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century. prison getting hoaxes. beyond. just the behavior. you can be. sure you can watch me do on w. . you. doesn't do that with news and these are our top stories prosecutors in france have opened a terrorism investigation after a police employee was stabbed to death at a police station in rumble yeah about 60 kilometers west of paris a 49 year old administrative worker was reportedly stabbed in the neck by a man who was then shot and killed by police officers at the scene. a us health panel has recommended resuming vaccinations with the johnson and johnson covert 19 single dose shot its use was suspended across the country last week after
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reports of a rare but potentially fatal blood clotting disorder but experts agree the vaccines benefits outweigh that serious but small risk top health officials said they hoped for a quick return of the vaccines. jailed russian opposition leader alexander says he's ending his 24 day hunger strike after his doctors told him his life was at risk he began the strength to demand independent medical care the kremlin critic was jailed for more than 2 years in february after returning from germany where he was being treated after a near fatal poisoning in russia. from berlin you can find much more news and analysis on our website www dot com. after donald trump walks away from the paris clara's agreements joe biden has not
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only brought the u.s. back into that particular gate but this week he also unveiled i'm bischof new climate targets pledging to cut u.s. carbon emissions to hoffer 2005 levels over the next decade but that still leaves us well short of the paris climate goals so there's any talk really batter i'm phil gale in berlin and this is the day. this is a work together to address cleaner economies will reap rewards for their shoes we have decided and all danish oil and gas production in the north. know very. well at.
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2024 of those 4 years from now. we're going to make these commitments real. also on the day as europe and the united states begin to talk of a pandemic free summer india's code crisis surges to record highs the situation in india is a device stating a reminder of what this virus can do and why we must marshal every tool against it. welcome to the day this week u.s. president joe biden hosted a virtual global climate summit of more than 40 world leaders many of them joined president biden in announcing ambitious new carbon reduction goals the u.s. president ended the today meeting by describing the global climate crisis as an
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opportunity to remake the world's economy and produce millions of jobs clean energy and technology. this is a moment for all of us to build better economies for our children our grandchildren and all of us to thrive to thrive and not just now but beyond for the next generations nations that work together to invest in a cleaner economy will reap rewards for their shoes the united states is committed we are committed to making those investments to grow our economy here at home while connecting with markets around the world will lose the woods what chance is it that those will become danes rachel cletus is a policy director with the climates and energy program of the union of concerned scientists she joins us from cambridge massachusetts in the united states welcome to t.w. this has been a week of headline grabbing climate commitments we have us talking about housing
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the greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels britain 78 percent reductions from 9090 levels by 2035 and the e.u. talking about reducing net emissions to at least 55 percent of 1990 levels by the end of the decade so as the question therefore becomes is all of this virtue signalling or is it actually achievable. it's absolutely achievable and this week was one of those moments of real hope. to recognize that the major contributor to heat trapping nations the united states which is the historical largest contributor is finally stepping up to its responsibility is this 50 to 52 percent commitment below 2005 members by 2030 is really a sign of serious intention from the biden and ministration now of course the proof is in the pudding we will have to see countries go back home and actually implement
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the policies that will deliver on the commitments that they've made but today and this week was a real moment of hope and encouragement we finally have an administration that's going to center of science and their response to the climate crisis is one of the most pressing challenges that the world faces today and yes it is also a moment of opportunity to make sure that the economy the new crime and climate resilient economy we're building actually works for people all around the world does not leave people on the sidelines marginalised facing these terrible climate impacts but don't think you could still leave us behind the parish targets for all of that the glorious toll. there's no question that we have a big emissions gap and this is been pointed out again and again maybe a year and the world global emissions trajectories far from where it needs to be what we heard this week helps bend that curve in an appreciable rate but we're
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still not on the reacher parents agreement aligned. the u.s. has to do more other rich countries have to do more in line with times and global equity but this is a crucial crucial and very significant 1st step to reheard announced this week let's say of all from u.s. president joe biden hit talking about an issue that politicians around the world have struggled with as they try to sell the public on the idea of going green just challenge and these opportunities are going to be met by working people in every nation as we transition to a clean energy future we must ensure that workers who have thrived in yesterday's and today's industries have as brighter tomorrow in the new industries as well as in the places where they live in the communities they have built so rachel cletus here we have a tangible clear problem we the people who are sacked from factories and mines as
