relegation the visitors determination showed in the
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1st half as they stormed into a 3 nil lead to under a smashing home the 3rd goal but alex blog called one back early in the 2nd half and then gave cologne care as for been made it 32 just after the hour but the visitors held on to claim 3 vital points in their bid for survival. you're watching news live from berlin stay tuned for our coverts. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus up to. 19 specials. on t w. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6
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people in a room. it was hard.


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