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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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well not yet. the industry is controlling your thoughts and certainly. it's not easy to spot. the. 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's behind. manufacturing ignorance may 3rd. the ultimate aim for some. silverware but to feel the banker. contempt. for supporters the spectacle of the vision and all the institutions replacing ethics. selfishness easily placing so we decided to. join.
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this quake shook the football world this week but in the end the term looked out nicely for us the president makes on the chance to redeem. the 12 of europe's biggest and richest clubs agree to break away from the european system of competition and form their own super the. disney the giants buy in munich and close to a dog months wanted nothing to do with it and neither did the fabs. as the backlash intensified across the continent the super league scheme collapsed like a house of cards within a month of our lives. a major victory for fans since a closed elite league thracian to butcher the best things about football. things he
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finds in the bundesliga where he's the best is determined on the page. where even the weak can overcome the powerful. witnessing in the f.a. it comes with wolves. and the consequences of losing are a part of the game. still the super leafs aftershocks affect the bundesliga to us 1st signed off on it's equally controversial champions league reforms to the player solidarity. the other causes a commotion in the women's league on match day says he final verdict in the fight against relegation was effectively the title race for the fields. let's begin with by in munich and tansy flick. with the cat's out of the bag the party flying coach can safely was in
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a boy of the week as league clash with lady whose. his bosses were annoyed at the timing of the parchment announcement on saturday but fleet is unrepentant just being it was a spontaneous thing when i decided to tell the team after the vosper game that i intended to quit and so the logical next step for me was to inform the media and therefore also the public. always you guys would say to put an end to the dallying and. supply the media by the all my and most is being so please only ask me questions about the leverkusen game. team and speaking of a quiz. done for me 1st and last. but it's been hard to stick to the football with our eyes firmly focused on this week's super league fiasco and various managerial maneuvers chief among them sporting director has some solid
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homage and she's an ongoing conflict with flick despite brian being on the verge of wrapping up another bundesliga title. by and soon reminded those watching at home what all this is really about eric maxime she promotes him to be open. he's not let his coach down during robert leaven dusty's absence that's 4 goals in 5 now for the striker. joy all round on the mind bench my contact between fleet and his sporting director but a slight bowling of relations perhaps. that didn't either but is also leaving by him and his 2nd cross of the night set up the 2nd goal yahshua came each firing home on 30 minutes. the stretch of the previous few days had evaporated by doing what they do best pulverizing. opposition.
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hands look they're almost best friends again perhaps hansie will be getting a leaving off the rule. meanwhile palaver set to join real madrid almost ended the hoff on a real high. at the interval later couzin made an attacking double substitution. some decide at half time we weren't good we were missing a bit of grit and aggression yet so we showed things up to get back into the games . but it didn't make any difference at all. by munich are just too slick under. only the offside flight prevented to promoting from right here 3 nil midway through the 2nd tough. before subcarrier bell or robbie struck the bar with
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a rich chance as labor commissioned scramble to get something from the game. another handshake sum up by ends when as a 9th straight tyson awaits the players will miss flick. you know i was on a bit on those this is special situational before this game we had 5 matches left and we decided we wanted to end this extraordinarily successful time with hands on a positive note and get as many points as possible and in every game to show the sort of football we've displayed in the last 18 months and that's made us so successful that i've always got such a thought when doing so for christmas but. i would be a bit easier if you take the germany job and do the flick is now able to leave this absurd managerial merry go round no wonder he looks happy.
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it's not easy being a coach in the bundesliga all those pesky questions about your future the constant what ifs and good news soon become tedious to those who care for him. one request in advance or in the script really sorry but i was nothing since a lot of. the logical next step for me was to inform the media and therefore also the public that me to always you guys would say to put an end to the galley. and for once applied to me dismissed by double my and more so when you see beyond the headlines of it when it's practically every day you don't really respond anymore and as a freshman i have is that the team don't let it get to them won't be. they seem. intrusive. i mean it's only one sentence i can't just say i'm going to leave german model lane again we were never together how are you supposed to comment on
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something that doesn't exist for this instance creates a bring a bit of in the next is good and if i now want to be back where i already was a couple of weeks ago then please just accept that and i certainly would obey it i don't know 100 percent whether the german f.a. but if i was to be his coach i was just adding to the speculation that the met off because here to me there was see. everyone assumes you learn not to be the next but i am coach says that the only ones fucking logic does is playing it down script. and they have. the i don't know if i'm unique want you had i'm. not a sin i'm still hard backing by and for the title his statement came ahead of the chip to really gauge in fact in cologne his own post. 10 focus had lost his name game in charge of his new team's piecing how much is the one aspect of the captain
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has really suffered one really geisha with his beloved shot his desperate to avoid another it's what makes football special. non-stick meanwhile we're struggling to get going. not so super. don't throw that captain's armband away yet join us it's only half time. to leave my side and you can do this you can do this. and early in the 2nd half pictures showed that he could. was. a real fans player. even the pictures he loved she's hoovering gloves failed to help. but whatever level of football you play you have to defend long balls. that's why cologne on down the box and we're not safe with him never to make it.