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they get close down they're not going to be the same people who get the shiny new green jobs. to make this real we have to invest in supply john training and a fair transition for google workers and group communities no question about it that's the bedrock on which we can build this foundation for a clean energy economy these jobs aren't there for to make them real to make them fair to meet demick sensible to communities all around the u.s. we have to implement in there but policies and it's important that abided ministration understands that clearly they're not talking about magic jobs that are just going to appear to get really talking about making investments up front right now in infrastructure in job training all over the country in rural america in herman areas to make this rural and accessible to more. is not just a problem for joe biden is if and forgive me for interrupting we will get but this is not just a problem of a job i this is a problem for leaders
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a around the world nobody believes that a 5558 year old factory worker is going to lose his job and then gets a take out all get retrained in some sort of a green technology nobody believes that will happen. that is not what's being talked about here soon confidence being talked about is making sure that people who are to reach the end of their careers make sure that they have their jobs and retirement benefits right now we have cool companies in the us that are going out of business declaring bankruptcy and walking away from retirement and the status quo is not working so we need to invest in making sure that those companies those fossil fuel companies are respecting their obligations to workers we also have to diversify local economies this isn't just about creating one you know through the other this is about investing in the supply chains the training the education everywhere in the country to build that foundation and the will to make investments
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upfront in this administration is committed to doing that i think that's really important both here in the u.s. and around the world but the reason that we have to do this is because the climate crisis is also affecting us here and billions of dollars around the world people are losing their lives right now because climate crisis g.'s is the thing with us this is the direct we are the united states because you're talking about a country. that has got used to good driving gas guzzling s.u.v.s. . country who thinks it's a god given right to fight pennies for gas how's that great american public got itself ready for the idea of it but all that is going to cost them more and baby needs to do things differently because it doesn't look as though the public is ready for that message yet. so the american public is not among them the reality is just like around the world there isn't the 8 rich section of the population that
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has an outsized common for print many people in the us and poorer communities often communities of color have a very small carbon footprint they are not the people who are going to have to sacrifice you know the need to see their future economic opportunities and the environmental justice is actually addressed as we build this clean economy if the people who have the luxury emissions who and yes do need to give those out so that our future for the future generations can be safeguarded this is not about sacrifice from people who are on the edge of poverty this is about sacrifice from an elite that really has naturally emissions at this point thank you so much for joining us i'm sorry that's very clear rachel do you think from the meeting you have concerned scientists well as world leaders discuss how to write about economies more sustainable many places in the world our already experiencing that changed the u.s. state of texas still pumps huge amounts of oil and gas but some texans have already
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found profitable alternatives to fossil fuels. some things never change in west texas on the brooks ranch cowboy still drive bulls on horseback but the western scenery is changing these days cattle herds graze under the blades of wind turbines . initially i didn't really law you know. and then. when i found out you know. general. brooks family ran a property the size of manhattan to guarantee income during a drought they leased land to energy companies a dozen oil pump stand on the ranch along with $78.00 wind power generators the noise of the turning turbines makes louis brooks think of one thing and it's not the environment only the. wind turbine welcomes visitors to the town of sweet water
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the 11000 residents were hit hard by droughts and tumbling oil prices sweet water was on its way to becoming a ghost town before the wind energy boom changed its fortunes. grug wetzel is a lawyer for gas oil and now renewable energy his saying how the growth of wind power has brought jobs and tax dollars to the town. to transform the everything so the property tax here was only $435.00. it is now 3. today a quarter of the u.s. wind energy comes from texas but natural gas and oil are also booming again some fear president joe biden's plan to clean energy transition could trigger a culture war new versus old energy. dale rankin is
