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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2021 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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this is b.w. news live from berlin travel bans from india if you can as their country keeps fostering record numbers of covert 19 cases india's health care system is reaching the breaking point many hospitals are full and the capital is faced with mass from ations for those who stop also coming off. as an international climate summit president joe biden pledges to cut u.s. greenhouse gas emissions in the past by the end of the decade other countries joining in. a community in
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mourning bids farewell to the right the young black man who was shot dead by police during a traffic stop in the u.s. . and will munich be stripped off its euro football hosting duties the german says he will find out today whether it will still be allowed to stage matches at the european championship that's been under pressure to go to the fans will be present in the stadium despite spiking faces of covert 90. welcome to the program india has reported the world's highest daily count of new coronavirus cases for a 2nd straight day more than 330000 new infections were recorded in the last 24 hours alone in response canada is banning all flights from. both india and pakistan
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and the u.k. is also putting new restrictions on travel to and from india the president said spikes come after coronavirus case numbers 1st rose 210-0000 per day by last september and then dropped off again through the winter experts said that new virus variants and recent super spread the gatherings have contributed to the latest surge. lined up outside hospitals that can't take any more patients. oxygen shortages that have pitted different states against each other doctors and nurses pushed to the limit as they scramble for resources. the supplies that are coming in we're told very little. uncertain there is a lot of you know tension in the system we were not able to fully focus our energies on. on the clinical border for its lines are hours long at testing sites after many months of relatively few cases is comes as
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a shock here. the hospital being i've been waiting outside the testing center all day. and we're yet to be tested and i can't tell you just in that time the only thing they have they will i just pray to god because if we are tested positive then where will we go we are helpless in the media. epidemiologists say india missed crucial opportunities to prepare for a 2nd wave the government didn't hire more doctors and nurses and allowed bass of public gatherings which may have been super spreader events. sense of decency because it really is measures of time to make it whether it was the daily. all or even just by them to do all of them started explaining from october and january you saw them. going to your levels and then
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there was this feeling up again to be with experts that we had actually it takes only unity. last week the government said they would allow a greatly expanded list of vaccines to be used but it faces the mammoth task of vaccinating a population far bigger than the european union and the united states combined. for on this story i'm now joined from dr jobs he's the founder and director of cygnus chain of 13 hospitals across india in our report we saw that doctors are scrambling for the basic necessities to care for the patients what can you tell us about the situation in your hospitals. well it's quite a booklet if you can see that it's not just to say it's the tsunami that.
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it's desperately short of oxygen essentially this is. it's breaking out hearts with regard to anything i mean there are so many patients on the world. together they cannot find a way to anywhere. and they have no choice because oxygen is in such a short supply and the ways of. getting mohsen of patients remain do. you know. you can see but in those cases usually it's not like you know you need or lose an oxygen or an ice you can treat them on. but this is very different because every patient is needing oxygen on a daily i mean it's quite a back. do you need you and other hospitals in similar
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circumstances right now what do you need and who can provide it. so 1st of all do you know oxygen supplies are short oxygen is a place that in. getting to monitor oxygen is a premium many people are black marketing as well but it's in short supply oxygen cylinders and oxygen and it saves. us and chilled medicines. medicines which are normal so when sensual insulated. we don't have any stocks. of those stocks but even simple ideas. so the 1st thing that we are asking is. by machines and oxygen supplies if. it is possible. concentrate as even more dependable in the market at this moment are you actually asking for international help i mean i don't think i have the longest time to us but it has to lead by i think the government of india has to decide but i am
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sure the government is listening to us and if we can get the short supplies of sealing. life support machines then maybe since many more patients than treating right now many of the patients. the hospitals they are not going to get it because of the shortage of these critical moments and oxygen supply so what you say the oxygen supply is that in the country just not getting it is that correct yeah there are good logistical issues there. some states have more options supply than they need some of it is short so. the suffering due to shortage of oxygen supply is but other parts of the country in some places but i think these are supplied and issues because the democracy has shown unexpectedly almost and dying at the moment to mine so people are scrambling to me i hope that we can sort of these issues over
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the next couple of right now it's a difficult position to be in. dr fisher the judge in delhi thank you very much for your time thank you let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world there's been violence between israelis and palestinians outside her jerusalem's old city after protesters were barred from areas where muslims gather for ramadan israeli police put a barricade and used stun grenades to disperse crowds the far right jewish the hava group chanted anti arab slogans and was prevented from marching to that area. russia has been withdrawing its troops from ukraine's border the defense minister announced the move after an inspection of military drills in crimea ukraine and western countries have denounced the russian military buildup near ukraine and here has now welcomed the pullback. more indonesian navy ships have joined the