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something to drive the midfielder amadou haidara. shot shylocks it could do with the strikers who tells them that well. despite the setbacks in football you don't give up you fight for what you think is right. and who else but heck 2 was right on the money again on the alan locke. football has shown this week what it can do the right people stick together was to learn and they have to really believe they can do this by finish from a man who has played most of his people as a defender. it's not always pretty but the french have renegades it has to be part of the game it feels passion it fuels desire. half of great stuff time pepto courage.
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lots of almost snatched an equalizer very late on. maybe that phone call won't come off troll. the 1st women 10 full can only thanks to a man we customize is what little is and should be all about not money but probably . brought on to the pitch exactly what will the new i was nodded off as we knew we had to put up the fight to take points from the gain or loss with us what we did over 95 minutes from an inch minute in the must believe the phone could escape from relegation is now possible. to tussle is now should be getting back next time not a slam might be if the child is eating time to congratulate them. i think so too. not everyone was happy up to the final whistle but it's a result that means so much the beauty of the school without the city is that
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struggling clubs sometimes defeat the so-called fix things and sometimes thanks to unlikely she arrives. with cologne up against it and having a place to coach just a week earlier former germany international your district all stepped up to the plate. in the fight he's worked. hard to do his wonderful back will cause you to get. stronger was the captain phillips is the curly brackets jordan said took trips. to school his 1st ever to destroy your double 11 years it killed a man who is told to go cold and hard for me that's what will that we fought hard and. she's a big factor in this situation that's right so we're just happy to and this brings
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a mantra for. the season defender midfielder was the ploy for the full at this time and did not disappoint his 1st ever brace in the top flight ended his side's knowing james winless streak to secure the post as a much needed confidence he was sorely missed with out injured for a month in february the kind of player you need when battling relegation match day hero younis had thought. they was no hero this week any match day they'd leave the top flight just says he 3 years. what had seemed inevitable if not months confirmed that the fed begins his new club to a full understanding of resignation in this otherwise proud history africa is a disaster and hard to understand that we won't be involved next year it's tough.
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even before kick off the team didn't exactly exude confidence. and the game itself would be yet another dispirited performance in a nightmare season for shaka their goal difference of minus $58.00 is the 2nd lowest ever by match day century only the infamous has money i believe fed what. the new. 13 points and then lose here in villa felt despite playing a rubbish game gets freiburg previously then i'd expect us to show a response from important a decent final showing finish. finish off she. was full previous this is this season coach demetrius gramont says was unable to get that response even against fellow strugglers been a fed shocker we're always on the. fudge for the hosts it was a chance to put some distance between themselves and the drop zone especially with
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cologne having won the early tuesday game. shot that had 2 women to stave off relegation for at least another few days and they have a top performer of the woeful season to sign for at least keeping the school going this at half time keep a tough sell mind. in an all too familiar scenario shaka could barely get a foot on the board and 5 minutes into the 2nd half it was pretty much only though that for the visitors. running saw him kill. relief would be to face and further just lost a full shot at him until he was at fault. it's times like this when younger players are expected to step into the breach but not to overstep the mark as monica chow did here a 2nd booking meant to early dismissal even shut it down to 10 men for the last 20
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minutes. when they also conceded a penalty. was seemingly with the 2nd of the evening except the beatific forward was offside when it takes but no big loss for him at least as his side swells a vital victory. now the charm is talking and we know how it. is chutzpah knowing the going down and this shall go after all. 100 full time shot in the match day in last place leaving however that devious threat forged and then now boucher extended further as the final full day they did finally show signs of life in a challenge from seattle nothing not the same in the final whistle confirming the final nail in the coffin for shot. that's a. deserve to win for being the fates savoring every week spends about the drop.
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pounds in any survival would be flabby i'm sure. he's already made sure. it was his find time to promotion a year ago and was the hero again against now relegated chalk. among other teams still in trouble braman were looking very insecure or off the losing 5 gangs drugs. while minus one on the sitting far from the all they don't like me it's a take the lead and did so. without him so why the coach in the 60 minutes. just before the break the hosts then also fell foul of yeah kevin move out of danger fouls robinson there after a fumble by the mines goalie no joke. the other
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one raymond with toothless and fortunate not to go further behind one little remained enabling minds to leapfrog them all the rivals in the type of. business is a little stadium even cry is it unusual the coronavirus outbreak at how so many a 2nd game was postponed this time against type books but the players have been busy working out at home while keeping an eye on the relegation rivals has or will miss the next match to due to partying the fixtures are piling up but at least they used to the isolation all teams are being forced into quarantine training camps in my. blood bank full stop been stunning on wednesday. things got off to a promising enough start against hoffenheim mill thanks to allison playing.