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a businessman in the fracking sector who doesn't believe in climate change it is a political movement. it's about having the ability to control population by. regulating the population through saving the planet feel good. regulation. stopping climate change isn't a common cause in texas and yet thousands of turbines are turning here driven by the power of profits. still to come on the day of thousands of afghans respect our lives to reach europe through turkey many never make it we have a d w special report. these nameless graves seem like memorials a warning of the fate that looms on this dangerous journey and yet only a few are discouraged by the risk. averse will take a look at the global battle against covert 90 and its a patchwork of progress and setbacks and europe in the united states confidence is
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growing as vaccine programs gather pace at the same time india's health emergency has hit record levels friday saw the country record the world's highest ever daily count of new cases more than 330000 over 24 hours the health system is buckling under these numbers covert patients are struggling to get i.c.u. bads a drugs and treatment and medical oxygen is running low as hospitals issue urgent appeals for supplies this catastrophe has many causes more infectious viral variant super spreader events like election rallies and religious festivals and complacency and no where are the results more evident than in india's burial grounds incriminatory. the funeral pyres are burning nonstop in delhi as the city grapples with the coronavirus. crime
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atory are working around the clock at 100 percent capacity. and makeshift facilities have been set up in places like door car parks to cope. their. children who were 5 years old 15 years old 25 years old i've been cremated newlyweds i've been cremated my heart filled with so much grief seeing such small children so many small children dying from the coronavirus from the tradition of a survivor. workers say the deaths already far i've number the peak of the 1st wave last year and with new infections breaking daily records the situation certain to get even worse. relatives are often forced to search for hours for a space to crim a their loved ones. going to the
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suffering a myth their bereavement. in many other parts of india funeral services are also struggling with the rapidly growing death toll. even if it is night even try to finish the last by the father day because so much abuse may keep the body full that is the reason if you want to finish although then go home. across the country the virus is making its impact felt leaving behind can't list stories of grief. meanwhile in a year officials are voicing their confidence of a speedy return to normality despite widespread problems with the vaccine rollers european commission presenters who were found alive and visited fires this belgian vaccine plant today and announced the world's biggest vaccine supply deal it's expected to be finalized within days and should secure up to 1800000000 doses over
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the next few years she had good news for europe some. as we see right now production is increasing the deliveries are increasing we have stable process we stick together we overcame the initial problems so therefore we are confident that we will be able to increase our ambition and to say we want 70 percent of the adult population in europe being vaccinated in july all right well this part of a positive outlook germany is once again intensifying its fight against the pandemic as it battles a 3rd wave or infection this week german lawmakers passed a so-called emergency brake which imposes federal covert restrictions in coronavirus spots previously each german state had been responsible for its own rules for many parts of the country this means the string to lock downs as of midnight friday new national rules have been hotly debated for a while of
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a in pain john people's individual rights among the more controversial measures a nighttime curfew is between 10 pm and 5 am let's bring indeed a political correspondent simon young welcome simon so talk us 1st of all through some of the new rules and where and when they will be imposed. yes phil the cool the core of it as you said is what's being called the emergency brake which is a standard nationwide regime of measures that will be introduced in localities which have this have reached a sort of threshold of 100 new infections but 100000 inhabitants over the 7 day period and that stay above that threshold for 3 consecutive days and what it will mean in those cases is for instance restrictions on personal contacts they'll be limited to one household plus just one other person in private meetings
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nonessential shops will be closed and as you mentioned night time curfews will come in between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am now you will still be able to go out alone for a walk or a run up to midnight and there will be some other exceptions as well but for instance they won't be there were exceptions won't apply for people on holiday going on holiday so for instance if you've got an early flight to catch you want to be able to travel to the airport before 5 am in the government saying probably should rebook if you're planning to do that now that the curfew is a very interesting or may because the ways being imposed on hard hit areas at the moment you're looking at most of germany or forty's do authorities really think that this is effective and in forcible. well the corona the