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search for a missing submarine the last vessel has $53.00 crewmembers on board and officials say oxygen is due to run out early on saturday as search efforts are now focused on a highly magnetic object discovered near badly though it's feared it may be too deep to reach. us president joe biden has pledged to cut u.s. carbon emissions in half by 2030 it's the most ambitious climate target the u.s. has ever said biden announced the goal at a 2 day virtual climate change summit at the white house 40 countries are taking part in china and russia also pledged to cooperate on planet protections but did not announce specific emissions targets yet for more on this. not she's the head of the nec how to research institute on global commerce and climate change a think tank here in berlin we'll get to how much of
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a game changer is biden's pledge. i would say it really is a game changer and yesterday though the whole day was a game changer pawpaw climate i would say because it's not only the case that joe biden they us put on the table a new target for 20 take but they also managed other countries join them and putting more in their 1st target on the table like they do k. the e.u. also canada and this will and fold some dynamics so it's really a diplomatic success of the u.s. already said it will in the end so as the climate says. it looks even china and russia are looking towards climate corp right now how do you think by biden we've got them on board. and these are 2 very distinct different tracks i would say with china i mean the u.s. started already before the paris agreement and 2015 to cooperate with them on the
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climate issue and i think john kerry saw the former foreign minister and now the climate envoy she went to china 2 weeks before or so 2 weeks ago and what what he managed is suspect the u.s. and china who have a very difficult diplomatic issues on the geo political sphere they managed to cooperate on the climate issue and on the medics this was of course as success to cooperate on climate so we have these pledges now and that will for example but china that you mentioned is rapidly building hundreds of new coal fired power stations for example what needs to happen next what what the react what kind of reaction do you think we will see. exactly so this is really the fear that is often seen with these summits that
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a lot of pleasures of being done but in the end of target without policy measures is a toothless toothless tiger right so therefore we carefully have to watch how this will continue. whether these targets are underpinned by policy measures and one very powerful measure is in pricing sort of put a price on carbon to limit emissions and that was quite promising to see yesterday that a lot of state leaders mentioned compromising as an instrument also the i.m.f. and so let's see how this develops to to to put a price on carbon at the international level and there are other policy measures and i think one litmus test you could say are to watch how the corona recovery packages will be developed whether they will increase emissions again or whether they will be aligned with these climate targets that will be
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a very important and test because it's not part of the market research institute on climate change thank you very much for the time ok thank you so much indeed i mean you still to come. nasa scientists say this step closer to making life for mars possible also you want. but 1st hundreds of mourners have joined the funeral of stone he writes the 20 year old black man who was shot by police during a traffic stop this month near minneapolis is general comes 2 days off the former police officer derek jovan was convicted of murdering george floyd in the same city the officer who fatally shot wright has been charged with manslaughter she says she accidentally confused her gun with her taser duct tape right right. grief was paired with defiance as mourners gathered to pay their respects to dante
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right right stanley was joined by the families of george floyd and other black victims who lost their lights at the hands of police. video the emotional words of wright's mother that were running through the rain you. i mean to be. the 1st to be. made. we need to. win the 2 groups even. if they. do. the. will also in attendance were civil rights activists jesse jackson and the reverend al sharpton. sharpton the eulogy to cried police brutality in
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a reference to the air freshener that writes mother said he was pulled over for having on his rearview mirror. we trying to get to stitch least brutality out of the atmosphere we're trying to get the stooge of racism out of the atmosphere we're trying to get the stage of racial profiling out of our atmosphere we come liminal soldo as air fresheners caught your eye is to order is for us to bring we carry bring in your stinker they are no more. you know he went on to profess that dante writes death would not be a death in vain and that the fight for real change must go on there will be no peace without justice he said. as the body of dante wright is laid to rest black lives matter protests against racial injustice
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continue across the country. turkey is currently hosting more than 4000000 refugees from the middle east's numbers during syria's civil war which began 10 years ago but today most migrants trying to reach europe from turkey are not syrians but afghans their journey is are always dangerous and often deadly to w.s.u. your heart with ports from the eastern turkish city of van where many of those journey's end in tragedy. symmetry of the nameless this is how the locals call this place and for a mean a sufi saga and her son parviz it is always difficult to come here. painful memories or reawakened. motherhood videos you get
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immigrant you you the people who are buried here have mothers brothers and sisters they all have someone who love them but now their families don't even know that they are here it breaks my heart that there is no one who comes and prays for them mobile had to do as you know. but here it is that is why i'm mina and power this pray here on behalf of everyone else that we learn that they fled from of coniston by iran to turkey illegally on foot over the mountains. it's a long dangerous journey many freeze to death or die in accidents and many who don't make it end up here. in the eastern turkish city of van in an unadorned grave with no name. i myself there is a man here who was found dead in the mountains and once they brought women's bodies
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their fingers and toes were frozen off from the cold. that. these names as the grave seem like memorials a warning of the fate that looms on this dangerous journey and yet only a few are discouraged by the risk the number of people trying to reach europe why this route has sharply risen in recent years. the route leads through the mountains straddling turkey's border with iran up to 4000 meters high most of those trying to reach europe from afghanistan pakistan bangladesh take this way ticky is now building walls everywhere in the region they are hundreds of kilometers long the border with syria has already been closed off the wall to iran is still under construction. human rights lawyer mahmoud could chance has a wall won't stop the refugees it only makes the journey more dangerous. as in this area i've been ignoring people smuggling for too long it's become kind