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about an hour i made it to on the structure of time could last about close the gap on labor couzens europa league spot. behind didn't play ball 1st on break from rich then the last baby brought the sights level i. was a completely crazy period of football from rich again with the winner it's the 1st time home from harm turned around with real deficits in the bundesliga even if looked a bit clueless. but the fuss over the super league is enough to get upset about in the 1st league or this one all to the ross display that was. along the softer side.
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i don't think it was enough for a penalty as there was hardly any contact with marco went down very early got the option of looking at the video the right thing to do is no blow for a penalty. which at the moment not great for the accepting the gift it was left to was himself to bundle the bully. that was the goal number 152 for the dolphins if not bringing him level with him 22nd place. wasn't thailand today as he left a glass of prime chances go begging on your own cannot out of it yet. not as close as having free kick was headed for the top corner. until mom hits flew to the rescue for that his. boss had the other end dog and did. finally get a 2nd head to say a proper care of his time keep up the heat some friend.
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martin into regular is known as a wrong card defender and even against his former cop out. he showed no mercy. but just as well the referee was merciful when frank quotes him so i gotta stop small corish day in his tracks with hall and i was playing. still on the pitch he was able to head front foot in front 5 minutes later call for the previous 4 nil lettering by glad back being bounced back. from the home so i didn't let up across from philly postage found on a silver mill and 20 fold of the campaign for the portuguese striker. nothing went as planned out booked with alfredsson bogus and then also missing coming. from good eagles flying high and still hoping for a champions league landing. coming back up last year
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cause might still be a bit behind the. one fundamental lesson for the fences is not to tear the bull down the middle. good savage snodgrass said thank you and good night with the perfect strike says he minutes in. taking the red chances is also possible lending crisis one that shuts in a process that has yet to muster. time on how can now it the wolves made it to nil. it was taking his season telling the 2 trains he. loves football now happy to lie in wait and pounce on the counter and in the 2nd top getting gas but the results beyond doubt. gonzalez has to did manage to grab a consolation goldfish that got in the fun. no seconds. but whenever it's fresh and
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looks very much like champions league material. so let's recap stalls off the match they keep results of the shot full swimming alone easy when stuck behind and frank 1st fell down shaka zulu open heart finds only one half still himself isolation. the race for me i'm far. less spectacular i don't want. anything counted no. no running. not for my clubs. last exam how do you know. i'm above course. you
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probably. got. me the records. with a target which is. just to go in the bundesliga. to the table and buy in conceal the title is weekend as they now post a 10 point lead over leipsic. again frankfurt's are increasingly confidence and champions league football next season and still have a jump. we say goodbye to show the cologne and feel it felt to speak their hopes of avoiding the draw but don't forget. yes i have to get things in hand.
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with sagas relegation an entire city will go down with them a long way from any sympathy. is the poorest city in germany as its inhabitants believe you are for the club there's not much else and doesn't you shouldn't other than a child because in these pandemic times about france it makes dropping out of the top flight over mobile. it's not the 1st time they've been back in the 2nd tier in the 1980 s. shockey were yanked up relegated 3 times within a short period 981 was 983. pounds 988. but they enjoyed reasonable success and lifted 3 german cups this century. as well as a great hook up in a 997. ball that you let the
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very best days of the 7 time german champions are in a chica they last won the german title in 1958. and. his downfall has been a long time coming finally they've hit rock bottom but sporting wise and financially. but the bonus league will be poorer without them. all. the food.
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on the. whole. thing up to date don't miss our highlights doubling program on line w. dot com highlights. are you ready for some break news i'm christine wonderland on
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the i m f you my junior with a brand new deed of emus africa the show that tackles the issues shaping the continent now with more time to also bought into the occult all of the crime stuff was up to you what was making the hittites and what's behind been away on the streets to give you enough reports on the inside. w new south africa every friday on d w. turning 19. it's their story their very own personal trauma. the people who survived a catastrophe remember. and they share private footage with us that has never been seen before.
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back in chernobyl starts april 28th on t w. this is a 15 year old girl. being gang raped. his teacher is beating a boy for talking back and class. for the rest of the class watches. on here and toddlers being hit by his mother. breaking at last. a child sleeps in the streets because her family through her. fear. online bullying. pushes a teenager of their heads. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean others and there are the invisible visible of us might violence
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against children disappear. this is. the police station officers shoot and kill. 3 others prosecutors a terrorism investigation also on the program. of u.s. president biden's virtual summit fresh pledges. to make promises
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and says transitioning to clean energy could create millions of jobs.


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