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the curfews are for sure the most controversial measures the intention of course is to stop nighttime gatherings and they might well achieve that effect i suppose or at least inhibit there are exceptions as i mentioned for people fences looking after sick relatives or looking after pets or indeed people who have to go to work or who've got other good reasons to be outside now the police say that they're going to sort of treat this in a commonsense way and if people can give a good account of themselves that'll be fine but they've also got a tool to enforce it if you like which is they are able to impose a fine up 225000 euros for people who don't observe the curfew so what you can see is confrontations in places and no doubt the police could do without that and but the those confrontations have already started because i understand now are already
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legal challenges to this. that's right the 1st legal challenges have already been fired filed at the constitutional courts and individuals and groups civil rights defenders politicians all sorts of people have announced they are going to challenge this constitutional experts say it may well or at least parts of it of the new regime may be unconstitutional they cite for instance the automatic link between one particular indicator this 7 and a infection number and tough measures that that's really disproportionate and francis they point out curfews are a very drastic measure and there's no actual proof that they will be effective in bringing down infections so you know can you really curb people's freedoms in that way they also say people being vaccinated or indeed of recovered from covina should really be treated in the same way as everybody else perhaps so there's lots of
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reasons to challenge as in the quote a good possibility that parts of it at least will be overturned the political correspondent simon young thank you. out of turkey which is currently hosting war than 4000000 refugees from the middle east numbers surge during syria's civil war which began 10 years ago but today most migrants trying to reach europe from turkey are not from not from syria but from afghanistan that journeys are always dangerous and often deadly the w.'s yunior hog reports now from the eastern city of baghdad where many of those journeys have ended in tragedy. symmetry of the nameless this is how the locals call this place and for a mean a sufi sadder and her son parviz it is always difficult to come here. painful
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memories or reawakened. motherhood years it didn't make you the people who are buried here have mothers brothers and sisters they all have someone who love them but now their families don't even know that they are here it breaks my heart that there is no one who comes and prays for them mobile how does you know. but if it is that is why i'm ina and power of this pray here on behalf of everyone else there are a lot of them they fled from of ghana stunned by iran to turkey illegally on foot over the mountains. it's a long dangerous journey many freeze to death or die in accidents and many who don't make it end up here. in the eastern turkey city of van in an unadorned grave with no name. on there.
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myself there is a man here who was found dead in the mountains and once they brought women's bodies their fingers and toes were frozen off from the cold. these name as the grave seem like memorials a warning of the fate that looms on this dangerous journey and yet only a few are discouraged by the risk the number of people trying to reach europe why this route has sharply risen in recent years the route leads through the mountains straddling turkey's border with iran up to 4000 meters high most of those trying to reach europe from afghanistan pakistan bangladesh take this way ticky is now building walls everywhere in the region they are hundreds of kilometers long the border with syria has already been closed off the wall to iran is still under construction. human rights lawyer mahmoud could chance has a wall won't stop the refugees it only makes the journey more dangerous to.
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others in this area have been ignoring people smuggling for too long it's become kind of a business sector that many get involved in this because a lot of money can be made in a short time at a relatively low risk. i mean and power of a sufi saga still clearly remember their own flight from afghanistan the smugglers took everything from them they say they have been living here in van for 3 years now. the family found refuge in turkey but like so many others they want to continue to woods europe. back to afghanistan they say that's out of the question. the you will not have lost everything in afghanistan it's a war zone our house was destroyed how can we go back there when there's no safety for a children but if we have to go back they will kill my son that's not an option.
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so they are holding out in eastern turkey stranded in their new existence and they think of those who lost their lives and are buried here at the symmetry of the nameless. ocean whilst the day as ever they come for certain continues on vine upon us on twitter. as are doing us a good day. with
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the cars weren't sure. what to look at 911. that time was divine and powerful sound music. sports car of choice for many cars easy as a legend an icon of that ballet the 911 the very essence of the porsche wreck. next on t.w.a. . to the point of strong opinions clear positions of international
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perspectives. who are in place i'm going to mark them as germany's leader also september's election they're all new candidates conservative stalwart i mean last chance and the green party is young and inexperienced but much talked about smuggling about. joining a sponsor the point 22 point 00 pm 60 minutes on t.w. . the little guy it's this is the sub in the 7 percent stuff up for africa suits a speech issues they share ideas. you know modest salary and lots of tops and. africa's population is growing.
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