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of a business sector so many get involved in this because a lot of money can be made in a short time at a relatively low risk. i mean and power of a sufi saga still clearly remember their own flight from afghanistan the smugglers took everything from them they say they have been living here in van for 3 years now. the family found refuge in turkey but like so many others they want to continue to woods europe back to afghanistan they say that's out of the question. then they do want to have lost everything in afghanistan it's a war zone our house was destroyed how can we go back there when there's no safety for a children or. if we have to go back they will kill my son that's not an option. so they are holding out in eastern turkey stranded in their new existence and they
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think of those who lost their lives and are buried here at the symmetry of the nameless. life on mars nasa scientists are a small step closer to making possible the perseverance rover has converted carbon dioxide into oxygen for the 1st time nasa hopes to be able to do this on a larger scale in the future and that could pave the way for human exploration on the red planet. humans on mars so far it's still science fiction the red planet isn't just extremely far away it also lacks most of the basic elements that we need to survive including oxygen that means oxygen would have to be produced on mars and the u.s. space agency nasa has just succeeded in doing that an instrument aboard the mars
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rover perseverance was able to convert a sample of mars as carbon dioxide which atmosphere into oxygen the instrument is called moxy the process that moxie is going to use is called solid oxide electrolysis electrolysis just means splitting apart using elec tricity carbon dioxide makes up 95 percent of mars as a sphere so it's a great natural resource. moxy shown here being installed in the rover is not much bigger than a car battery the device extracted 5 grams of oxygen during its 1st mission that's enough for an astronaut to breathe for 10 minutes but not only humans require oxygen the main thing you need oxygen for is for the rocking that's going to take them back up from the surface to come back to earth for that rocket to breathe because rockets rocket fuel needs oxygen to burn as well and he's
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a lot of moxie successors will have to produce exponentially more oxygen if life on the red planet and a safe return to earth is ever to become feasible. back here on earth europe's football governing body u.s. is meeting from friday to decide the fate of some euro host cities the spanish city of bilbao says it has been dropped as a host of the tournament in june and july the bar was supposed to be one of 12 cities to stage matches for the european championships authorities there refused to meet a conditions condition that fans be allowed inside the stadium despite the coronavirus panda. here in germany munich may also lose out on hosting euro tournament not just because it to may not guarantee fans in the stands this summer. 9 european cities have promised they allow fans at least partial capacity of all stadiums
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a 2nd closer look at how all this came about. it is a legacy of the reign of former a new way for president michel platini the 60th anniversary of the european championship was to take place in 12 cities spread across the continent. in official video showed the event was meant to build bridges and bring europe together. then last summer the pandemic through a spanner in the works of all those noble goals locked down instead of a festival of football. the pandemic still has europe in its grip but now this summer the european championship finals will be held as planned after a year's delay at venues across europe almost as if there were no corona no restrictions. alexander suffer in the current u.a. for president imposing the will of european football's governing body that the tournaments be held in front of spectators 9 host cities have already promised you
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a for exactly that bilbo dublin and munich so far say they cannot guarantee it 2 months out and bilbao has already lost its big this way for will decide today whether to revoke munich and dublin as well let's bring in football journalist george walden from munich ga why is munich not gone along with you have 1st best wishes on guaranteeing a certain percentage of the stadium at least will be filled. very fresh and it's very easy to answer 1st of the rules regulations protocol that is just it and if you're on a dinner so those make it very difficult to just push an agenda and out and is that if this were a movie it would be toned down to be soft in translation because i don't think there is definition and push is great this will be here but the regulations and rules of how germany sweden and it is set so it's very hard to try to beat that
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pitch and that's going to be very seedings sure you find it in the past some out some co-exist in the fact you could find it common to get in the city but still it's rooted patients and you know that so how important you think is it for munich so hold on to these hosting duties and who would they be hosting. well it's it's very important i mean it's you got to think about sponsorship to think about the money involved and sponsorship because it's not just money in spanish it's mitzeee it were because i'm unique in that he will be holding the changes. to the force of this all he's a big. future but what happened then i mean that could be hundreds of millions of dollars wiped out the soft and big business community were for some reason not being the hosts. or this period or if it were for violence so
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talking about money and talking a lot of pressure so it's very informed that it was on to this and of course the mayor the writer is aware but also he's also has an obligation to the citizens of new their help well and so that's pretty. sure what's driving desire fans in the stands british if you can. yes you're not the main thing optics in perception they want to have the perception that the chorus is going away it's it's really this thing and the raiders were proud of the people in the seats in the stadium especially after the secret. implosion way for instance even the and this is a pretty sure but also you have to be aware the rules are. absolutely football journalist joining us from munich georgia thank you very much for your time.
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you're watching news that's it from me and the news team but don't go away to call face off next with all the highlights from much stay in germany has been asleep that's a lot more world news back crawled out on us as a lead such a national business on sports on our web site in such a long way just after w dot com i'm galveston thankfully.
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